I played The Secret World when it first came out, but lets be honest here, I am a big cry baby, and I frighten easily so I never got very far. The game is terrifying. The genre makes me imagine ghosts and goblins and zombies and all sorts of evil creatures popping out of my kitchen sink or bathroom shower.

Still, it was unique. The story telling has always been top notch, and the combat (while confusing) was interesting.

When Funcom announced they were remodeling TSW into Secret World Legends, I was intrigued. I didn’t really know what would be changing, and I didn’t understand why they were doing the change even though it was explained a few times, but it DID fire up my interest again.

I figured I’d give it a try, this time with my other half and a few friends to keep me from all the evils. It’s easier to handle the genre (for me at least) with protectors near by!

Not much has changed in the revamp. Weapons and combat work differently. Classes do basically the same thing. Things don’t hit as hard. There’s people everywhere. The tutorial changed slightly but was still very much the same. Last time I played I just barely made it out of Kingsmouth to Savage Coast, and this time I’d like to actually get somewhere. I transferred over the few meager belongings I had and so far I’ve managed to complete the tutorial (again). I may even sign up for patron for a month or two if me and the other half decide to stick with things. We’ll have to see. For now I’m attempting to download the game client to my laptop to see if it will run. I have my doubts, but it would be nice.

Anyone else playing? Feel free to add Arysh to your friends list. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.