Sure, why wouldn’t I go fishing in this outfit…

A New Raid (finally)

I finally got into the level 60 allied raid in FFXIV – and had a gigantic cut scene to enjoy afterwards. This was so much fun!


So many cut scenes, so little time

I’ve been playing Final Fantasy for a bit over two weeks now, and I have been having such an incredible time I wonder why I didn’t stick with the game previously. Granted, experience is VASTLY changed to how it was when I used to play, but the game really does cater to everything I love in an MMO.

Two weeks in I’ve managed to finish the first Main Story Quest (MSQ) and move past the filler quests that led to Heavensword, which is where I’m at now. I loved my Warrior, but I had high anxiety tanking dungeons which are a requirement for the MSQ (you can bypass this for a small fee) so I swapped over to Red Mage, which I enjoy but I don’t love.


Yesterday I hit level 48 on my marauder thanks to the daily roulette, and I’m working through the main story though I’m only in the 30’s for that. I know you can purchase a boost that will unlock all the story stuff from the mog station but I wanted to experience it myself, otherwise what’s the point in playing.

I reached level 35 in mining and I’m learning how much I dislike harvesting 99 nodes for NPC only slightly less than I enjoy harvesting 15 high quality nodes. It’s nice brainless work at least, so I can relax from the daily grind of smushing mobs.


I’m level 34 on my marauder, further than I’ve ever been before. I also joined my first Grand Company, and unlocked mounts! I feel like experience is so fast I’m probably forgetting how certain systems work (retainers, leves, fates, wth is the golden saucer for and is it still relevant) BUT I am certainly having fun. I also make sure to do my daily roulette which tends to grant me two levels or so…

I am not sure why I never stuck with the game before, but I’m glad I am now!

Bring on the Marauder

I’ve played FFXIV off and on over the years, but I’ve never actually stuck with it before. The highest I’ve ever gotten in any job is 20, and even that was fairly recent. It’s a gorgeous game that has everything I like in an MMO (achievements, housing, pets, collectables) so I’ve always been a bit baffled on the lack of stay power. I think part of it has to do with the fact that I’ve never been invested in the final fantasy world. I’ve never played any of the other games, and have no idea who the characters are.

A few friends of mine suggested that it was actually the class I was playing that was causing things not to be fun. I have always played casters, my last combination was a Conj/Arcanist headed towards White Mage. They suggested I try out a warrior, smashing things with a big axe is apparently a lot of fun.

They were absolutely right. I created a Marauder on a new server with Crimson Cross, a long time guild I’ve known since WildStar days. I joined them there, and World of Warcraft when WildStar was no more, and now I join them again in FFXIV.

Swinging a huge axe IS a lot of fun, and my new character managed to reach 10 last night alongside my husband who also decided to play again. Lets see how far we get into the story this time. There are so many exp boosts (the server has one, RAF has one, being low level has one) that it’s almost impossible NOT to level.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Beautiful, as Always

This game is just so damn beautiful, I can’t get over it.

Downloading, and MORE Downloading

As my frequent readers know, I moved to a remote location for my husband’s work earlier this year, and our internet (while available) is not that great. I’m unable to stream at all, uploads are almost non existent, and I can’t download any faster than 300-500 kb/s (yes, that’s KB, not MB). It makes you realize how privileged we are to have good internet, because it’s simply not a thing everywhere.

I decided I wanted to download EQ1, which took an entire night overnight. Then friends started playing LotRO and I wanted to join them. Now, I actually have this installed on my PC already, but it needed to be patched and as luck would have it, my patch ran into a patch that was being done on the game, and it corrupted my files. The only solution was for me to do a 26g download to repair. So I’ve been doing that for a few days.

I also wanted to download FFXIV, I had it in the past and I’m not sure why I removed it from my PC. It might have been when my SSD failed, I can’t quite remember. Anyway, that one took around 3-4 days to download, then I upgraded to Shadowbringers and it was another night of downloading content.

WoW has a small 100-500 mb update every few days which takes me a few hours to grab.

Steam games each have small frequent updates on their platforms.

Epic games.

GoG games.

You can see where this is going. Now, the issue is not downloading itself – but the fact that the rest of the house cannot access the internet if anyone is downloading. We don’t have cable, so that means the children can’t watch netflix, my husband can’t patch his shows, we can barely access email when things are being used. I’ve restricted myself to patching at night, but even that isn’t ideal since my husband works shift work and I don’t want to deny him the internet while he’s awake waiting on calls.

Our situation won’t improve any time soon, but I hope to finish off all of these downloads shortly and then maybe I won’t notice our issue quite so much. So far ping rate in-game has been totally manageable even around the 150-200 mark, but I wouldn’t want to see it get any worse.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

So That’s Not Happening (FFXIV) – Instead? (GW2)

Having 2 young kids is challenging at the best of times. Add in a new province, new job, special needs, and you can find yourself at your wits end. I know, I talk about it a lot here.

The husband and I decided since we’re gamers at heart we want to play something together in the brief moments we have – problem is, depending on the week, sometimes that means no gaming at all. We had originally decided on FFXIV – a game neither of us had gotten very far in. We were excited. We got exactly one day to play together and then his busy season started at work and the kids sleep schedules went all weird and then two weeks had gone by without either of us logging in.

Not that big of a deal when it’s a game you’re not paying for, but FFXIV has a hefty price tag in Canadian dollars, $40 a month for us to not play a game together wasn’t looking appealing.

But we DO want to game together, so where does that leave us?

I made the suggestion of GW2. I have already been playing it fairly steadily on my own, he has a level 80 character, there’s no level cap increase, and all he would need to do is pick up the latest two expansions to be back in the game. We wouldn’t have to worry about a subscription, and if he wanted to toss some money at ArenaNet, that’s what the gem store is for. My concern was whether or not he would be interested. I already know that I am, I’m loving my adventures in Tyria.

Turns out he was game to give it a try. He hasn’t played since the release, and I explained to him how I’m constantly going back into HoT, PoF, and other areas to complete achievements and for other bits and bobs. He was concerned he would be too far behind to catch up. I told him in GW2 that’s not really a noticeable thing. SO for the few times we do have a break here and there, we’ll be exploring GW2. I think this will ease up on a lot of the pressure, but still give us a chance to game together.

I’m pretty dang excited, personally.