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What Was I Thinking..

I haven’t played EQ2 for five years. Prior to my son being born I had also taken a few years break here and there, and I haven’t properly played in.. well, a long time.

That being said, even 15 years later, MOST of the posts on this blog are about that game. That game where I met my husband. Where I made amazing connections and some of my very best friends. Even all these years later it’s hard to give up. It’s hard to move on, and to remember that I am not that person any more, and that game has changed too.

I’ve been having an absolute blast playing EverQuest and for some reason today I thought to myself ‘well, wouldn’t it be nice to check out my old houses in EQ2’ and I should have known better. I should have known better because I spent countless hours on those houses setting them up exactly the way I wanted – and I love them so much. My favourite place in all of Norrath is my library where I have over 700 unique player written books. I spent hours buying any new book I found on the broker. Some are silly, some are sad. Written by players who have long since left the game, and some who have left this world.

It feels silly to have such an attachment to this game. It hasn’t been ground breaking for some time. It’s not talked about in any of my circles. Yet here I am. Logged in, watching chat, reminiscing. I’m vaguely contemplating buying the most recent expansion and leveling my characters up – why? I am not even sure. Could be fun! I don’t have the faintest idea about anything any more. I see they’ve added Vah Shir, and that’s pretty neat. Overseer is a thing too, which I’ve been playing in EverQuest.

Anyone else out there still playing? Thoughts?

A Night of Instances

An ogre, a Tier’Dal, and a Gnome all walk into the Deep Forge, and the gnome turns and looks at the ogre and says ‘Oy, is it hot in here or is it just me?’

Ok lame attempt at some humor there, but that was the beginning of my night last night. There are some pieces of void shard jewelery that would be an upgrade for me (except I don’t have the book quite yet) that take relatively few pieces of shards to make / purchase (remember, this gear is cheaper if you have a crafter make it then if you find a merchant) so I was eager to add a few more bits to my collection. I didn’t end up doing ‘the daily double’ as they call it on Najena, but I did head to Lavastorm and get to wander around Deep Forge, which is a zone I had been to in beta only. I love the way the new TSO zones look, and Deep Forge is very nice and small. It’s one of those ‘quick if you know what’s going on’ zones. Of course, having never been there myself I didn’t have the faintest clue what was going on. Zones like that are the best zones of all. I grabbed the quests outside, and I think I grabbed a quest inside the actual instance too. The group consisted of a dirge, shadowknight, troubador, warden (me), illusionist, and wizard. The best part was after we had killed something (a named?) the GIANT group of giants (I crack myself up at 6:30am what can I say) down below in the pit of lava got flooded out. I tried to take a screen shot of their desperate cries before the lava swept them away, but alas, I was not so lucky. 

We saw a few ornate chests drop in the zone but nothing astounding. The final named of course decided to port me into the center of the lava pit while we were fighting, so we had a few deaths right at the very end. I wasn’t expecting it, and no one (cough cough, Shadowgeist) told me it would happen, so one minute I was healing my little heart out and the next  minute, bam into the pit I go. Woopsie. 

I did get a pretty nice charm slot upgrade from a quest involving the zone. I can’t remember if this quest was given to me outside or if it was the one I found inside, but it’s nice none the less. There’s also a melee version. The only thing I dislike is that this isn’t really a healer version (and there wasn’t one). The wisdom and power on a charm item really makes me happy. While playing in these zones with friends, I realize just how under geared Arysh is. The downside again to having so many alts, not concentrating on any individual one. Yes, Arysh does still have her claymore, and I do have her fabled epic, and she’s close to 10k power self buffed with 1k wisdom, but it’s the +heals and +heal crits and all of the other little unique bits that make a character ‘good’. She doesn’t have M1 of her spells, etc. So now I’m contemplating settling down, especially if I want to work on void shard quests. I love playing my healers. I’m GOOD at my healers. The problem is that my ‘main’ healer is a warden, and they are everywhere. So my line of thought says that I should try to get my templar her last few levels (she’s sitting at 77) or my defiler (even further behind, at 73) and work on one / all of the healers. I love my coercer a great deal, but I’ve played healers primarily in every mmo. 

Deep Forge also has a heritage quest associated with it – IF – you can see purple shinies. There’s a new quest implimented in game in order to obtain an item to see these shinies, so if you don’t have it, look into getting it. 

Once we were finished in Deep Forge I took a few hours and headed over to Vanguard, then was asked if I wanted to go back to EQ2 and do another instance. I decided sure, why not. I haven’t really been to too many of the instances honestly. The group decided to head to Befallen: Halls of Forsaken (it may be halls of the forsaken, I can’t quite remember right now). This is in the Commonlands, and I’d never been there before. I wanted to do Cavern of the Afflicted (one since I’d been there before and was comfortable with it, and two because it was the daily double yesterday) but the group decided to go some place new. The zone again was quite beautiful, and we had fun figuring out what to do. Thankfully two people had been there before even if I had not. The zone wasn’t especially hard per say, we did wipe once, but only because half of the group charged ahead to destroy a statue while half of us stayed back and I wasn’t really sure what was going on. The group was a shadowknight, inquisitor, swashbuckler, illusionist, warlock, and myself as the warden. We did see a lot of ornate drops, and I did actually get a secondary item upgrade to the shield from RE2 that I was wearing. It’s one of the few upgrades I’ve actually had drop lately. The zone mostly decided it was plate night, and nothing was an upgrade for our two plate wearers. Thankfully, Arysh is a transmuter. 

The nice bit of gear to the right also dropped, and this is why I wish there were more instances with smart loot. Perfectly good piece of fabled gear – that got transmuted (and it was a server discovery) because we didn’t have anyone in the group who could use it. I heard my little 61 necromancer cry from across the account. C’est la vie though. We got an infusion from that, my bank is filled with them so I just left it to the others to random on. The zone also has a few quests related to it, and I believe one of the items is an upgrade, or will be at least when I figure out how to complete it. So far I’m stuck on a few portions. 

All in all it was a productive night. When the instances were complete I logged over to Silhouette to make some of the void shard armor for Shadowgeist. The only downside to owning the books on one character or another is that I can’t craft the items for myself because the characters are on the same account I use. Solution? Have one character on each of my accounts with all of the books, so I can craft for everyone. This is a perfectly good solution seeing as I am taking my time getting the shards to begin with. Misako already has one book, and Silhouette has another. Kasul and Tipa each have a book as well, so I know who to bug for future pieces. 

Hope everyone else had a fun time in Norrath last night too (or whatever game you play!)

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Questing in The Moors

There’s only one major downside to having too many characters (two accounts, one with station access) and that is when it comes time to deciding what to do, or who to work on, unless you’re in a very specific mood, that process could take hours. I’ve been meaning to do the Moors of Ykesha quests (there are a lot of them) and work up my faction at least enough to be able to purchase the crafting books, but the lag on Najena has been so incredibly bad that after 30 minutes or so I give up and decide to work on something else, instead. I’m sure it will get fixed before too long, but in the mean time I’m content to work on other things. I still only have two void shards and I’ve barely seen a fraction of the instances available. Since the content has to last a year, I’m not in a great rush (even though the gear you can purchase with void shards is quite amazing for non-raiders, and even a few pieces for raiders).

The paladin who was at 35 ended up reaching 42 on that same day when I wrote about leveling her. Shadowgeist and I headed to Runnyeye, which is a zone that’s pretty empty these days except for level 80’s who are trying to get boarfiend parts. Those level 30’s boars within the zone drop the lore and legend pieces. In fact, I sold one single piece for 5p that’s how popular they are. The next closest price was 17p. For something that dropped off of a level 30 mob, I was quite happy.

At 42 the paladin is still wearing her level 22 and level 4 gear. I’ve been contemplating whether or not I want to bother upgrading it, or if I want to wait until 52, since that tier will last longer (I dislike leveling in the 50’s, always have). On that same note, I’m trying to decide where I want to level her. Perhaps purchasing some gear and heading to Everfrost to quest would be a good idea.

The alts are fun, I love leveling through the older content, even if it’s rushing by only long enough to have shadowgeist harm touch an encounter and have them instantly die. I also contemplated re-betraying my dirge back to a troubador yesterday. If it wasn’t for the fact that silicate loams are 4-5p a piece and I’d (naturally) want adeptIII of all of my skills. Perhaps a work in progress. I betrayed to a dirge because I wasn’t playing the bard and when I did play her I wanted her to have a little more group utility. I’m not playing her as a dirge either though and there are far more dirges around then troubadors. Plus, well why not. I betray all my characters all of the time, that’s nothing new. It’s one of the methods I use to keep things interesting. Weird? Of course, but hey that’s who I am.

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