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Norrath Grotto Live Event

If you happen to be a housing buff (or even a quest-o-holic) then there is no doubt that you had heard about the 5 new grotto that (as of yesterday) appear in Norrath the 20th of every month for players to explore and quest in. If for some reason you were unable to partake in the event this month – don’t worry, there will be another one next month, same date. When I started working on these quests I had so many questions shot my way about it that I put all of the information I knew into a player-written book, made 10 copies of it, and sold it on the broker for others who did not want to spend the time to look it up. Surprisingly enough, I sold out. Of course I also advertised the books on the channels too.

The grotto appear in Antonica, Darklight Woods, Greater Faydark, Enchanted Lands, and Nektulos Forest. Each zone has a collection quest associated with it, as well as one regular quest (aside from Darklight Woods, which has two). Each zone has a merchant with 10-15 house items for sale that use the tokens you receive from completing the quests. If you do not collect the purple shiny in the zone, you will only have a 39 minute lock out and you can go back in and complete the zone again for another house item. I am not certain if this is intended. The 2 day 12 hour lock out only sets once you have collected the purple shiny.

I have never seen so many house items at once before that I wanted to have. They were absolutely beautiful. I ran through the quest on three of my characters for this month and decided that would be more then enough for me. I love the work that must have went into an event such as this, and the giggles of pleasure from watching everyone and their new house items. There were sea shells, coral, flowers, vines, trees, grass, illusions, 20 charges of temporary mounts (that lasted a day each, fantastic for those lowbie alts since the quests scaled and were quite simple). There were plushies of every shape and size, and all of it for a very limited time only, until next month. What a fantastic idea.

I don’t think people understand the scale of the content that gets added to EQ2 every single month (or two). We have huge massive updates on a steady basis that give players not only basic bug fixes and updates to things like graphics but incredible zones, house items, gear, and even the more unique like player-written books. I think a lot of us take advantage of the fact that we expect these updates to happen – but they should NOT be expected. We pay our monthly fee and while there are those who may say the developers of the game are obligated due to the fact that this is to keep subscriptions, it’s simply not true. This content is something that is extra, and done amazingly well in EverQuest II.

On that same note, there is also the guide program in EQ, EQ2, VG, and the EQ that’s on the mac (the name escapes me right now). How many other games have a guide program, where a group of volunteers are set to interact with the player base on a daily time frame, giving away goodies, providing role play opportunities, and other games that can reward players. The time and effort that goes into these games is astounding and every once in a while we all need to sit back and appreciate that effort. I know, I know, we pay $15/m and that’s a lot of money and we should be getting everything for free and how dare anything break in the game without us the players the game would be nothing. I’ve heard it all before. I even agree with certain aspects. That doesn’t mean we can’t be thankful and appreciate what we’re getting as a player base. I hear often on 70-79 players ranting about how no one listens to them, and about how they feel ‘screwed over’. I think this opinion is slightly misguided, while individual players may feel as though no one listens to their specific set of unique problems, over all, things are not that bad.

Sorry, I got carried away there and started ranting. You certainly don’t have to agree with me, but if I’ve learned anything over the past five years it’s to be thankful, both in game and out.

The grotto quests are amazing. So amazing that I spent my time in game yesterday doing nothing but that, and decorating the museum I posted about yesterday. It was one of those nice calm relaxing days that are typically so rare. I ended up crawling into bed with a book at 9:30, and watched ‘Pretty Woman’ until I fell asleep. I couldn’t have thought of a more perfect way to spend my Saturday if I tried (except maybe down in San Diego, I’m so jealous of all of you who are headed to Fan Faire)!

Have a fantastic Father’s Day, everyone. I’ll see you in Norrath (and Telon)!

Exploring Ruin Falls (Level 44)

One thing Vanguard does not do for you, is hold your hand as you adventure. If you want to figure out where to go after being away for a while, it can be difficult. Especially if you’ve already turned in all of those rift seeker quests that rewarded you with pies that give bonus experience. Those quests used to tell you where to head for level appropriate areas. I spent a lot of yesterday spending money and flying around from place to place trying to figure out where I should be. At level 44 I’m too small for a lot of the higher places, and to big for a lot of the lower. I could head back to the Harbor but I’d already spent so much time there, it was time for a change.

Growlius suggested we head to Ruin Falls, which is located in the southern portion of Thestra. I’d been there once just flying through but had not completed any of the quests yet, so I found a rift stone and off I went.

There were only three or four quests that we could obtain right away but that was fine by me. We set off to kill some frogs first as we eased our way into the game and learned how to play together again. I’ve always loved the blood mage (there’s a reason why she’s my only level 44+ character) and they make a perfect duo with a dreadknight.

The area is all swamp land and we spent a lot of time slaying disgusting hag like creatures that looked like deformed trees with pus, I kid you not. Channels were actually quiet, although there was word of a Tipa sighting!

Most of the mobs we had to kill for the starter quests were only two dot (solo) mobs, but they came three at a time. Eventually as we progressed the quests we had to kill a few three dot mobs. When they hang out in bunches it’s hard to solo and we teamed up with a shaman who happened to be adventuring at the same time.

Once we’d completed the first few quests it was time to turn them in and prepare for the guild meeting that Safe Haven would be having. I tried to stay online for the meeting but alas about 20 minutes before it was due to start I was called away by real life and had to log off. Next time perhaps!

I’m still finding my footing in game, and still learning good areas to hang out. It’s difficult when I’ve been (semi) away for a length of time now, I would prefer to solo but rarely know of any good locations. I know they’re out there, it’s just a matter of me learning where to go once again.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend no matter where you spent your time, and here’s hoping this is the beginning of another wonderful week! Safe travels!

Another Great Thursday Night

Yesterday EQ was down for a few hours (as it was on Wednesday) for a few changes, and when the game came back up Ninga and myself headed to Lower Guk to see if we couldn’t snag a named or two that may have been up after the restart. Lucky for us, both the assassin and the supplier were up in the cuby we had been camping before, so we brought out the mercenary and made quick work of each.

The supplier dropped a 90% weight reduction bag, not incredibly amazing nor was it bad. The assassin who dropped my darkened guise of the deceiver the night before this time was sporting the darkened serrated bone dirk – which procs a very nice snare. It was a huge upgrade to my rogue who has been sporting some less then optimal daggers for a very long time now. I haven’t played her seriously in a number of years and she normally just gets items that would other wise rot.

A quick glance towards frenzy (which was camped) and we decided to scope out the Unrest revamp for a little while before it got to crowded. We camped on the roof of the mansion itself, a great view to watch all of the other players camping around, and it also allowed us one named (Reclaimed hand I believe, or something similar) that dropped a nice bracelet and a ring. We also got a few patterns to the glowing othni armor which I will pass down to an alt I believe. We scrounged up the hat, boots, and gloves. The gear is better then the defiant stuff, but not as amazing as regular drops, either way it’s upgrades to me.

When we had our fill of Unrest (which came sooner rather then later, that zone fills up fast) we headed to The Buried Sea to work on a hand augment quest that requires 20+ tasks. We managed to complete nine of the tasks, and have another 18 to go I believe. Basically each task rewards you a body part, and then you can purchase a container from an npc and combine those body parts into lesser augments. Then you can take those and combine them (from what I understand) into a super augment. It’s basically another quest that will remind you a lot of Breakdown in Communication which was another monster sized quest.

Since I haven’t spent a great deal of time in The Buried Sea I had a lot of fun, even though some of the camps are exceptionally long – especially if you’re doing the quest with friends and they all need updates. Ninga and I managed to move on to the next portion though and I was happy to do so.

I called it an early night (around 10) not wanting to over do things. Hopefully this weekend I’ll be getting some more much needed spring cleaning done and turning my balcony outside into a small garden with an area for reading / writing. We’ll see how that goes. I hope everyone has an amazing Friday, see you in Norrath!

Questing, Leveling, Options!

One of the main reasons I enjoy EverQuest is that there is simply so much to do. While there may not be player housing (which draws me to Vanguard as well as EQ2) there is so much other stuff I never feel as though I have nothing to do. This also comes with a downside though – you can feel overwhelmed, like there is too much to do. If you’re a fan of alts (and lets face it, I can’t even pretend that I’m not) this may make you feel even MORE overwhelmed because of the desire to accomplish everything on all characters. 

Take for instance crafting. It’s a long complicated process (that has gone through many changes over time) especially if you take into consideration the crafting trophies. Then there are also the aa you dedicate to the skills. Not to mention the fact that any character can learn all crafts (minus tinkering and things like alchemy and poison making). Countless hours go into farming supplies for crafting, and if not farming, well a whole lot of money goes into the process. That’s just one aspect of the game.

Questing is another complicated side. Have you heard of the quest Breakdown in Communication (also known as BiC)? It’s one of the longest quests in game and people worked for (literally) years completing it. Yesterday my group started working on a second one that came out with The Buried Sea for a hand augment. The quest chain is 39 tasks long. I think we got close to 10 of them done yesterday, maybe 8. Each quest rewarded a bit of bone that I assume gets combined into the final skeletal hand augment by the end of things. 

What makes things even more complicated is that this quest in particular is a solo quest. If you do it in a group (as I was, with two others) it takes even longer because none of the drops are group drops. You’re not just looking for 10 ultra-rare bottles of rum, you’re looking for 30. It’s one aspect of EQ I wish would change to encourage grouping a little more. 

If I’m not in the mood to quest nor to craft there’s always just plain leveling. Already at the cap of 85? No worries, there are a LOT of achievement points to obtain. Afraid of not being able to catch up? Since the points now scale based on how many you already have it’s quicker then ever to gain a few. Especially if you are in a hot zone. 

Simply exploring some place new is great too. Just watch out because you may find yourself lost (as I do, often) or being chased down by large groups of angry critters. 

The only time I find myself floundering on what to do in game is when I’m personally feeling restless and that’s simply because there is so many options I can’t settle on just one. Give me a game that offers me multiple venues to explore and that’s the game I’ll end up sticking with the longest even if it’s a combination of questing and pvp and crafting or some other weird combination. I’m sure the main reason for my choices comes from the fact that I have quite a bit of spare time to play these games. People who are a little more restricted in that aspect may dislike the fact that there are so many choices and so many paths to take. A game with fewer options can easily become appealing if you’ve only got time for so much. 

Enough with the rambling! The druid hit level 72 yesterday, exploring through The Buried Sea working on the hand augment quest and then hanging out in Valdeholm for the evening. The enchanter is practically level 79, but I just didn’t have the patience last night to try to gain the last 3% she needs. When you’re watching the experience bar it seems to just stand still.

Today? Crafting, aside from some real life chores. I’d really like to get my halfling tailor her craft trophy and there are of course numerous other side quests I’m looking forward to doing. 

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Quests and all the Rest

Admittedly a large portion of my time in various games has been spent questing. I enjoy quests, even the ones that tend to be a grind. What I don’t enjoy, is ONLY questing (example: Ruins of Kunark) in order to progress in a game. I like a mixture of things, be it quests, experience grind (just good ‘ol plain killing) crafting, and simply hanging out. It’s all of these things combined that draws me into any MMO. If I start to feel pressured to do one thing or another, chances are I’ll end up giving the game up. 

Yesterday was spent doing a combination of things in EverQuest, as well as peeking my head into some Spellborn, though I didn’t have much time to do anything before I had to go out for a few hours. First I spent some time hanging out in Stoneroot, and my little halfling druid managed to inch her way to level 71. Friends make this type of grind so much easier, I burned my lesson of the devoted and we were set. Drachnid fell every which way. It only took half an hour or so to get the level, and then the group broke up a little. Next? It was time to work on my epic. Now, I had given up on the epic the day before in frustration because the Bloodgill foragers that I needed decided to spawn inside of the walls of a building. Not fun. Today we hoped that would not happen – but if it did we would be prepared. You can order your pet to attack by text command rather then a target, and that’s what we did. It worked, thankfully. My little Bobo (name of my druids bear) headed into the wall very brave like and calling him back caused those foragers to head right for us. 

I thought that would be the most difficult portion of the day, but alas it was not. Once I’d moved past a few more steps it was time to play Hide and Seek with a bunch of Goblins in Frontier Mountains. This requires you to first make a disguise, hang out in the front of the Temple of Droga, wait for 7pm game time, and then use the disguise, mention starting a contest, and then the King sends all these Seekers out and a few Hiders. Your job? Kill the correct Hider, before the King says the game is over (30 minutes).

Well dang. I ran around with track going and managed (with the help of Ninga of course) to kill a good portion of Hiders, but it was not the specific one that I needed. 30 minutes passed by and I lost the game. Unhappy that I’d lost and the disguise at the beginning only has one charge so you have to start way at the beginning again – I decided to call it a night. It’s always better to step away during those frustrating times (I’m sure lots of people have stories like this) then risk getting upset in game. 

It was fine by me of course, I have a few books I’ve been neglecting and I ended up spending the rest of my evening playing scrabble on yahoo which was something I haven’t done in years. Today my mood has calmed some and I’m not quite so cranky at having to start all over. Not that I’ll be doing it again any time soon, teehee. 

I’ve been trying to plan out my schedule game-wise for the next three weeks. Not for my personal game play, but because I have a few Beckett Articles (few = 5) due in early April (not to mention my birthday is coming up, dang I feel old!) and I have a review for MMORPG that needs to be completed. I love the way I have a few weeks of quiet and then everything comes all at once. Typically it begins with me emailing my editor about a separate issue and then the casual ‘Oh by the way, we need it a week earlier and we need five pieces not two’ comes into the conversation. I am quite used to it now, and it’s actually something I adore about this line of work. Gets the blood going!

In any case, I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend and enjoying some of that nice weather if you’ve been so blessed. Hopefully I’ll get some more game time in this weekend, I’ve got a few projects on the go that need some work first.

Safe travels!

Questing Away in Prophecy of Ro

Yesterday was my first foray into the Prophecy of Ro expansion, even though it’s been out since 2006. Well, it was my first ‘real’ adventure in it, I do have a few of the evolving crafting trophies that were released at that time in place of the old tokens that players used to wear. The story to the expansion is wonderful, here’s what zam had to say about it:

Mayong Mistmoore’s release into godhood has turned the gods’ focus back to the mortal realm. Druzzil Ro foresaw the devastation of the world and in turn beckoned all mortals to her Plane of Magic, a plane ruled by her creations, the scrykin. 

The scrykin have a problem, though. As they age, they succumb to madness, paranoia, and instability — something which led the first born scrykin, Daosheen, to lock himself in the tower of Skylance. As the elder scrykin continued to deteriorate mentally, the dragons of Relic assumed more political power. They, however, are at odds one another as they each want control of the magical channeling platforms built within the city. And so it is the second born scrykin, Porthio, who has assumed the role as governor of Relic while at the same time remaining focused on his studies. 

In addition to the Plane of Magic portal, another passage appeared in Freeport, one which leads to the home of Sullon Zek — the Plane of Rage. It is said that when one mortal kills another in a fit of rage, the killer is sent here when they die. The Seething Wall which lines the plane covers the killer in an all-consuming darkness. They feel cold, leathery flesh, and the pinch and scrape of armor against their bodies, crushing them from every direction. With the stench of death in the cold air and the calling of Sullon Zek’s rage, they soon feel an urgent need to destroy and vent their unrelenting rage, as well as a desire to fight for Sullon Zek and earn her respect. Sullon Zek remains in the tower of Razorthorn within her plane’s stronghold, alongside those who are most dedicated to increasing their rage and learning how to focus it. 

Another magical passage formed in the Desert of Ro. Druzzil Ro wasn’t the only god to take action after Mayong Mistmoore was released into godhood. Tunare, too, saw the need to beckon mortals to her realm. Using rains from Karana and magic from Druzzil Ro, a sandstorm was created in the desert, revealing the ruins of the Elddar city Takish-Hiz. Also created was a portal into the past and the glory of the Elddar Forest and great elven city as it stood in the Age of Monuments, before Solusek Ro created the Serpent’s Spine Mountains and turned the forest into a desert. 

There is one god who has already fallen to the corruption of Mayong Mistmoore. She is Ayonae Ro, the ruler of the once-beautiful Plane of Music, a place which has turned into a dark, bloody cesspool of terror and rage while Ayonae remains holed up in the plane’s tower of Deathknell. 

The very power of mortals that the gods despised for unleashing Mayong Mistmoore into godhood is being called upon to save them and the world.

You can read more about the expansion over here on the zam site, and don’t cringe too hard as you read Mayong Mistmoore is one of the leads to yet another story. In both EQ and EQ2 he seems to be a very popular character. My dynamic trio was down to a duo as one friend deals with life for the next little while, so we were down one person. To start the day Ninga asked what gear I was wearing for jewelery and I sheepishly lined my level 40 items that I’d been sporting since early last week. He ran us through some Depths of Darkhollow missions and upgraded a whole lot of items on both my enchanter and my necromancer. Both of them managed to get a few aa as well – then he suggested we head to Arcstone, and work on an evolving cloak. 

I have to admit, I have a special fondness for evolving items in EQ. Yes, I realize they are a PAIN to level and take huge amounts of time and effort. Before I started playing EQ I played a MUD called Redemption. It was based here in Ottawa, and had a pretty good following of players. I met a lot of amazing people at ‘mud meets’ – I even coded for them and created a zone based around “Gulliver’s Travels”, as well as an old broken down gnome amusement park. Anyhow, there were evolving weapons added to this mud over time. You’d wear them and they’d develop as you slaughtered creatures (or players) and it was just something I really enjoyed. I loved that weapons could have a ‘mind’ of their own and change. So the fact that evolving items are in EQ really makes me feel nostalgic about the mud. 

The quest was fairly simple, though I can see how it would have been quite difficult in 2006. You have to go around killing 5 named, each of which represent an element, and each does unique attacks during their encounter. For example, wind came with four adds that you had to defeat first before you could damage the gigantic creature (or you could spend an hour trying to whittle him down), fire re-spawned a number of times and did a few AoE, Earth had an AoE root and so on. The battles were great, and even the base cloak was an upgrade for me. 

Today my parents come back from their cruise (much later) and I’m taking my baby brother out for Pho for lunch, it should be a nice day. Even with the snow (yes, lots of snow still falling here, ah well). Safe travels and I hope everyone is having an incredible weekend!

Plains of Anguish

Managed to team up on Saturday with Growlius and Agaton from Safe Haven and work on some of my Plains of Anguish quests (which I had a lot of). We finally cleared out enough to be working on the Brotherhood quests, which we all had multiples of. One thing that I didn’t know is that the named in the area have a chance to drop an unmarked piece of gear which is used in a quest to give you a skeleton illusion clicky. I’m all about clickies, I love them, have ever since EQ1 and all of those rogue masks that I camped for hours (and days) on end. 

The group was Growlius as his Dreadknight, and Agaton is a Psionicist. Apparently mez doesn’t work on undead, which I wasn’t aware of. I played healer, blood mage. Growlius got level 42, which of course meant new spells for him, and I managed to hit level 44! Brings me one level closer to being able to do my swamp armor quests at 45, and I got to purchase some new spells. I actually only had four quests to pick up, a little disappointing but it looks like 46 will be nice. I am really excited to be getting closer to 50, even if the experience has slowed down drastically. I also want to work on my crafting this week and make the push to 50 in that. It’ll be nice to be hitting 50/50 at pretty close to the same time. I’m not sure yet if I plan on getting diplomacy up to 50 but I probably will. It would be really nice to have a 50/50/50 character in Vanguard. Why? Because (for me personally at least) it’s a huge accomplishment and takes a lot of work. Guild was talking about how level 50’s are bored and typically playing nothing but alts, but since I’ve never had a level 50 character before, I have a feeling I’ll still play mine for quite some time. We’ll have to see. 

There was one death yesterday of the psionicist because lets face it they’re cloth wearers and I just couldn’t heal fast enough when they had so much agro, but aside from that I had a blast and I hope everyone else did too. 

I’m not sure where to head to after PoA, but I should work on that skeleton illusion mask some time I suppose.

Boats move, and Faction in Tehatamani Harbor

Just hours after I made this post yesterday about how someone had parked their boat right on top of the riftway and I found it frustrating, I came back to the harbor to find that they had moved their boat (or someone had moved it for them, either way)! It made me giggle and I just had to get a screen shot of it. 

I did the first two quests in Tehatamani Harbor, turned them in and got two shards. Right clicked the necklace I had also gotten from the Lucent Circle and it upgraded the piece for me. Went to a new NPC, picked up two more quests. These quests only reward coin, and they appear to be repeatable tasks. One makes you kill 100 creatures around the pyramids, and the other makes you collect 50 vials of liquid from these same creatures. As a blood mage I’m primarily a healer, but it’s basically a necromancer healer. You heal via life taps off of mobs. If I’m not damaging mobs, I’m not healing. The mobs are level 46 or so around this area, at level 43 that’s red. Still, they’re two dots and can be taken down, it just means that my spells don’t always land, and the fights tend to be a little drawn out. I killed the first 100 mobs and gathered my 50 vials in about an hour and a half, maybe slightly more. Went back to the NPC who gave me my 5 silver (ew, repairs were 9 silver) and gave me the exact same quests.

Double ew. I wasn’t sure why they were just giving me the same quests over again, so I checked online and it looks like I need level 44 in order to move up in the ranks. 

That’s alright. I headed off next to Vsurog Moor, which is where I’ll be living pretty much from 45-50. At level 45 I can begin to work on faction for the swamp armor that everyone talks about. I’ll be going into more detail about this when I get there. It’s pretty nice armor, and should keep me fairly busy. Rumor has it that Growlius (Dreadknight partner in crime) may be coming back to the game this weekend. That would totally rock, I may put out some nice dps some times but I can’t actually tank, being a cloth wearer and all. For the odd person out there who IS playing VG (I know the numbers may be few) if you’re looking for a friendly guild with a very active player base, check out Safe Haven on the Seradon server. 

Safe Haven has branches in multiple games (like a lot of guilds do these days) and have been established for quite a long time. In Vanguard there are over 585 members (as of today, yesterday someone deleted a few alts if you recall it being at 588!) and there is typically anywhere from 7-20 people on every night. I’d like to say ‘most’ people are PST, but there are a good amount in other time zones too. They’re friendly, organize guild events, and have a guild hall. They also have the trophies that get placed in halls, giving members some awesome buffs. You can either group up and hang out, or just do your own thing and have a social network, either way it’s fantastic. Just be careful, I hear Joodah bites. 

After the few brief quests I did yesterday along with the killing, I’m 40% into level 43. I can’t complain that’s a pretty good portion into the level. I know 40-50 takes the longest, but I’m confident that before too long I’ll be there.

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Round Two: Cavern of the Afflicted

That’s always the way it happens. Monday the ‘daily double’ (which seems to reward 2 shards for some people, while others only get 1 shard) was Cavern of the Afflicted – which is the zone I did Tuesday. Tuesday’s daily double was Halls of the Forsaken – which is the zone i did Monday. Ah well. I dusted Arysh (warden) off after dinner and headed to the zone. At least the zone in issues seem to be slightly under control. It does still take a few minutes to get anywhere, but it wasn’t near the 10 minute mark from the night before. Cavern of the Afflicted is a shadowknight’s dream. This zone has so many mobs. Warlocks love it too. We constantly pulled 2-3 groups at once and Shadowgeist was parsing 8-14k an encounter. Very fun stuff. 

I want to thank the people at SOE who linked my site on their Tuesday Town Crier (it’s posted weekly) with six of my posts. I really appreciate the EQ2 community and readers. 

I’m collecting a fair amount of void shards now, I’m almost up to 10. I haven’t even looked at the merchants to see what they offer and what would be upgrades. I believe that there are some pieces that cost less then what I have right now, so I should look into it today. I also want to find a crafter who can make the pieces for me so that I don’t have to pay extra shards. A lot of the crafters that can be hired on Najena are asking for 1p per piece, and I’m of two minds about this. The craft books are not especially hard to get, and they cost practically nothing to actually craft the piece. On the other hand, money is not hard to come by in EQ2 especially from level 70+ so why shouldn’t they charge this amount. I’m still hoping I can find friends and guild mates who have the books rather then paying coin for simple combines. 

Cavern of the Afflicted is a fairly easy zone, though I was reminded some times how frustrating it can be to play a healer. During one encounter (the one that burrows) group members are hit with a noxious dot. This drains your power, and it drains it fast. The problem is that my group did not have a group noxious cure. The way I typically fight this worm is to bring it upstairs to the room with the well in it, and any time the worm ‘burrows’ and it’s stone shield is up, train it around the room in circles so that players avoid the nasty things that happen (knock backs, aoe’s etc). When they do this, their noxious aoe also goes off. One of the group members said in group that if the group didn’t get cured fast enough (while we all had the dot of course) that we’d not have any power, and would die. 

Well, I know that. However when an entire group is spread out over a well, some times not everyone is range. Not to mention we’re constantly running around for that encounter, and I have to cure everyone one at a time. I wish I could do it all but alas it takes a second or two. For the most part I think I am fairly prompt on the cures, they’re one of the most important aspects for healers in EQ2 especially from level 70+ if you’re not curing things are going to go bad, and fast. 

We defeated the encounter, and got the same cinch that just dropped off of another trash mob, even though the encounter was a named one. 

Ugh. Transmuted it went. 

Unlike my first trip through the zone, we found the key for the treasure chest at the end of this one along our way, and each of us got our two shards. Now it’s just time to find something to spend them all on! I’m still debating leveling up my templar, but I think I’ve come to an easier solution then just quest grinding in RoK or even TSO. The templar is sitting at level 77 and is on my ‘main’ account. She gets a 30% experience bonus for adventuring due to the others on the account who are already max level. I have been looking for an excuse to level my swashbuckler (newly betrayed from brigand) on the 2nd account. Swashbucklers get stances (All dps scouts do, except bards) and taunts, making them some what effective tanks, especially at lower levels. She’s 45, and has a lot of leveling to go. Even if the experience is significantly reduced for the templar, leveling along with a 45 dps is better then leveling alone, or leveling through more quest grinding. Don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy the ‘questing to level’ method that’s implemented in EQ2 (I know a lot of people are quite tired of that) and I love seeing my achievements from leveling. Some times, I just want to play EQ1-style. Find a nice camp some place, sit down, and pull to the location for hours. EQ2 doesn’t do this very well, groups are constantly moving. Also not a bad thing, just different then another game. 

Hope everyone else is having a great week thus far, happy gaming in whichever game you happen to play!

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Exploring Tehatamani Harbor

Screen shot is of someones annoying boat. The fact that they own a boat is great. The problem is that they parked it RIGHT on top of the riftway (that red column in the back end of the ship). When you port in, you end up getting a ‘you are on a boat wee’ compass that shows up and if you’ve never been to this particular area before, it’s annoying. Have a little curtsey and park your boats some place else! Like NOT right on the riftway. Shesh. 

I began my slow trek to 50. On some advice of a friend I made my way to Tehatamani Harbor, although I’m too low to get most of the quests there the area DOES have a fantastic story. The chunk itself is located in Qalia, bottom left hand area. A little piece of land that juts out into the ocean. It’s beautiful. There’s a group of people who belong to the Lucent Circle hanging out, they have a little camp all set up. The very first introductory quest gives you a necklace (well, it gave me one at least, two choices of them) and as you work on tasks for this group of people, you can combine the shards (rewards from tasks) and upgrade your necklace. I’ve only done the first few quests so far, but the necklace is already an upgrade for me. 

The Lucent Circle is made up of Paladins who are there to right wrongs and do all that good holy stuff. Apparently they have opened recruitment to anyone who wants to help, and not everyone within their ranks are happy about that. The Lucent Circle is there to fight against the Tehatamani Empire. Basically like an old Robin Hood story, the Empire steals artifacts from other cultures and takes them for their own. They ransack and pillage civilizations and cultures, amassing great wealth. The Tehatamani are at war with the Vakrin, who were the last civilization that they stole from. They managed to get some sort of sacred artifact that gave them huge powers that they shouldn’t have. 

The first task sent me to learn a little about their history, and then head off to some pyramids in the distance that were surrounded by snakes and bugs. Apparently their grounds keepers are on holiday and they want me to kill the diseased creatures. I did notice a raid mob also pathing around the pyramids (or maybe it was just a group mob, I forget what so many dots over the mobs heads mean now, it was at least five) and I stayed well clear of them. I killed 12 creatures, learned my history lesson, and upgraded my necklace. I love these types of quests, and the story is pretty good. I need to earn more rank with the Lucent Circle, so I picked up the next round of quests. They’re level 46 though, and I’m level 43 which means they’re red to me. They want me to kill more creatures, and I think I should be able to do that easily enough. I’ll need a few more levels before I advance too much further, so I’ll have to find some place a little lower to gain some experience. The next round of quests sends me back to collect some vials of liquid and take care of 100 of the icky creatures that surround the pyramids. 

The kills all net me faction with the Lucent Circle as well, and there’s some nice heroic gear on a vendor if I turn in tokens to them. We’ll see how it goes!

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