I didn’t get a whole lot of time to game yesterday, I spent most of it working on an article for MMORPG.com, and the rest of it sending interview questions out to the folks at Wizard101, and a few EQ2 players (brigands and swashbucklers) for upcoming articles for Beckett MOG. When I finally did manage to log into EQ for a little bit before bed, I saw there was a guide event going on. Having been a guide myself for EQ2 I love seeing that things are still active, even if it’s not as active as it would have been in its prime. I think a lot about getting back into it – I miss it. I miss role playing as a guide. But, I don’t think I honestly have the time. So for now thinking about it is all I can do.

I cleaned out my banks which were a disaster, because the bank space is so very limited in EQ I end up spending a few hours every week doing this. Deciding what I should keep and what I should just throw away. Being a pack rat by nature is bad, especially when I try to keep every little bit of craft material that comes my way from multiple expansions because “I never know when it will come in handy” I have two craft supply holders I’ve created as well, just to pass materials off to. After I’d finally sorted out what was going where I headed to Stoneroot for a little bit of experience with Ultann and Ninga. Ultann ended up having to go AFK and after a short stint of smacking Drachnid around I decided that I should probably just call it an early night (again) and sleep. I’m typically a morning person and up fairly early, so going to bed around 2-3am leaves me with only 2-3 hours of sleep for a night. 

Hopefully I’ll get a little more gaming in today, I spent a little under an hour patching up LoTRO last night so that it could be ready for today – so far the “free weekend” hasn’t started – or at least my account (which is in good standing) isn’t active yet, so we’ll see how that goes. 

Hope everyone has a happy Thursday!