There was only one thing holding me back from starting the epic weapon quest for my mystic. Ok, maybe more then one but one main thing. I took a look through the wiki and noticed what I needed before I got too far with it.

  • You must be lvl 80
  • You must speak Sathirian
  • You must speak Halasian
  • You must speak Death’s Whisper
  • Gathering skill needs to be 300+.
  • Foresting skill needs to be 340+.
  • Mining skill needs to be 340

Now, the languages and the level was not an issue but my harvesting skills were as low as they possibly could be. It happens when you have so many characters, things fall behind. So every once in a while I would take the mystic (when the trio wasn’t already involved in doing something, which was relatively rare) and go harvesting. I was working on the cloak from the Isle of Mara at the same time, so I wouldn’t have to go back and continue harvesting for that.

Yesterday I finally reached the point where I can harvest those skill levels, and so I started my epic. The mystic has been level 80 for quite some time, but since I’ve already got a collection of epics (some times twice such as in the case of my bard who is sporting both the troubador and dirge epics) the shine has worn off a little.

The starter for the mystic epic begins down in Sebilis. You have to speak Sathirian right away and he’ll give you a page. The page speaks about spirits and ancients and a little discovery he partook in, and his desire to go back. From there you head to City of Mist (which is an area in EQ2 and not a zone like EQ which dissapointed me) and kill ‘a timeworn spirit’ who happens to be hanging out. A chest drops which you’ll loot and will start the actual quest. It sends you to Teren’s Grasp to speak with a Runesage.

From there the quest moves on to a million other things I need to do. It’s probably one of the more involved quests I’ve done and I’m not even sure I like the end result. The weapon is great for groups, but has no heal crits and nothing to do with healing on the proc (it actually gives a bonus to combat).

I still want to start the epic with my illusionist some time as well, but since I’ve already started it and completed half of it on Najena, I have even less inspiration.

Aside from that, my gaming was fairly limited last night. I did manage to get the illusionist from 34-40 in carpentry which was fantastic. I churned out rush order writs to fly through the levels while watching Legend of the Seeker on Hulu. 8 episodes later and I’d managed to hit the next tier. I’ll probably wait for vitality to replenish before working through the next tier.

Today I’ll be heading to Manotick to take some pictures. It’s a little village just outside of Ottawa, and today is supposed to be absolutely beautiful out. I already have my balcony door open and the cool air is fantastic. I want to go to Upper Canada Village soon for some pictures as well, but their season doesn’t start until May 16th. Then there’s also the Medieval Festival which I hope will be making another appearance this year. Last year I had an amazing time. So many exciting things to do, both in game and out.

I hope everyone has an amazing Saturday, see you in Norrath!