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Pocket Camp – Just Not For Me

I don’t consider myself a nomadic gamer for no reason, nope. I have been known to bounce around from game to game depending on any number of reasons. When Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp came out I was first in line to dive into a new AC game. I play all the 3DS versions and adore them, even to this day. I was a little bit cautious because I remember the last mobile game I played from Nintendo and that was a huge flop, but as I started playing I let the hype and excitement wash over me thinking wow, here’s a game I can play on my phone and I might actually last in it!

I didn’t even last the weekend.

Honestly, the game LOOKS like Animal Crossing, but it’s so incredibly limited and bare, that I kept wandering around looking for more. I love collecting bugs and fossils in the regular versions, but here the things you can find are pretty limited, and you have no way of cataloging them. Aside from dropping them off to NPC who give you 3 quests a day, or selling them to players, there’s no real inspiration to want to collect.

Those three quests a day from NPCs really started wearing away at me. Visit someone, give them a handful of stuff, repeat, repeat, move on to the next NPC.

As a friend pointed out, there was little motivation given to visit friends camps, you could give them kudos but that didn’t actually reward either of you with anything except complete a daily quest. Sure looking at their stuff is neat, but it just wasn’t enough.

Then there was the quarry zone. I unlocked it once using friends and even though I had more than 5 friends help me out every day after, I could never seem to get it open unless I went and used my precious leaves.

The whole thing started feeling really repetitive and boring very quickly. A big difference from how I feel actually playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which I still play now.

So, I uninstalled the game, and I’ll just stick with my 3DS versions, and keep hoping that Nintendo releases a Switch version. THAT I would like to see.

Nintendo Transitioning to Mobile Games


Mobile games are overtaking console games and south african online casinos in popularity. There is a need for traditional developers of console games to reinvent themselves. Maybe reinvent is too strong a term but there is a need for them to start developing games compatible with mobile devices. Failure to acknowledge that mobile games are the future of gaming could have dire consequences for the firms.

The top management at Nintendo have realized that there is a need to move into the mobile market. As such they have started to create mobile versions of some of their popular games. This is in the backdrop of the release of the Miitomo App for Android and iOS. The app is not a game in the literal sense. Although the app was only released in March 2016 there are already more than a million users.

The video game developer announced that they will be releasing two popular games. These games are Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem. Animal crossing is a community simulation game series that has an open-ended game play. Fire Emblem games are tactical role playing games. The Fire Emblem Fates game was released for their hand held console which makes the game ideal for mobile devices. You can get games and Casino reviews at Online Casinos – Find the Best Online Casinos in the USA in 2016

There has been no announcement on the official release date of both games. This is despite the fact that it is now more than a year since they announced the intention to release the mobile versions of the games. Nintendo is also silent on the release of Mario based games but rumours are that they will be making that announcement soon.

It is undeniable that mobile is taking over. There are now mobile versions of everything. Even the online casino industry is shifting to Android and iOS compatible online casino games. The whole world is going mobile because the convenience that is offered. Apps for mobile devices is where the money is and that is where game developers have to go if they wish to continue being relevant.