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A Greenhouse in Minecraft


I’ve been in a bit of a weird mood with my game choices lately. Due to that, most of my time has been in Minecraft rather than my typical choices, though I am still logging into those too. I’m running the Infinity Evolved server and it’s loads of fun. I ended up turning expert mode off and switched it back to normal. I found that there was really no point in making things difficult (ie: take longer) than usual and I have much more fun when I can accomplish things in one play session.

A good example of that is the greenhouse garden pictured above. I went to a few different villages and pillaged their own greenhouses and then came back and made my own. These food ingredients go to the mod ‘Pam’s HarvestCraft’ and it basically allows you to make over 250 different types of food. Want a BBQ burger with fries? Yep, you can make that. I haven’t delved too far into the other mod packs yet, I’ve got a tinkerer’s forge set up so I can make tools but I haven’t decided where to go from there. Perhaps a quarry? I’ve never actually made one before, though I have come close (I typically move on to another game before too long). I do have a portal to the Twilight Forest, but I could use some obsidian to make a portal to the nether. I also need some animals so I can farm them for bits.

All in all, it’s a nice relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Minecraft mods: Mystcraft


As much as I love exploring the Overworld and the Nether, sometimes I get a bit bored. Especially if I’ve been playing the same world for some time. That’s where Mystcraft comes in. Now, yes, there are lots of other mods that also add worlds and areas to your game, but this is the one I’ve been playing with so that’s what I’m going to talk about. It’s a very simple mod and you don’t need a lot to get started.

I made the basic tools first. I would need a writing desk, a book binder, and an ink mixer. Making ink is pretty easy, a bottle of water and two ink sacs. Then I made a linking book. I found out that this is basically the most important thing ever. You link it to the Overworld, and then when you enter the Ages that you create, you put down a book stand and that book right away so that you can gate back home. Of course you’ll want to make sure you’re in a relatively safe location first, so I tend to take a bunch of bricks with me and build an enclosure before exploring anywhere. Basically you take a whole bunch of pages (which are found in various places in the Overworld, as well as in a library in each age) and then bind those together into a book that becomes your teleportation device to the age. That’s what those books are in the screenshot above. The worlds themselves are a combination of the pages you have put in, and what the game adds on its own. The more of your own pages you put in, the less random stuff the game will put in. You can find pages that control every single aspect of your world, from when the sun rises (or if the sun rises) to what the ground is made out of. Even the colours and weather patterns are mapped out by those pages. The writing table is used to copy pages so that you don’t have to use your hard copies.

The first world I made I had added a few blank pages to fill in the slots so random stuff wouldn’t be added, along with iron blocks. The entire world was filled with areas where I could harvest iron – except the world was also poison if I ever stepped out into the sunlight or the moonlight. Very quick deaths resulted while I figured these things out. Still, I could harvest if I stuck to a tunnel system at least, so that’s what I did. Now there’s no way I’ll ever run out of iron.

The downside to mystcraft is that it’s incredibly random. You might THINK you have created the perfect non-aggro world, but once you get there you discover the air is poison or the ground is corrupted and is being eaten away, or some other downside like acid rain is falling from the sky. Or giant meteors are falling on you.


Best video ever.

Doesn’t that look like fun?!
Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Minecraft Mods: Botania



The beginning of my little botania set up wasn’t much, it has changed a lot since the screenshot above, but that’s what I started with. Botania is neat, it’s a mod that doesn’t add a lot to the world (to begin with) so you end up making most of the components. What it does add, is 16 types of mystical flowers that you can harvest in the Overworld and then when you plop those into your crafting window they refine into petals. Then you take those petals and make neat stuff with them. I found a few guides online and that’s what I followed for the first portions. Unlike a lot of mods that require me to be some sort of engineer, this one was simple and straightforward. Those mods are really the best for me, I like complexity but I don’t like things that are so complex they make my play session stressful.

The mods I stumbled into are this one in text, and then this series on youtube (finally, a broadcaster I can stand to listen to). First I harvested a whole lot of mystical flowers. Then I turned those into petals. I set ¬†up an outdoor greenhouse with a good amount of space and surrounded it in glass. Stuck a few chests out there, and I was ready to begin. I already had the lexica botania (book that shows you all the recipes) but I can’t remember where I got it from. In any case, you can craft it if you want.

The first thing I made was a petal apothecary. Very simple, it’s just stones and a petal. Filled it with water, and then used white petals and seeds to create a pure daisy. When you plant these and surround them by stone or wood (not cobblestone, not planks) the wood / stone changes into livingwood / livingstone. I collected a bunch of this before moving on.

Then I made a bunch of dayblooms, those are the flowers pictured above. They generate mana when it’s daytime. I found these flowers died off WAY too fast to be worth the effort. Once I had a method of creating a tiny bit of mana, I created two distilled mana pools, and a mana spreader. The mana spreader takes the mana from the flowers and shoots it towards something (like the mana pool). Once the distiller stuffed enough mana in the pool, I dropped the second pool into it, and created a regular mana pool. They store a lot more mana than the distilled ones. Once I had TWO mana pools and enough mana, I created an endoflame and got rid of the dayblooms. The endoflame turns things like blocks of coals and blaze torches into mana. So now I have endoflames shooting mana into a mana spreader, and the mana spreader shoot that mana over to a mana distributor. This block basically just takes the mana and splits it between any pools that are next to it. I wanted one pool dedicated to alchemy, and another pool dedicated to runes. I stuck an alchemy catalyst under one of the pools, and now when I drop things in there from this list it will transform them at a cost of mana. The other thing I created was a runic altar. This one is a bit different, in this one you take things that you have enchanted (like iron ingots, and flower petals) and combine them into runes. Then those runes can be used in combines over at the petal apothecary. That’s where the fun really starts.


I created a set of manasteel armor, some rings (one stores mana, the other one slowly creates mana), and a weapon. I would create tools, but unfortunately because of the weapon leveling mod I have, base tools are not ‘useable’ tools, they’re only used to craft the next tier. It sucks, but I really like leveling my tools up so I don’t want to get rid of that mod quite yet. I also made a sash that lets me walk up 1 block steps, and created a flower that will create more mystical flowers so I don’t have to hunt all over the place. Finally I created a flower that will fuel my forges that are nearby, and improves the efficiency. Oh, and I made a rod that uses a small amount of mana and creates dirt blocks, and another rod that creates water blocks. Just handy little things like that. It’s not game breaking, and I like that I’ve been able to (somewhat easily) explore the mod and not feel completely overwhelmed.

This is just one of MANY mods included in FeedTheBeastInfinity which is the mod I’m currently playing. I’ll probably make a few more posts explaining the other mods I’ve played with so far, but well there’s that whole “trying to find time” thing that keeps sneaking up. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Saturday: Video Game Roundup


I didn’t get that much gaming in this week, but of course we gamers always seem to find a bit of time here and there. Without further wait, here’s what I’ve been up to this week.


Most of this week was spent playing FeedTheBeast Infinity. There are 164 mods in this pack (165 on my server as I added one I really wanted) and it’s got something for pretty much everyone. Instead of setting up a village outdoors as I typically do, I created an enormous house within a rock mountain, and carved out each room. Then as I upgraded my tools and obtained a chisel I customized the home further. The screenshot above is my crafting room. Lots of space. I’ve also created a portal to the Twilight Forest, and to The Nether. There are Runic Dungeons that I haven’t explored yet, and just so much to do. The mod I added includes a way to level up your tools and weapons so that they get better and progress. You have to upgrade them in order, and it’s just a lot of fun to add this level of customization. Of course on the downside my axe for chopping trees now smelts things it hits – and that means wood just instantly turns to coal when I cut down the tree instead of giving me wooden blocks. Had to make a new axe because of that.


Closed Beta Testing has begun and so I’ve been spending most of my time on the beta servers sending in bug reports. I copied my character over from live, and have been playing around with all of the new things that have been added. Got a few new pets and some new costumes so far, I’m really looking forward to the game moving to free to play so that more people can experience what an awesome game it is and not get hung up on the monthly price tag.

GuildWars 2

In a surprising turn of events, my mesmer managed to ding level 80 this week. In part due to crafting, and also due to those daily loot boxes you get to open every day. Today when I logged in I was given 2 ‘level’ tokens that let me climb to level 79 instantly. Now I need to finish my personal story, I’m at the level 60 ones now where the giant dragon comes down and things all go crazy for a while. I’m glad that I reached 80, and now I’m debating whether I want to level up another character right away or just continue to do things on the mesmer. I do have a few other level 80 characters but they’re on a different account, so I’m glad I managed to level this one up. I picked up some level 80 gear but now that I’m 80 I have absolutely no idea what I should be working on, aside from finishing off my personal story.

Wurm Online

A few new things have been added to the game, black sheep and some rams. I’ve been working on my priests still which is pretty slow work but I enjoy doing it. I’ve also been breeding more animals and working on meditation which is a really slow skill to try to level up. Right now I have four active accounts, but I expect that will drop down to three before too long. I have a year of premium on my Vynora priest along with my main character, Stargrace, and included a year on my Najho priest. I do have a battery that I’ve been using for the Najho, but I really don’t want to have to pay to keep them all active. That’s one of the downsides of Wurm, you have to pay per character.

That’s it for this week! What has everyone else been playing? Let me know in comments.

A Castle to Call my Own

2015-03-29_22.11.30I’ve never built an enormous castle in minecraft before, but yesterday I decided why not. The one pictured above took most of the day off and on to build, but I adore it. It’s enormous, 33×33 tiles, and probably more than 33 tiles high. It looks out over my property, and right now it’s completely empty but I hope to work on that slowly over time. Right now there’s no way to get to any of the higher floors, something else I’ll need to work on. I have absolutely no idea what to do with the space, but I’ll no doubt think of something.

A new machine has also made its way onto the property. It creates cobblestone, which is fantastic. Basically automating the action of lava and water combining (which creates cobblestone) the machine then harvests and stores it. Apparently this will be used to create some portal that requires a lot of cobblestone, and then a quarry can be set up in the realm that the portal opens to. I don’t remember all of the details, but the friend who is playing on server with me explained it yesterday. I’m personally looking forward to doing much less mining and much more exploring. Especially because this map is really annoying to navigate under ground. It seems like every step or two I’m faced with pools of lava and water, making mining precarious and not much fun. I’m constantly mining away from these enormous caverns filled with danger, but it makes for crooked hallways and I get lost easily.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever built in Minecraft before? How long did it take you to complete? Let me know in comments below!

Infinity on FeedTheBeast

2015-03-25_22.04.42I’ve swapped over to a new minecraft mod, this time it’s Infinity on feed the beast. This mod is a combination of everything I was already using on The Dark Trilogy, with some extras. A lot of extras. One of those mods is called ‘decocraft’ and it’s basically just a huge selection of decorations. They’re made out of special coloured clay, red, green, and blue. You arrange the clay in patterns and out pops awesome decorations. Things like Christmas trees, presents, stuffed animals, that barrel of carrots posted above, I have an entire playground created with the stuff. It’s really quite awesome.

The twilight portal has been set up but so far I haven’t ventured in to see where it takes me. I also haven’t created a portal over to the nether yet. There has been so much to do right here – including getting started with bees. That required me to construct a few apiary, and those are not an easy task for someone playing in survival mode! In fact almost nothing I’ve been crafting has been ‘easy’. I have no idea how people manage to play making use of these mods if they’re in survival mode.

I’m having an awesome time though, and that’s good. The mod leans towards long-term play, which is perfect for someone who wants to stick with just one mod for a while and try to experience everything they can.

I tried my hand at tree grafting, too, but so far I haven’t had any luck with it. I had bees trying to pollinate but none of the leaves were discoloured or mutated (that I could see at least). I’ve tried looking for some tutorials but most of them are .. well. Not enjoyable to watch. If anyone has seen a really good one out there, please let me know!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.


Keeping Busy in Minecraft


Progression through The Dark Trilogy is going well so far. A workshop has been set up and in my quieter times I work on my ‘home’ which is compromised of Crayfish house items, like a fridge, microwave, television, shower, and washing machine.

Meanwhile, we’re busy gathering supplies for a few things. We want a quarry so that we spend less time mining and more time adventuring. That requires.. a lot of stuff. So much stuff. I also want to create two magnum torches in order to reduce the mob spawns around the base, each torch works in a 64 tile radius. The recipe for that particular item has changed, and now it requires quadruple and triple compressed cobblestone. That’s a LOT of cobblestone. Each quadruple is over 6 thousand. I think the hardest part of the old model was obtaining the blaze rod. On that note, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the nether. Found a fortress, found a blaze spawner. Spent some time collecting rods because they’re needed for other things.

I noticed that animals were having a hard time climbing the mountain up to the base, so I created a few safari nets and brought some back home. Now I’m breeding horses, along with reindeer from the twilight forest. Also brought back some rams that are multiple colours since I don’t have the force mod that let me create shears that would provide multiple colours. These rams are my sheep, providing wool.

There’s some farming taking place lately. Cactus is rare, so we’re growing some of that along with wheat and barely to keep my animals happy. Then there’s an apiary going on because in order to create the quarry we need a lot of other things and apparently bees are just part of that giant ecosystem.

It’s interesting, and certainly works for long-term game play which is something that I’m quite pleased about.

I also took a walk to the twilight forest and found this beautiful castle.


I think it belongs to the Lich, which is the boss of the twilight forest, but as I was exploring I happened to come across a second castle, exactly like this one. I have no idea if there are more than one, and I wasn’t really prepared to find out. The zone is beautiful, although skeletons and zombie have made their way over because they keep walking through my portals. I’ve since put a fence around both the Nether portal, and the Twilight portal. Nothing makes me jump out of my chair faster than porting over to the nether only to be swarmed by pigmen along with zombies and spiders.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

What am I playing? LOTS!

Screenshot_20150305_164319I’ve probably played more games in the last week than I did most of last year. Part of that is due to having a bit more time on my hands than normal (hopefully a temporary situation that will be resolved by the end of this month) and part of that is because there are just so many wonderful games out there.

EverQuest2: My defiler is still only level 95, but she did manage to reach level 100 in tailoring. Crafting is an odd duck with the latest expansion, Altar of Malice. Doing the crafting quests themselves won’t get you to level 100, and grinding out writs goes quite slow – however, doing the daily craft mission will easily net you 30% experience, and doing the weekly got me an entire level. Missions re-set on Wednesdays. You can find me in game on Antonia Bayle as Stargrace.

Cities: Skylines: This game just released, and it’s so much fun. In fact it’s everything that I wanted from SimCity, at half the price. There’s an enormous mod community and enough content to keep me satisfied for quite some time. Well worth the cost, and I highly recommend it if you’re into the city building games at all.

Elder Scrolls Online: I just started playing this. It apparently starts going free to play on Tuesday. I’ve had a subscription for quite some time because I did some alpha testing on their billing system, but I never actually played. It wasn’t because of any drastic reason, I simply didn’t have the time. The game is beautiful but I’m not far enough into it to make any other calls about the game quite yet.

EVE Online: Still training skills, still working on faction, PI, and all of that good stuff. EVE Online is still one of the best games I have to relax with. That’s right, even though the skies are filled with pirates and horrible people looking to scam and pod you, it’s still relaxing.

FFXIV: I’ve started a new character on Cactuar. I’m hoping to go white mage, but I’m taking my time and things are moving along slowly. I believe my character name is Velours Reveurs for those looking to add me to their friends list. This game is absolutely gorgeous, and I’m hoping to keep it on my rotation. We’ll have to see how things go though.

Minecraft: I’m running The Dark Trilogy as a server right now for some friends. I’ve created a portal to the Twilight Forest, as well as a portal to the Nether. There are some really awesome mods in this pack, and I’m having a blast. I’m hopping to get some nether quartz so I can make some furniture that comes in a specific pack. Furniture like refrigerators and televisions. Mods really do make this game.

Sims4: Still working on my legacy family. Tristan is going to be the next person to carry the legacy name, and so I’ve been preparing him for adulthood. Right now he’s best friends with a feisty redhead neighbour girl, and they’re promised to each other. Meanwhile Jessica will probably just move into the basement (that’s right, Sims 4 is patching in basements!) and Elizabeth will age gracefully, as she watches her children carry on.

Wizard101: My life wizard is level 27, and I’ve been questing in Marleybone. It’s the home of cats, dogs, rats, and proper manners. Based on 19th century London. It’s also my favourite zone to date. It has been some time since I’ve played and it’s interesting getting back into things, but this is still a fantastic game no matter your age.

WoW: This has been taking a back seat to other games, but I still log in to check my garrison resources and to trade and do the dailies. As others have mentioned, by the time you take care of all of the garrison chores, my game time is already spent for the day. On one hand it’s great to have a reason to log in every day but on the other hand it would be lovely to play the game instead of just playing the garrisons.

The Secret World: A handful of combat wombats have decided to start up in the Secret World. We’re playing the Dragon faction, and while the game has never been a genre that I’m completely comfortable with, it does have one of the best (IMO) quest systems and story lines that I’ve ever participated in. Playing with friends makes it seem a little less scary, and even though I’ve just started (again) I’m looking forward to playing.

Wurm Online: Now that my guard tower is completed, it’s time to work on the rest of my deed along with taking care of my horses. I’ve been trying to breed 5 speeds for a while now and to also breed out the grey colour. It’s coming along well, but it requires time. In between that I’m trying to decide which skill to work on next.

Those are the games that came to my immediate mind when listing what I’m currently actively playing. There’s others I’ve left off the list on purpose – like GW2. I want to get back into the game but I just can’t seem to find the motivation to keep playing. Since it’s a buy to play game, that’s alright. I’m also still playing WildStar, but again it’s very casually and sporadic, so I don’t feel comfortable putting it up there with my ‘most played’ games. What about everyone else? Where are you spending your time these days with so many options available? Let me know in comments!

Finding the Right Mod

2015-03-10_18.37.51I love minecraft, but I love minecraft even more with mods. There are two mod launchers I use, one is the ever popular Feed The Beast, and the second one is the TechnicLauncher. Both have an enormous selection of mod packs that you can choose from. I was using Blightfall on the TechnicLauncher, but after a pretty frustrating weekend decided to try out The Dark Trilogy on Feed the Beast. Blightfall had a great quest system and it was a lot of fun but it was also a very challenging Mod, too challenging for me. The entire world was covered in taint, and some of my favourite things to do are explore and build. I felt that this mod really limited my ability to do those things.

The Dark Trilogy has three tiers of mods. There’s technology, magic, and nature. Each tier is as complex or simple as you want it to be. There’s one mod called MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod that is a LOT of fun, and lets you create furniture such as couches, televisions, a computer, and even a fridge. So far I’ve made a bird bath but not much else. There have also been some changes to my favourite mods, such as Chisel (which is now Chisel 2). Twilight Forest is also included in the bundle, which I’m really looking forward to playing with. First I have to create a portal, which I believe requires a diamond. Needless to say I don’t have any diamonds yet.

I did have fun exploring though. I found the above volcano, and at the time it wasn’t spewing out lava. I noticed there was a lava spawner on the top and it said it was harvestable. SO I decided to hit it a few times with my shovel, and then giant balls of lava started shooting out of it. Never seen my character run and jump so quickly before, teehee. I didn’t want to get burned alive.

I do have a nice base set up, so I should be able to start creating some neat items soon. I did notice there’s almost 9 pages of different food I can make, everything from butter chicken to cherry cheesecake. It may not have a quest journal, but going through the achievement panel will often tell you what mods are available and gives you a sense of progression as you complete them.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

More Ancient Warfare in Minecraft, and FFXIV for the PS4

2015-01-13_14.25.05After playing with the basics of ancient warfare yesterday, I decided to add a bit more to it. I set up a wheat farm, a cow farm, and a courier to pick up the items at all of the farms (ink sac, fish, and wheat) and then deposit them into containers. For some reason my farmer keeps going missing and I keep having to replace him. He probably gets eaten by something, but since I do have a special torch that prevents mobs from spawning at night in a 64×64 area, I’m not sure what is eating him. I know the torch doesn’t work if there are monster spawners in the vicinity, and I’m pretty sure I have a zombie spawner some place. I’m just not sure where.

In any case, having these NPC doing the mundane jobs leaves me free to pursue my other interests, like drying rotten flesh out for jerky (pictured above). I believe I’m going to get an NPC mining system up before too long, but I might need to do a bit of research into that first. Having the basic skills performed automatically lets me wander off and explore and learn other mod packs without having to worry about running out of food or supplies.

The torch took forever to make. I needed a ghast tear from the nether, along with a blaze rod from the nether. It also needed two potions, which you make with brewing. A brew station requires a blaze rod as well. The rest of the components are fairly straight forward except for one. The hardest to find was a melon. It comes from the jungle biome, and because I have ‘biomes o’ pleanty’ turned on there are SO many biomes, finding a jungle one was taking way too long. In the end I stumbled across a village, and a villager traded me 8 melons for 1 emerald. Well worth it. Now I have seeds for future plants, and I can get an NPC to automate that as well.

Besides playing minecraft, I picked up FFXIV for the PS4. It was on sale for $20, and since I already have an active subscription and because you can play your PC characters on the PS4 or vice versa, I decided to pick it up. I really wish Diablo 3 had something like this, true cross platform play. More games need it.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!