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Taking down Valdoon 1.0

I remember Valdoon first, from EQ2. In that instance. Where he just would NOT stop talking. You remember the one too, right? In Loping Plains? Well, last night I got to extract some revenge on him and I’m trying to decide where this persona was worse, in EQ or EQ2. 

In EQ Valdoon is located in a Lost Dungeon of Norrath raid. Specifically: Mistmoore Catacombs – The Asylum of Invoked Stone. Now, many people have heard of LDoN before and it typically garners a strong response. You either loved the expansion, or you hated it. I happen to fall into the first category, I loved LDoN. I find it a shame that people (typically) no longer do them. It used to be a great way to get groups. Now the dungeons are pretty much ignored, you can research all of the spells that you used to have to do LDoN’s for. I do have a few points that I used to purchase a ring so that I could put a type 3 augment into it (it’s a pet focus for my necromancer from Seeds of Destruction) but aside from that, there’s been no real reason. 

However. I’m blessed with having always played EQ with some amazing people, no matter what time I seemed to step back into the game. When I first started playing it was with a Beastlord named Fistinyereyes, when I returned a few years later it was with Nostalgia, and then again with Ninga and Ultann. Exceptionally lucky, I know. What’s even better is the amount of exploration and discovery I get to enjoy based on who I happen to play with. Ninga is always dragging our group off some place new – some place that most groups no longer do. Of course we do get to enjoy a good amount of the newest expansion as well (remember we just completed Oceangreen Hills progression not that long ago from SoD) but we spend a lot of time doing the older stuff too. 

So it was that we spent last night in the LDoN raid. There was nothing of particular value that we were after – but the mission did reward some pretty nice rogue gear by the end of it if we would be so lucky. 

There are two versions of Valdoon in this raid. You have to first kill the gargoyles that spawn much like you do in the EQ2 instanced version. Once these have been killed a fake version of Valdoon spawns. Now, if you’ve ever done LDoN raids before you realize how ESSENTIAL it is that you have alcohol tolerance up to as high as it can go. Pretty much all of the named (at least in Guk and a few others that I have done now) have an AoE that is based on your ability to handle drinks. If you have low tolerance, you will spend MOST of your time swerving around the instance, being unable to cast anything because it actually physically interrupts you, and feeling dizzy. This is of course how I spent my time because I’ve never worked on alcohol tolerance on any one of my characters. I believe it sits at a grand skill of 1. 

Once you’ve killed the first version of Valdoon it’s off to the second. Unlike EQ2 where you have to listen to his (very long) speech that drones on and one, this time you just kill him. Of course he does have a few other tricks up his sleeves as well. 

He has the alcohol AoE that goes off (and by the end of it I was worried my characters would NEVER see straight again) and he also spawns adds. He also has a large (ie: long) mez that’s unresistable that goes off. 

If his adds manage to get to him, he’ll life tap their essence and heal. He did this often. My girls ended up dying to him during the fight, but he was down to 5% or so and Ninga and Nocbot (the cleric) battled on like champs until finally when I thought all hope was lost, Valdoon fell. He dropped a clicky wizard item, a ranger bracer, and also the wonderful pair of gloves pictured on the right hand side. Why are these gloves so great? Well, the clicky can be used from inventory, and that was a HUGE bonus for Invis (my 73 rogue). That wasn’t the end of her fun though, of course not. She also managed to get a fabled blood earring of rage from Plane of Tactics yesterday and so did Ultann’s shadowknight, which was fantastic. We were trying to camp one for Ninga but alas he had to step out and missed the drop. While we were there Kameeko (my enchanter) also managed to get herself a very nice fabled shield. She’s been spoiled lately, she’s now sporting a fabled 1hb from Bastion of Thunder, a ranged item from Plane of Earth, and the shield secondary from Tactics, as well as a ring from Earth. 

The group also headed to Plane of Fire to see if we could not get the final fabled piece I needed for the gate necklace – and it dropped without too much issue at all! Now I need to pick up the container before fabled ends, and then I need to get started on the regular version of the necklace. Once I’ve completed the regular necklace I can turn in the 5 pieces for the fabled version. It will be a very nice upgrade to Minxes and while I may not actually need the gate portion I’m still excited. I’ve always loved doing these types of quests. 

Yesterday was also busy on Drinal as it was the location to the 10th anniversary party for the evening! I hope everyone had a fantastic time, and enjoyed all of the firework goodies that they got! 

It’s been really busy in game lately, and I’m still loving every minute of it. 

See you in Norrath! (and Middle Earth, tomorrow!)

Hanging Out in Crystal Caverns

I was a little confused yesterday. The level 20 hot zone is Stonebrunt Mountains, which makes sense. You head there and the mobs are yellow and higher near the warrens at level 15, so level 20’s can easily gain experience there in groups, or with mercenaries. 

The level 30 hotzone is The Overthere. At level 20, the entrance to the zone around PoK and heading up towards WW is pretty easy to gain experience off of. The mobs around these areas are blue at level 20. 

Now the level 25 hot zone is currently Crystal Caverns. This zone is a huge pain in the arse to get to, for one. You have to run from the Great Divide, to the Eastern Wastelands, and then walk through a camp of VERY red and mean angry giants. If you’re not one of those lucky classes who comes with invisibility (or if you haven’t picked up your spells yet) and have no means to potions, this makes for a very difficult run. Thankfully my group managed to train there. We didn’t want to gain experience in The Overthere because – lets face it – due to the ease of the zone, everyone goes there. Yesterday there were 10 people in small clusters scattered through the zone. 

So Ninga (also known creatively as Bardface in this scenario) and myself trained to Crystal Caverns – made it to the entrance, where the mobs at level 23 were bright red. They continued to remain red, and are still red at level 27. Zam even suggests the zone as level 30-45 rather then the level 25 hot zone that it’s become. It must have once been the level 30 hot zone because there are multiple types of augments that drop from mobs – and one of them is required level 30. 

Now, don’t get me wrong here the experience was amazing. We also died a lot from wipes, being unable to snare the glorious Ry’Gorr creatures that pathed the hallways. Then there was one amazing wipe as I had my ranger on autofollow and she decided to randomly veer off of the edge of a cliff and fall to the depths below, I peeked over the edge to try to get an idea of where she had fallen, and promptly pulled up 10 more mobs onto the group. We decided to bee-line it for the zone out, but I couldn’t remember the way to get there since I had never even been to the zone before yesterday.

Ah yes, it was an amazing time. 

That’s exactly why I’m playing EverQuest right now. It’s everything I love about the game. 

We didn’t bother getting our corpses back from that foray, since experience is plentiful at lower levels. The paladin reached level 27 and about 70% into it while the ranger is just a little shy of 27, sitting at 26 along with Bardface. I have 7 levels worth of spells to purchase on both characters, thankfully paladins and rangers get significantly less then the usual casters I play. 

It was a great weekend. 

Before playing on the alts we did attempt another LDoN raid with our trio, and we decided to attempt the Guk one again. We did pretty well, making it past the 2nd named that sends you spinning out of control (often) if you have low alcohol tolerance. Of course Minxes (the necromancer) didn’t make it through that fight, but everyone else did which was great. 

Then we attempted a yellow (at 74) con mushroom who gradually weakens in power the longer you fight him. The tank died pretty much on incoming, not his fault. It went down hill from there and we called it a day on those. Before we headed there we did spend a bunch of time in Dreadspire which is the level 75 hot zone – and completely empty. Everyone seems to hang out in the level 70 hot zone which actually has higher level mobs then Dreadspire. We camped the ballroom and farmed two names that spawned there, they dropped multiple glowing runes that I can turn in for my spells. The necromancer finally obtained all of her level 70 spells, and the enchanter has one of hers (so far). Next one will give group haste (woohoo!) and the one after gives group mana regen. Both of which I’m looking forward to. Aside from the glowing runes, we also managed to snag me another pet focus item! This one is a 25% bonus, 5% better then the previous one. 

The enchanter hit level 72 and is about 50% into her level, the necromancer reached level 74! I’m almost (almost) only 10 levels away from the current in game cap. I decided to turn my achievement experience to 10% only for the next little while. I’d love to finally be at the level cap in game – I’ve never actually reached it before. Typically another expansion always comes out. I realize that it’s quite a climb to get to 85, but I’ve managed to hit 74 in two weeks so I think it’s do-able before the next EverQuest expansion comes out. We’ll see how it goes though. The enchanter doesn’t have Seeds of Destruction on her account, so level 80 will be her cap unless I can get myself a copy of that. 

I’ll have to look up the spells for each of them, as well. It never ends! Hope everyone has an amazing Monday! See you in Norrath.

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