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More Fan Faire Details (EQ2)

One site that seems to have been over looked this Fan Faire (at least on twitter) is the EQ2 Wire – you may remember them from last year, they were the ones frantically posting all of the guild hall information, and they were fantastic in keeping things up to date. Take a peek over at their site for an in depth (although not always flowing) look at what is to come for EQ2. Some of the changes I noticed right off the bat that I wanted to mention here are:

  • Certain new adornments recipes will be muter only
  • Extend eof and kos trees
    50 more AA points
    250 cap
  • End abilities at bottom of eof and kos trees will be combinations instead of additional buttons
  • Aa xp slider
  • Spell ranged melée heal taunt crit merged to just crit
    Double attack and RDA merge to just DA
    Each class has crit coefficients
    Same gear adds diff crit % for diff classes
  • Reduce mitigation types to
    Physical. Elemental. Nox. Arcane
  • Consolidate common self buff lines
  • Gear scaling system — old gear scales down
  • Druid heal over time with expiration heal for groupmate
    Druid should be viable healer
  • No need to bring 8 support classes
    Raidwide buffs for chanter and bard
    Illy time compression 4 ppl – 1 per group
  • Summoner debuffs spell dmg
    Rogue debuffs melée dmg
  • All of these changes will be on test for a long time
  • May make T9 version of some TSO dungeons
  • Mythical will not be #1 weapon. It will be usuable in another way.
  • Ore nodes will respawn as ore nodes
    Gem nodes will respawn as gem nodes
  • Summoner dumbfire pets will just be a spell with a debuff, won’t be something that has survive.
  • Heal over time is third place behind wards and reactive heals, so Druids are getting another component to heal over time.
  • Let enchanters do crowd control on raids
  • Stonebrunt mountains
  • End of the void storyline
  • What happened to the Erudites and Odus
  • Ratonga lore
  • Contested dungeon
    The Hole
  • 3 different wings. Spawn in the middle.
  • Raid mobs in new zones will have a choice of difficulty so no zone will be completely unbeatable
  • Some mobs will have multiple loot tables
  • No new deities with expac
  • Guild level 90
    More amenities and more slots
  • 2 overland zones
    1 contested zone similar to sanctum of scaleborn
    12 group instances
  • Level by grouping or soloing
  • Be able to clear instances and then progress to the next zone.
  • New Halas free download gu55
    Streamlined new player experience
    Rework thundering steppes
  • Will see Erudin and Paineel explained in new expac
  • Shouldn’t be any one class that is required to raid
  • Swash and brigands pick up some of each others class abilities.
  • Upgraded quest window
  • Auto mentoring system
    Hail an NPC in the cities to mentor in 5 level increments
    No aaxp bonus
  • Aaxp slider

Be sure to check out their notes for the rest of Fan Faire, but it looks like some pretty great things are headed EQ2’s way eventually. Now we just have to play the waiting game.

Now We Know

Fan Faire had their big release last night, and I caught parts of it on twitter this morning and watched the video since I was unable to at that time. Now we know:


  • – Odus will be the next expansion, including the starter city of Halas
  • – Level cap going to 90
  • – Auto-mentoring (I’ve always said trivializing your content is a bad idea) inc with GU53, as well as shard of love
  • – Doesn’t come out until February (not cool)
  • – 3 months between GU’s
  • – Character transfers via station cash for $25 (best announcement of the night personally)

I was disappointed that Vanguard was not mentioned this year (nor was it last year) if anything it would have at least been a nice tidbit for those who play the game and attended Fan Faire (Joodah and your crew, I’m looking at you).

I was also sad to hear that the new 51/50 EQ server is only open to those at the moment attending Fan Faire, which means achievements and discoveries go to them. Those people who perhaps could not afford to go but who have been loyal EQ customers for 10 years now can play later when it opens for the public in a week. I understand the need and desire to give ‘swag’ to people who are attending your events, but everyone is already getting auto-access to beta, and free copies of both EQ and EQ2. What more did they really need?

Bitter, I know. If I were one of the people at Fan Faire I’d be all over that stuff, but I’m not.

I played very little yesterday, but today is looking better. I’ll post more when I have more to say! In the mean time I hope everyone is having an amazing Saturday and a great weekend in general.

Work work work

Yesterday was quiet – not a bad thing. I happily worked on the museum, adding tables to the library as well as chairs and some lighting. I always have issues getting the lighting right, it’s hard to figure out which house items will give what particular light I want. I added a few more books as well, and mailed off some blank ones to players. So far trying to get people to write for me has been like prying teeth but I expected no less on a non-rp server, and I enjoy the challenge. This way my library is also truely unique, I have one of a kind books that are not published anywhere.

Ultann and Wpus headed off to Pawbuster, but since the cat (as precious as she thinks she is) keeps waking me up at 5am every morning, I have been going to bed fairly early, unable to keep my eyes open any more. Honestly, does anyone have a suggestion on how to train a cat NOT to wake someone up? She will (and I kid you not) do anything within her power to wake me, including (but not limited to) screaming, biting, ripping apart books (my room is a disaster in the morning, I’ve had to give her specific books to chew so that she leaves my important ones alone), vaulting from the nightstand onto me (this is so very painful), she will walk up my body and stuff her nose in my eye and I can wake up to the sound of her heavy breathing, and numerous other acts of cat-ness. 5am is too dang early to be up and I’m one of those ‘once I’m up I’m up’ people, after she’s had her fill of attention for an hour she runs off to sleep. Of course, I’m up by then.

Kasul spent the evening questing, and I nodded off at the keyboard so I decided to get some sleep.

Fan Faire starts really soon, so everyone has been preoccupied with getting that off the ground and I’m excited to see what happens this year. I wish I were going, but there’s always next year. Of course as I’ve mentioned before I’ll be following via twitter and every other device I possibly can, I hope everyone has an exceptional time (I’m sure I don’t even need to say that, it’s just a given).

I believe today the guild of three plus one are all home, so maybe we’ll get a chance to do some instances, summer months are a little more difficult to arrange for that sort of thing. Safe travels, and I hope everyone has an amazing Tuesday!

One more Day of Crazy!

Last day of craziness before things will be able to calm down for me, so I (once again) won’t have much to write about today, but a post is still in order! Yesterday I spent some time (once work was completed) playing my coercer in EQ2, and debating whether to finish leveling up the paladin (she’s been stuck at level 73 for quite some time) or move on to something else. I’m undecided so far. Idealy I should just stick with the characters I have and work on their aa so that they can be ready for the expansion in November, but we all know I’m just not that sort of gamer.

I did manage to dip into Sims 3 for a whole five minutes as well as get some quality Wizard 101 time in which was great, this weekend should give me plenty of time to game too. I was supposed to head to that Medieval Festival but alas it’s not in the cards for me this year. I will be going to the Upper Canada Village though once I can, and have a few other trips planned that will hopefully result in some amazing pictures!

I know everyone is SUPER excited about the SOE Fan Faire, though I am not going this year (pouts) I hope everyone who does go has an amazing time. No doubt I’ll be green with envy as I listen to blog posts, twitter updates, and other various communications throughout the event.

Happy Friday, I hope everyone has a fantastic day no matter where you end up gaming!

Recruit-a-friend goodness

Yesterday the trio veered off of the path and did something different for the evening. While we would typically be headed to Obelisk, Vaults, and Najena – this time we hung out in Fallen Gate and Runnyeye. Ultann is partaking in the recruit-a-friend program and leveling up an inquisitor to play with the group. I decided that I would also sign up for a month and level up a fury + my paladin who benefits from the 200% bonus experience when they’re together. 

Here was my thinking – you get a free month added to your account when your recruit purchases the game (up to RoK) for $15. They get all sorts of neat claim items, and you get a mount. I can use the 3rd account to level up my characters – and at the end of the month I can simply close the account. I am not out any money so much as I am purchasing next months subscription now. Does that make sense?

If I happen to grow attached to the fury (or whatever else I create on the account) I can pay the $50 for a character transfer later. Since the recruit-a-friend account does not come with TSO it does limit what I can do but the experience is amazing especially since it’s linked with an account that still has lower level characters on it. I created a fury last night and paired her up with my paladin who was level 38 by the time our trio decided to take a break in RE – the fury managed to ding level 31 in the remaining two hours that I played and the paladin also benefited from the experience, leveling to 41 while she was mentored. 

It will be nice to have a second tank around for those days where Ultann simply wants to be DPS and it’s a lot of fun going back to the older zones that we haven’t been to in a while. Another reason why I wish that zones wouldn’t grey out to people. 

We have hopes of attempting some level 50 raids with our make shift group, I have no idea if it will come to pass or not, but it’s been fun to talk about which instances we want to try to do. There’s the Trembling Lagoon and other raids in Ferrott, and then there’s also some talk of doing prismatic 1.0 for appearance slot weapons and I REALLY want to do the Godking weapons which people call prismatic 2.0 – and then there’s claymore which we’d still need an actual raid for. It may not be too bad though as pick up raids are frequent on Kithicor (so many people trying to out do one another). In any case, we’ll just have to see!

Today is FRIDAY and I hope everyone has an amazing time – oh! Don’t forget that Fan Faire registration has also started!

Looking for 2009 Fan Faire Information?

If you’re planning on going to the 2009 Fan Faire, and you’re eager to get details on where it is, and when it will potentially (more then likely) be – you’ll want to listen to postcast #57 because there’s some hints and details there.

It should be a lot of fun (and yes, I’ll be going this year for my first year ever.. fingers crossed!)

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