Yesterday was another relaxing day, with my flu going away a little bit more. I’m not 100% yet, but I’m confident that I will be sooner rather then later. Of course I made sure to spread the infection to as many denizens of Ottawa as I could in the mean time. If you wondered why some strange woman was out on the streets strewing used tissue around begging for someone to help her pick them all up, well now you have your reason. 

I promised myself when I finished all of my articles on Tuesday, that I would take the rest of the week to slowly absorb the going-ons of the last three weeks. Everything from the crazy passport incidents to the actual trip to San Diego and what it meant to me on a very personal level. My closest friends understand why this was such a huge undertaking, it wasn’t just about flying alone and going to a new place and doing my job but it was about incidents in the past and confronting my fears. I think I did pretty well. Of course it’s easy to say that now that it’s over with. 

So I’ve done just that for this week, done nothing but relax (some dishes, I’ll admit) and relaxed. It may seem odd of me to do, but I think I’ve deserved it. I didn’t really celebrate everything yet, and I plan on doing that Saturday. We’ll see how it goes. 

Yesterday in game I had a lot of fun. I worked on the Valentines quests in Antonica on the mystic, dragging my conjuror friend along with my coercer to partake in the races close to the North Qeynos gates. The rewards to this race (which requires a minimum of 3 people) are flowers, and the first place winners get the really Fancy ones in glass containers. This is the first year I’ve done any of the valentines stuff, you may recall that last year at this time I was playing Vanguard full time which is why I’ve never done the Valentines stuff before. I managed to gather one of all the fancy flowers, and purchased the new valentines crafting books as well making a bunch of everything. 

Ultann, Wpus and I did our regular Obelisk run where the shield did not drop (of course not!), we also did Vaults hoping for the guard for Wpus and we even got a master chest at the end of the instance but of course it had to be fabled scout pants and not the item we wanted. We also did CoA and no healer ring (or caster ring for that matter) dropped (again). We did Chelsith and the belt Ultann wants did not drop (not have we even seen it to date). Ah well. My coercer did manage to ding level 78, which was great. She’s about 30% into the level now, and getting closer to being able to wear all this gear I’ve been holding for her. 

Now I need to catch my minstrel up to the group in LoTRO, and I’d like to play a little EQ1 and VG this weekend too. Monday is ‘family day’ here in Canada and I believe in the US as well, so it’s a long weekend, should be lots of time to game! I hope everyone is having a fantastic friday, and I hope that those who are close to me forgive me for my distance over the past little while. I love and appreciate everyone in my life so much and I know just how lucky I am.