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Completed Epics and Guk Adventures

After some running around yesterday it was time for the final fight I needed in order to complete the mystic epic. I realize I had been slacking for quite some time (ie: more then a few months now) on this epic. The biggest barrier I had was that I didn’t have my harvesting skills up to snuff. It was done, the final fight was pretty simple (instanced with an 85^^^ and a few level 80 adds that posed no problem to the shadowknight tank). Now I need to get to work on the illusionist epic. I have this epic partially started on my other enchanter, but never completed it. The thought of killing 100 yah-li is intimidating, as well as having to buy 28 T8 house items – when I don’t have a T8 crafter on Kithicor. My carpenter is sitting at 40, though I could probably push her to 80 before I worked on this epic if I wanted.

With epics out of the way it was time to take on new zones. I spent a little time relaxing and crafting, and then we headed to Guk: Halls of the Fallen, which happened to be the daily double. The group was Ultann (shadowknight) boxing his 80 inquisitor, Wpus (conjuror), and myself playing my illusionist and boxing the mystic.

We did fairly well for what we had (two boxed healers) and in the zone we were in. We managed to down the first two named (or was it three?) and also completed the daily double which was great. Once we got to the hallway where the froglok skeletons respawn almost instantly and it is almost impossible to clear it, we decided to call it a day. I headed back to do a little broker sales (and to mend my poor gear) and decided to go read for the remainder of the night. Day 6 of health issues that have kept me pretty much house / bed ridden, and needless to say my nights are ending earlier and earlier each day. Fingers crossed that I’m on the home stretch and will be feeling more like my usual self before too long.

I hope everyone else had an amazing Wednesday, only one more day to go until Friday! Safe travels and see you in Norrath!

A return to grouping, and miniature decisions

As always when time goes by I start to wonder about all of these alts I have. Sure, they’re great fun but are they really worth the hassle? Should I just be concentrating on one character (or two, one from each account). It’s due to a restlessness I tend to have and is not exactly game-related as real life has a tendency to disrupt things.

The point is I found myself cringing when I looked at the paladin adept3’s for 71-80. They’re going for 7p each and I need 28 of them. The loams are no better even if I had happened to find myself an alchemist, at 4p a piece plus fuel and raws. I do miss having all of my characters on one server so that I can take advantage of my crafters but when friends are spread all over this becomes increasingly difficult. I can’t afford to move 20 characters around for $50 each.

I decided not to play the paladin last night, and went back to my illusionist / mystic duo that I team up. The group (Ultann, Wpus and I) decided to head to Obelisk to attempt another go at the shield that has never dropped. We’ve been there at least 30 times I’d say by now, and have never seen it. It was a fairly good run, no wipes. The final encounter even dropped two items of use, a nice earring for the conjuror, and a master also for the conjuror. I have yet to see a master drop that I could make use of, but I’m hanging in there and waiting. It’s bound to happen sooner or later.

My next ‘goal’ is to start the epic for both characters, of course to do that for the mystic requires harvesting that I have not bothered to work up as much as I should. That will be todays goal until groups are formed. It would be nice to have them both sporting their epic, at least fabled if not mythical (which I have no grandure hopes of obtaining any time soon). I still need shards for the illusionist who is only sporting her T1 void set thus far.

Crafting is something I’d also like to get back into – both in game and out. Inspired by Kasul and his return to miniatures, I decided that I’d like to try my hand at it as well. I’ve painted a few in the past back when I was in school and it feels like ages ago. He’s going to help me out and send a few spare models my way, and this weekend I’ll be taking a trip to the local Games Workshop to see what I can find. Now, I’ve never really been interested in playing the games, but I do love the whole ‘before’ process. We’ll see how it goes, maybe I’ll give away the models to people who are interested.

I’ve been working out every single morning for the last week and as such I’ve been going to bed early (around 11-12EST) in order to wake up at 5:30-6am (depending on when Princess thinks I should wake up at). We wanted to do Vaults of Eternal Sleep last night but I wimped out and called it a night, read a little more of “Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro (great book by the way) and fell asleep. It was still a pretty great night.

Here Fishy Fishy!

My mystic standing by her token-EQ2 aquarium. Hopefully I can continue to work on her house some time. Hate to see it go to waste!

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