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RimWorld – Hardcore SK Mod

A lot of the best (in my opinion) RimWorld mods don’t come from the steam workshop (although that is the easiest way of getting mods) but come from players outside of steam. One pack of mods that I’ve been playing with lately is called Hardcore SK. It has got an insane amount of mods built into the pack, and it completely changes gameplay (while leaving the core game intact).

I have heard that there are some issues if you play in the default storymodes that are offered, so I swapped mine over to one of the new ones (and not the one that involved magma leakage.. if you’ve ever played Hardcore SK you know which one I’m talking about).

I started out with one colonist since that was the way I was used to playing – but quickly learned that there was just SO MUCH to do. I ended up restarting the game with a different collection of colonists, three this time. I learned starting out with three was just as difficult as starting out with one, but for a different reason. Food.

Food for one person is pretty easy to come by while you’re working on other things. Food for three people while they’re all trying to establish their base is annoying. Especially if you don’t have a base to speak of and wile animals keep eating your food, or your random_animal_01 (in my case, a cat) eats the hard earned meat you have just accumulated.

Thankfully there was a “house” on my map (I use the term loosely) so I was able to build a quick roof, and get some beds made up along with a storage pile or two.

Then two of my colonists caught the flu. Viruses and sicknesses can travel through mosquito in this version of the game, pretty detailed but very annoying. So now my three colonists are temporarily down to two – and it looks like one isn’t healing very quickly, and probably won’t be able to get over her flu which will drop me down to two before the first month is up.

If you’re used to how things are done in RimWorld and have experimented with a few of the basic mod packs but are looking for a little more depth, I HIGHLY suggest you check this one out. Keep in mind it does completely change how you play the game, so if you’re set on loading up a world and playing it exactly as you would play a basic world you may grow pretty frustrated.

Crops for example. You need to research them before you can plant them and you need seeds, first. Seeds are expensive if you purchase them from traders, and it’s rare to find the ones you actually want as you go harvesting. You need to research a LOT of things before you’ll be useful, all while trying to survive the random events going on.

There are a ton of things to harvest and pillage on the map, make use of them and spend some time deconstructing. You need bricks, planks, and other odds and ends that you can’t make right off the bat. There’s also hygiene in this version of the game. You’ll need an outhouse along with a wash basin. Waste fills up and has to go somewhere, so keep that in mind.

Colonists are given a whole slew of new traits, ranging from things like DIY enthusiast to well endowed. It gives the game a ton of flavour, and the replayability is fantastic. I’ve only been using the mod for a day or two now and while it was a bit difficult to get started and not to be so set in my steam workshop ways, it has been an absolute blast.

What are some of your favourite RimWorld mod packs? Let me know in comments, and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

More Mods – RimWorld

I went through my list of mods and removed a few that I didn’t end up liking, and adding more that I wanted to try out. Right now my mod list sits at 28, which isn’t that many in the grand scheme of things, but is still a lot more than I’ve played with previously.

Mods are fantastic, especially in RimWorld. They can completely change how you play the game and extend the gameplay far beyond what the base game comes with. So far I’m still completely enthralled, and looking at my steam hours it’s no wonder. I have over 130 hours played (though a lot of that is me just leaving it to play while I’m AFK, or sitting with the game paused as I tend to RL).

Some of the newest mods I’ve added are:

  • The Mad Rabbits of Caerbannog – This adds new pack animal events instead of just the base ones (which were pretty boring)
  • Shiro – adds a new type of pet to the game
  • Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering – Because playing doctor is fun
  • Lamia – another pet type mod
  • Call of Cthulhu – Cults A16 – which adds a whole lot of sacrifice, spells, and monsters to the game. This mod is insane, and a lot of fun.

I’ve also been watching RimWorld streamers on twitch. Everyone plays the game slightly different, with different goals and mods. It’s pretty neat to see what someone else is up to, how long they survive, and what difficulty they play on. You can customize the scenario before you get into the game which also offers a lot of replay ability. There’s a pretty popular Fallout theme that I’ve seen some people playing that I may try out next.

I also added Prison Architect to my steam wishlist (you can find me there as Stargrace if you’re looking to add friends) – I know it has been in a humble bundle or two in the past, and I’m hoping I can find it there again before too long. Since RimWorld is based loosely on that game I’m hoping I would enjoy it just as much. I prefer the genre of RimWorld which is the only reason I haven’t immediately scooped it up.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

7th Spring 5500 – RimWorld

(Tales from the RimWorld, my adventurers diary of events) 

7th Spring, 5500

I decided to head out and make it on my own, taking only a few belongings and my trusty Yorkshire Terrier, Gambler. He isn’t much but I just can’t be without him. Everyone laughed at me. I think I’m in the arid shrub land right now but I can’t really be too sure. More updates later.

10th Spring, 5500

After a lot of mining and hauling, I’ve carved myself a small room in a mountainside. I think I will at least be safe from fire here. Sadly, this did not protect me from the insane turtle that started randomly attacking me. I managed to ping off a few shots with my rusty gun, but those turtles don’t mess around! Maybe I accidentally stepped on its nest?

11th Spring, 5500

Veniamin was wandering around outside and said it looked like I could use some help, so he joined my team. He doesn’t say much but he’s a hard worker. I suppose I’m thankful for the company. He also reminded me that he faints at the sight of blood, so he won’t be doing any medical procedures. No problem, I can handle them all.

12th Spring, 5500

We were raided today by Soto; a pirate. Veniamin doesn’t have a gun but he bravely ran out there and clubbed the intruder while I shot from the safety of the doorway to our humble abode. There were no deaths (besides Soto’s) and we buried him under a nice tree (after taking his clothes). Why he thought attacking us with a club was a good idea I’ll never know. Veniamin uses that club now. Hey, we have to eat.

13th Spring, 5500

An escape pod landed nearby but when I went to check it out I found Denis there. He is known as a masochistic pyromanic with depressive traits. He’s also Veniamin’s brother. Instead of rescuing him I told Veniamin that he was already dead when I got there. Veniamin is sad now because that was his only brother. I should feel bad, but I oddly don’t. I really didn’t want to deal with a pyromanic at our base. It’s almost summer, we should be gathering crops for food.

14th Spring, 5500

Our neighbours came by for a visit, they call themselves the Washatntni Confederation. I just call them the Washa’s.

15th Spring, 5500

Veniamin is acting oddly, wandering around in a dazed state. I think he’s close to the breaking point.

4th Summer, 5500

Veniamin’s Mom was being chased by a raid – and since we already declined his brother, I decided why not let her join up with us. I was hoping she could help bring Veniamin out of his weird dazed state. When she called us for help I figured she was nearby but her and the pirates showed up IN OUR BASE which was just not cool. Lots of blood shed, but thankfully we’re all still alive.

8th Summer, 5500

We had some visitors today, but I forget their names. Summer has been warm.

Early Fall, 5500

We’ve had a few eclipse. They knock out our solar panels, so it’s not much fun. Thankfully they only last a day, but when you have a few in a row it can become a problem. We have one battery, so we have some power stored up but not that much. It’s keeping our freezer running at least so our meat doesn’t go bad.

8th Fall, 5500

We were raided by the Godlessness party. There were three of them. All of us are injured, which means no one is tending to our wounds. I can barely pick up the pen and paper to write this journal entry. Hopefully we can just pull out of it.

1st Winter, 5500

We managed to survive the raiders back in the fall, but shortly after we came down with the plague. All three of us. I don’t have long to live, but I wanted to make sure that our story was told. Whoever finds our base should find a good supply of food and items in storage. Make sure you keep a healthy doctor handy, learn from our mistakes.

RimWorld Mods

I love the steam workshop that allows people to create and post their game mods up for others to use. I think it really adds to the community, and of course it adds to the playability of the games that these mods are created for. RimWorld has a few “quirks” that I’m not very fond of – but no worries, there’s a mod for that.

The first one I use increases stack sizes. I believe the default stack size is 75 – and when you’ve progressed in the game that becomes a huge annoyance as you collect more and more items and have to keep expanding your stockpiles. I suggest this mod as a must.

You’ll notice that most of my mods don’t make the game ‘easier’ but only enhance the game, add content to it, or are simple quality of life items. I prefer it that way, but you can hunt down mods for pretty much anything.

The other mods I’m using include:

Realistic Rooms – this makes it so that I don’t need gigantic rooms in order for my RimWorld colonists to be happy. They’re much more realistic sizes.

FishIndustry – adds fishing to the game. You can create a dock and basically ‘hunt’ from it.

RimFridge – just like it says, it adds fridges to the game. Great when you want to keep food in the same room as a prisoner (just one example).

More Furniture – adds (you guessed it) more furniture.

[T] More Floors – adds more floor options (a LOT more).

Tilled Soil – gives me better growing options if I till the soil first.

Vegetable Garden – A huge mod that adds new meals to cook, new ways to cook them, and new research branches to unlock even more options.

Fences and Floors – pretty self explanatory.

Have a favourite RimWorld mod that you use? Be sure to let me know in comments and I’ll check it out! I’m only just getting started with mods, so I’ve just been going by those most popular and ones that interest me. There are thousands out there that can change so much of the gameplay that I just haven’t really known where I should start!

I started up a new game last night (on rough difficulty, classic gameplay) and so far it’s going very well. I’ve had a few pirate invasions, I had a chunk of spacecraft fall from the sky that I had to destroy (and two scythers popped out of it, scary!), I’ve had animals go mad, I’ve had a muffalo rampage happen (I had to keep my colonists indoors for that one), and various other smaller difficulties have all been faced and overcome. Two of my colonists are now in love, no one has died (yet), and we’ve expanded from the original three to five. In other words, things have been going relatively well, and any moment now I expect things to go batshit crazy and fall apart. I’ve just entered into my first winter. We’re well stocked with food and medical supplies – we’ll see what we come up against, and how well prepared we were in the end.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


Latest Game Obsession? RimWorld

While watching twitch I happened to stumble across an amazing stream of RimWorld, and ever since then, I longed to play it. It reminds me a lot of Stonehearth (which I have been playing a lot of lately), but far more complicated and involved which is absolutely fantastic.

The game is heavily story driven – perfect. You pick to start out on a planet with one, three, or five colonists based on the story line you’re going after. I started out with one, a rich lady looking for adventure. Your belongings are scattered all over the ground and you have to build yourself a base for survival. You can set the difficulty of the game to various levels, I picked one below rough – you can also pick a story method. Random events, story driven events, or a mixture. I decided to go with random on my latest adventures.

Your colonists have stats, they have personalities, they have flaws. They come with wounds (some of them) from previous adventures. They have skills (or they lack skills).

You finally move all of your items to an area you’ve designated, only to realize you’re going to need shelter – and fast. While you’re trying to set up your basics for survival, the environment is fighting against you. Vicious animals, raiding pirates, toxic fallout – this game has it all, and you need to be quick on your feet and plan ahead in order to survive.

Sometimes the game doesn’t seem to play fair. I had a colony with five people in it, and was raided by three pirates. Two of my people died, and just as the other three were getting ready to vanquish the pirates – the pirates kidnapped them, and thus ended my game since I had no people left. I didn’t have a choice about the kidnapping, the only ‘solution’ would have been to kill the pirates before they were able to kidnap, and unfortunately I failed at that.

Toxic fallout is another really vicious occurrence. Your colonists won’t be able to go outside without getting very sick. Toxic fallout can last from days to months. When it happened on my section of the map it lasted 12 days. 12 very long days. Crops die, and every animal outside also eventually succumbs so that when the toxic fallout is finished, you have nothing to hunt, and no crops unless you planted them indoors with hydroponics. Your colonists will be able to research new items as the days go by, things like a drug lab, or automatic doors.

The game is incredibly involved. Your people take mood hits if they’re not pleased, and they’ll slowly go berserk. Have a nudest around? You’ll want them naked asap. Night owl? They better be sleeping during the day. The variety of personality is amazing, and it adds so much depth.

I was a bit put off by the price tag of the game initially (roughly $35 Canadian) but having now played the game for many hours, I can say that it’s completely worth the price. There’s tons of replay and the story is different every time. What makes this game even more perfect for me is that I can easily pause or slow down / speed up the time based on my RL requirements, so if I need to feed the little one, or get called away for some reason it’s very easy to do so. The game also works either streamed from my PC or installed on my MacBook Pro – all extra benefits.

Honestly I just can’t say enough good about this game. It may be in beta but it’s more of a complete product than many other betas I’ve bought into. I am not sure what the company is waiting for, but it’s ready.

As if the game didn’t already come with loads to do – there are tons of mods in the workshop just waiting to be tried out. Enhancing this game is very easy, and there’s a great player base working towards that.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!