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Just Leveling Along

I’ve been leveling up a rune-caster on Landroval in order to catch up to the Nostalgians who have characters that are moving over (some time soon we hope). I didn’t want to pay to move a level 19 character when I’ve only devoted 24 hours to the class and figured it would be easier to just start over. I switched from a minstrel to the new class and then noticed ‘gee, there are a LOT of rune-keepers around!’ but I’m not going to let that bother me. In the past, it would have. I’ve never really grasped the idea of ‘playing what you like’ as opposed to ‘playing what is needed’ because I’ve constantly tied the two together. What I liked was something that was needed. As I continue to game though I’ve found it more and more important to play what I like because lets face it, things change and if you’re not at least happy with what you’re playing, well. What’s the point. It used to be a much bigger deal because I enjoy almost all classes – but I’m learning to narrow it down.

healer – support – ranged dps  – tank – melee dps 

That’s what I like to play, in the order that I like to play it. No big deal, nothing earth shattering. Anyhow – yesterday the rune-keeper climbed to level 14, almost 15. I’ve had a few deaths but nothing too difficult thus far. I have to keep reminding myself that last time I was doing this content I actually had a tank helping me out which made things far easier. It’s some times difficult to solo when I have to attune myself to either dps or heals. I’ve been getting by so far by placing a healing rune on the ground, and one of my two HoT’s on myself before combat begins (when ever possible) and then switching over to the dps which blocks out the rune from being cast as well as one of my HoT’s. I can take on three at once if they’re dark blue, but anything more and it starts to get messy. I typically get interrupted as I try to cast my DoT’s or my mez. It’s a work in progress what can I say. 

I’ve picked up crafting but so far have been doing very little of it, concentrating on catching up in levels instead. I also managed to snag myself an invite to CoW yesterday since Sarzan was home during the day (which happens to be when I’m around most as it were). Hopefully the rest of Nostaliga moves soon and we’ll be back to our regular leveling schedule before too long!

Starting a Rune-Keeper

I ended up twisting my ankle on Sunday, so yesterday I took something for the pain that knocked me out most of the afternoon and evening so here I am at 6am Tuesday morning which happens to be my birthday- I intend to spend most of it eating ice cream cake and gaming and maybe going around the city taking pictures which is exactly how I want to spend my birthday. 

I decided since Nostalgia was joining up with CoW on Landroval that I would actually not move my level 19 over but just re-create. The current transfers take approx a week and a half due to a backlog, and I figured I could level up another character in that amount of time to 19 which is where my last character was at. Sure, the crafting would not be fun to do over, but I wanted to change her craft anyhow. 

I also figured that I would change from playing a Minstrel, to playing a Rune-Keeper. I didn’t really have an exact reason, but I’m happy I made it so far. The rune-keeper is level 12 and I’ve been having a lot of fun playing her. I did want to make a hobbit but they can only be dwarves (which can’t be female) or elves, so I’m playing another elf. I’ve done the starter for this race before, and blew through it fairly fast. I decided to make her a tinker in order to be able to cook, and Kasul made a new character who happens to be a farmer, so he’s got veggies to give to me. I’m excited to be playing on the new server, the people I’ve met have been friendly. There was someone working on a quest slightly a head of me and I needed a named after they killed it, so I let them clear a head and was healing them then I stayed behind and managed to kill the named I need afterwards. I couldn’t take on all the little extra encounters that were scattered around so the situation was more of a ‘right place at the right time’ but it w0rked out well and they actually thanked me for healing them – most people don’t do that. 

Not sure if I’ll make it in game today or not, but I’d like to at least for a little while to continue trying to get to level 19. We’ll see how it goes. 

Hope everyone has a fantastic day no matter what you’re doing!

Coercer 2.0 hits 80, Instances, and.. more Instances!

Yesterday was a mixture of real life with some gaming which of course made for a perfect Saturday. There was the announcement that Free Realms was sending out beta invites, and then a mass amount of shopping that involved a wii fit, and a nintendo DSi with a few games (used, and cheap!) and other random goodness before I settled in to game on Kithicor.

I had so much fun I don’t even know exactly what we did. I know we started off with our usual Obelisk run (and again no shield – that one dagger and crusader shield that drops has dropped enough to outfit a small army by now) followed by us attempting to solo some TSO instances – this time Lavastorm. We did pretty well in Najena’s Hollow Tower, we defeated the gnome by burning down the bombs (I charmed a warlock pet, MUCH fun!) and then moved on to the djin water elemental named and once we figured out how to do this with three people it worked out just fine. Honestly that’s as far as we needed to get anyhow, there’s a cloak that drops from that particular mob that Wpus is looking to get, and it was nice to know we can trio him. 

Afterwards we attempted Deep Forge, but that zone is a little out of our grasp yet. The coercer was inching closer to 80 (hovering around 70% experience for quite some time) so we completed the three Commonlands void quests mentored – and then since we had no lock out for Cavern of the Afflicted, we decided to gather a group together and complete it the ‘big kid’ way. 

I wouldn’t be playing the coercer for this, just the mystic. So I took the coercer to East Freeport and purchased 15p worth of collections . Finally!

The coercer (my 2nd, and 3rd enchanter) managed to hit level 80. She had 40 void shards waiting for her that I’ve collected over time, so it was no trouble to have my mystic craft her almost the complete T1 set. I know a lot of coercers complain that the set is not that great, but when you don’t raid and are still wearing mastercrafted, it comes in handy. Plus it looks fantastic (screen shots some other time hopefully). Despite the fact that I love being able to charm things I am contemplating betraying her over to an illusionist. The group buffs are much more suited for my play style. I’m not certain yet, it will depend on whether or not I can track down a sage. 

I also spent some time talking with Troy  from Emerald Tablet who happens to play on the Kithicor server. Was nice to say hello after ‘speaking’ a few times on twitter. 

Afterwards I wasn’t quite ready to call it a night, so we decided to head to Vaults and see if we couldn’t get another praetor’s guard to drop. Granted, it’s taken us a good 20 tries to get the one to drop that we actually got, so I didn’t hold much hope. Good thing, since it eluded us once more. Maybe next time!

Before I knew it the clock was telling me it was 2am and I had to get up at 6am Blast those enjoyable evenings! Today is Easter Sunday and I’m looking forward to a great dinner with family, I hope everyone else has had an amazing weekend thus far, and enjoy yourself, where ever you end up spending your time!

See you in Norrath!

Ding, 19!

Tom just wasn’t all there. Wait, not that Tom. Oh, not that Tom either. There we go, that’s the one. As he sang his tunes and started dancing around I turned and looked at Kasul. We were supposed to follow him? Was that even safe? It didn’t seem like it would be. Of course, good ‘ol Tom ended up leaving Kasul and I standing outside of a big deep cave with lots of creatures inside so maybe we should have followed him after all. 

I was so close to hitting level 20 without a death. So close I could taste it. Then book one, volume one, chapter 11 came along. I died. I died a lot. I died from heal agro most of the time and when we went back to Bree broken and torn, my repair bill was 75 silver and I’ve never seen it that high before. I can’t even remember the number of times I died, but it seemed like I was always trying to make my way back to Kasul. Once we decided that there really was no way that we could complete the instance without a group or at least a few more people, we headed back to Bree to see what our options were. 

We managed to gain almost two levels in the time we played. I am a little shy of half way to 20. I gathered together more supplies to craft with (story of my life) and contemplated switching to a cook because the food is quite handy, as opposed to a tailor where most of my gear seems to come from quests or drops and it’s far better then the items I can actually make myself. I’ll think about that more when I’m back in game again. 

I’ve mentioned before how alive the world feels to me, and I’ll stress it again. As we were running through the woods it was dark, the music was scary and I FELT as though I was in the woods. As we fought our way through The Barrows and I looked across the rolling mountains with ruins scattered every which way, it just felt so atmospheric. Of course, there is also a lot of walking in the game which means I spend a lot of time trying to get from point A to point C (because point B would be silly!) and things are starting to get REALLY expensive (skills and what not) but I’m still having a great time. Were it not for the few items I’ve sold on the market I wouldn’t have even been able to afford my repair bills yesterday let alone my newest skills. 

I’m looking forward to hitting 20 and finally getting some appearance slots although my hopes of ever owning a home are quickly diminishing, I have no idea how anyone manages to afford anything, especially since the home I wanted is over 900 gold and I learned that there is a thousand silver to every gold. The most money I’ve had on me has been 400 silver. This could take a while.

Still No Shield, but lots of Fun!

Arysh (the coercer pictured above) is getting close to level 80 (finally) and she only has 70aa. This is what happens when you don’t do a single quest with a character (I think she has a grand total of maybe 20 completed) and only get discoveries when you tag along as a boxed character. Now that she’s getting up there, I’ll be switching my play style around some. I’ve had the coercer on the laptop dragging her around while I play the mystic in group – I’d like the coercer to have a better role and so I’m going to start putting the mystic on the laptop for healing / buff purposes and playing the coercer. Now, why on earth would I want to just drag my coercer around for 79 levels and not quest her? Pretty simple, I already have an 80 coercer + an 80 illusionist with epics. I’ve done this before, and doing the whole questing bit just simply wasn’t interesting to me at the time. It does mean I’ll pay for it now, but I don’t really mind that, either. It’s nice to switch things up a little. 

The trio headed back to Obelisk in Moors. We had a fairly clean run aside from my laptop disconnecting randomly at the beginning. Reset the wireless router and I was good to go. The healer shield refused to drop (again) and the shadowknight / paladin one was what we got (again). It was still a fun run, and each time we do the zone it gets quicker. There was still a little time to waste afterwards so we headed to Vault of Eternal Sleep in the hopes that luck would stay steady and perhaps we’d get another praetor’s guard for the coercer this time.

Has anyone else noticed a decline in master drop rate? We’ve been doing instances pretty much every day and have yet to see a metal chest aside from the one that dropped the praetor’s guard yesterday. Not a single master spell at all has dropped from any named. Slightly discouraging, but understandable I suppose. I’m wondering if this is intentional, perhaps in preparation of implementing research npc’s that’s been talked about on the forums. 

Channels on Kithicor seemed especially rude last night, I tend to phase most of it out but it’s been difficult. I’ve been spoiled by the EQ channels which are far more calm and relaxed. In EQ2 channels are flooded with people selling no trade fabled items to others who may not be able to complete the zones. In EQ this simply doesn’t happen, items that are left to ‘rot’ are announced as ‘free for all’ and whoever gets there first is able to loot it. In fact while I was playing EQ if anyone attempted to sell ‘rotting’ loot they were instantly set upon by the remaining members of the community berating them for trying to sell a piece of no-trade loot. Ah, how things have changed. 

After Vaults I decided to call it a night, as I have a Wizard 101 article I need to complete today for Beckett and would no doubt be up early. I spent a good portion of the early evening playing W101 and had a blast, got my wizard Angela to level 17 and worked my way through the early portions of Krokotopia. I used to have a subscription to the game but I really wasn’t playing nearly enough to warrant the $10/m (which is a GREAT plan by the way if you’re actually constantly playing) so I decided to buy some crowns to permanently unlock zones for my account. If you don’t have a lot of time to play this is a perfect payment plan and I’m so happy to find an alternative means for the subscription. I’m not leveling up through content especially fast, and it basically reduces my $10/m down to $5/m based on my play times. 

Hope everyone else had a fantastic evening, and are looking forward to the long Easter weekend!

Unlikely Companions

The trio stood together in the Wailing Caves, which had been home to Lord Ree for a number of years now. His patrollers stood no match for the conjuror, coercer, and assassin as they made their way through the dark tunnels. The orcs were not the only ones to inhabit this area, it was home to other foul creatures with too much time on their hands. Was it some sort of twisted fate that saw these three adventurers gather together at the exact same time in the exact same place? They were after all, strangers to one another. Whatever had caused the phenomenon, it would be remembered by those who visited the caves that day for some years to come. 

Finally had some time to play EQ2 last night (woohoo) and since I’ve popped in and out of the game the last little while, I was at least (some what) refreshed on what I had planned for my characters. First, was trying to get my (2nd) coercer to level 80. Right now she’s sitting at level 78, and part way into it thanks to a few shard runs last night. It was interesting to see if I had forgotten how to complete the instances, but they seemed to go smooth enough. We completed all of the ones in the Commonlands, gaining three shards. That brings the mystic’s collection (since she already owns three pieces of T1 and two pieces of T2) to a whole 6 – I have a ways to go. The coercer is currently holding on to 19 shards – since she’s not level 80 yet I haven’t bothered to make anything with hers. Who knows what sort of gear she’ll be wearing by then and what I’ll actually want to upgrade (or not).

I decided it would probably be easier (and more fun) to get to level 80 by leveling up an alt and mentoring then it would be by questing. My reasoning is that the coercer receives 50% bonus experience due to the number of level 80’s already on the account. Grinding experience even at the low levels of 1-20 netted me about 10% in two hours. Now – I know that may seem horrible, but the higher up (closer in levels) the alt becomes, the more experience I’ll gain for mentoring. It’s an interesting experiment in any case. Though now that my alt is level 20 I’m contemplating deleting and creating a different class. I know, so indecisive!

I contemplated heading to Lavastorm to complete the new quests there – but – imagined it would be fairly busy, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to deal with that again right now. 

Short term goals? Getting the (2nd) coercer to 80, working on void shard gear, and crafting (my 2nd carpenter is only level 38 – go figure it’s the coercer, my 1st carpenter who is already 80 is also a coercer. On another server though). 

Long term goals? Working on epics (still haven’t bothered getting the mystic’s completed), upgrading spells, and playing alts (as always).

I hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday, I’ll see you in Norrath!

LotRO: The Minstrel Hits 15

Last night was my night to play Lord of the Rings Online with Kasul, and I was looking forward to it. Not that I don’t deeply enjoy all of my other games, I certainly do. The game is fresh and new to me, and the graphics (although they bugged a LOT last night due to my faulty card, it was no fault of the game) are absolutely incredible. I actually run the game better then I run EQ or EQ2 which surprised me. 

Kasul and I started at level 13, we had a handful of quests that took us out killing spiders, bears, wolves, and a few undead. We had a few close encounters, it seems at later levels crowd control comes in handy. Or I need to learn how to not cause so much agro from adds. Being a minstrel and constantly watching the health of others would mean that at times I would fail to watch my own health and suddenly look at it to see it dipping around the 10% mark. Woopsie! I’m still getting the hang of my skills, but it’s not too difficult. Right now I have some tier one and tier two ballads. I have ballads that trigger when I use a tier one, and then others that trigger when I use a tier two. So I’ve tried to put them into some semblance of order. I have two heals, which I keep together as well. I’ll admit now, I haven’t had a great deal of use for the heals yet unless I’ve been working on the epic quest line, some of the instances we did in progression last night were a little painful with 4-5 mobs rushing our little NPC guide at once but the majority has been fairly easy – not to mention our questing has taken us quite far in levels, so the encounters we’re currently dealing with are below our levels. Some quests are quickly turning grey – NOT that I mind, I love quests. 

I’ve got explorer as my craft, mostly so I could make light and medium armor as well as gather resources to sell. Kasul picked up Tinker, and has been making us some nice jewelery to wear. We spend a lot of time taking down the creatures of the woods and running after mines, all in the hopes of gaining a few precious points in crafting. 

It wasn’t long before we found ourselves at level 15, and each of us had a class quest to complete. Mine was fantastic, I had to head off to Bree to the Prancing Pony to meet up with Piper Prescott. Seems that he was short material for a new song so he would be sending me off with Leland Underhill to find new material. This was a solo instance, and I left the Fellowship a little while in order to complete it. Kasul went off on his level 15 class quest as well. I’ve mentioned before how engaging I find the quests, and that holds true still. I love the stories, and I love being drawn into the stories. For those who typically may not read the quest text, I find that LotRO’s method of presenting the quests to you makes you want to read them. Even if they are not all instanced with flashy backgrounds. I typically read quest text anyhow, just because. What can I say I’m weird that way. 

So it was that I followed Leland Underhill (hobbit of course) through some murky underground area swarming with bandits. I wondered what we could be after. Stolen goods? It must have been some precious family heirloom. He trudged on with determination. Each time we met with the bandits they relinquished their evil ways and fell to the side, this fearsome hobbit dragging an elf behind him who was frantically taking notes in order to compose some material for Piper. I had this huge ballad made up in my head, about this brave little (har) soul, and this monumental task he was undertaking. Through it all I eluded that the item must be of great importance and so very special – and then I learned what it was.

Leland Underhill was after his lunch.

Apparently that was the ‘precious’ stolen item that had been taken from him. 

I glared at the hobbit after that and refused to speak to him. Risking my life for his lunch was not how I had envisioned this afternoon going. I hastily scribbled more notes, left the hobbit to whatever the bandits had planned for him once the lunch was evenly dispersed among the troops, and headed back to Piper, who presented me with a very nice weapon, as well as the ability to wear medium armor – except I can’t find that ability anywhere and it seems that I don’t even have it. 


I have no idea what happened to it, if it was something I physically obtained and some how lost (I assumed it would be passive) but I clearly have no ability to wear medium armor. I know it was on the list of rewards, some where. Ah well, a mystery to figure out some other time. 

Edit: Thank you to all the comments below! I went back to the traits person and noticed the tabs across the right hand side – and low and behold there was medium armor under class. Thanks again! 11 silver? Ouch! Things are so pricey right now!

Kasul was feeling ill by the end of the evening, so he left early and I did a little crafting before switching over to my rune-keeper. She was level 7 and I played her to level 9, picking up the Historian craft along the way. Rune-Keeper is a lot of fun so far, the graphics to her spells keep me entertained, watching little runes fly around and huge bolts of lightning shoot from the sky. I haven’t played her long enough to be able to delve very far into the character, but again, so far it’s fun.

In other news – GU51 goes live today (baring some huge disaster) in EQ2! I know a lot of people are looking forward to that. Should be great! Not sure when I’ll get a chance to explore it, but I’m looking forward to the Lavastorm revamp (much as I did the Everfrost revamp).

The Fabled Binden Concerrentia

I spent most of yesterday questing, and completing old quests to clear out some (not a lot but some!) space in my bags that was sorely needed. Earlier on in the day I had started working on the regular Clockwork Talisman in order to one day finish off the fabled version (pictured to the right). The regular talisman used to be difficult when the planes were used for leveling up, but now that the cap is 85, well. Things are significantly easier. 

Part One – involves a bottle drop from the rats in Plane of Justice, and then two drops in Plane of Innovation, a drop in Plane of Nightmare, and a drop in Plane of disease. You turn all this in, and get to move on to part two. You also receive a lesser powered necklace, although the first time I did this quest it was an upgrade to my enchanter. That was a long time ago. 

Part Two – involves four drops. One from Plane of Valor, one from Plane of Torment, one from Plane of Tactics, and then finally some powder from the Tower of Solusek Ro. These drops were fairly frequent last night but like I said, way back when the planes were common grounds for leveling, it was far more difficult. As it was, I didn’t see a single other person in any one of these zones while I worked on the quest (hence my desire for old hot zones to remain hot zones). Since most of the access quests have been removed from all of these zones, and all you need now are proper levels it also makes getting this item a whole lot easier then it used to be way back when. 

Part Three – probably the simplest these days since there are a lot of people in the higher planes. You need a fragment drop (none fabled for the original version) from Plane of Water, Plane of Air, Plane of Fire, and Plane of Earth. Combine all this together in a special container from the npc and ta da, you’ll end up with The Binden Concerrentia. None-fabled for now. It’s quite easy to upgrade it though – if – you happen to be around during the anniversaries. 

To upgrade to the fabled version you simply need the regular version and four fabled drops from mobs in each of the planes (Earth, Water, Air, Fire) and combine it all together in a container. Since the mobs are fabled they do pack quite a punch, but are one group-able. I have this quest completed to stage two on my rogue and I still remember how difficult it was for me to get as far as I did on it. She probably won’t ever finish the first version let alone the fabled version, but I’m still glad I completed it on someone.

Aside from working on that particular quest I managed to get one of the 10th anniversary quests done, though it is a repeat from last year. The reward is a brick that gates you to plane of knowledge every 20 hours. A little excessive as far as time goes, but it was still a cute quest. You have to go to a bunch of different planes and find collectors items, and combine them in a pouch. I still wish the planes had of had more people in them. I remember killing the spiders and rock men for hours in Plane of Valor way back when, but it was (like most zones) empty when I headed there today. Ah well. 

Also managed to do a little experience grinding with Ninga and Ultann, we headed to The Mechamatic Guardian zone in Dragonscale Hills to kill for a few hours. Kameeko (enchanter) is inching her way to level 80, and Minxes (necromancer) is still plugging away to 81. These levels seem to drag by (it’s been a while since I leveled) but I devoted some time to gaining aa, so I can’t expect it to be that fast. A pre-grats to Ultann who has probably hit level 85 by the time I write this, and Ninga is close behind! I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend.

Where do the hours go

I have a great talent for taking screen shots – RIGHT – when my character is closing her eyes and blinking in game. I must have taken a good 10 shots of her riding a horse around to various locations and how beautiful everything looked and yet in almost every single shot her eyes are closed which of course draws your eye to that one incident and not the beautiful scenery. I spent almost all day yesterday wandering around Middle Earth with Kasul. He decided to create a warden and I made myself a minstrel (both elves) in the hopes of catching up to Malfi and Tipa some day. With the experience bonus (which I think we are getting?) and working on quests, we managed to get to level 13 without too much trouble. 

I love the quest system, the beta journal is nice as well (reminds me of WAR). I love questing, and I absolutely love the way I feel drawn into the story line as I’m working on the quests. When the edges of the screen flash a dull red and it feels like I’m watching a movie (and in some portions, I was) but my character is still right there. Sure, the story doesn’t change no matter who happens to be watching or making their way through it, and sure I realize that this is just one more cut and paste quest – but it’s presented to me in a method that I’m not used to with previous games I’ve played, and (for now at least) I really enjoy it. 

I didn’t experience a single bug aside from my graphic card going glitchy which I’ve talked about in the past as happening with LOTS of other games. I dusted out my computer yesterday and it didn’t happen again. If it does that will be the final straw for me and I’ll go out and buy a new graphic card. Even though this one is only a few months old (3-4?) and I’d rather not. Since my job relies on me being able to play these games I’d rather only have so many issues to deal with!

Anyhow. I managed to get my minstrel to level 13, had a blast doing it. Also started crafting! I read up on the Wiki after I started crafting but it’s not really that complicated once you find out what the different vocations are and what they all entail. I decided on explorer for now with the minstrel, so I can make light and medium armor, as well as gather resources for other guild mates. 

We actually decided on a schedule for playing, since I also have my group in EQ that I don’t want to neglect – and I would REALLY like to be able to say I stuck with a schedule for once. I keep trying and I fail, utterly. So. It was decided that we’ll play twice a week. One day, and one evening. Since Kasul’s schedule changes we’ll play during the day on one of his days off, and during the evening on a different day. That also allows us to play with Tipa and Malfi too if they happen to be in game (which Tipa was last night, woot). 

I do plan on creating an alt (big surprise) but I’m going to limit it to just one (gasps). I’m not sure what I’m going to go with yet, but I’m thinking Lore-Master. Not sure yet. I don’t know what craft they’ll go with yet either, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Before I knew it, it was time to head back to EQ to play with Ultann and Ninga. More about how that went in the next post!

LoTRO: Exploring (again)

As I mentioned yesterday, Turbine is offering a few “free” days of game play (Lord of the Rings Online)  for people who had accounts previously – and I completely forgot that I actually don’t qualify for it, because I played the 10 day trial and then the 1 month of free game play but had not actually paid for a subscription. Not about to let that hold me back, I subscribed this morning and before too long jumped into game with Kasul to explore what I didn’t get to see the first time around. 

Now keep in mind (yes, stressing the point here because apparently some people still don’t get it) that it was not because I disliked the game that I stopped playing. Only so many hours in a day (main factor) only so much money to be dedicated towards subscriptions (secondary factor). The secondary factor has eased up a little, and I’m working on time management still. With friends playing (Kasul, Tipa, Malfi to name a few Nostalgians) I had been wanting to play again for quite some time. It just never seemed to work out. 

I had logged out in the midst of a bunch of dwarfs, after picking up their quests – as had Kasul. One kill managed to net me level 5 easily enough, and after we meandered our way through more quests we each dinged level 7. We ended up in Celondim (I believe that’s where it is) where I was introduced to crafting and decided that I really like this game – a lot. Then I realized there’s also housing. I know this is all stuff that I should have already realized, but I don’t typically research games a great deal, I’d rather just play them and explore (like I have been) so if I sound like a complete newb here, well. That’s what I am. 

The best part of playing (aside from playing with friends of course) is my new hat. I love this feathered hat. I mean, I adore it so much. It’s completely awesome. 

I’m still getting myself acquainted with the interface again, what commands do what, and I picked up my new skills and am getting into the habit of learning which ones to use and when. Nothing has taken very much time to kill, so a lot of my skills go unused. Then again I’m typically also in a fellowship (I think that’s what the groups are called) so with the added person, things die, fast. 

I know this introduction is not filled with very much information, but I decided to take a break for lunch and write about the experiences so far. I’ll keep posting as I adventure. I’m having a lot of fun though (as I thought I would) and it’s great to get back into it again and give the game a proper go this time around. There are still other games I’d like to play, but I’ll have to figure out a way to work them into my schedule, and still play EQ too. So many games, and just not enough time for them all! How does everyone else deal with this? Especially when people (friends) are scattered across multiple games all at once.