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The Fabled Binden Concerrentia

I spent most of yesterday questing, and completing old quests to clear out some (not a lot but some!) space in my bags that was sorely needed. Earlier on in the day I had started working on the regular Clockwork Talisman in order to one day finish off the fabled version (pictured to the right). The regular talisman used to be difficult when the planes were used for leveling up, but now that the cap is 85, well. Things are significantly easier. 

Part One – involves a bottle drop from the rats in Plane of Justice, and then two drops in Plane of Innovation, a drop in Plane of Nightmare, and a drop in Plane of disease. You turn all this in, and get to move on to part two. You also receive a lesser powered necklace, although the first time I did this quest it was an upgrade to my enchanter. That was a long time ago. 

Part Two – involves four drops. One from Plane of Valor, one from Plane of Torment, one from Plane of Tactics, and then finally some powder from the Tower of Solusek Ro. These drops were fairly frequent last night but like I said, way back when the planes were common grounds for leveling, it was far more difficult. As it was, I didn’t see a single other person in any one of these zones while I worked on the quest (hence my desire for old hot zones to remain hot zones). Since most of the access quests have been removed from all of these zones, and all you need now are proper levels it also makes getting this item a whole lot easier then it used to be way back when. 

Part Three – probably the simplest these days since there are a lot of people in the higher planes. You need a fragment drop (none fabled for the original version) from Plane of Water, Plane of Air, Plane of Fire, and Plane of Earth. Combine all this together in a special container from the npc and ta da, you’ll end up with The Binden Concerrentia. None-fabled for now. It’s quite easy to upgrade it though – if – you happen to be around during the anniversaries. 

To upgrade to the fabled version you simply need the regular version and four fabled drops from mobs in each of the planes (Earth, Water, Air, Fire) and combine it all together in a container. Since the mobs are fabled they do pack quite a punch, but are one group-able. I have this quest completed to stage two on my rogue and I still remember how difficult it was for me to get as far as I did on it. She probably won’t ever finish the first version let alone the fabled version, but I’m still glad I completed it on someone.

Aside from working on that particular quest I managed to get one of the 10th anniversary quests done, though it is a repeat from last year. The reward is a brick that gates you to plane of knowledge every 20 hours. A little excessive as far as time goes, but it was still a cute quest. You have to go to a bunch of different planes and find collectors items, and combine them in a pouch. I still wish the planes had of had more people in them. I remember killing the spiders and rock men for hours in Plane of Valor way back when, but it was (like most zones) empty when I headed there today. Ah well. 

Also managed to do a little experience grinding with Ninga and Ultann, we headed to The Mechamatic Guardian zone in Dragonscale Hills to kill for a few hours. Kameeko (enchanter) is inching her way to level 80, and Minxes (necromancer) is still plugging away to 81. These levels seem to drag by (it’s been a while since I leveled) but I devoted some time to gaining aa, so I can’t expect it to be that fast. A pre-grats to Ultann who has probably hit level 85 by the time I write this, and Ninga is close behind! I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend.

Sverag, and lots of Planes

Yesterday was another combination of things in game. I decided to stick with the necromancer and the enchanter. The first portion was spent in Sverag, Stronghold of Rage. 

Part of the Plane of Rage, access to this stronghold is gained by breaking down a door in the wall surrounding the tower of Razorthorn in The Devastation. Which faction of mobs you encounter in Sverag depends on which faction “controls” The Devastation. They do not get along with one another, and can be any of or a mixture of: 

Barbarians (Furies of the North); Bolvirk Giants (Legions of Sverag); Drachnids and Spiders (The Venom Swarm); Dwarves (Stormbreaker Furies); Evil Eyes (The Irebound); Kobolds (Wildfang); Ogres (Bonecracker Furies); Orcs and Goblins (Redfist Legionnaires); Shiliskins (Deathshed Legion); Trolls (Blood Furies); Vah Shirs (Furies of Shir); Werewolves (Ragefang); and Zombies, Spectres, Knights (Ravenous Undead

At the very center of this stronghold is Razorthorn, the Tower of Sullon Zek, host to numerous tasks. Most mobs see invisibility, travel in packs, and hit for a wallop. The experience in a well-balanced group, however, is quite worth the effort in establishing a camp here. – Zam

This came out with the Prophecy of Ro expansion, and we spent a few hours there last night waiting for a named who drops an augment that would really be nice for our fellow shadowknight (a weapon augment I believe for that nice swarm weapon we got him the night before). Alas, the named we needed decided to be reclusive and didn’t spawn. It was fun to watch the npc’s all fight with one another though. About half way through our camp the Drachnid invaded, and we had 20-30 of them on us all at once. Not through any real fault of our own as we didn’t spawn them or even agro them but they were the invading force and we were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Thankfully, a monk, shadowknight, and necromancer could feign through the invading army. The enchanter didn’t fair so well and was smushed part way through the first invasion, and I believe the cleric gated out just in time. Oh, and the monk didn’t actually feign, he decided it would be smarter to put on his gate hammer and escaped to The Overthere. Sneaky!

Afterwards we decided to try to find some more fabled to take down, and we headed to Torden, Bastion of Thunder. The zone was not too camped, but all of the ‘good’ fabled were. We did manage to find one up, and it dropped a new 1h weapon for the enchanter, a nice one at that. There were a few other items in the zone I would have really liked but we decided to head to Plane of Air next, and then following that, Plane of Fire. Why those planes? Well, I really want to get myself the fabled gate necklace. It requires having completed the regular necklace which I can do any time (although it will take a good amount of time) and it also requires 1 fabled piece from each plane as well as a container – which you can only pick up during fabled season. I have 3/4 pieces so far, the final one I require is the one from Plane of Fire. There was a raid headed through the zone when we showed up, and then afterwards it was quite camped so we didn’t stay long. Not to mention by the end of the evening I was feeling quite tired and so I decided to call it early. 

There’s still so much to do in game that I haven’t even started yet. I do want to do the anniversary events before they are gone for another year, but keep getting side tracked with other projects. Ah well, I suppose there are worse things that could be going on in game aside from being too busy!

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