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Ding 30 – Done with Blightfire Moors

The beastlord is sitting at a comfortable level 30 now, and I need to go and pick up my spells (again). Leveling is still pretty fast over on the FV server but I haven’t had a lot of time to log in and play. Thankfully over on FV that’s not such a huge deal. I still get envious over those friends I see playing on the Time Locked servers, but I continue to live vicariously through them and their adventures.

It’s about time I moved on from Blightfire Moors. Tomorrow I’ll visit the quest giver out in POK and see where they send me at level 30 for the hot zone.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

DING! I’ve Joined a Guild!

First of all, I was watching an EverQuest stream today by a very popular streamer who had 7,000+ people watching him play. Even though I was a bit jealous, I was also SUPER happy that so many people were watching him play the game. He’s playing over on the latest progression server (of course) and was playing a necromancer (I believe he may re-roll something new, he was level 49) and it just warmed my heart to see that many people paying attention to the game. The streamer plays all sorts of games, so it’s not like EverQuest was his usual choice. While I may not have the viewership someone like him does, it still made me smile and I hope streamers continue to promote the game. Plus it certainly couldn’t hurt Daybreak to have that sort of publicity.

In my own news, my beastlord headed out to Blightfire Moors once more (har) to take on snakes and rats. Once they started conning dark blue I moved on to gators and turtles. While I was out adventuring I was buffed up numerous times by strangers – FV is an INCREDIBLY friendly server! I was astounded. Plus someone put thorns on me that last for over an hour. I didn’t even know that was a thing.

I started out the evening at level 18 and before I knew it (after using Lesson of the Devoted of course)I had dinged 25. Along the way I also joined a guild!

Emerald Alliances of FV responded to my cry in general channel looking for a casual family friendly guild. There were a good number of people online with 330 total members. Not overly chatty, but it’s still nice to have a home. Plus guilds come with perks like halls. Something I’m going to want to make use of, especially with portals to get around Norrath.

All in all it was a very productive night. Now I’ve REALLY got to pick up my last … 7 levels … of spells and see what skills I’m missing. After that it’s off to the Bazaar for a shopping trip. The guild offered to help gear me up but I would rather take care of that myself. I need a second weapon at the very least.

Don’t forget I’ll be streaming (it’ll probably be a RimWorld stream) Tuesday, 7-8pm PDT and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

EverQuest Adventures – Into Blightfire Moors (3)

I wasted a lot of my game time trying to decide what to play. Since I’m only streaming Tuesday-Friday, that leaves me with 3 spare days where I’ll probably end up gaming, but who knows. Eventually I settled on EverQuest, once more on the FV server with my wood elf beastlord. I had logged out in the guild lobby so I stuck up a quick advertisement saying I was searching for a casual family friendly guild, and made my way over to Blightfire Moors, a zone off of Crescent Reach.

The snakes and rats right by the POK book conned yellow and red to me, so I brought out my trusty mercenary and started attacking.

I have a bit more gear now but kills are still pretty slow (which is absolutely normal for EverQuest). I popped my veteran reward “lesson of the devoted” which would give me a 30 minute experience buff and went to work.


One down.


Two down before what was left of my hour ticked by. My beastlord is now at a comfortable level 17. I’m not sure when I get duel wield but I’m looking forward to that. I’m also looking forward to working on AAs once I get to that level. It’s still a long way away but it’s a goal to work towards.

Once I reach level 20 I’ll be able to head to hotzones and get quests for those zones. There are daily ones, and the hotzones automatically change these days, rotating any time the server comes down for a fix. I am too low right now to see what those zones are, but I should be able to reach 20 without too much trouble. It certainly wasn’t a long game session, but two levels is nothing to sneeze at and hey it’s better than getting absolutely nothing done at all.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

EverQuest Adventure – 2

Last night when I jumped into game I was greeted by Angelkakes who offered to help me out if there was anything I needed, and so I added my first FV friend to my list. I managed to visit the loyalty merchant and pick up a handful of plat with crowns (I think that’s what the currency is called, I might be wrong) so I didn’t need anything, but it’s always nice to have a few friends around.

I’m still looking for an active guild to join, not so much to participate in anything going on, but to watch guild chatter and have an active group of people to ‘hang but not hang’ with. I imagine that will take me a bit more time.

Continuing my adventure in Crescent Reach I made good use of the temperance (hp buff) spell that was placed on both me and my warder, hanging out in the bear caves it didn’t take too long to blast past level 10, and inch my way towards level 13. I haven’t checked to see what other spells I should pick up yet but that’s next on my list of things to do.

It turns out that I had a level 48 beastlord on FV previously, but I decided to delete that character because she was a Barbarian and I wasn’t very attached to her. The good thing is that she had some gear and bags that I got to transfer over, along with a bit of coin. It’s always good to make use of that sort of thing, bags are something I’m always lacking in EverQuest.

Tonight I plan on picking up the spells I need, checking if there are any skills I need to get (I don’t think so, not at this low level at least) and continuing my adventures in Crescent Reach. I think I can level to 15 there comfortably before heading off to Blightfire Moore. I may go some place else though, I haven’t decided yet. There are a ton of options and I’m certainly in no rush.

I was concerned that my subscription would be up soon and I wouldn’t be able to continue it, but it looks like I have 180 days or so left. I don’t own the latest expansion so I’m going to try to save up so I can pick it up. That probably won’t happen this month, but maybe July. I think you get a new tab for your mounts and I know that would be pretty helpful. Other than that, I know very little about Empire of Kunark. Still, it’s really nice to be back in game, playing for the (small) amount of time that I have. Feel free to say hello if you happen to also be playing on the FV server!

EverQuest Adventures – 1

Did you know that wood elves can be beastlords?

I had no idea!
Of course that meant I had to make one.

I decided to create a character on a completely new server. I’ve already got a full stable of characters over on Drinal, but the server is pretty quiet these days. I know nothing about any of the other servers, but FV (roleplay preferred) has always been pretty popular, and it works the same as a regular server except that the majority of the items on the server that are marked as no-trade can actually be traded. That doesn’t make or break the game for me – nor does the language barriers, so I happily created there.

Stargrace is the name of my wood elf, and I decided to start over in Crescent Reach rather than the original home cities. Why? No real reason. Crescent Reach is ancient these days and can hardly be considered new any more. It’s home to the dragon people, and it was bustling with 40+ people roaming around.

Unfortunately there were some login issues so I was unable to use the /claim command. I had hoped to get a few bags and maybe some defiant gear, but instead I’d have to make due with the /veteran command and move from there. That gave me enough rewards to get a pretty good start.

I was hoping to reach level 8 because that’s when I get my first warder.

It’s a tree.

I love it.

Just as I was about to log out for the night some kind stranger who spoke a language that I didn’t understand gave me and my warder a temperance buff for over three hours (major lowbie hp buff). That’ll certainly come in handy for my next leveling adventure.

I stuck to the spore caves in Crescent Reach, out of the way of the crowds and enough mobs for me to clear without too many issues. I also snagged both a healer mercenary and a melee dps mercenary. I started out by using the healing one because I was not able to tank too much before being squashed, but as I looted a few pieces of defiant gear I swapped over to the melee one so we could kill faster together. All the while I listened to the general ramblings over on … well, general chat. Things are EXPENSIVE on this server. Krono sell for 3+ million platinum each, and I regularly saw gear being sold for 20+ million.


Still, I had a blast playing for the small amount that I managed. I don’t know that I’ll play every night, but I’ll play for a while and we’ll see how far I get. At least this time I settled on a character (and a server) to play.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

EQ – Got No Time for That (but oh well)

It never fails, I tell myself that I just don’t have the time to dedicate to a game like EverQuest, and then before I know it I’m logging in and creating a character. Nostalgia, it’s powerful.

I know I don’t have the time to play, but I do have an hour every night after my Son goes to sleep and before I have to get some sleep myself. I typically use that time to make a blog post or two and post date it to the next day, and then with whatever is left over I get some gaming in. Is that enough to play EverQuest?

Well, on a regular server, maybe. On a progression server where experience is greatly decreased, especially in a game like EverQuest, I’m probably crazy to be trying. Yet that’s where I found myself for a portion of my free time.

It’s Memorial Day weekend in the United States, so there’s bonus experience going on. It runs until Tuesday and I’m going to miss it once it ends. I created a magician. A class I’ve never really played before that I know is “easy mode” as far as leveling goes. There are a LOT of magicians out there. I mean, a ton. So many. The ground is littered with magician corpses.

After getting my gnome to level 3 I started thinking to myself that a shadowknight might be fun. That’s something else I tend to do, I’m unable to settle on a single class to play so I get a handful of characters to level 3 and then end up quitting.

I got a shadowknight to level 3 and then thought to myself “what am I doing!” I don’t have time to level a magician up let alone a tank! So of course I did the next logical thing. I went back to the magician. She’s now level 5.

Will I stick with it?


I love EverQuest. I love the excitement that comes with playing on a progression server. I love how busy they are, and watching chat channels fly by. I love the community and the fuzzy feelings I get when I think about that time in my life. I’ll keep playing it for as long as I can but chances are that may not be very long at all. I do plan on enjoying every second of it while I can though.

You can find me on the latest progression server as Stargrace (gnome magician) or if I’ve changed my mind by then (again) you may find me there as Quail (dark elf shadowknight). Either way, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Agnarr – The Latest Progression Server

I love progression servers and I must not be alone in that. EverQuest has opened up their latest – Agnarr – and it’s a Planes of Power progression server, which means that it will unlock content slowly up to the Planes of Power expansion and then stop. Well, sort of stops. They’re also going to release Legacy of Ykesha and Lost Dungeons of Norrath, but neither of those expansions raise the level cap from 65.

Daybreak is also holding a contest where you can win some neat stuff, details are on this post here¬†and if you’re interested in the Agnarr FAQ you can find that here too. Content unlocks every 12 weeks. It’s also a ‘true box’ server, which means you can only play one account from your PC – they’re trying to encourage grouping.

Will I play?

Well. You need to have an active subscription to play on the timelocked progression servers, and I’m not sure how much of my subscription I have left (I’ll have to look into it). I’m also not sure how much time I can actually dedicate to playing EQ – it’s a time intensive game where you’ll want to group up most of the time to make the most of your time.

That being said, I’ll probably look into it just because of nostalgia and see if I can get anywhere.

EverQuest Adventures on Phinny (Progression Server)

I know, it has been said time and time again – you can never go home (in this case the home they are referring to is your first MMORPG love). In my case this is EverQuest. Of course I’ve never really been one to listen to what everyone else says, so when I found myself drawn to Twitch streams of people playing EverQuest I decided to subscribe for a year and play along on one of the more recent progression servers.

Just like that.

I didn’t plan anything out, and I am pretty busy with the newborn so why on earth I decided to pick one of the most time-intenstive games to play I have no idea. I’m determined to make it work – plus the little guy spends a lot of time sleeping right now.

The first hurdle I had to figure out was getting the game to run on my macbook pro without having to install a lot of nonsense. Thankfully steam came through. Any game that isn’t native to my mac I can stream from my PC. My main reason for gaming on the macbook is because I’m typically on the couch rather than at my PC. It’s easier to watch the little guy and just closer to everything I want to be near. So I installed EverQuest on steam and remote to my PC. Easy peasy.

Once I was in game I had to make a decision about what to play. In a perfect world I wanted a class that could find groups easily so I’d have very little downtime – but in my actual world I knew this wasn’t going to be possible. The little man isn’t on a schedule (or rather he is, it’s his own schedule) so I can’t just join a group and hang around for hours at a time. I needed to be able to spend time soloing (for now) with the ability to group up when I find myself with an hour or two here and there.

I initially decided on a shaman, and then scrapped that idea for a beastlord. The progression server has unlocked up to the Luclin expansion at this time, and my first character was a troll named Beautiful. After grinding my way to level 3 I decided I wanted to bind myself in the Nexus. I also wanted to visit the bazaar. Unfortunately that’s not an easy walk for a troll.

I did make it all the way to North Karana and I was waiting for the wizard spire to whisk me away to the Nexus when all of the sudden a guard roamed into the centre and in half a second the hour progress I had made walking was wiped out and I was back in Grobb.


This is what EQ is all about though – and I love the game for that. Unfortunately because time is not my friend as much as it used to be, I ended up rerolling my beastlord as a Vah Shir instead, named Meowsical. Fitting name for a bard, even if I’m not playing one.

I spent the remainder of my game time catching up to where my troll was, which means I’m now level 3. Then I wandered to the Nexus with far fewer deaths even though I did have to run through some pretty intense zones (intense for my level, especially).

Once in the bazaar I found an amazing deal on a new weapon – a heavy iron ulak for one plat. I had exactly 4 plat to my name. I also grabbed two insignia rings (very cheap because everyone has been getting experience in PC), and a new tunic with 11ac. Over all I was incredibly pleased with my beginner purchases. Time was getting late, so I set up my own merchant in offline mode, and called it a night.

The next expansion to go live in Planes of Power in February, and I’m hoping to catch up by then. I don’t know if that’s a realistic expectation given my current situation at home, but we’ll see how it goes. I do plan on streaming what I can of my adventures to my twitch account, and writing about it here, of course.

I also want to find my way into a guild of some sort. I haven’t even begun to look for a place to call home, but I’m hoping I can find a family orientated guild with an older audience. Given the age of EQ I don’t think that will be too much of an issue, but since I don’t have the best of luck with guilds we’ll just have to see how that goes, too.

All in all, I’m pretty dang excited about these new-ish adventures!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself! You can find me in EverQuest on the phinny server as Meowsical – feel free to add me to friends and say hello!

A Different Type of Progression Server


I love progression servers. What I don’t love is how they immediately become a place for bots and armies of bots. I don’t mind if people box one or two characters, but when you’re botting (ie: using 3rd party programs to play the characters for you and to synchronize casting / attacks) 10+ characters it becomes a bit crazy for other players, especially when you’re on a progression server trying to recapture the essence of how the game was 15 years ago. I know there’s a difference between boxing and botting, and it’s mostly botting that becomes a hindrance, but regardless, Daybreak has decided to try to thwart these issues by releasing a “true box progression server“. They’re not going to prevent you from boxing if you really want to do it, but you will have to use a different setup than normal. You’ll only be able to play on one EverQuest account from your computer.

Other changes will also be implemented on this server including raid instancing, and content that unlocks every 90 days rather than by a vote. Daybreak’s goal is to encourage people to make friends, form groups, and to join guilds – this was all key back when EverQuest was first starting out (back in the days before mercenary and bot armies).

Will I be playing? I’m not sure. I have wanted to game but haven’t been able to settle down lately, which is proving to be an annoyance. I have a lot of ‘stuff’ going on in real life which I’m sure is the reason that I haven’t been doing a lot of gaming and I haven’t managed to settle down with a single game for years now. I miss those days and have even thought about challenging myself to stick with just one MMO for X number of months (single player don’t count) but I doubt very much I could manage.

When does this new progression server release? The server should go live December 9th – and you do have to have an All Access Membership in order to play on Phinigel as it’s being called. I believe my all access goes until July, so who knows, maybe you’ll find me there after all.


Ragefire – Leveling Continues

I haven’t written about it much (well, I haven’t written about anything much this summer to be honest) but I am still playing on the EverQuest progression server, Ragefire. My magician is now level 17, along with my druid. I’ve been camping Dervish out in South Ro along with Kasul playing his shaman. The place is dangerous. There’s a mixture of dark blue mobs mixed with some white, a handful of yellow, and then the reds (usually Orc Warriors, and the odd Sand Giant that wanders by). The zones are still really packed with players, and I use the /pick function as often as I can to swap to quieter instances. There’s a large number of players who are now at the level cap, but I’m not in any rush.

We did have a poll option to see if we’d like Kunark to come out earlier than normal, which I did vote in favour of. I think it offers players a larger range of zones to explore and will help spread the population out even further. Of course one day I’d like to see myself in a raid but because of the population issue I’m not expecting to be able to help out for quite some time. I’ve been contemplating creating (yet another) alt in the meantime, but I suppose I should at least reach 50 on one pair of characters first. I know there are better (ie: faster) camps out there, but I”m content to sit and wait on three spawns in a relatively safe location.

There has been a lot of chatter in all of the channels I join when I log in, but not a lot of that chatter is centered around groups or camp checks. This is one of the biggest differences I’ve seen between playing back when I first started, and playing now. Now it’s only to easy for people to box multiple accounts, or to have already established groups. I suppose it was a bit foolish to think that things would be exactly as they were 10 years ago, but a part of me had hoped.

Between leveling I’m working up my tradeskills. Earning skill points is a slow process, but one I find incredibly valuable. I haven’t been selling anything I’ve created yet, but I do enjoy having a fine selection of foods and drinks to choose from. I did also create myself a set of gear, and while it offers nothing in terms of actual stats, it does offer AC, which is very important.

Playing a magician is quite easy. There’s so many of them around. The only time I really have any concerns is when a roaming mob (or two, or three) has wandered into my camp, and then I get flustered and forgot to watch the health of my pet and before I know it I’ve been taken out by a named I wasn’t even aware of. It’s exciting times, and I’m glad to be a part of it.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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