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Still Making Gold?

Gold making has slowed down a bit, as people wait to hear about 9.1 but I’m not doing too bad. I have just over 8 million on one server (alliance) and on the horde side of things I’m sitting at just over my first million. I donated 600k to a guild just getting off its feet, and I don’t really have a great need for gold right this second, so I’m comfortable with the slower earnings that have been trickling in.

Stepping Back In

I stepped away from World of Warcraft for a few months because I just wasn’t feeling Shadowlands. It has a bunch of rehashed systems that are not enjoyable, a huge grind with multiple currencies (stygia anyone? How about anima) and even though the zones LOOK pretty I find the entire expansion a slog.

The one thing that DOES interest me and continues to do so, is gold making. So, I jumped right back into it. The felfury gauntlets I’ve had for ages (I farmed them myself) finally sold for an enormous amount, and that was all it took to hook me. Since I already pay for my account with gold, I never really ‘left’ per say, but it’s still nice to be playing again, in some capacity.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Choosing to Spend Gold

Choosing to spend gold in World of Warcraft is not such an easy task for me, even though I have millions of gold just sitting there. I have a hard time bringing myself to actually wanting to use it for anything – even with a plan in place. At one time I wanted to reach gold cap on a single server (I play on a handful of servers) but now I just want to enjoy myself – even if that means spending what I have. You can see the significant dip in gold when I moved all of my horde characters over to Hyjal from Argent Dawn – but I still have plenty of gold to make up for it. I’m trying to (slowly) earn it back, and make my way to gold cap again on the alliance side. We’ll see how that goes, especially since I’m not actively playing that faction at all.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Short of a Million

Another 28 days has passed, and while last month I made a profit of 1.9 million gold, this month (28 days) I’ve only reached 900k profit. This comes from a number of reasons including a lot of spending.

I purchased two tokens, and I also purchased the Yak mount that allows you to transmog your gear on the go (120k). This would have pushed me up over the 1 million gold in profit mark, but honestly the main reason is that I haven’t felt motivated to make gold. I have been playing other games, focusing on doing just my dailies for faction, and exploring other characters. I re-post my stock, but I have no Shadowlands stock, and while a lot of fellow goblins are out there making millions each day, I’m content to take a back seat approach. I already have millions of gold that I’m not using, I don’t exactly need more.

Still, a 900k gain is nothing to sneeze at. It’s just not quite as good as I could have done.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Shadowlands and Sales

I know I haven’t posted a whole lot about Shadowlands yet, but I’ve been leveling, crafting, and selling things in the auction house.

With the nerf to multiboxing I decided to shut down most of my accounts, and then further nerfs in-game (non multiboxing specific) solidified that decision for me. I went from 8 accounts to 1, and I decided there was really no need for me to even have more than 1. This expansion I would like to take a little step back from making gold – and focus on some other achievements that I’ve always wanted to obtain. I’ll still be making gold (it’s sort of built in at this stage) but if I was casual before I consider myself to be VERY casual now. I’m sure it will change with time, I’ve been going through a pretty bad round of depression and I haven’t really found motivation to do too much in or out of game these days.

Farming in Firelands

Grab yourself a potion of treasure finding and head to Firelands – make sure not to kill any bosses, and you can probably get close to 10 runs per hour. The vendor items along with the craft materials sold for approximately 7-10k, which isn’t too bad gold per hour when you’re by yourself.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Goals: Week Two

I spent a lot of gold this week and haven’t seen a whole lot of return yet, but I’m hoping it pans out. My gold making pictured above is one of my servers, and represents horde & alliance (I play both on the same server). I am on other servers too, but I figured for this purpose I’d just track one.

Anyway, horde pulled ahead since I’m playing them more these days, earning 180,870g profit. I did a few emissary and paragon quests so that helped a ton, and I restocked some cloth transmog which has been selling pretty well.

Alliance would have pulled ahead by a small margin but I bought a bunch of bloodfeaster mounts once I heard that the farm had been nerfed earlier this week. They were going for 10-15k on my server and I’m hoping I can get the price to inch up as we get closer to Shadowlands. I also made a silly purchase worth 36k of Tidespray linen. Why? It was 1g09s which is still actually low enough to profit on (plus I could use a bit more expulsom for my jewelcrafter).

One of the strangest sales I made was someone who paid almost 6k for some green winter clothes – with the event coming up in the not too far future I figured they would have held off on that but who am I to complain! I spent maybe an hour total all week working on the sales aspect of things this week so it was fairly hands off. Instead I’m focusing on cleaning up banks & inventory, and leveling up alts in preparation for Shadowlands. I’m trying to organize logical teams of characters since I want to switch from 5 boxing to 2 boxing (although now I’m wondering if I just want to go back to 5 boxing or at least 4 boxing).

All in all I’m happy with the goldmaking progress for the amount of time I’m dedicating to it (which is almost none). Room for improvement? Always. Earning at least a token a week on each horde & alliance is pretty good for me, personally.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Me? Oh I like Lists

In order to be successful at making gold in world of warcraft – you have to want to stick with it. If it’s not fun and it feels like endless work you’re not going to develop those good gold making habits that are required for you to develop as a goblin. Giving up is probably one of the easiest ways you can lose gold.

I don’t enjoy farming. I don’t gather herbs or mine and I don’t run dungeons for transmog to sell. I have been known to run dungeons for fun, to collect transmog for personal use, but it’s just not something I enjoy doing to make gold. I DO like making lists. I love data entry. I love tracking characters, tracking gold, tracking factions – you name it, I want to see it on a list. It makes me excited to make gold when I can see my gains every day – heck it makes me excited to make gold even when I see my loss. One of the best things about making gold is that there is no one way of doing it. There is no right way. If you enjoy harvesting for hours and supplying materials – then go do that. If you enjoy farming transmog and have an impressive collection of 1500 pieces to sell, then go do that. Do what makes you happy.

If you want to be cut throat and devour every bit of information on gold making in world of warcraft that you can – then do it. Go for it. Pick a point, and start there. Learn The Undermine Journal and how it can work in your favour. Learn TradeskillMaster. Lurk in channels. Don’t wait until you have start up capitol, don’t wait until Shadowlands, don’t wait until you’re too bored to play and give up – start when you are excited.

All it takes is that little spark of motivation. You have to keep at it. When it gets boring, change things up. Diversify. Expand. There are so many different methods out there to earn your token and I promise you that anyone out there is capable of it.

Goals: Week One

Last week I posted some new gold making goals for myself that included reaching cap on the alliance side of gold making, and reaching 5 million on the horde side. I’m not starting from scratch with either of those goals, but I think I did pretty well as a casual gold maker. Remember that my main incentive is that I don’t have a whole lot of time to play, I go AFK frequently, and so most of my ‘gold making’ time is spent optimizing what I do, and learning by lurking. I do a LOT of lurking.

The alliance side of things went pretty well, I earned 360,449 gold in the past 7 days. I write down my gains/loss each day, calculating my total gold across each of my alliance characters. It’s pretty simple, spend gold, go down, earn gold, go up. Ideally I want to end the week with more gold than I spent, minus some purchases that can’t be helped like game time.

On the horde side of things I didn’t fare quite as well, but I did still make enough to cover a token. In total I earned enough gold this week for 3.5 tokens – so for those casual players who are confused about whether or not they can earn enough I have to say it is VERY doable. The most time you’ll ever spend is getting ready. Preparing stock, setting up barns / farms, doing your emissary quests (and paragon chests!) which is where a lot of my gold came from this week.

Keep things in perspective. I also spent around 20k gold working on professions for my horde characters. They are not nearly as established as my alliance characters who have been doing this whole gold making thing for a very long time.

In the end, what matters is that you persist with your gold making in whatever method brings you joy. You won’t see me farming or spending a lot of time gathering because I personally do not enjoy either of those things. I flip, do pet battles, do my emissary and paragon quests, and a few other smaller game play sessions that bring me joy. That way when I log in I’m not thinking about horrible it is that I need to harvest for an hour before I make any gold. Ew.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

What’s Selling (ymmv)

Everyone is going to have their own particulars for their own server, so you have to take this with a little bit of ‘your mileage may vary’ – just because these things sell on my server does NOT mean they will sell on yours. That being said, there are trends that carry over from server to server. This graph and these sales are the past 7 days.

My number one seller was elementium bars. I sold 1001 of these for a total of 74,565 gold alone. This is most likely because of people leveling up their cataclysm engineering, the loot a rang that is so popular with multiboxers requires 70 cataclysm engineering, and it’s not cheap to get done. Past me is very happy to have picked up those bars for 3g each. I also sold 1093 ghost iron bars for a total of 54,579 gold, and elementium ore, 451 of those for 32,163 gold.

Next seller, is the Highborne compendiums – in specific, storm. There was a Wowhead article about how this trinket is BiS and things just took off from there. I sold 7 of these, for a total profit of 42,751 gold.

In that same line, inscription received three new glyphs when the pre-patch landed, and not everyone has picked them up yet. They don’t cost any more than regular BFA glyphs, but you can charge a premium for them because they’re new. These glyphs are ‘of the aquatic chameleon’ (41,326 gold, I sold 17), ‘of the aerial chameleon’ (33,254 gold, I sold 16 of them), ‘of the swift chameleon’ (31,826 gold, I sold 15 of them).

A handful of transmog (29k worth), a few mounts (only one jeweled onyx panther this week), and a lot of rings – BFA rings really took off, and I just restocked yesterday. I also sold 13k worth of recipes, which is always nice – it all adds up!

Those fish cakes I started selling? I sold 15 of them this week, and made 2,806 gold from that. It’s a really simple craft that just adds to the pool.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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