Yesterday I decided to move my 80 troubador over to Kithicor. It wasn’t exactly spur of the moment, I had been thinking about it for quite some time but when I filled out the typical petition email to transfer I was told that I would have to actually call San Diego in order to initiate the move. On the plus side even though I would have to call long distance, the move would be instant.

I have never had too much difficulty paying the $50 character transfer fee – of course like everyone else I wish it were cheaper (and easier) but gaming (the bits I do for ‘fun’ as opposed to work) factors into an entertainment budget. If you consider the amount of money someone may spend on alcohol (I don’t drink), movies, vacations or other sorts of entertainment as opposed to the amount that I spend on video games and MMORPG’s in specific, I actually spend a good deal less then the average person. When you take into account the fact that the cost of my SOE accounts are also covered due to work, I’m getting a huge bargain on time spent entertained vs. cost of said time.

When the decision comes to move a character, I don’t spend any time berating myself over the cost (unless I have a hankering to move all my characters which would cost over $500 at once, that’s a big chunk of cash) but rather just move on with it and filter it under that entertainment budget. I know that not everyone can do this, and there are plenty of people out there who think that I’m crazy for having spent so much money moving characters around. Ah well.

The troubador is settled on Kithicor, I celebrated by picking up a few cheap masters and then spent the evening doing a few easy things from the laptop while I continue to battle health issues. Wpus had to head to work, but Kasul and Ultann were still around. Ultann and I headed to Karnor’s Castle to take down some named (farming in there seems to be all the rage as of late) and while I didn’t win anything of note it was still a lot of fun. Afterwards I decided to get some crafting done on the little bard, she was a 71 alchemist when I moved her over and she’s now sitting slightly into level 74. I have plans of getting 75 with her today so that she’s the appropriate level to make adornments. Speaking of which the little ratonga also happened to transfer along all of my adornment supplies, so I should be able to get the illusionist a few more skill ups today.

The troubador (aside from being an alchemist) is also a max level tinkerer, which comes in handy. Ultann, Wpus, and Kasul are all also tinkerers. My favorite item (by far) so far is the ‘call of the tinkerer’ and I’m glad there are a few handy bits out there that we can make use of.

The guild is inching its way to level 45, and new harvest bots. We purchased the root NPC when we hit level 40, and now we’re looking to get the mining NPC. This makes crafting a LOT easier, especially in a smaller guild. With only four of us in the guild and Kasul still fairly new, I’m exceptionally pleased that we’re coming along so well in levels. I still have a whole lot of Heritage Quests to complete one of these days. Ah the persistent quest of ‘how many things can you achieve in so little time’.

Hopefully everyone is doing fantastic this fine Tuesday. Have fun where ever you end up, and I’ll see you in Norrath!