ss_5bbac59718c99529bfa8b79364b8bf89268228da.1920x1080Over the years I have been a gamer, I have mostly been an MMO gamer. I’m not particularly social but for some reason the social aspect of games always appealed to me, made me feel less alone. Then I started branching out, playing a few console games here and there. It helped that my partner in crime was a big console gamer when we first met. The first game I ever really beat once I was on my own (I’m not going to count playing Mario Brothers with my Mom growing up) was Fable 2 and 3 on the XBox. I absolutely devoured that game, and enjoyed every moment of it. The story pulled me in and it was beautiful.

So when I was gifted the latest Fable Anniversary game above, I couldn’t help but dance around the living room squealing in excitement. It made me think about a few things, too. First of all, the fact that me and my ex mentioned above are still very good friends is something that I really appreciate. He’s the one who gifted me the game, remembering how much I absolutely adored it in the past. I like that we’re both adult enough to realize that just because things didn’t work out between us, didn’t mean we should completely toss away years of friendship and adventures. We are both gamers, and that’s something we’ll always share.

The game doesn’t release until September 12th, but the screenshots are beautiful. September is going to be a busy month what with Sims 4 also releasing on the 2nd. I suppose this is the beginning of “the time” after summer, when there are so many games and events going on they pass us by in a blur. I’m looking forward to it. It hasn’t been the best of weeks due to any number of reasons and this was just yet another small simple reminder that it’s not ALL bad.

Happy gaming, no matter where you end up!