I ended up twisting my ankle on Sunday, so yesterday I took something for the pain that knocked me out most of the afternoon and evening so here I am at 6am Tuesday morning which happens to be my birthday- I intend to spend most of it eating ice cream cake and gaming and maybe going around the city taking pictures which is exactly how I want to spend my birthday. 

I decided since Nostalgia was joining up with CoW on Landroval that I would actually not move my level 19 over but just re-create. The current transfers take approx a week and a half due to a backlog, and I figured I could level up another character in that amount of time to 19 which is where my last character was at. Sure, the crafting would not be fun to do over, but I wanted to change her craft anyhow. 

I also figured that I would change from playing a Minstrel, to playing a Rune-Keeper. I didn’t really have an exact reason, but I’m happy I made it so far. The rune-keeper is level 12 and I’ve been having a lot of fun playing her. I did want to make a hobbit but they can only be dwarves (which can’t be female) or elves, so I’m playing another elf. I’ve done the starter for this race before, and blew through it fairly fast. I decided to make her a tinker in order to be able to cook, and Kasul made a new character who happens to be a farmer, so he’s got veggies to give to me. I’m excited to be playing on the new server, the people I’ve met have been friendly. There was someone working on a quest slightly a head of me and I needed a named after they killed it, so I let them clear a head and was healing them then I stayed behind and managed to kill the named I need afterwards. I couldn’t take on all the little extra encounters that were scattered around so the situation was more of a ‘right place at the right time’ but it w0rked out well and they actually thanked me for healing them – most people don’t do that. 

Not sure if I’ll make it in game today or not, but I’d like to at least for a little while to continue trying to get to level 19. We’ll see how it goes. 

Hope everyone has a fantastic day no matter what you’re doing!