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A Deluxe Bree-Land Home #LotRO

That’s right, after scrimping, pinching, and saving (I’m so sorry if you were one of the players who saw my characters wandering around in rags these last few weeks as I could not afford any new gear for them) I have purchased a deluxe home in Bree-Land. In the neighbourhood of Lockberth (where there are LOTS of homes still for sale of anyone would like to be my neighbour!) at 4 Garden Street, resides my little hobbit Lysthia and her “sisters” (ie: alts) Ellithia, Velours, and Petites.

While I’m not fond of the “hook” method of decorating that the game uses, I DO really love the way the neighbourhoods look, and there is enough customization for me to feel as though the home is truly “mine” which is important.

Now, back to writing for NaNoWriMo.. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Beautiful Views #LotRO

Yesterday after much debate with myself, I decided I did in fact want a fourth alt to pick up the Historian branch of crafting, granting me a scholar. Until now I’ve been selling all of my scholar supplies on the auction, to fund my “saving up for a deluxe house” goal. There is a large combination of crafting types that players can choose from, but with four alts this gives me access to every craft available. I have an Armourer (prospector, metalsmith, tailor), Tinker (jeweler, prospector, cook), Woodsman (woodworker, forester, farmer), and Historian (scholar, farmer, weaponsmith). With the new alt came all of the fun that I typically have. I created a human (my first) captain (also my first) and am now level 14 running around Bree-Lands with my herald. It’s a lot of fun doing quests I haven’t done before, exploring areas I haven’t been to, and learning a new class I’ve never played. Mean while my level 36 minstrel sits on the edge of the Ford of Bruinen, with Lord Glorfindel’s elf stone, shaking her fist and cursing the elves.

It’s a little bit of a pain to ship supplies between all of my characters – but – I do have the shared vault that I purchased when Mirkwood + adventure pack came out, so I haven’t had to pay any extra for those things and it makes passing items between characters MUCH easier. If I had to send them through the mail I doubt very highly I’d try to work all my crafters up. The way it’s set up is that my historian and woodsman send food items to my tinker, my woodsman processes pelts for my armourer, my armourer sends gems and precious stone to my tinker. It works out well for me – but I can certainly see how it would be a lot of money wasted if I were to mail the items between everyone.

I spent a good portion of last night playing Fable 3 and look forward to doing more of that today. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself! Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Housing Discoveries and Lazy Elves #LotRO

Posted above is a screen shot of a painting in my home. I purchased the smallest house a few weeks ago, and am patiently (ok not so patiently) saving up for the delux. I’m a little over half way there. With the Halloween events going on I’ve been having a lot of fun, not only running quests and collecting festive tokens but making my way through the haunted house daily to collect the rare chest contents. I’m really after the skeletal mount, but I do manage to get furniture or cosmetic gear every now and again. It’s the same items that can be purchased for festival tokens, but this is free, leaving me to spend my tokens on other items.

I discovered something unusual yesterday that I had never noticed before. There are two paintings sold by the festival vendors, and each has the word “watchful” in the title. I never paid this much heed until I was showing off my little home yesterday and noticed that the EYES of the paintings will follow you around if you bounce and jump close to it. This seemingly simple idea entertained me for a good portion of my evening, and I squeeled and yelped with delight (irl, at that).

Then I made my second discovery. If you /sit while standing on a chair (at lest the chair in my home works this way) you will actually SIT on the chair. A different pose then the one when you decide to sit on the floor. Another roleplay aspect to the game that I adore (as if there was not already a lot to love about this game). That was the later part of my evening, sitting on chairs and bouncing around in front of paintings. Honestly, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

P.S. As I am on Epic Vol 1. book 4 chapter 5 I have come to the conclusion that elves, especially Lord Glorfindel are incredibly lazy. Sure, I will make my way to your beautiful city, I will bring you an elf stone. I will take that stone to the Ford of Bruinen (any idea how FAR that is for a hobbit?) then I shall return it to you. Then I will go seek out your friend in the little camp that I JUST CAME FROM, bringing this stone. He will then send me to some not-so-friendly caves in the middle of the Trollshaws (key word here, TROLLS) and after I run around testing the stone like a candle (seriously?) I will run back to him – stone intact, only to be told to go visit this other friend of his. Bloody elves.

A Crafting Adventure #LotRO

I really enjoy crafting, in pretty much any MMO (and real life, for that matter). I enjoy how complex the crafting is in games like Vanguard and how simple it is in games like World of Warcraft. I enjoy being able to step away from the game while I craft, unlike games like EQ2. When it comes to the Lord of the Rings Online I have a love/hate relationship with crafting – in specific the mastery system. On one hand, it’s fantastic. Once you have leveled through a tier you have an option to master it. This basically involves leveling through it again but you need more combines (points) to do so the second time around. You also have a chance to get critical combines, which auto upgrades the item that you’re creating. You can up this chance through various means such as improved tools, scrolls, and dropped items.

The dislike comes from the amount of combines required to master something and in specific the lack of tin that I found while trying to master apprentice metalsmithing. See, my 35 Minstrel happens to be an Armourer. This means she can create not only metal gear and shields, but tailored. She also has the prospector harvest skill. I’ve reached artisan rank in each of these three arch types – however I never bothered to master anything as I leveled up (and of course you have to master things in order). I spent almost all of my in game time yesterday meandering through the bogs of the shire looking for tin. Lots of tin. I found approximately 1 tin node for every 6 copper nodes, and it took a long time to FINALLY master apprentice metalsmithing, but I did it.

I also managed to master apprentice jewelcrafting, and cooking (on alts). The purple items I created were very worth this endeavor, and I eagerly filled up my broker with items hoping for sales. It was a nice peaceful way to spend a Sunday afternoon, and I really didn’t mind it that much. I am looking forward to mastering the rest of the tiers, so I can make myself some pretty purple (or even blue) named gear in the future.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Haunted Burrow Video

This was by far the coolest Halloween thing I saw this year, and I had a blast running through it.

Holidays Done Right

It’s that time of year, where everything spooky and scary makes its way into our favorite games, and hordes of people show up to create enormous lag partake in the festivities. After taking part in the events on Eq2, WoW, and LotRo, I have to say no one does it better then turbine. They did an absolutely amazing job with their haunted burrow. I’m hoping to get a little video of it to post up later today but it depends on whether or not I can actually stomach going back.

See, one thing turbine also does well is effects. When you run into big bad characters your entire screen will flash and shake and phase out. Neat right? Well, not so neat for those of us who get motion sick and vertigo VERY easily. The one down side to this haunted house (although I totally understand it’s about atmosphere) is that it causes me to be physically ill during certain parts.

Speaking of which, have you attempted to complete the initiation to The Inn League? Fantastic quest, lots of drinking, BUT again once you become inebriated the entire screen moves and shakes and swerves to the left or right while taking on a beer coloured hue. Great effects, if it were not for the fact that I wanted to spew my dinner all over my desk and it wasn’t because I was drinking IRL.

Finally I came across a festival quest I had no issues with – horse racing! I manged to pick up a harvest pony on my second attempt. They’re still pricey but so pretty that I just had to have one. After there was time for a skirmish (or two) and my little hobbit Minstrel managed to ding level 35! I’m pretty pleased with my progress in game lately, and even happier to see so many other players around. Obviously (so far) free to play has agreed with this game.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Exploration – My Favorite Part of Any Game

It was a long, long, walk but my little hobbit Minstrel finally made it to the glorious home of the elves – along with her trusted guardian Toargo, of course. We’re into the mid 30 level range now and adventuring along nicely. It’s nice to take a few breaks here and there of course, because you can only run to and from a location so many times before you just want to pull out someones hair. Like the NPC who sent you there (and back, and there, and back, and there). Finding my way from where ever it was I was, to this new location (did I mention names are not my strong point?) was an adventure all on its own. There were ferocious bears, and giant trolls blocking the roads. Orange to our little hobbit behinds. Dangerous. It was awesome.

I love this part of the journey, this exploration. I think there needs to be more rewards for wandering off of the set trail in games and exploring on your own. Sure, pretty scenery is great but I was thinking something more outside the box.

Speaking of more – I was killing a random bear and managed to loot an item that could be turned in to the taxidermist and created into a housing item! I love housing items (well known fact) and eagerly ran home to place it. I also changed the ambient music to my home, the floors and walls, and purchased a few pieces of furniture like a bed. While LotRO’s housing isn’t nearly as customizable as some other games, it’s still nice to “own” a little section and decorate it as I want. Plus I do have to admit, that bear looks pretty awesome.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Simply Beautiful

I simply love the way LotRO looks. I spent a little time in game yesterday questing, and managed to reach 34 on my Minstrel. This is by far the furthest I’ve gotten in game, and I’m having a blast playing.

Skirmishes, A Home, and Levels

Exciting times with my gaming lately. Not only does WoW have a large update due in today, but so does EQ2, and House of Thule goes live for EQ. Thankfully while all three of these games are down for maintenance, I can still dive into LotRo to get my ‘fix’ (that was sarcasm there folks).

I spent most of yesterday playing, having a VIP account until the end of February. Toargo also has a VIP account until December, so we haven’t had to purchase any content yet. Not that it has stopped me from ogling the store, especially those cosmetic items. I’m a sucker for a pretty dress/hat/backpack. As I mentioned yesterday I did purchase the riding skill (which is 75% off) for my four characters for 48 turbine points. I find almost everything in the store is really well priced except maybe the shared bank slots item and I can understand why that one is so pricey. I enjoy the way the store is set up, and I’m confident I’ll be making a few more purchases over time. I wish I had picked up a life time account when they were available.

In game my Minstrel went from 29 to most of the way through 31 – sure I had accumulated a lot of rest experience but the bulk came from doing skirmishes. I had never done these before, always being slightly out of reach level wise. When the game went Free-To-Play a bunch of options that used to unlock at 35 (riding, skirmishes) lowered in level to 20. To be honest I didn’t have the faintest idea what these were about. I was pleasantly surprised when I did the tutorial, and then even more so when Toargo and I decided to team up and complete the newer ones as a duo. Apparently these skirmishes work almost like daily quests, the first time you complete them (each day?) you earn a good chunk of experience. We completed all that were open to us and racked up tokens and other goodies. I upgraded a few pieces of gear as well as my soldier. I own three of them now. The default warrior that everyone starts out with (which I did not upgrade), then I also purchased a sage for when Toargo (who plays a guardian and has a herbalist soldier) is around, and a protector for myself when I’m out soloing. I haven’t actually tried the protector yet, and it’s lacking a lot of skills, but I’m interested in seeing how I do. The first time through I used the sage and had her tank due to damage agro, and just healed through it.

You can purchase a whole lot of ‘stuff’ with skirmish tokens. There’s gear, potions, cosmetic items, skills and traits for your soldier, a huge selection of NPC selling level based items. The more players involved in your skirmish the better the items for sale. For example the classic skirmishes require you to be in a full fellowship, and reward some outstanding looking gear (to me at least) for my level. Problem is I rarely see anyone from CoW (Casualties of War, my Kinship) on these days, and well. We all know how much I just LOVE to PUG.

I also bought my first ever LotRO home. I could never afford one previously and I couldn’t afford a 7g one (maybe some time in the future) but I had enough saved up to purchase a 1g home and a few furnishings for it. My favorite feature is that I had saved a door mouse house item from when I first created my characters, and finally got to place it. I was tickled pink when I noticed a little grey mouse running out from the hole in the wall to nibble on some cheese I had placed. I purchased a home in Bree-Land, which is just fantastic looking. I live at 8 Chestnut Street, in the neighbourhood of Ellham. While housing is not as customizable as other games I have played (EQ,EQ2,VG) at least it exists and it is absolutely beautiful. My home over looks the entire lot, and there’s a guild hall next door. It’s backed by rocks and I planted a few trees outside. I love how I have a mailbox.

I’m excited to see where my travels take me next. I was afraid when the game went F2P that the community would suffer, but so far the community has persevered and aside from channels being a little ‘spammy’ with conversation, it seems like Landroval at least has upheld it’s role play aura.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

It’s a Goat, of Course

I picked up a few 60 day time cards for LoTRo just before it went F2P for half price (of course now the price has gone back up) and I’m really glad I did. This gives me VIP access until February some time, as well as monthly turbine points. Including the ones I had already accumulated, I’m up to 2500 or so and today I made my first purchase. Sure, I know I could quest for the riding skill, but I was eager to use my dusky nimblefoot goat – so I purchased it for a whole 48 turbine points. Since I don’t have to buy a mount to use, I think it was well worth it.

The goat came from pre-ordering Mirkwood, and my 29 Minstrel is the first character who is able to ride it. I like how it’s not a typical horse mount, the basket on the end bounces as I ride, and the lantern sways. It’s a great deal faster then my starter pony, and I’m really happy with my first purchase.

It’s been a little while since I’ve delved into the world of Middle-Earth and I barely remember how to play. I have four characters (each are crafters) which is more then enough for me. I may decide to go play one of the lower level characters I’ve got to get re-familiar with the areas. Pictured above is Lysthia (on the Landroval server if you want to say hello) who is an expert Armourer (that means she does prospecting, metalsmithing, and tailoring).

As always I love the way this game looks and am eager to see where my adventures take me. I may even try a skirmish or two since they lowered the level requirements.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

P.S. Sorry for the lackluster post, but it’s thanksgiving day and I’m stuffed with turkey. Om nom nom.

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