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Too Cute

Ooblets is just too cute. I love the art style and it makes me smile.

Ooblets – Cutest Game Ever

I was originally waiting for this game to release on steam, but instead the company made a deal with Epic and it’s over there on the store for a while. Because anything not on steam is pretty easily out of sight out of mind for me, I forgot it was even a thing – until they released a large update and friends began talking about it again and how much fun they were having.

I decided to buy it on the Epic store, and goodness, is it ever fun. It’s adorable, and perfect in all the ways you’d want a game to be. There’s crafting, harvesting, housing, and just a lot of jokes. Plus you perform a dance off against other ooblets in town – which is a sort of card game. Who wouldn’t love that?! I can’t wait to delve further in.

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