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Questing with 500 of your Closest Friends

One thing I really miss from my EQ days is that feeling of “wow, this is bigger then us”. Those raids that involved people from all over the server, joining together for a better cause. Yesterday, I briefly felt this again in WoW, and it was a lot of fun. There’s a new world event in game and while I typically praised only EQ2 for having live events, that has changed. In this event you’re sent to take down one very specific character, and take back the Echo Isles (for the horde at least). There’s a series of quests that lead up to an eventual attack and it was a LOT of fun. Especially since this is open to everyone on that same portion of the quest, as the screen shot depicts above (we’re all charging into battle). It was a great time even though I had to turn off channels because – well. Because.

I was slightly disappointed with the rewards only because one was a cloak and since WoW has no appearance slots it’s not something I’d ever wear. I’d much rather a tabard to add to my collection, or a shirt. It was still a good time, and I was glad to have gained yet another achievement.

Speaking of collections, I’ve been working on the pet achievement. I own 43/50 so far, and I’m quickly approaching the final rank. Of course that meant browsing through the broker and purchasing absolutely every pet I could afford, but it was worth it (to me of course, I’m sure others think I’m insane).

The warlock is 20 emblems away from purchasing her 75 emblem hat, and I’m excited about that. It’ll be nice to have a meta slot, and have a full ‘set’ of gear although I still need to work on my other slots like jewelery. That will come in time. I’ve also had a good time working on my factions, and simply enjoying the game.

On a completely unrelated note, LotRO has gone F2P, and you can find me on the Landroval server if any of you plan on checking it out. Let me know who you’re there as, so I can add to friends! Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Weekend Gaming for Me

During the week I have very little choice in what games I play. I need to write about certain ones, or I need to prepare for an article, or I need to familiarize myself with it. Where I used to play video games for fun as a hobby, it turned into work, and thus I have been slightly less inclined to play on the weekends because of this. I am sure that would be true for anyone in my position. One thing I’ve done to ‘entice’ myself on weekends to still find the things I love in games is to make sure there are a few around that I play ‘only for me’ and not for work. Dragon Age, Sims 3, the Lord of the Rings Online, and a few other games I have fit into that category.

I spent pretty much all weekend playing Sims 3, and I had so much fun. The game is so involved compared to the older versions, and I giggled and laughed over their antics. I also went out to EBGames (after some groceries and other chores of course) and picked up the latest expansion, World Adventures. I installed it, and then barely touched it because I was still having so much fun completing the goals in the first game.

While I was at EBGames, I also found a collectors edition copy of the Lord of the Rings Online for $10! Wow, what a deal. This comes with the original game, the Mines of Moria expansion, a map, a small bag with ‘the one ring’ inside, a poster, a soundtrack CD, an art book, and a few other goodies. Even though I already have a LoTRO account, I’m tempted to start this second one up and close down my first one (my highest character is level 19, which I am fairly confident I could reach again). Maybe I can find a friend who would like the first account and they won’t have to purchase the game (or Mirkwood, as I’ve already bought that) and they can just take over the billing, who knows.

In any case, it was a great weekend, with lots of gaming but not the usual games I play. I did get some more EQ2 time in, and worked on a few achievements as well as finishing off the Chronomagic quest from Sunday which was Acadachism. I didn’t get the three final aa that I need, nor did I work on NaNoWriMo at all, which means today I’m well behind. Hoping to take care of that as soon as I post this entry.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Simply Not Enough Time

Ellithia is sporting the Shard of Love headgear that dropped for us earlier this week – and that’s been the extent of my time in EQ2, which hasn’t happened in literally, months. I haven’t logged in. It’s not that I don’t have things to do in game, because I certainly do but I just don’t have enough time lately to do everything I want to do. Isn’t that always the case?

EQ2 is always my home base, and I’ll always return there. Especially after I glanced through this HUGE list of patch notes that are currently on test. Wow. Some pretty amazing stuff is finally getting fixed. This has been a very long time coming. Earlier this week I also transferred my 80 swashbuckler over to Antonia Bayle, so I can get back into boxing. I had closed my second account for a little while but decided that 12 alts was simply not enough, so I’ve got both accounts once more.

Vanguard is my home away from home. It’s the game I play for pleasure with a few friends when we all happen to have time, and I really love the game. The problem is it’s not one of those duck in real quick for a minute or two games, so it looks like it gets a lot of back burner time.

Aion is what I’m playing a lot of lately, mostly for work. I play during the day, when it’s quieter then normal and I can’t say I’m hating it. Leveling is slow, quests are grindy but it’s beautiful and still new, and I’ll be sticking with it.

Torchlight and Dragon Age are still on my play list as well, but I’ll probably be playing those more on the weekend when I’m not busy with other things. The weather is getting much colder and it’s almost time to hibernate for the winter. No doubt my adventures there will be fun as always.

NaNoWriMo is eating up a lot of time. I’m just over 12k words right now (although I completely slacked yesterday and didn’t do any writing – today I should be making up for it) and I’m excited about my story. It’s something that I’ve been meaning to write for a very long time, but simply never got around to. Now that the motivation is there I just need to stick with it for the month of November. I’ve also been very excited watching all my friends work on their stories, and the inspiration and motivation that bounces off of one another is fantastic.

There are five games that are on my “dang I wish I had more time” list currently. These are the Lord of the Rings Online, Fallen Earth, Wizard 101, EverQuest and Dungeons and Dragons Online. Thankfully DDO is free to play, so I don’t exactly feel like I’m missing out by NOT playing right now. The Lord of the Rings Online recently extended their special Mirkwood promotions until mid November, so I’ve been debating whether or not I want to get in on that and plurge on a life time just because. It’s one of those games I’ve really enjoyed playing but just can’t seem to find the time. Fallen Earth I managed to score a 15 day trial for, and never logged in – sighs. Wizard 101 is something I should be playing a lot more of next week, fingers crossed. EverQuest currently has their closed beta ongoing for Underfoot – and if I could convince a few of my friends to play with me, I’d probably be there a lot more. I really love EverQuest, always have, even 10 years later. It’s just not fun for me to play alone.

After the list of “I wish I had more time” games, there are a few games that I wish I could simply afford to take a peek into every so often, even if I don’t have the time. These include Warhammer (I loved the game, but lacked friends to play with), Free Realms, and Champions Online (which I played a few times but honestly never got into it, I was right about it simply not being the genre for me). Of course there’s those games I’ve tried but never stuck with (and I’ve tried them multiple times), EVE and World of Warcraft. I even bought the latest EVE game and never actually installed it (it went on sale for $5 if I recall) because I just don’t have the time right now to learn another game. I’ve played WoW off and on since release, and I just think it would have been neat to make it to the level cap at least once. My highest level is 50.

Don’t get me started on all the free to play games out there that tickle my fancy.

There really is just not enough time for everything.

WTB Some Time

I love my job, I really do. Being able to write about something I enjoy as well as something I’m passionate about is a great gift that I try to make sure I’m aware of constantly. On my web site, I write for me and I love talking about my adventures, thoughts, friends and anything else that happens to cross my mind. The only time any of this is difficult is when it all seems to happen at once. These days there are so many games out there, that I simply don’t have enough time to play everything I want. It’s a shame, because I’d really love to.

EQ2 is my ‘steady’ game even though I’m barely playing it these days (it’s due to being crunch week and no other reason) it’s the comfort game that I know inside and out, and I like that comfort factor. However. It’s not the only game I want to play and certainly not the only game I am playing.

I’ve been having an incredible urge to continue playing EQ, which I have waded in and out of for quite some time now. Problem is I don’t enjoy playing EQ alone (where as in EQ2 I have no problem wandering around on my own) and it’s difficult for me to make friends (especially when I waver to and from games). I have my 81 necromancer that I’m considering leveling a little, she’s fairly close to level 82. I’ve always wanted to hit “end game” in everquest, and with the expansion NOT raising the level cap in November, it may very well be a possibility.

Vanguard is another one of those “if I only had more time” games. I seem to be in a rut with my blood mage, and I’m slowly running out of areas where I can just dip in for an hour or two before calling it quits and feel as though I have gotten anything acomplished.

Last month I won a free copy of Age of Conan, I think I found the time to play once during the month that came with the game, and then it sat neglected. For some reason it just does not appeal to me as much as I wish it had. It may be because I’m not really a melee person, and it felt uncomfortable. Either way, it’s one of those “I wish I had more time” games – along with many others.

Lord of the rings online – I really enjoy this game, a lot. It’s familiar, it’s beautiful. I want to continue playing but for now my account lays dormant because once again the greedy time monster has taken all of my time away, and I just don’t have any to spare or to warent spending a monthly subscription for it.

So what AM I playing? Well, my current play list includes EverQuest II, Vanguard (barely), Free Realms (barely), World of Warcraft (please don’t shoot me, it’s easy to dive into for an hour and feel like I actually acomplished something), Wizard 101, Aion Beta, and some DDO.  I want to be able to devote more time to EVE, but that learning curve is so far over my head I may as well actually be playing from another planet. I’ve been having fun in Aion, but again – not enough time to play everything I want to play, and to get work done as well as real life things (plus I can’t actually sit at my desk for too long before I start to get sore from health issues).

While I am excited that there are so many games out there (don’t even get me started on console games and finding time to play those too!) there are certainly moments where I wish the selection were smaller. Am I the only one?

LoTRO: Exploring (again)

As I mentioned yesterday, Turbine is offering a few “free” days of game play (Lord of the Rings Online)  for people who had accounts previously – and I completely forgot that I actually don’t qualify for it, because I played the 10 day trial and then the 1 month of free game play but had not actually paid for a subscription. Not about to let that hold me back, I subscribed this morning and before too long jumped into game with Kasul to explore what I didn’t get to see the first time around. 

Now keep in mind (yes, stressing the point here because apparently some people still don’t get it) that it was not because I disliked the game that I stopped playing. Only so many hours in a day (main factor) only so much money to be dedicated towards subscriptions (secondary factor). The secondary factor has eased up a little, and I’m working on time management still. With friends playing (Kasul, Tipa, Malfi to name a few Nostalgians) I had been wanting to play again for quite some time. It just never seemed to work out. 

I had logged out in the midst of a bunch of dwarfs, after picking up their quests – as had Kasul. One kill managed to net me level 5 easily enough, and after we meandered our way through more quests we each dinged level 7. We ended up in Celondim (I believe that’s where it is) where I was introduced to crafting and decided that I really like this game – a lot. Then I realized there’s also housing. I know this is all stuff that I should have already realized, but I don’t typically research games a great deal, I’d rather just play them and explore (like I have been) so if I sound like a complete newb here, well. That’s what I am. 

The best part of playing (aside from playing with friends of course) is my new hat. I love this feathered hat. I mean, I adore it so much. It’s completely awesome. 

I’m still getting myself acquainted with the interface again, what commands do what, and I picked up my new skills and am getting into the habit of learning which ones to use and when. Nothing has taken very much time to kill, so a lot of my skills go unused. Then again I’m typically also in a fellowship (I think that’s what the groups are called) so with the added person, things die, fast. 

I know this introduction is not filled with very much information, but I decided to take a break for lunch and write about the experiences so far. I’ll keep posting as I adventure. I’m having a lot of fun though (as I thought I would) and it’s great to get back into it again and give the game a proper go this time around. There are still other games I’d like to play, but I’ll have to figure out a way to work them into my schedule, and still play EQ too. So many games, and just not enough time for them all! How does everyone else deal with this? Especially when people (friends) are scattered across multiple games all at once.

LoTRO ‘Welcome Back’ Weekend

Kasul and I had been talking a bit about playing LoTRO – or rather, I was talking about going back to the game because the little bit I had played was not nearly enough time, and because when I had activated my account, it was smack dab in the middle of my adventure to San Diego and I was quite busy doing a million other things. However, I tend to bounce around games and play more then one at a time (especially since it relates to my job) and I have a lot of time on my hands (typically, minus the two weeks of deadlines I have hanging over my head). Anyhow, I was talking about picking up another game. I’m currently playing EQ full time, and I have EQ2 and VG on the sidelines but there’s nothing really drawing me to them right at the moment. Especially with the new RMT headed to Vanguard. 

I am still playing EVE, but I know I probably won’t stick with it. Nothing against the game at all (I have future posts coming as soon as I find the time to write!) but it’s just not going to hold my attention long term. There are 10-day ‘come back again’  WAR trials (for people who have closed their account) that I’d like to take advantage of some time (I enjoyed that game but was enjoying other games more, so I cut back due to subscription prices). I’m playing Hero Online for a review I have upcoming (F2P so nothing to worry about cost-wise there) and I also still want to give AoC a shot, but again I’ll have to find time for that. I love playing with friends (even though I know I infuriate them with my game bouncing, most are used to it) so anyhow! Kasul and I decided we would play LoTRO – or at least I would reactivate my account, and he would try it since he hasn’t played. 

We decided to start playing on Thursday, and we decided this a few days ago. 

I happen to check Twitter today and saw a post about how Turbine is holding a Welcome Back weekend from March 26th-31st where there will be free game play for former players (who have an account in good standing of course) and a +25% bonus experience boost on mobs you kill!

You can read about the ‘Welcome Back Weekend’ on their site here, and in the mean time – wow is that a sign or what! It really floored me that it starts on the exact day that I was planning on re-activating my account to begin with. Yes, I’m pretty excited about this. 

NOT that I plan on giving up my other games or my adoration of them any time soon, but it’s still always great to get things for free (which reminds me, I should activate WAR for my 10 free days some time.. maybe..) 

Hopefully I’ll have time once all my current articles are completed to post some in-depth bits on my own site. In the mean time – back to work I go!

Another Title to the List

Why I never picked up LoTRO before now is still a mystery to me. I’ve picked up pretty much every other title out there from EQ1 to WAR and gave them all at least the free month that came with the game. Since I don’t typically play console games myself spending the $40-50 every few months to test out a new game  has become some what of the norm for me. 

KTR was kind enough to toss a 10-day trial my way, which happens to be on a founders account. Before I even stepped into the game I was impressed. While other games do typically have some sort of ‘recruit a friend’ program these days having a reduced subscription and the offer of the life time subscription is a huge bonus. I was going to start downloading the client, but not being a huge fan of 2+ day downloads, I picked up the box at EBGames. Vlcan pointed out that Best Buy is going to have Mines of Moria (the complete edition) on sale for $19.99 so if you’ve been on the fence about this game get a hold of a founder and maybe think about picking it up. I didn’t mind paying the full price for it because I got a lot more then I bargained for – EBGames here in Ottawa happened to still have pre-order copies kicking around and I snagged one of those.

Not only was I already impressed before I logged in due to the recruit-a-friend (and a very smooth set up for that might I add, the interface to set up an account was really nice) but I love the goodies that came with the pre-order. What did we get with EQ2? Well, that pewter bear that collects dust on the top of my desk. What did I get with the LoTRO pre-order? A CD of all of the music, the ability to subscribe myself for $9.99 a month or get the life time for $199, and three unique in game items. A cloak, a title, and some in game tokens that I have no idea how to work yet but they were in my bags when I created.

When I upgraded my account from trial to a full member they didn’t just take away my 10 free days either, it was added to my account along with the free 30 days for purchasing the game so I have a bit of time before I’ll start to be charged for it. At $9.99 a month I won’t be complaining. 

Installation went smooth, it took less then an hour to install the two DVD’s, patch the game, and create my first minstrel hobbit, Petites. After the advice of others on twitter, I created on the Landroval server which is where I believe a few CoW members are hanging out amongst others. I honestly don’t know enough about the servers to have a secure preference yet. 

The introduction videos were a lot of fun to watch, I’ve always enjoyed them the first time through no matter what the game. I didn’t get to play a whole lot since by the time I got everything settled, (yesterday was another day of family stuff) installed, patched and what not I was looking to play a little EQ2 before bed, but what I did play I really liked. 

I enjoyed the character creation process. The characters look good. They look crisp and clear and while there are not a HUGE amount of options, there are enough to let me have fun playing with it. The characters themselves sort of remind me of WAR in colour and graphic, not necessarily a bad thing. Of course like every other game I play the first thing I do is re-map all of my keys to something I’m used to and more comfortable for me. That means getting rid of the WASD keys and changing them to the arrow keys on the number pad. After 7 years of gaming if I can’t move around in the way I’m most used to, it’s a deterrent. The game ran really really smooth, the UI was clutter-free even though it will take me some time to figure out how everything works, where it all is, and what it means. I picked up the first quest I saw after logging in (of course after putting on my cloak) and headed off down a road to talk to someone and smush some spiders. Combat was a little confusing to me but I was also trying to play EQ2 on the laptop at the same time which was a bad idea. 

Over all though my impressions (so far) have been very positive, and I’m looking forward to exploring middle-earth. I should have more solid time this weekend to play, and for $9.99 a month you really can’t go wrong.

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