For the last week or so on Kithicor the discussion in 70-79 has revolved around one thing and one thing only. The ‘nerf’ coming to procs. What is said nerf? Well simply put people are doing too much dps. So this change that is coming will tone it down, and it will tone it down by quite a huge amount for certain classes. What the change is going to do is remove any bonus’ that currently get stacked onto your procs. This means they will no longer crit, nor will they be affected by base spell damage or + spell damage or anything more then achievements and what have you.

This is going to mean a lot less dps especially for scout classes, and enchanters who rely on those procs to do their extra damage. Now, if you don’t raid you may not think this is such a big deal, and in fact I personally don’t feel like it’s that big of a deal. Not because I don’t think dps will drop drastically, it will (take a look at an ACT parse to see how often you crit on a proc and you’ll be surprised at the amount of damage it counts for) BUT the reason I’m not all upset about this change is because: We should be used to adjusting for things like this.

That’s right. Games change. Things that were once a good idea some times are not any more. As players we should be adept at rolling WITH the changes and finding new methods of combating it. If your DPS is going to drop THAT much that not having procs crit is going to significantly affect your progression and your game play then find a way to change that, be it more procing items (or perhaps less), master spells, gear, whatever. Fights will take longer – healers are going to be hit VERY hard with overloaded heals and a few other spells no longer being affected or able to crit. Why everyone is screaming that the sky is falling before the changes are even on test instead of acting maturely and sending in feedback about it, I have no idea. Remember that fighter revamp that was supposed to happen? People sent in their feedback and the idea was scrapped. Despite those of the general gaming audience who like to paint the employees of SOE with devil tails and horns, the developers DO actually listen, and contraire to what we as players may think – they do try to have the best interest of the player base at heart and they know what they’re doing! If you don’t like a particular change and have good solid reasons and proof as to why, then feedback it and let them know! If your guild is affected THAT much by the change and you can SEE this with some solid proof on the test server and the whole game is going to crumble and collapse because of this one change then let them know – logically.

Every time a big change comes people break out their ‘I’m leaving’ card and roll it around in channels for all to hear. Wait for things to get situated on the test server before breaking out the doom and gloom, and then go through the proper channels if it does affect you so much as to be game breaking. That’s all I’d like to see.

Aside from the general chatter in channels – Kasul managed to inch his way to level 71 yesterday, which was amazing. I didn’t spend a great deal of time in game (we all have our days) but I did manage to level the dirge to 76 and she’s part way to 77 now. 9th level 80 here I come!

Wpus, Ultann, and I headed to Crypt of Agony in the hopes that either Ultann’s Farseer would drop (negative) or the Cardiocutter would drop (also negative) or even the burdened signet (another no). The guild is crawling along to level 31 and more amenity which is fantastic at least. Afterwards I had enough energy in me for a Maidens run so we attempted to get the healer ring to drop (no luck) but – the fabled gi did drop, and I quickly relogged to my dirge to pick it up since scouts can use it.

One of these days the items we’ve been trying to get for well over a month will drop. Until then, we’ll just keep trying!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday, and a delightful weekend. I’m not sure where I’ll end up yet, but as always if you’d like to contact me you can find my information on the top left hand side of this site. Best bet is typically xfire or twitter, as I keep those up constantly.

Safe travels, see you in Norrath!