Downloading, and MORE Downloading

As my frequent readers know, I moved to a remote location for my husband’s work earlier this year, and our internet (while available) is not that great. I’m unable to stream at all, uploads are almost non existent, and I can’t download any faster than 300-500 kb/s (yes, that’s KB, not MB). It makes you realize how privileged we are to have good internet, because it’s simply not a thing everywhere.

I decided I wanted to download EQ1, which took an entire night overnight. Then friends started playing LotRO and I wanted to join them. Now, I actually have this installed on my PC already, but it needed to be patched and as luck would have it, my patch ran into a patch that was being done on the game, and it corrupted my files. The only solution was for me to do a 26g download to repair. So I’ve been doing that for a few days.

I also wanted to download FFXIV, I had it in the past and I’m not sure why I removed it from my PC. It might have been when my SSD failed, I can’t quite remember. Anyway, that one took around 3-4 days to download, then I upgraded to Shadowbringers and it was another night of downloading content.

WoW has a small 100-500 mb update every few days which takes me a few hours to grab.

Steam games each have small frequent updates on their platforms.

Epic games.

GoG games.

You can see where this is going. Now, the issue is not downloading itself – but the fact that the rest of the house cannot access the internet if anyone is downloading. We don’t have cable, so that means the children can’t watch netflix, my husband can’t patch his shows, we can barely access email when things are being used. I’ve restricted myself to patching at night, but even that isn’t ideal since my husband works shift work and I don’t want to deny him the internet while he’s awake waiting on calls.

Our situation won’t improve any time soon, but I hope to finish off all of these downloads shortly and then maybe I won’t notice our issue quite so much. So far ping rate in-game has been totally manageable even around the 150-200 mark, but I wouldn’t want to see it get any worse.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

So That’s Not Happening (FFXIV) – Instead? (GW2)

Having 2 young kids is challenging at the best of times. Add in a new province, new job, special needs, and you can find yourself at your wits end. I know, I talk about it a lot here.

The husband and I decided since we’re gamers at heart we want to play something together in the brief moments we have – problem is, depending on the week, sometimes that means no gaming at all. We had originally decided on FFXIV – a game neither of us had gotten very far in. We were excited. We got exactly one day to play together and then his busy season started at work and the kids sleep schedules went all weird and then two weeks had gone by without either of us logging in.

Not that big of a deal when it’s a game you’re not paying for, but FFXIV has a hefty price tag in Canadian dollars, $40 a month for us to not play a game together wasn’t looking appealing.

But we DO want to game together, so where does that leave us?

I made the suggestion of GW2. I have already been playing it fairly steadily on my own, he has a level 80 character, there’s no level cap increase, and all he would need to do is pick up the latest two expansions to be back in the game. We wouldn’t have to worry about a subscription, and if he wanted to toss some money at ArenaNet, that’s what the gem store is for. My concern was whether or not he would be interested. I already know that I am, I’m loving my adventures in Tyria.

Turns out he was game to give it a try. He hasn’t played since the release, and I explained to him how I’m constantly going back into HoT, PoF, and other areas to complete achievements and for other bits and bobs. He was concerned he would be too far behind to catch up. I told him in GW2 that’s not really a noticeable thing. SO for the few times we do have a break here and there, we’ll be exploring GW2. I think this will ease up on a lot of the pressure, but still give us a chance to game together.

I’m pretty dang excited, personally.

Who comes Up with these…

Doing quests in FFXIV…

Doing a Little Fishing

As far as crafting goes, my goal is to raise each craft to 10, then work on raising them all to 20 (or at least 18, matching my adventure level). Gathering is coming along nicely, at the time of this post I have level 12 in mining, 11 in botanist, and 9 in fishing. For the disciples of the hand (main crafting) branches I’ve gone with weaver (10), goldsmith (8), cullinarian (8) and alchemist (2). I’m hoping my husband picks up my slack and goes with carpenter, blacksmith, armorer, and leatherworker.

Leveling has been pretty quick, but I know that’s because we’re in the lower tiers, and because the cap is currently 70. A new expansion looms on the horizon and it’s a great time to catch up. Will I make it? Probably not, but I’m alright with that. I managed to ding 18, and I’m still further along than I ever have been. My husband seems to be having a pretty good time of things too, in our limited amount of game time together. I’m hoping this week we can both find a few more minutes here and there to level, and I think we have our first dungeon coming up. With him playing tank and me playing healer it should be interesting to see how it works out.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Leveling Up

Well, I’m further along than I’ve ever been before in FFXIV even though I’ve still not even reached level 20 yet. My husband’s character has inched up to 16, the furthest either of us had gotten before was 10 so we’ve already surpassed where we were.

I’ve also been working on some crafting, but I haven’t gotten too far yet. It’s fun and relaxing even if we are only playing in small stints.

Gaming Together

Me and my husband met in a video game (EverQuest 2) so it’s no surprise that we’re both still gamers. With the addition of two kids, a few moves, and a new job, we’ve both had very little gaming time these days.

We decided to try to make a little bit of time, but none of our old favourite games were reaching out – so I suggested FFXIV – and he jumped at the chance. I’ve never made it past level 17 before, there’s hype due to a new expansion, and we both own the previous expansions due to some very nice sales (Heavensward is free right now in the SquareEnix store for both PC and PS4).

We’re on the Cactuar server, you can find me as Velours Reveurs if you’d like to add to friends. I’m a conjurer going White Mage (eventually) and he’s playing a Gladiator going Paladin (I believe).

I’ve been looking up things like mounts (need level 20), housing (need level .. 50?) and appearance gear (also level 50) and it all basically just tells me we need to level – so that’s what we’ll hopefully do. I can’t wait to share some FFXIV stories with everyone and it feels great to be gaming with the husband again.

Fun Cacti

Unboxing Specially Marked Snacks

Every so often I’ll get an email from a company or a game representative asking me if I’d be interested in trying something out. I typically say yes, because why not, they’re usually a lot of fun. This time I was approached by a kind representative from Mrs. Freshley’s asking if I’d be interested in sharing some information about specially marked (FFXIV Stormblood) snacks, and they offered to send me a few products to try. As far as I’m aware we don’t have Mrs. Freshley’s up here in Canada, but I’ve never been one to turn down free snacks (cough) so I accepted and they arrived this week! I actually decided to make an unboxing video, my first and quite possibly my last because I had so many technical issues. Still, I put it up on YouTube for everyone to watch. These baked goods were held up at the boarder for a day due to customs (we’re really cracking down on imported snack goods eh..) but they were still delicious if you like cupcakes and cinnamon buns with a ton of icing.

I downloaded Blippar to try to scan the packages and get the code that you can then use in game – but no matter how I tried to scan or which product I couldn’t get it to work. I’m not sure if I was doing something wrong or it was my location or some other issue, but I’ll keep trying so that I can hand those codes out to readers / viewers. I’m also handing the sweet treats out to a few locals who have expressed interest. I wasn’t an enormous fan of the cinnamon rolls (personally) but the chocolate cupcakes were delicious (I basically devoured two of those off screen later). You can find out more about Mrs Freshley’s products here, and you can read about the awesome contest they’ve been holding for the past few months here. If you’ve got any tips or tricks on how I can make Blippar work properly don’t hesitate to let me know in comments!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Forever Wandering Through Games


How long has it been since you stuck with a single MMO for at least a year? I remember when Tipa used to put out a challenge to people to stick with a single game for a year, and almost no one could accomplish it even when the choices were much more limited, let alone these days where there are games for every genre you could possibly think of. Sure, we may play one game at a time, or two games, or have some combination of F2P & subscription, but more and more I notice that we are ALL becoming nomadic gamers, bouncing between games when the mood strikes (or when that new shiny pops up on the table).

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s just something I’ve noticed over the years. I would love to be one of those people who stick with a single game for any length of time but I simply don’t have that in me any more (for a few reasons). One reason would have to be the price point. Money fluctuates throughout the year and my game choices will change based on that. A good example is EQ2. My subscription expires the 2nd week of July, so I find very little motivation to log in and play right now as I know I won’t be re-subscribing (baby on the way, I simply have to re-allocate my funds for a bit). I’ve never really enjoyed playing games with a sub as a F2P player, not because I think F2P is “bad” but because I’d rather have access to the entire game. Speaking of – why doesn’t Trion offer some sort of bulk subscription plan that offers access to all of their games, much like station access? Rift and ArcheAge would certainly be two games I’d love to check out more of, but I’m not sure how I’d feel about the F2P options (especially in ArcheAge where owning land is tied to having a subscription). Offer a package deal and those subscriptions become a lot more favorable. I blame Belghast and Bhagpuss for my sudden interest in Trion games, both of them have been posting about Rift / ArcheAge on their blogs. I was interested enough that I updated glyph though I haven’t actually logged in (yet).

Speaking of EQ2, a new server opened up yesterday. It’s the Isle of Refuge, and it runs just as all the other servers in the EQ2 line up do, except the majority of items can be sold / traded and don’t have the heirloom tag. There’s a great write up about it over at EQ2wire, and the server reminds me a lot of Firiona Vie, the RP server over on EQ. There are a few other rules to the FV server besides that but it was one that stuck out to me. Why Daybreak has added such a server I have no idea (nor does anyone else it seems if you read through the comments on the article) but it’s nice to see things are not completely stagnant.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

That Summer Burnout


It happens every year around this time. I can’t figure out what I want to play and so I spend the majority of my time bouncing in and out of various games, hoping one will catch my attention for longer than 20 minutes. Then I feel bad when it doesn’t. It could be the amazing weather, stresses from work, watching friends and family all do their thing while I’m across the country, or something else. I have no idea. I just know that normally when I have a bit of free time (and I’m at home) I think nothing of what game to play and I just do it. These days though I’ll log into 4-5 games only to wander around aimlessly and then decide they were not what I wanted to ‘do’ after all.

I managed to resist every sale on steam – even though there are quite a few DLC I’d love to own on my wishlist. I just didn’t think I was gaming enough to justify the cost at the moment. I’m tired of Early Access games. While I understand that crowdfunding and EA games are a fantastic way to get indie developers into game releases, I’ve just been burned and frustrated too many times. The latest is with Windborne, which sat on my wishlist for over a year before developers announced that they just don’t have the funds to continue.

I can understand that. I understand that we live in an age where there are lots of games out there, and to create something that’s going to be profitable is hard. It’s still frustrating as a player and as a potential investor in these games. I miss the day when I could purchase a completely finished game (or at least what I would consider ‘finished’). There are some great Early Access games out there, but the chances of me being interested in them when they finally release are pretty slim.

What have I been playing lately? Well. The list isn’t that long, but like I said I haven’t been doing a lot of gaming.

  • Wurm Online: In summer my Wurm interest flags a bit, but I’ve still got two active accounts and deeds, and I still check in daily to take care of crops and animals. I know my interest in this one will pick back up after summer, it always does.
  • FFXIV: I keep trying to be interested in this one, and it’s just not happening. I still have 44 days active on my account but something about the game is just not appealing to me lately.
  • WoW: I still have time left on my account, but honestly I just haven’t been playing. Garrison grind is a thing, and I just don’t like it. Not even pets are able to keep me entertained these days.
  • WildStar: I play daily, and I still enjoy it quite a bit but I limit my time so that I don’t get burned out. Since I work for NCSOFT on WildStar it’s also pretty much a given that I’m playing it daily.
  • EQ/EQ2: As much as I love the Ragefire server, it’s hard to get into if you’re not already in a community or with established friends. I was hoping it would be more like the communities of days gone by, but so far it hasn’t been and that bugs me to some degree. Instead I’ve been playing EQ2, my old haunting grounds. I’ve been clearing out older heritage quests and playing in my guild on my own, we’re level 78, and I’m having quite a bit of fun with that. My defiler is still only level 96, but I’m not really in a rush to reach level 100. I don’t even know what is available to do at level 100.
  • EVE Online: I don’t play nearly as much as I should / could / want to, but I do have an active subscription for a year, and in the meantime my skills are training up. I know this is a great game to pop into when I can here and there, so I haven’t been concerned about my lack of playtime.
  • GW2: Still working on my mesmer, on a new account. Right now she’s 49, which is great but I’d still ideally like to reach 80 before the expansion hits, and maybe get another character or two up there on the new account. We’ll see how that goes. It’s hard when I don’t really have any inclination to play.

Hopefully I climb out of this rut I’ve found myself in before too long. I imagine when fall rolls around I’ll be back to my ‘typical’ gaming self, whatever that is. In the meantime, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!