I’ve wanted a Switch since they came out, but they’re pretty expensive and I already have a WiiU and a PS4 (which is basically collecting dust). I used the WiiU quite a bit until my cat chewed through some of the cords, and then I bought replacement cords and miss placed them.. some where.. I’m sure I’ll find them when we’re packing up the house to move.

Anyway, my husband surprised me this year buy making a black Friday purchase of a Switch for me for Christmas, along with Mario Odyssey, Skyrim, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. I was incredibly surprised and it got here this week – I asked first if it was OK to set it up and use it before Christmas or if I had to wait, because that’s just the polite thing to do!

He let me know I could use it right away. My main reason for wanting a Switch was because my little guy is pretty clingy and I don’t get a lot of time to do any sort of gaming because he wants to be on my lap at my desk, and occupies my hands. I’m restricted to playing games with one hand, and he gets wiggly and he doesn’t actually want to be up on my chair he just wants to be close. So I spend most of my days sitting on the floor playing with him while he roams around the baby gate area of our living room, and watching him do his thing when he doesn’t want to play with me. He’s great at playing on his own – so long as I’m within arms reach. I’m sure a lot of this is due to his Daddy not being here, he has kept me in close range ever since his Daddy left for depot back in July.

Anyway. The Switch is an amazing console and I couldn’t be more pleased. I tend to use it mostly as a handheld, and have only played it on the TV a few times. It’s smaller than I anticipated, so it sits on my mantel with no issues at all. I was concerned I’d need a second table set up and that my little guy would start pulling cords, etc. Now it’s perfectly out of reach.

I haven’t picked up an SD card yet, and I’ve been contemplating the pro controller that everyone has been raving about, but honestly the joy con has suited my needs just fine and I haven’t had any issues. What really surprised me is how incredible games look on the hand held. It’s quite a bit larger than my 3DS (the only other hand held I’ve owned) and the games are just amazing, especially Skyrim.

I’m hoping to pick up Stardew Valley, Portal Knights, and a few other games as time goes on. It depends on the budget, of course. There are quite a few games in the library now which I’m really pleased about. I do wish there were some visual novels in there because honestly that would rule out my desire for a Vita instantly. As it is Sony still holds the market for those games.

Is it worth the very high cost? Well, for my family, yes. I have already used it more than I ever used the PS4 or the WiiU. I haven’t played Mario Odyssey yet because I’m waiting for my husband to come home so we can play that one together. I’m really happy with my Christmas present though. Hopefully he enjoys my gifts just as much. It’s not as extravagant as a Switch (good thing, our budget certainly couldn’t handle that) but I got him two board games because he expressed an interest in collecting them and trying to get to know some of our new neighbours when we move in February. Hopefully this all works out.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!