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GU 53 – Part II – Chronomagic

Lets get back to talking about GU 53 and more of the wonderful goodies that are headed to go live some time in September. These changes are already on the test server, so be sure to check them out for yourself if you’d like to explore them.

I already talked about the achievement system that’s being implemented, now lets spend a little time talking about Chronomagic – also known as “auto mentoring”.

There are Erudites set up in Qeynos, Freeport, Neriak, Gorowyn, and Kelethin and they will allow players level 20+ to speak to them and mentor down from their level in increments of 5 (10, 15, 20, etc). This one pictured on the right is in Qeynos harbor. They do not currently show up if you hit alt+w (waypoints) but you can always ask a guard to locate ‘time’ for you, as it’s part of their name. One thing to keep in mind, if you auto mentor you will not gain the bonus aa that players currently receive from mentoring an actual player. We get quite a large chunk of experience (aa) from doing that, so if it’s important to you you’ll want to keep mentoring little ones in order to keep that bonus. When you speak to the Erudites, they will pop open a window and ask you which level you want to be.

As you can see to mentor has a small cost associated with it, 5 gold and 100 personal status. The experience reduction is based on my characters level (80) so it may show as something different to others.

Now, Kiara had posted under the test notes that there are also 37 new missions that work like TSO missions and send players out around Norrath to battle specific bosses in zones all over in all levels. I couldn’t actually figure out where any of these missions were (the Erudite does not give them out) but as soon as I do or if anyone else knows please feel free to post. I think these missions are a great idea, but I’d also love to see them given to players who are actually mentoring and not just using the auto mentor system. Maybe they work that way I don’t have the faintest idea.

You will stay mentored until it’s canceled (right click on your own name and there is an unmentor option, it’s already in game for regular mentoring). You have to go back to the NPC if you want to lower your level once more.

One really important thing here for the PvP servers – auto mentoring works the same as regular mentoring which means no pvp combat while you are auto mentored. This makes it very dangerous to use on pvp servers.

I decided to check out whether or not you could effectively gray out your own shard instances in TSO because there’s plenty of people who already mentor down to 50, enter a TSO instance, unmentor, and then complete the zones that way. This has been talked about on the forums as being an unintended bug, and players should probably refrain from doing it (as per forum posts) so I was curious if there would be something implemented to prevent it. As of yet, there is not. You can mentor down to 50, pick up your TSO missions (such as the ones in Commonlands) zone into the dungeon, right click your name, unmentor, everything turns gray, and you can complete your shard quests that way. Of course you get no loot, and this only works in specific zones (Commonlands, Lavastorm, Everfrost) and who knows, perhaps something will be implemented that prevents you from unmentoring during the TSO instances.

I think this system will be a great thing to add to game, if you happen to want to take down a raid zone (Courts anyone?) and want everyone to be level appropriate, if you want to go on a named killing binge for aa, if you just want to hang out with your friends in game but don’t want to actually be their exact level. You keep all of your spells, your gear, your aa, and traits, they just reduce in effectiveness, bringing you to ‘around’ the same effectiveness as someone else that level.

It’s a nice way to get players to experience the older content, and to prevent them from out leveling zones (which I have ranted about before in the past as being something I simply don’t like, why on earth would you ever want players to out level your zones). It will give players an option of ‘something else’ to do. I’m not sure how people who are NOT mentoring will feel about this – it can bring around a lot of griefers who are level 80 and rush a zone taking all of the named out from under the little groups who are in there exploring. Most of the time these level 80’s will move on once they’ve finished getting what they want, but I can certainly see a lot of farming lined up for the future. At least this will be an easier way of obtaining appearance gear (there’s some fantastic black chain in Fallen Gate) without having to find someone to mentor, not to mention you could farm the zones 1-20 to get masters that are on smart loot if you’re one of those people who enjoy being ‘fully mastered’

It will be interesting to see how it all works out in the end. Anyone else super excited about this feature besides me?

GU 53 – Part I – Achievements

I spent a few hours on the test server yesterday looking over the incoming changes that are slated for some time in September and decided I would write a few articles on each section explaining them and what I saw. Please keep in mind this is ONLY on the test server and therefor is subject to change. If you do not want to know what’s currently on the test server then you may also want to skip this post.

Before I start, if you’re using a custom UI please be sure to delete your two files that mention ‘journal’ in them, there are only two, from the testcopy UI folder. Other wise you’ll more then likely crash after you try to log in.

Second of all lets get this out of the way. The achievement system that is coming to EQ2 is almost (if not exactly) like World of Warcrafts achievements and we all know it, lets not beat a dead horse. This is something EQ2 needs VERY MUCH in my opinion, whether it is exactly like some other game or not. MMOs are constantly feeding and learning off of each other, don’t look so surprised. My only issue is that they’ve waited so long to implement achievements in EQ2, perhaps not realizing what a huge hit they would be in other games. People enjoy brainless goals to work towards, no matter how silly some of them may be. I know, that doesn’t mean EVERYONE out there will be rushing off to complete these, but I think it’s safe to say that a majority will be.

The achievement tab has been added to your quest journal, and from what I saw they act retroactively based on whether or not you were granted aa (alternative advancement) for that achievement in the past. Basically that means if you killed a mob or defeated a zone when you were at max aa (at any point in time since the cap has been raised a few times) OR if you completed said achievement BEFORE aa were in game, you will have to do it again. Once the system is in game it will be able to recognize whether or not you’ve completed it at the time (ie: If you were at max aa when you killed Woushi you will need to kill him again because there’s no direct record of you killing him for the achievements to recognize – however if achievements are in game, and you kill him, even if you are at max aa it will recognize that you’ve killed him at the time of the kill). Does that make sense? Hope so.

There are also what I would consider ‘fluff’ achievements like hug 100 players, or flirt or get fishing and drinking to 400, etc. Fun ones.

There are 8 sections for achievements, combat, exploration, general, quests, slayer, tradeskill, and triumphs. Most of those can be divided by zone, and if you click on the individual achievements, it will show you what you’ve already earned towards this goal and what you are missing. One fantastic feature is that collecting druid rings is an achievement. It also lists which ones you’ve already obtained, and which ones you are still missing.

You can earn points for completing each achievement, shown in the upper right hand corner. I’m not sure if you can use those points towards something quite yet – but – based on the number of achievement chains you’ve completed you will earn yourself (it will pop up automatically) crates of appearance gear for your character which looks pretty dang neat. I’ve seen three sets so far, one was a robe with a very TSO looking graphic, and two were armor, one in browns and the other in a black / blue / white shimmering colour.

My one concern with the achievement system is that if you are a fairly active gamer, and have been for the last four years – and if you’ve completed numerous quests, raids, and crafted through each of those tiers when you log in you may find yourself already earning 300+ achievements out of a total of (currently) only 489.

This may prove to be slightly problematic in keeping people interested in the achievement system. I think we need a lot more then 489, and I’m sure a lot more will be forthcoming. There were no achievements for any holiday events, moonlight grotto, frostfell and what not. I don’t personally know how difficult it would be (will be) for them to add that sort of thing, but I’d expect them to be coming in the future, perhaps closer to the actual events while this tides us over in the mean time.

Over all the new achievements are very polished. It’s something I’ve wanted to see implemented for years now and I think they have a real winner – as long as it’s not already too late. I think it will be fun, it will spur people into zones they may not usually travel to (splitpaw anyone?) and it will force people to work together towards a common goal. Casual and hardcore alike. I think achievements will mean much more to the casual player because a LOT of these are kill-to-complete, and it’s a prouder moment when the underdog defeats an encounter then when someone who has done it a million times before does. Of course that’s just me speculating.

I was also very glad to see the crafters not left out with the tradeskill achievement section.

What do you think, are you excited? There’s still so much for me to write about in other posts, and I couldn’t be happier with the majority of the changes (I know some avatar raiders out there would like to differ with me on that one, as they’re getting quite a few nerfs).

In the mean time, since I am NOT currently at 200aa it means that all achievements I work on between then and now will still count towards it when it goes live. Those that can be documented by aa in any case. I better get to Norrath!

Have a fantastic weekend, and happy gaming no matter where you find yourself.