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Amnesia: Memories

A friend told me a few weeks ago that Amnesia: Memories was discounted to $3.99 from the regular price of $32.99 (CAD) and of course in an effort to promote otome games as well as support developers I picked it up.

[Potential spoilers below, stop here if you plan on playing through yourself]

Right now I’m going through the Spade world, which involves myself and a character named Ikkyu. He comes off as quite a playboy, barely paying attention to the main character when he’s in public because of some ‘condition’ he has that causes people to fawn all over him. As the title of the game states, you wake up having amnesia, and not knowing who you are, what you were doing, or what you should be doing. You’ve also got a new little companion by your side (Orion) that only you can see and hear. In an effort of restoring your memories they take you through different moments in your life and you play detective, trying to piece together who you are.

Ikkyu knows something is up but he can’t figure out what. You’re not behaving the same as you normally do. He has this vision of you being incredibly prudish and depending on how you answer certain social situations he’ll call you out on it. As you develop the story line with him he leaves hints that it’s some sort of competition to win you over, and so your initial views of the guy are not very high. After all, who wants to date someone who ignores them when in public and who is just trying to win them over in a game! You also work for an odd cafe as a maid. It’s one of those cafes.

I haven’t gotten very far into things yet, but this is one of the better otome I’ve played, and I’m really taking my time and enjoying the story as well as the artwork. It’s a style that I find pleasing, which isn’t always the case. Bright colours, interesting designs, and a story that I find fascinating is just one of the reasons I suggest picking it up if you haven’t yet. I do hear that one of the story lines is quite disturbing, but I haven’t gotten there yet so I can’t talk about it but I’m already fascinated even if it is completely messed up. We’ll just have to see!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Guilty Pleasure Games

We all have them. Those games we like to play, but we don’t really advertise that we play for whatever reason. So what are your guilty pleasure games?

Mine are pretty easy, you can see them on my steam profile, I’ll log in an hour here and there in between life when it allows me a break from nursing / various other baby happenings.

Faerie Solitaire – a really simple cute card game where you can collect animals and evolve them. There’s really nothing to this game, but it’s adorable, fun, and easy to play in spurts. Definitely one of my guilty pleasures.

Tripple Town – another really easy puzzle game that doesn’t require too much brain power to play it. I can easily step away if I need, and it’s cute. After all, who doesn’t like ninja teddy bears?!

Anything Otome – A few friends of mine have started playing Otome games and they’ve gotten a bigger audience over the years which is fantastic to see. I’m a sucker for a good story, and if the artwork and the voice overs are good then it’s all the better for me. Some of my favourites include Seduce Me, Always Remember Me, Date Warp, and Long Live the Queen. Sure, they’re not for everyone, but hey it wouldn’t be a guilty pleasure if it was!

So how about the rest of you out there. What games do you find yourself playing that you never imagined you’d be drawn to? Is maybe World of Warcraft that guilty little pleasure that you don’t want to admit to your friends that you find appealing (there’s nothing wrong with that, by the way, I love playing WoW, and I also play numerous other games. We’re beyond the point of only being allowed to like one single game at a time)? Let me know in comments, and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Seduce Me (The Otome)


I’m usually pretty selective on which Otome games I will play. Normally they come highly recommended from a friend or from reviews I’ve found online. With steam broadening their selection there’s a lot of (what I would consider to be) duds out there. Of course this means that I can miss out on some real gems just because of my selection process (and because there are just so many of these types of games out there).

The game Seduce Me is actually a free game on steam. There is of course a paid soundtrack if you’d like, but aside from that there’s no cost. The fact that it was free had me on edge to begin with, after all people like to be paid for their work. I was wrong. Very wrong.

The game is about a young girl who (thanks to her grandfather) gets involved with a group of incubi. The story is interesting, has a lot of humor, and it wasn’t too corny, which I appreciated. There’s even achievements for taking the different paths through the story and making specific selections. It’s also got quite a bit of length to it, and even though my first play through was cut short (I made some bad choices) by the time I was done that one play through it was 2h later and I was very impressed.

I dislike spoiling the story for anyone, so I’ll leave it with what I’ve said above. If you’re looking to test the waters with a visual novel and aren’t sure about putting money towards one yet, it’s worth it to take a glance at this one. Of course Otome games are not going to be for everyone just like FPS are not for everyone either, but I was pleasantly surprised.

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