I’ve obviously been having a lot of fun since I installed Game cam, creating numerous videos (some good, some bad) over the past few weeks. I absolutely love doing this, and I hope to have more coming in the future. One little ‘feature’ Kanad mentioned, was that I should try to film some of the old world fights in EverQuest, and post them here to my web site. I thought that was a fantastic idea, especially since I’ve already been taking screen shots for Underfoot, the 16th EverQuest expansion that is slated to go live (early access) on the 8th of December, with the full release coming the 15th.

Our first adventure was back to the Plane of Disease, to defeat Grummus. Back in the day Grummus was used in a quest for access to the Elemental Planes, he was needed for your Crypt of Decay flag. Today most of these flags are obsolete but you can still go back (as we did) and kill him for Nostalgia sake. Our ‘raid’ consisted of myself (minxes, 82 necromancer), Ninga (our tank, 84 monk), and Kanad (our slower / healer, 66 shaman) as well as two healer mercs, Journeyman tier II (just in case the AOE caused us issues).

If you take a look at the bestiary for Grummus, you can get a sense of just how difficult he was at one point in time. Sure these days we hear about people soloing him but it was a real not all that long ago. The AOE used to really hurt, and people used to actually need more then one group to clear him.

It was great to be able to defeat him again, and what do you know, my little necromancer actually needed the flag. We’ll be working our way through more old school planar progression as the days go on (and as we can find the mobs up, they’re still farmed pretty heavily) and I’ll be taking more videos of it all to post. Hope everyone enjoys this little walk down memory lane!