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Taking Advantage of Bonus Experience Weekends

The bonus experience was flowing nicely this weekend in both EQ2 and EQ. While it may have only been a 50% bonus to combat / tradeskill in EQ2, it was 100% bonus in EQ which made for some pretty fun times – unfortunately I didn’t spend nearly as much time taking advantage of it as I would have liked, but I suppose some time is better then none.

The greatest thing about the bonus experience is knowing how to use it to its fullest potential. So, Ninga (Wpus) and I logged in and headed to Loping Plains (along with 27 other people who had the same idea might I add). LP is not a hot zone but there are repeatable tasks throughout the zone. One of which is to kill wereorcs, and worgs.

I always chuckle to myself when I explore through this zone, I spent so much time here in EQ2 before ever adventuring in it in EQ. There’s similarities but plenty of differences too. We grabbed the two tasks to kill 20 worgs and wereorcs and set to work dpsing them down. Things were going fairly smooth (if not a bit slow) and before too long Ultann returned and logged in with his magician to add to the dps.

When you complete these tasks, you can decline accepting a reward and that was the key to maximizing the experience gain. Each time we completed them (for a maximum of 10 completed plus two more to turn in) we declined the reward (which has an option of extra experience) and saved it up. Then all at once turned them in with lesson of the devoted running which is a veteran reward that boosts your experience gain.

By turning in three quests I managed to net myself 15% experience easily, that’s a huge amount at level 81. In fact the experience was so great that Ultann managed to find himself brushing up against level 85, the current cap for EQ. WOOT! I was very excited for him. My necromancer inched her way through most of level 81 before we decided to head back to EQ for the remainder of the evening, I was starting to get a little tired and wanted to do a quick CoA run (and perhaps pick up the dirge epic starter) before crashing for the night. Ninga is almost level 85 as well, it’s great to see them hitting the cap once more. My little necromancer has quite a bit of time left before she’ll see 85 but this is the closest I’ve been to ‘end game’ in EQ. Granted the cap will probably go up again before I actually DO see it, but that’s alright. It would be nice to hit it just so that I could focus on gaining some achievements, since I am missing a huge chunk (like 1500 or so, hehe).

The game was VERY busy last night on Drinal as well. Over 381 people were in the general channels (there was a general, and a general1 since 200 players per channel is the cap) and while they may not have been the most talkative of people they were definitely out and about which was great to see. I can only assume that the hot zones would have been VERY busy with people too.

I hope everyone had a fantastic evening, and here’s looking forward to the rest of the week! I’ll see you in Norrath.

Loping Plains, and Birthday Wishes

Some times it’s really odd for me when I’m playing EQ and I happen across a zone that I practically live in when I play EQ2. It’s odd because I’ve actually encountered the zone in EQ2 first, and then I feel like I’m going backwards and playing it in EQ. It’s a pretty interesting feeling, and one that I came across yesterday quite a bit.

Since the necromancer is now 77 it was time for a new (fighter) pet spell. She’s got a level 75 rogue, and she’ll get another level 80 rogue once I finally make that climb. EQ has switched over to an EQ2 method of spell progression for a little while now, each spell used to only have one tier. Now they have three tiers. The first one is vendor sold. The second one can be crafted, or is researched. The third tier is raid dropped (from what I understand, I could be wrong about this) and I’m not sure if it’s from turn ins or simply from a pure no trade drop or what. I doubt very much that I will ever see a tier3 spell in my little necromancer life time, teehee. 

The good thing about this is that number one, tier1 is still always an upgrade even if it is slight. Number two, pets don’t come in tiers. They’re just vendor sold rank1 and that’s all there is to it. In my necromancer way of thinking, her pet is just another (free) dot. I’m not a magician, or even a beastlord. My pet (even with aa) will not compare – but it’s nice to have a free dot, especially while I’m kiting. Anyhow, as I was saying, my level 77 pet is vendor sold and that’s how I found myself heading to Plane of Knowledge, then to Ak’Anon and from there – Loping Plains. It’s a zone I’ve spent countless hours in while playing EQ2 but had never set foot in while playing EQ and so the experience was quite surreal. Ultann (resident magician) summoned me to the vendor I needed, and a short bit away were the exact same alligators that I remember from EQ2. 

I decided to try my hand at kiting (and hopped the mob didn’t summon) was all proud of myself for taking down a dark blue frog (remember, I’m still not quite used to soloing) and then was promptly eaten by another frog that added during the fight. Those things are deceptive, they hurt! 

Ah, such is the way of EQ, and the reason why I love it. 

Next Monday marks the 10th anniversary of this game, and I’m hoping people come back to give it another try, even if it’s just for a month. It certainly would not disappoint me to read nothing but EQ blogs for a whole month (or even longer if people are enjoying it). Fabled should also be put in game soon (rumor is Wednesday, since that’s the closest patch) and I’m looking forward to being able to farm some (even though I’m a little concerned over how camped it’s going to be). I’m really hoping that EQ and EQ2 offer some free character transfers sooner rather then later (I simply can’t afford to pay $50 to move characters when I have a virtual army of them) so that I can move my Kithicor characters (and friends) over to Najena (EQ2) and so that I can move around the various characters I have in EQ who are strewn all over the place. While both games have done this in the past, I know it’s probably unlikely, but that’s my birthday wish, teehee. When you have alt-itus as much as I do (and lets face it, I do in a BIG way) things can get pretty messy. 

After Loping Plains the group broke for a while, Ultann headed off to see The Watchmen so Ninga and I headed to Nagafen’s Lair to play alts. The paladin is now level 43 with the ranger and bard close behind at level 42. I was trying to aim for 46 so they could all head to Plane of Time, but the experience has slowed down some what and I decided to take a break to make a birthday gift for Ultann (HAPPY BIRTHDAY). I hope everyone had an amazing weekend, and that this week is nice and relaxed. 

Safe travels, and see you in Norrath!

Dreadspire Keep, Ashengate, and Loping Plains

Groceries and some family things took up a portion of my day yesterday, but today is a holiday (woohoo) so it’s still relaxing. In the US I know this day goes by President’s Day (I believe at least) while here in Canada the official name for it is “Family Day”. Basically there were no holidays in February so they made this one up. Not that I’m complaining! Yesterday in game was another round of ‘firsts’ for me. My necromancer is almost level 40. On the side I’ve been trying to level her up because while I enjoy the rogue, I am far more of a caster class when it comes to personality. Be it a healer or a mage sort. I still want to be able to do things ‘with the big kids’ hence the rogue. 

While I was leveling up the necromancer a very kind Paladin by the name of Hystorm came by and buffed me and my pet. While they were in Skyfire (I was in The Overthere) a necromancer level 51 spell dropped and they came all the way back just to give it to me. It was very kind of them and made me realize why I love EQ so much. The community is completely different then any other game I have seen. I belong to the general channels and I’ve never had to turn them off. I’ve not seen anyone be rude or crass or outright mean. Everyone is still talkative and there were (at least last night) over 250 people on these channels. It is so nice and refreshing to see. 

Anyhow, I really appreciated this stranger helping me out. Once Ultann and Ninga were around it was time to play a little. We headed to so many places that I’ve never been. One of my favorites was Dreadspire Keep – apparently this zone involves Mistmoore some how but I don’t know enough about the background story. It was great fun wandering around shrouded until I fell through a trap (rug on the floor) in the dinning room and then as I was wandering around some drachnid something saw me and before I knew it I was staring at my corpse on the floor. Thank goodness I have two wonderful friends (and a cleric mercenary) who were willing to come after my corpse and rez me. 

We also explored portions of Loping Plains. Since EQ2 is 500 years after The Shattering, I had to chuckle to myself that I was seeing the EQ version of Loping Plains well after I saw the EQ2 version of the zone. There’s a lot of zones that are like that for me now. I believe the zone is a hot zone, and if not there were certainly a lot of people around (23+) who were exploring. We managed to find a little camp to set up in and spent a few hours pulling wolves and wereorcs. Their transformation graphic was neat to watch as the morphed into their wereorc counterparts, but after a few hours it was time to move on.

The group decided to make the treck back to Ashengate, since when we had been there the previous night it was too late to really do anything and I ended up going to bed. Last night wasn’t any different though as we entered the zone and the monk went and found our camp, my eyes threatened to close. My rogue managed to get 6aa yesterday and almost a full level, she’s 5% shy of level 73. I’ve been averaging a level or a little less a day without really grinding it at all, just exploring and playing with friends. With the new level cap of 85, I’m still a ways away, especially if I want to eventually switch over to the necromancer. She’s sitting on 137aa now which is also not a lot at all, but it’s still fun to watch the progress. 

I hope everyone else had an amazing time gaming, no matter your game of choice. See you in Norrath!

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