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Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

I love housing in EQ2. All it takes is a search in the EQ2 category on this site to see multiple housing posts, with tons of screen shots. I can’t help it, after a long day of smacking gnolls (or spiders, or rats or wolves) around I want to create something that reflects my characters individual personalities. Yes, that’s right my characters have personalities.

The museum I’ve been working on for quite some time is still a WIP (work in progress) but I am hoping to finally get it done this week (aside from filling it up with books). We’ll have to see how that goes. I typically get this big grand idea into my head and then forget to actually complete it, so no promises.

If you’re interested in viewing the museum for yourself be sure to check out Ellithia’s house on the Antonia Bayle server, North Freeport in the magical housing area (mage tower, bottom floor).

The Power of Words

This player written book was donated to my library this morning. It was one of the most beautiful books I’ve read, and even though it’s not EQ2 related specifically (the story that is) I wanted to share it and remind everyone about the power of words, and just one more reason why I think these player written books are so wonderful, little tokens of memories spread throughout Norrath.

Thank you for allowing me to own this copy and to share it with others who visit the library (which you can find on the Kithicor server, in the North Freeport mage tower, bottom floor under the name of Ellithia).

Home Sweet Home (Norrathian Museum) WIP

I’ve been working on my ‘Norrathian Museum‘ off and on for quite some time. The screen shots don’t do it justice, so if you’re on the kithicor server please feel free to stop by the Magical Academy Housing in North Freeport. Character name is Ellithia. It’s in the mage tower, bottom floor. I’ve worked really hard on this and I’m exceptionally pleased with how it’s turning out.

Ideally, the library will be filled with a combination of player-written books and ones that I’ve quested for. It’s a little bare right now, but it gives me a goal. If there is anyone who wants to add some of their writing to my library, please don’t hesitate to make a character on Kithicor and mail me with your name, I’ll send you a notebook and some coin in return, then all you need to do is mail it back to me when the story is complete, you can delete the character right after.

It is still a work in progress, but the main floor is completed now, and the majority of the upper floor. I want to add tables and chairs to the library area, as well as a living space downstairs for Ellithia (the owner of the home, my mystic). She has a little bedroom tucked away, didn’t need much space for that, but I’d like a little kitchen, and perhaps a bath, we’ll see.

The garden picture was taken at night so it’s really hard to see, and looks far better in the day light. With the new grotto quest rewards (which I’ll go into more detail about tomorrow) the outdoors in any home will lack for nothing.

A silly way to spend my time? Maybe, but I had an absolute blast decorating.

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