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So That’s What it’s Supposed to Look Like

New video card arrived in the mail today, and I’m REALLY happy with it so far. I boosted up my settings in EQ2 and headed to Lavastorm, which is notorious (especially of late) for its lag. There were only 60 people in zone, but I ran around on the settings in the screen shot with no issues at all. You can find the bigger version of it here. Honestly, even if things didn’t run better, I am happy just not to have those trees staring at me any more. That was creepy. 

I also downloaded the 7 day free trial of AoC today, though I haven’t given it a whirl yet I plan on it. Tonight, it’s LotRO – I think. Today has been an up and down sort of day. So many highs and lows. I don’t expect things to calm down until April 15th, so I’ll be counting down the days until everything passes. 

Happy gaming!

EQ2 Lavastorm Revamp (Shameless Plug)

I recently got to partake on a guided tour of the new changes happening in Lavastorm for MMORPG.com – and you can read all about it on their web site in this post here. It was a lot of fun, and the changes are quite exciting even if they are getting postponed for the next little while. 

When they finally do get released, I’m sure it will be a blast!

Lavastorm Changes, and Levels are Gained

I spent most of yesterday evening hanging out with Kiara and others on a guided tour of the new (EQ2) Lavastorm revamp, and then working on a future article for MMORPG.com about said revamp –  it was loads of fun! If you’re interested in seeing the changes for yourself you can always head on over to the test server and take a peek, or you can read all about the changes that are coming in the spoilers that have been released on the EQ2players site. You can find the lore behind the events, what’s new with crafting, the new solo content (for levels 45-55), as well as a little glimpse into the 12-person raid zone, Ward of the Elements. There is so much more coming aside from these things though, if you (like me) don’t have the patience to wait for the update it’s certainly worth checking into. 

While I was doing that on my PC (always the multi-tasker) the laptop had my necromancer hanging out in Dreadspire with Ultann and Ninga, who were busy grinding experience. We were later met up with a beastlord friend of theirs who joined in the fun. Since I was mostly AFK while they were doing their thing I missed out on a great deal of the excitement (not to mention conversations) but everyone seemed to have a good time none the less. Oh, and my necromancer managed to hit level 76, and now she’s 60% into that level! 

The enchanter also hit level 74, though I didn’t box yesterday aside from a brief bit later, so she’s not very far into it. The leveling has slowed down a considerable amount, but it’s about what I expected for these levels. I hear the grind from 80-85 is a lot worse, I’m still looking forward to it because to me that’s what EQ always was. Grinding out levels with great friends, and it’s comforting to know it hasn’t changed all that much. 

Once the levels were earned we decided (for fun) to head back to the Guk LDoN raid zone – the zone had hurt pretty bad last time we were there. This time we dragged along the beastlord and every named within fell to us. For a level 65 zone, it was difficult, even for us ranging from level 74-80+ one of the encounters was level 80, and all of the encounters had mean nasty dots that liked to trigger and send my poor girls spinning into low health. Thankfully we had Nocbot around who provided some wonderful heals, and Ninga who was great DPS. I am always in so much awe as I watch everyone fall naturally into their roles in game. It’s a fantastic sight. 

I hope everyone else had an amazing time as well, and that this Thursday is great no matter what game you find yourself in. See you in Norrath!

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