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January Gaming in Review

January saw me playing a whole lot of games with “world” in the title. I started off the month strong, playing World of Warcraft – Shadowlands. Sadly, I don’t really enjoy the expansion that much. I find anima difficult to obtain, and there are far too many timegates put in place. There’s also a lot of new currency, and I think it’s needless. I did level up some alts through pet battles, and I had fun logging in weekly to obtain loot from the world boss, but I don’t find that that there is a lot of staying power, yet. Who knows if that will change. I’ve been flip flopping between a few characters, mostly my monk and my demon hunter. I also paid just over a million gold to move all of my horde characters from Argent Dawn, to Hyjal. I just wanted to have everyone together on the same server. I now have all of my alliance over on Argent Dawn, and my horde are all on Hyjal. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make gold better on a high population server, and Hyjal is most certainly that – especially compared to AD. I’m just better at making gold on AD and always have been.

I also played a LOT of Wurm Online. I started off playing on the Southern islands on my Indy deed, nothing really special just doing generic deed work. I expanded to a second deed because I wanted a mine, but now that I’ve had it a while I might just disband it. It’s some ways away from home and I’ve been waiting for buildings to decay that are going to take over a year. Worth it? Not exactly. After that I started playing over on the Northern (newer) servers with my Fo priest. I managed to find a 24/7 sermon going on, and I joined up and then subscribed a few alts. For the past month I’ve been doing sermons as often as possible, every three hours. I reached 100 faith for the very first time. This is a HUGE goal of mine. It means I can cast summon soul, and I can also cast lifetransfer without requiring extra characters.

While doing sermons over on Harmony, I met up with Arbi, a friend from Sklotopolis, the Wurm Unlimited server that I frequent. They told me about the fantastic work that the developers have been doing despite the fact that WU is no longer supported in an official capacity. I was drawn in, despite losing my amazing deed – when I logged in the exact location that I had deeded previously was still free. I took it as a sign, and now I’ve dedicated myself to building my place up the exact way that I had it before. I really loved that deed and one of my biggest gaming regrets is letting it fall.

Single player games? I didn’t play many, but I did delve into RimWorld for a bit, and some Sims 4. With covid knocking on my community door, I spent most of my time inside trying to avoid everything going on in the real world. I can think of worse ways to spend my time.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Life on The Rim

I must be rusty, my latest colony didn’t even last 15 minutes before someone was kidnapped, their dog murdered, their brother had a heart attack…

Just another day on the Rim.

An Update for 2020

We’re nearing the end of January, and I know I’ve been mostly silent for the past few months – and I’m hoping that changes. I said that in 2019 too, and I managed it for months until it all fell apart, so we’ll just see how it goes.

An Extra Life Weekend

This weekend was one that I certainly won’t be forgetting any time soon. The Combat Wombat Extra Life team did amazing, and almost reached our total goal. I had a pretty low threshold for my own goal, but I reached it and that makes me happy. After all, every little bit helps. I was raising money for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation – a place very near and dear to my heart since Leo was in the NICU for three weeks after being born and if we had any issues he would have been sent there. They do great work. Anyway, I streamed some RimWorld and then my husband donned his Daddy costume and played Dream Daddy: A Dating Sim on stream. You can catch the videos of that over on my twitch page and my YouTube channel. It was hilarious.

I’m so proud of our community. We don’t always play the game games or have the same interests but it was absolutely amazing to come together for an event like this. When I wasn’t streaming or watching my husband be silly I tuned in to the other Wombats and friends who were participating. You all did wonderful and I hope everyone had fun.

There’s still time to donate over at my page, and you can also check out the Combat Wombat team page for progress. I’m already looking forward to playing next year. I did intend to get some Fortnite played but I had to quickly change my plans because my Llama Bean had other ideas. Ideas that involved him sitting on my lap, and typically that means one hand to hold him and the other hand to game with. Fortnite is one of those games where you need both hands.

Did you raise money for Extra Life? How was your experience? Let me know in comments, and as always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

Oh, and another HUGE thank you to everyone who donated. You guys, are amazing. This smile I have today is because of you.

How Streaming Helped my Mental Health

I haven’t been streaming for that long, but honestly it couldn’t have started at a better time in my life. Sure, I have a brand new baby boy, my husband is away at depot for 6 months, and I can barely form a single complete thought let alone carry on an adult conversation – but streaming has been one of the best things I could have done.

Why? Because it’s something I’m doing for me.

Four times a week, for an hour each time, I stream video games. I’m on a RimWorld stint lately because it’s pretty easy to play with a toddler in my lap or if I have to randomly AFK. I try my best to stick with a schedule which is currently 14:30-15:30 mon-tue-thur-fri. My streams are not long, and I’m not incredibly popular but I do have an absolute blast every time and I am incredibly thankful to those people who stop in, even just to say hello. At the end of my streams I have the biggest smile on my face and it’s because of each and every single person who has made an effort to be there for me. I really can’t express just how much this has helped me.

When I first started streaming I was in a pretty dark place. I was suffering from Postpartum, and I was very lonely with my husband gone. I tried streaming at night when logically I had more “free” time, but it didn’t work out because I’m on duty 24/7. I wanted to remind myself that I was MORE than just a mother. That I was an actual human being, with interests, friends, and passions. One of those passions is video games and even more than that one of those passions is other people and interacting with them to the best of my introverted capabilities. So I stream.

I feel really good when I stream. I love sharing what’s going on in my small home, I am proud that I’m able to remain calm and collected when something happens either in game or out. I feel like I’m able to transition between watching my llama bean and interact with my stream audience at the same time. I love having discussions with them, I love sharing my enjoying of whatever game I happen to be playing. I love that my little guy babbles into the microphone and shares his thoughts, too.

For that one hour I am something more than just a milk supplying caregiver. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my son, I love my family and I am incredibly blessed to have all of this in my life and I realize that, but you can get yourself caught up in a particular headspace where you’re not feeling very appreciated – and streaming makes me feel appreciated.

So even though I don’t have a lot of spare time, the streams are hectic, and some days I wonder why I’m bothering, I’m really glad to be streaming.

If you haven’t checked out one of my streams yet, please do! You can find me as Stargrace over on twitch and I upload my videos to YouTube after each one. If you happen to be a streamer let me know, I try my best to grow our community and catch other streamers when I can. I realize we should all be supportive of one another, and it really is a lovely community.

Adventures in RimWorld

RimWorld is one of those games that I never get bored of and if I do, I just go download some new mods from the steam workshop and it’s like a completely different game. I’ve been playing RimWorld as my weekly stream game because it’s something that I’m pretty familiar with and it’s easy to step away from the game if I need to here and there. Things are automated, and I find it relaxing. Your millage may vary of course. Especially depending on your difficulty level.

I have been playing on the extreme setting (the highest one) with the randy random scenario, which means all events are random. In my last adventure my colonists only died because of my neglect. I was playing on tribal which is something I rarely do because I really dislike not starting with power. You spend so much time researching I feel like you can’t actually get anywhere. Anyway. I had forgotten which buildings were marked as Ancient Dangers. Maybe there’s a mod that will remind me and cause me to step away from those places. I remembered two, but ended up opening the third one – HUGE mistake.

My colonists who were of course tribal and didn’t even have power had absolutely no means to combat the mechanoids that popped out. By sheer luck we had a single gun (equipped by Scopique) and he was able to take out one of the scythes, but we still had a second one along with a centipede. To say everyone died a fiery death would be an understatement. It was carnage. There was absolutely no way to escape.

So I’ve started the colony over. This time with three crash landed survivors, which means they have power. Welshtroll is also proficient in the Force, so once he works the skill up he’ll be able to choose the light or the dark and use his powers. I’m hoping that this colony survives a bit longer so that I can show off some of the neat stuff you can do – and so I’ve bumped DOWN the difficulty level of the game in order to do that. I’ll still have some awesome events, but maybe every stream won’t end in slaughter.

I won’t be streaming today (Tuesday, October 3rd) as my little guy has immunizations, but I’ll be back at it this Thursday, October 5th, 2:30pm PDT. Catch me over on twitch, and don’t forget to give a follow so you get notifications of when I’m going live.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Streaming Video Games? Sure, I do that!

Today I tried a little bit of an experiment. See, I love streaming but have held off for one reason or another. I was just going to start getting into it when I had my son, and I haven’t really been able to find my groove since then. I started by trying to stream when he was asleep – turns out he’s not the best of sleepers, and he frequently wakes up which means I’m frequently running to check in on him and put him back to sleep.

I thought about it a while and today decided why not try streaming when he’s awake. My computer is in his play area, he’s got a baby gate and can’t get anywhere and it’s pretty easy to watch over him while doing other things. He enjoys wandering around and doing his own thing and playing with his toys so technically speaking there should be no reason why I couldn’t stream an hour or so a few days a week with him wandering about.

I loaded up RimWorld and the Combat Wombat adventures began (episode 2) – and it went pretty well. I did have to run away from the computer and microphone a few times but nothing drastic. RimWorld is one of those games you can play and you don’t necessarily have to pay full attention to it plus you can pause it any time it’s needed. I called it a success and posted the video over to my YouTube channel, then spent a bit of time organizing my videos so they made more sense.

I’m pretty sure I’ll do more. The streams may not always be that long, but I’m going to try to devise some sort of schedule and as always if you miss any of the streams you can watch the VOD (video on demand) as a highlight on twitch, or give my YouTube channel a follow and catch it there. Either way, it feels great to be streaming again. There’s not very many things these days that I “do for me” but getting a little bit of game and stream time in is certainly one. I’m still trying to raise money for a chair, once I get that taken care of I’ll start using the cam while I stream but in the meantime it wouldn’t be much fun to watch me kneeling on the floor as I try to game, or gaming from an exercise ball, lol.

I’m thinking a Throwback Thursday stream may be fun, along with some visual novels, and of course the continued game of RimWorld. W’ell just have to see!

Still Gaming – Sort Of

Life has been kicking me around for so long now I don’t even know what I was doing last, but I do know that I want to get back into the swing of things, back into being me. So here I am. I have done pretty much zero gaming these past few weeks. It’s not that I haven’t had the time, I do, but I’m just emotionally spent and so I end up watching Netflix or reading for an hour and then going to sleep. Or tossing and turning and dreaming about wildfires (that was last night). Either way, I love gaming and I love writing so it’s time to suck it up and get back to it as much as I can with the turmoil that’s going on (if you want to know details you can PM me on twitter / facebook or email).

Yonder – love this game. I’m unfortunately limited to gaming from my MacBook for the foreseeable future, which isn’t completely horrible because I can still stream from my PC to my MacBook, but lets face it, this is not a gaming laptop. I’d love to save up for a proper one but that just isn’t in the cards right now (if you spot a fantastic sale on a gaming laptop that delivers to Canada please let me know). I’d love to get rid of my desktop completely and just use a gaming laptop as I don’t see things changing any time soon for the next couple years. Yonder isn’t compatible with my MacBook but I’ve been streaming it and that works out pretty well.

I’ve also started playing RimWorld again. I downloaded a whole slew of new mods (more details about that later) and happily enough the game doesn’t have to be streamed to play it. So long as I don’t fry the MacBook everything should be good. I haven’t played a lot since the A17 update, a lot of my older mods were broken and I was waiting on them to get fixed, but now some time has passed and the majority (of the popular ones at least) have been updated. I’d love to stream my game play, but for now it’s just not possible (unless I get that gaming laptop, then I will gladly set up some streaming) so you’ll have to live vicariously through my gaming blog posts.

Games coming up? There are a few of them, but honestly I have my hands full with the games I’m already playing. My renewal for WoW comes up soon and I’m still working on my deeds in Wurm Unlimited on the Sklotopolis server. We took down a drake on Saturday and I won another set of gear – but passed it off to the next winner because I’ve already won some and I wanted someone else to get the opportunity. People sort of looked at me oddly for passing, but I felt confident in my decision.

Anyway! This is a post to basically say yes, I’m still here, and I do plan on getting my post counts back up there again. It may not be every day, but we’ll see how it goes. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

What happens on the Rim..

Last night I streamed RimWorld once again, continuing off from the cliffhanger of the night before. We were down to four colonists, being raided by five pirates with guns. We had two guns, and two knives.

Would we survive?

Turns out, we did. Barely.

Then things progressed, we expanded the base, created more gardens, supplied clothing to the nude – and another raid came along.

This time there were seven of them, all of them with guns.

Our colonists fought with all of their might, but two of them were kidnapped (girlvsmmo and carloverz28) and the two remaining colonists, Hampooj and Scopique, couldn’t fend off the attackers. The pirates decided to give up after kidnapping our colonists – but not before setting fire to our base, including the solar panels and the wind turbine. This created a continual burning fire within the base, and things got hot. REALLY hot. It was a whooping 180C inside the base at one point and that’s when Scopique succumbed to his injuries. Soon afterward Hampooj passed because there was no one to take care of him.

Bront, our pet Ori, survived the attack and wandered around the empty base feasting on corpses because all of our meals and the remaining supplies had burned up.

That’s life on the Rim for you.

If you’re interested in watching the series, you can find it over on both my YouTube channel and over on twitch.

Today (Thursday June 8th at the time of this post) I’ll be streaming some Black Desert Online, starting at 7pm PDT (until 8pm PDT) – so be sure to tune in! I’m working on the game schedule for next week, I’m thinking some Wurm Unlimited, combined with.. well, we’ll just have to see!

I’m also trying to raise some funds for a new computer chair, so if you happen to be feeling generous and want to support me please stop on by my donation page. As always, thank you, and happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

RimWorld – Star Wars

One of my favourite content creators (they made the Cthulhu mods currently available in the Steam Workshop for RimWorld) published some new mods last week, and wow are they a TON of fun. There are three in total, Star Wars Factions, Lightsabers, and The Force. It adds a bunch of new game play and if you’re a fan of RimWorld and haven’t played around with mods yet (or even if you have) I highly recommend giving it a try. Honestly, there’s no reason NOT to play this game with mods. There is a huge library of some fantastic ones out there and every time I watch a stream on Twitch of someone playing without mods it hurts my heart a little bit. The game is fantastic, but the community of modders is what really makes this game shine.

So far only one of my colonists can use the force. They’re a level 32 Jedi, and I’ve maxed out a lot of the skills available. One of the things I’ve learned to do (which is cheesing the game, but come on it’s fun so what does it matter) is to use the force on trader muffalo’s. You can check their gear out on the gear tab and pick one that has a few items that you could make use of (or sell for a large amount of cash later). Normally if you attack a trader you’ll get a faction hit but if you use the force to make the muffalo go crazy the traders will attack their own muffalo and kill it – leaving behind all of the goodies, and leaving you without a faction hit.

Since I use a lot of other end game mods I collected a fair amount of nice items from the slain muffalo and sold them back to traders who were traveling through space (I have a mod for that, too).

I haven’t tried lightsabers yet, but I’m excited about making some.

Have your own favourite RimWorld mods? Let me know in comments!

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