GU52 hit live servers today, and I decided that instead of rushing right out to RoK zones and having to battle hordes of players who were also after the new updates, I would instead putter around the guild hall, crafting and ogling the new items from a distance. First thing I noticed is that a few previously no-trade items were made trade-able. Able to be listed on the broker, too. Neat. I attuned them since I still use them all, and set about having Wpus make me one of every book there is available for players to make.

I decided that much like my ShutterCal project, I would start an online diary – for every single day that I am online, my character will post a journal entry. Each journal will be added to her library, and I’ve decided to use 10% of the book each day per page. ABove is just a very rough first entry, I’m sure they’ll get more interesting as time goes on – or maybe they won’t.

I’m hoping that over the years that I’m playing EQ2 (I assume I’ll still be playing) I’ll have a fine collection of memories in game that I can glance through and remember fondly, friends and adventures that I’ve had along the way.

There are a lot of other ideas I have for these books, and I’m excited about them all. Ellithia is my wood elf, and that’s what she’s writing the book in. Language options are amazing. In fact the whole patch has been pretty neat, although there are a few bugs like Unrest is not working on Kithicor so I can’t try to get the new carpenter recipe book.

Once I was done playing around with the fancy new books I decided to work on the alchemist some. With 40k faction alchemists can make some pretty nice new poisons and potions that everyone can use (as compensation for the nerf to procs perhaps?) and as luck would happen, Goudia (my troubador) has that faction. She was at level 75, I’d stopped leveling her quickly after that level because she was able to make smoldering adornments and that’s all I wanted. A few quick hours later and I’d managed to hit level 79. Using a potion and having 50% bonus experience (due to my other crafters) is an amazing bonus, even without the vitality.

The amount of achievement experience that you can gain through quests and experience is a very nice change, and I’m glad they went through with the change. I worked on some Everfrost quests just to see what it was like, and was pleasantly surprised. Perhaps my characters will make the climb to 200aa before the next expansion comes out after all (though I’m not holding my breath).

I also set my research assistants to work! The coercer is expecting a copy of enraging demeanor before too long (it’s a lower level spell that doesn’t get an upgrade) while the mystic is waiting for her T8 single target ward. I headed over to Najena and set the research assistants over there to work on a new single target heal for the warden – even though I’m not playing there these days who knows when that will change (or when I’ll transfer that character and why not get a spell while I’m at it).

What has everyone else thought of the update? Anything that you particularly enjoy? Let me know!