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Farming Simulator 2019

I started by playing through a tutorial-esc game which introduced me to a bunch of tractors and then told me I could hire workers to complete the tasks for me (yay) making running a farm WAY more enjoyable.

Running through the world I felt like I was in an MMO. The plants all move and sway in the wind, and my character (hey I was able to make a female avatar, that was neat) just drank it all in.

I haven’t started anything past the tutorial yet, but I can’t wait to get my farm off the ground!

Lets Play: Farming Simulator 2013

fsScreen_2013_08_07_19_40_00Do you have a game you play when you’re looking to relax? What qualities does it have? For me, I tend to wander over to games that don’t involve a lot of combat. One of those games just happens to be Farming Simulator 2013. You can laugh all you want, but this is an incredibly relaxing game.

The basics are simple, you own a farm. You’re expected to try to make money from this farm. You can do that a number of ways. You can grow crops and sell them, or you can have animals – but basically you want crops because then you get to drive around awesome looking tractors. The UI is incredibly sparse, which is good when you’re just trying to relax.

I know, I know. Who on earth would want to play a farming simulator game. I had a great time with it though. I managed to climb aboard a tractor, take care of a wheat field, and then move that wheat into a little transport tractor. There are even missions you can complete for some extra money, like wandering over to your neighbours place to help them out.

The biggest surprise (to me) was that the game is absolutely beautiful. Sometimes it’s just very nice to step back from what you’re ‘usually’ doing, and try something new. You may even be surprised!


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