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IntPiPoMo 3/50

I’m so involved in WoW that I haven’t been back to GW2 in a while, but it’s still an awesome game that does a fine job of drawing me in.

Astralaria Part One – Complete

Thanks to my amazing guild mates PixelOne, Cheyenne, Ironwolf, and Ogur, after a few fractal runs yesterday I am done the first step in obtaining my legendary weapon, Astralaria. Next I need to craft The Device, and then I can move on to part II. For this I need to do a few daily crafts (globs, mostly) and I’m trying to harvest as many components as I can to cut down costs. Most of what I need is iron ore, which conveniently has some static rich nodes that I can harvest each day. I do also need a lot of rugged leather, which I’m finding more difficult to obtain, and I may end up purchasing instead.

Getting a legendary weapon is daunting to me, especially when I look at the incredibly long list of components, but taking bite sized chunks and working on it has been much easier. If I could get it done by December that would be amazing, but I think it will take a bit longer than that, given that my playtime is sporadic at best. I’m still just doing little things here and there in between everything else going on in life.

5,000 Goal Reached!

It may have taken over 6 years, but I finally reached 5,000 achievement points in Guild Wars 2 – and I’m really proud and happy that I did. It rewarded me with a ton of stuff, including 400 gems, a new skin unlocked, 15 gold, some laurels, a title, and more. For my final few points I ended up running around the starter cities purchasing the cultural T1/T2 armour to unlock some fashion achievements. As Pixel_One is always saying, end game in GW2 is Fashion Wars – and it’s completely true.

Today I’m hoping our guild can get together for a fractal run. I need Cliffside in order to finish the first of three parts to my precurser weapon. I’m excited to almost be done this one part, in a long chain of parts that I’ll need to accomplish. I happen to think the legendary axe is worth it, so I’m confident I’ll get there, one day.

As we inch closer to the 7th year anniversary I can’t help but get a bit excited at whatever might be planned. I also joined a VERY active guild yesterday for my 5th guild slot. There are over 400 members, and last night 100 were online. They do have a policy that if you don’t log in for 8 days (giving notice is fine) they remove from the guild, so that’s 400+ active members which is nice. They have scheduled events including raffles and an active discord. I just wanted a few people to hang out with during my random play times, and since you can be in 5 guilds at once and very little changes, I’m pretty excited.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

It’s So Shiny

I’ve been working on boss fights almost daily so that I can collect the ley-line essences and then craft some appearance weapons. There are two versions, shiny – and then you use those to create ultra shiny. I admit now, my main reason for wanting to craft them is to get the title. If you don’t get a chance to complete the collection while the event is running (I think there are just a few days left) you can also obtain these items through raiding. The chances of me raiding are slim to none, so I’m going the easier way.

I love that ArenaNet has had so many events lately, and I am hoping that they actually ramp up the closer we get to the anniversary (around 2 months from now). It has been fun logging in any seeing huge crowds gathered all working towards things. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Luck? What is That..

I do my best to boost magic find as much as I can, but with over 800 hours played, I have still never gotten a pre-curser or an ascended piece of gear to drop.

My luck holds true no matter what game I find myself in. If I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.

Finding my Way to 5k Achievement Points

I mentioned that this has been one of my long term goals for GW2, reaching 5,000 achievement points and I’m almost there! At the time of this post I’m actually at 4,932 thanks to doing a few daily quests (they re-set at 6pm my time every day). I’m not sure why I had this magical number in my head, but it comes with a lot of perks. A new title, 400 gems, 15 gold, and a new appearance skin that I can choose. I know if I had played GW2 steadily over the years I’d probably be much higher in AP, but that’s alright, I’m quite pleased with the progress I have made.

What are your game goals? Let me know in comments and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Map Completion

Back at it

Bring on (more) AP


I have been slowly chipping away at my legendary, and this week I worked towards completing the World vs World vs World portion – gift of battle. My server cluster isn’t that great at WvW so it was a lot of getting steamrolled by others, but I actually enjoy PvP so it wasn’t THAT painful. Each day I would just work towards the next rank in the track, and before I knew it, done. I went from rank 1 to rank 11, and got a handful of other goodies too.

I wish that the warclaw mount wasn’t tied to a track because you can only work on one at a time, but the mount also requires some other stuff, so it would have been nice to have been able to complete it. As it is, now I’ve switched tracks to the mount and I doubt I’ll be getting it any time soon because the desire to go back to WvW is not as urgent as it was while I was working on my legendary.

Ah well, it was a nice break from PvE in any case, and I’m very glad to have gotten it done.

Legendary Progress

Turns out I need some PvP-esc stuff for my legendary, so that’s what I’m working on lately. I’m hoping to get a little bit done each day so it doesn’t feel like quite as long (and painful) a slog. Our teams tend to just get rolled right over and I’ve been contemplating a WvW guild for my 5th one…