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Still So Much To See

One of the reasons I have kept my love affair with EverQuest II for so long is the simple fact that there is SO much to see and do – even after all of this time. When I play other MMOs I mention from time to time that I get bored because I don’t want to always pvp, I don’t want to always craft, I don’t want to always group, or always solo. What I want is to be able to do whatever I feel like doing at that exact moment, and move from there. EQ2 is one of the few games that allows me to do this on a daily basis.

There are days when I want to go quest-crazy, and complete as many quests as I can, and there are a LOT of quests in EQ2. In fact looking at the EQ2 Questlist there are 6184 quests total recorded. Some of those are of course class specific quests, and ones that were removed from game or were only around for a limited time, but they still count. If you’re a fan of shiny collections (and lets face it, who isn’t?!) there are 421 shiny collections in game. I have barely completed 200 on any one of my characters. That’s a lot of shinies to work towards! Then of course there are days I would rather not go near quests at all, typically after one of my binges, hehe.

While no game has involved crafting into the actual game play as much as I would have personally liked, EQ2 comes the closest by adding crafter orientated quests to the game that players can complete without too much difficulty no matter their adventure level. It’s not perfect by any means but it sure comes close. If I feel like grinding out a few crafting levels while watching a movie it’s a perfectly viable option.

There is a fair selection of group and solo content – and if I run out of solo content I can always go back and do the group content that I may have out leveled (thus making it easier for me) and I’ll still get achievement points for doing so. I’m really looking forward to the update that will allow players to mentor to a specific level and thus complete content as level appropriate without having to always have a lowbie in group. It will be nice to complete old raids, be able to farm masters that may not get upgrades (enraging demeanor anyone?) and just pretend to be a lower level for once.

In fact how many times have you started playing a game your friends were on only to have to play alone while they play their mains – or have to constantly play ‘catch up’ before you could actually play together. I think the mentor system that EQ2 has is something that a lot of people over look. The ability to play with your friends no matter what level they may be is something that I really cherish. It doesn’t matter if I have 100 level 80 characters (scary thought) I can at least help out on my main character and not have to re-create a lowbie.

I spent this weekend cleaning up my two EQ2 accounts a little. I deleted three characters (including an 80 sage but we won’t talk about that!) that I had very little interest in playing any more (my 58 swashbuckler, 61 necromancer, and 61 bruiser). It freed up a little space on my second account should an urge ever overcome me again to create another alt (and of course it will) and trimmed down a little so I can actually clearly tell what level 80’s I have. On my main account I have 7 level 80’s as well as my level 74 paladin – a full account in other words. On my second account I only have 1 level 80 (the mystic) but hey I suppose there’s a goal to work the other 6 up. Of course when the next EQ2 expansion comes out I’ll have 10 levels to try to gain on everyone including new gear and new spells, but maybe by then I’ll settle down with a ‘main’ and turn all those into crafters.

Hah. Right.

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend, here’s hoping it’s also a fantastic week!

Just a Glimpse!

Busy night and not sure if I’ll get around to posting first thing tomorrow morning (which is my usual routine) so as a teaser post here’s a screen shot of just a small portion of GU52!

Once I get my other articles done I’ve got a whole slew of GU52 information to process and I’ll be posting it over on the new (and improved) Beckett MOG forums, and of course mentioning it here on my site. This is a major GU, and it’s going to be wonderful to see it all go live (slated for the 16th for those who are curious – but that is always subject to change so don’t write it in stone quite yet!) if you’re curious about everything that’s going on yourself, remember you can always head over to the test copy server and peek around!

See you in Norrath!

Right where I Left It

If your Vanguard account has been closed for two months or more, you may find yourself with a free month currently. Until July 1st all VG accounts (that have been closed for 2+ months) have been re-activated, allowing players to experience some of the wonderful changes in game. If you were at maximum level, you’ll find that they’ve been extended by 5, with new places to explore, new loot, and new spells. If you’re of a lower level and never had the opportunity to explore the Isle of Dawn (which is a very pretty beginner zone) why not take the chance.

I met up with Growlius in game, a good friend and guildmate of mine. We didn’t go exploring but hung out in one of the major cities of Qalia which was just as much fun. Getting used to keys and controls is pretty simple because it follows EQ2 in many regards (at least my personal keybindings do) and the main difference is that you keep both offensive and defensive targets at the same time.

The guild I belong to on Vanguard is huge, I’ve spoken about them before (they have an EQ2 branch as well on Antonia Bayle) called Safe Haven. Yesterday was no exception to the rule as 10-20 people were around leveling, crafting, questing and just talking. It was great to see. They’ve picked up quite a few new applicants over the last weeks as well which is always wonderful to hear.

I spent some time wandering around the city marveling at performance since I’ve gotten the new video card. I had no issues whatso ever, no crashes, no lag. It was very nice. I’ve always been a big supporter of VG even during the rough times, and I doubt that will change any time soon.

I haven’t noticed the RMT that was implemented in game at all. From what I understand the majority of players do not even use it, preferring to do things ‘the good ‘ol way’ which is through a lot of hard work. The craft channel was bustling, and people seemed to be in a general good mood. I still think the community atmosphere of VG is the best out there, right along side EQ’s community. I quickly glanced through my quest journal getting familiar with the tasks that I had been on so long ago. Maybe I’ll finally inch my way to level 45 so I can begin working on some swam armor. We’ll see!

LotRO: The Minstrel Hits 15

Last night was my night to play Lord of the Rings Online with Kasul, and I was looking forward to it. Not that I don’t deeply enjoy all of my other games, I certainly do. The game is fresh and new to me, and the graphics (although they bugged a LOT last night due to my faulty card, it was no fault of the game) are absolutely incredible. I actually run the game better then I run EQ or EQ2 which surprised me. 

Kasul and I started at level 13, we had a handful of quests that took us out killing spiders, bears, wolves, and a few undead. We had a few close encounters, it seems at later levels crowd control comes in handy. Or I need to learn how to not cause so much agro from adds. Being a minstrel and constantly watching the health of others would mean that at times I would fail to watch my own health and suddenly look at it to see it dipping around the 10% mark. Woopsie! I’m still getting the hang of my skills, but it’s not too difficult. Right now I have some tier one and tier two ballads. I have ballads that trigger when I use a tier one, and then others that trigger when I use a tier two. So I’ve tried to put them into some semblance of order. I have two heals, which I keep together as well. I’ll admit now, I haven’t had a great deal of use for the heals yet unless I’ve been working on the epic quest line, some of the instances we did in progression last night were a little painful with 4-5 mobs rushing our little NPC guide at once but the majority has been fairly easy – not to mention our questing has taken us quite far in levels, so the encounters we’re currently dealing with are below our levels. Some quests are quickly turning grey – NOT that I mind, I love quests. 

I’ve got explorer as my craft, mostly so I could make light and medium armor as well as gather resources to sell. Kasul picked up Tinker, and has been making us some nice jewelery to wear. We spend a lot of time taking down the creatures of the woods and running after mines, all in the hopes of gaining a few precious points in crafting. 

It wasn’t long before we found ourselves at level 15, and each of us had a class quest to complete. Mine was fantastic, I had to head off to Bree to the Prancing Pony to meet up with Piper Prescott. Seems that he was short material for a new song so he would be sending me off with Leland Underhill to find new material. This was a solo instance, and I left the Fellowship a little while in order to complete it. Kasul went off on his level 15 class quest as well. I’ve mentioned before how engaging I find the quests, and that holds true still. I love the stories, and I love being drawn into the stories. For those who typically may not read the quest text, I find that LotRO’s method of presenting the quests to you makes you want to read them. Even if they are not all instanced with flashy backgrounds. I typically read quest text anyhow, just because. What can I say I’m weird that way. 

So it was that I followed Leland Underhill (hobbit of course) through some murky underground area swarming with bandits. I wondered what we could be after. Stolen goods? It must have been some precious family heirloom. He trudged on with determination. Each time we met with the bandits they relinquished their evil ways and fell to the side, this fearsome hobbit dragging an elf behind him who was frantically taking notes in order to compose some material for Piper. I had this huge ballad made up in my head, about this brave little (har) soul, and this monumental task he was undertaking. Through it all I eluded that the item must be of great importance and so very special – and then I learned what it was.

Leland Underhill was after his lunch.

Apparently that was the ‘precious’ stolen item that had been taken from him. 

I glared at the hobbit after that and refused to speak to him. Risking my life for his lunch was not how I had envisioned this afternoon going. I hastily scribbled more notes, left the hobbit to whatever the bandits had planned for him once the lunch was evenly dispersed among the troops, and headed back to Piper, who presented me with a very nice weapon, as well as the ability to wear medium armor – except I can’t find that ability anywhere and it seems that I don’t even have it. 


I have no idea what happened to it, if it was something I physically obtained and some how lost (I assumed it would be passive) but I clearly have no ability to wear medium armor. I know it was on the list of rewards, some where. Ah well, a mystery to figure out some other time. 

Edit: Thank you to all the comments below! I went back to the traits person and noticed the tabs across the right hand side – and low and behold there was medium armor under class. Thanks again! 11 silver? Ouch! Things are so pricey right now!

Kasul was feeling ill by the end of the evening, so he left early and I did a little crafting before switching over to my rune-keeper. She was level 7 and I played her to level 9, picking up the Historian craft along the way. Rune-Keeper is a lot of fun so far, the graphics to her spells keep me entertained, watching little runes fly around and huge bolts of lightning shoot from the sky. I haven’t played her long enough to be able to delve very far into the character, but again, so far it’s fun.

In other news – GU51 goes live today (baring some huge disaster) in EQ2! I know a lot of people are looking forward to that. Should be great! Not sure when I’ll get a chance to explore it, but I’m looking forward to the Lavastorm revamp (much as I did the Everfrost revamp).

The Fabled Binden Concerrentia

I spent most of yesterday questing, and completing old quests to clear out some (not a lot but some!) space in my bags that was sorely needed. Earlier on in the day I had started working on the regular Clockwork Talisman in order to one day finish off the fabled version (pictured to the right). The regular talisman used to be difficult when the planes were used for leveling up, but now that the cap is 85, well. Things are significantly easier. 

Part One – involves a bottle drop from the rats in Plane of Justice, and then two drops in Plane of Innovation, a drop in Plane of Nightmare, and a drop in Plane of disease. You turn all this in, and get to move on to part two. You also receive a lesser powered necklace, although the first time I did this quest it was an upgrade to my enchanter. That was a long time ago. 

Part Two – involves four drops. One from Plane of Valor, one from Plane of Torment, one from Plane of Tactics, and then finally some powder from the Tower of Solusek Ro. These drops were fairly frequent last night but like I said, way back when the planes were common grounds for leveling, it was far more difficult. As it was, I didn’t see a single other person in any one of these zones while I worked on the quest (hence my desire for old hot zones to remain hot zones). Since most of the access quests have been removed from all of these zones, and all you need now are proper levels it also makes getting this item a whole lot easier then it used to be way back when. 

Part Three – probably the simplest these days since there are a lot of people in the higher planes. You need a fragment drop (none fabled for the original version) from Plane of Water, Plane of Air, Plane of Fire, and Plane of Earth. Combine all this together in a special container from the npc and ta da, you’ll end up with The Binden Concerrentia. None-fabled for now. It’s quite easy to upgrade it though – if – you happen to be around during the anniversaries. 

To upgrade to the fabled version you simply need the regular version and four fabled drops from mobs in each of the planes (Earth, Water, Air, Fire) and combine it all together in a container. Since the mobs are fabled they do pack quite a punch, but are one group-able. I have this quest completed to stage two on my rogue and I still remember how difficult it was for me to get as far as I did on it. She probably won’t ever finish the first version let alone the fabled version, but I’m still glad I completed it on someone.

Aside from working on that particular quest I managed to get one of the 10th anniversary quests done, though it is a repeat from last year. The reward is a brick that gates you to plane of knowledge every 20 hours. A little excessive as far as time goes, but it was still a cute quest. You have to go to a bunch of different planes and find collectors items, and combine them in a pouch. I still wish the planes had of had more people in them. I remember killing the spiders and rock men for hours in Plane of Valor way back when, but it was (like most zones) empty when I headed there today. Ah well. 

Also managed to do a little experience grinding with Ninga and Ultann, we headed to The Mechamatic Guardian zone in Dragonscale Hills to kill for a few hours. Kameeko (enchanter) is inching her way to level 80, and Minxes (necromancer) is still plugging away to 81. These levels seem to drag by (it’s been a while since I leveled) but I devoted some time to gaining aa, so I can’t expect it to be that fast. A pre-grats to Ultann who has probably hit level 85 by the time I write this, and Ninga is close behind! I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend.

Brew Day Fun!

Who says there’s no such thing as flying pigs? Wandering around in Norrath today I managed to complete the Brew Day quests before they were vanquished for yet another year. Before I headed out to do these quests I did also manage to get a few guild writs done, inching Nostalgia further along level 42. Since I’ve been playing EQ lately, I haven’t really been in EQ2, but I know the guild is (for the most part) self-sufficient and regular members (Tipa, Kasul, and Ecor)  know that I tend to bounce around from game to game depending on where my whim takes me for the month. Looking through the guild hall I decided I should try to get back into decorating a little bit of it too some time. 

Today though, today was all about the booze. Or rather, walking around in a booze enhanced state where everything was blurred and I didn’t have to wonder (for once) if it was my video card acting up (again). 

I headed to the Commonlands on Silhouette (the coercer) and zoned into the Bar of Brell. It’s a special zone that you can only gain access to this time of year. There were a few new quests to pick up as well as the quests that I’d completed yesterday. The best part about these quests of course is the fact that they (typically) reward a choice of house item. 

The quests listed above were the ones associated with Brew Day, and I loved doing each one of them – in particular Snoogle’s Presentation, because it rewarded me with a pink elephant plushy that I added to my (fast growing) collection of plushies. 

The reward from Ale Goggles was very nice too, I added a fancy looking jug to Silhouette’s table and had a lot of fun doing the quests. Logging in to LoN (Legends of Norrath) also rewarded me with my free loot cards for today – in EQ2 it was a vision of the void (which you may remember being similar to the vision of fury) that makes black darkness shoot out your eyes. In EQ the item is a blue crystal staff that shoots of some particle effects. I’m not sure if today is the last day to claim items, but I believe it is so don’t forget!

After placing all of the new items in my house I took a glance around a few of the half finished housing projects I have ongoing (and have had ongoing for quite a while now). I need to get Goudia’s home done some time, I created an amazing little miniature library for her and then left the rest of the home relatively bare. I’ve always loved the housing in EQ2 and I doubt that will ever change. 

Anyhow, it was great to wander around Norrath 2.0 today, and I hope everyone is having an amazing Friday! Here’s hoping the weekend is just as fantastic. 

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