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WTF Wednesday 07

If you ever wondered if there were too many simulators out there – yes. Yes there are. This is one of them.

First Time Friday – 03 – Warsim

A developer reached out to me on Twitch and offered up a code for their game Warsim: The Realm of Aslona – and provided no other information about it. I was already curious because two other friends who also play / stream / write about Dwarf Fortress received these same types of offers, and my interest piqued. The game is on steam, early access, and has a very positive response from players so far.

You’re king of Aslona, and you can either prosper or have the kingdom fall due to your actions. There’s staff, knights, politics, visitors, and lots of bad guys out there to kill. There’s a lot of random events – and if you’re a fan of BBS games, Dwarf Fortress, and other ASCII art text-format based games, you might be a fan of this one.

I immediately hired some new muscle and set forth pillaging whatever I walked into. Came home and filled the coffers and then started dealing with the desk politics of running a kingdom – but not before I hired a jester. Priorities, after all. It’s one of those games where before you know it, an hour has passed, and you don’t miss the graphics because your imagination does all the work. I’m glad the developer reached out to people because otherwise I am pretty sure I would have never heard of this game.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

First Time Friday – Old Man’s Journey

On Thursdays I’ve started using a random number generator to pick a game from my steam list to play, and then write about on Friday’s (which I’m tentatively calling First Time Friday). I own hundreds of steam games, but there are plenty that I’ve never played before and I wanted a random way of picking some throughout the year.

The first game it came up with was Old Man’s Journey – a game I think I picked up from a humble bundle in October. The game is mostly story, with a bit of puzzle. In it you follow an old man through the journey of his (really depressing) life. Without too many spoilers I will say I almost had to break out the box of tissue for this one.

The art style is amazing, I loved everything about it from the game play to the cut scenes. The music was OK but didn’t really strike a cord with me personally. It is a pretty short game from start to finish, but it’s 50% off on steam at the time of this post (and like I said, has been on Humble Bundle before) and I highly recommend picking it up if you like those sorts of games. I’ve set some of the screenshots I took as desktop background just because the whole thing was so beautifully done.