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Second Crafter hits 90, and Simply Exploring

While there have been some mixed feelings about the content of Sentinel’s Fate, one thing that has NOT been up for debate is how absolutely beautiful the newest expansion is. As groups made their way through instances last night all we could hear was how amazing everything looked, especially those zones under water. The graphic teams outdid themselves this year, and I’m proud to be able to show that sort of thing off. I absolutely love being able to ‘fly’ around via the landing pads, and just marvel at how everything looks.

I spent some time working on the crafting chain of quests yesterday, and harvesting. When I wasn’t doing that I was working on my 2nd crafter (who managed to hit 90 just after dinner) my jeweler. Now I’ve got a 90 jeweler and alchemist (taking care of scout skills as well as fighters). Next on my ‘to do’ list is a carpenter, so I can ogle all of the amazing house items. I enjoy the fact that I’m getting the bonus’ again for having max level characters, I knew I would miss it once it was gone.

I don’t imagine I’ll be working another adventurer up to 90 any time soon as there is plenty for me to do with the one I have, but I do want the crafters to 90 (for obvious reasons). I hope everyone else is having an amazing time in game, and I’ll see you in Norrath!

My First 90/90

Sentinel’s Fate retail has been out for two days now, and I have my first level 90 adventurer / level 90 crafter. Goudia (troubador) managed to hit level 90 first in my army, although she was a crafter a day before she was an adventurer. The (some what) sad part of this is I haven’t actually been to the expansion at all yet. I crafted T8 to get to 90 crafter, and didn’t make anything from T9 until afterward (mostly because I simply didn’t have the materials). I also managed to inch her tinkering to 450, so that’s maxed out.

It may sound like I rushed through the content and didn’t get a chance to actually explore SF – however. I look at this differently. I now have as much time as I want without feeling any pressure what so ever. I can work on quest chains at my own pace, and I can enjoy the scenery. I know, that sounds really weird but I’m very happy about it. Plus I have 11 other characters who need to eventually manage their way to 90/90. I also have a whole lot of achievements to work on, and alternate advancement. I’m really looking forward to it.

How has everyone else been spending their time in SF? What are some of your favorite areas? Let me know!

Release of Sentinel’s Fate, Soon(tm)!

The live release of Sentinel’s Fate is only 3 hours away (if everything goes according to schedule, which we know rarely happens) and I decided to share some of the screen shots I took while playing in the beta. The first couple of screen shots may seem familiar as I’ve used them in a post already, but the final 26 are new. Enjoy, and happy gaming!

More Pieces of the Puzzle

Another mysterious parcel dropped off by a dark elf (I assume it was a dark elf, her eyes were shrouded but I’ve had experiences with this before!) I don’t have the slighest idea what any of this means – so uh, have fun with it!

Enter to Win a Copy of Sentinel’s Fate!

I’m running a contest! That’s right. You can win yourself a key to access Sentinel’s Fate when it goes live on February 16th – it’s easy to enter and not only that but I have 1 Collector’s Edition key to give away as well as 8 regular retail keys. The keys will become active on the 16th when the retail version of the game goes live.

To Enter:

Email me: [email protected] with a description of your favorite EQ2 memory. This can be as long or as short as you want, in any format that you want (ie: a story, a poem, just a little paragraph. Whatever you feel inspired to write). With it, attach at least ONE screen shot. This can be a screen shot of the memory that you’re talking about, just a character shot, your favorite image that’s been burned into your brain, whatever goes along with your story.

That’s it, that’s all there is to it! It’s so simple even my cat Princess could enter if she wanted. Trust me, when she’s not busy getting into my video recordings, she’s busy pounding away on the print screen key.

Please keep in mind that this contest is ONE ENTRY PER PERSON – so make sure it’s your most precious EQ2 memory! I’ll be taking submissions from now (February 8th) until the 14th – and I’ll announce the winners and email the Sentinel’s Fate keys on the 15th – just in time for the release on the 16th. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ENTER FROM A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS as that is the address I will use to contact you about your prize! I’ll also be announcing them here on MmoQuests.

Questions? Comments? Please feel free to leave them below, or you can email me at the address mentioned above.

Good luck, I’ll see you in Norrath!

P.S. Just because you may not have ever played EQ2 before does NOT mean you can’t still enter! You can! Be creative, perhaps your favorite memory of EQ2 isn’t of you PLAYING it at all. I’m open to creative ideas, so don’t let that stop you from trying to win yourself a copy if you want to start playing!

Another Sentinel’s Fate video

A little more discovery this time around, for those who are curious, I’m in a wing of The Hole (contested).

I talk about Changes coming with Sentinel’s Fate

The video is still processing at this time, and it’s VERY amateur, and my cat starts talking about 4 minutes into it – but here is a video / audio about some of the changes coming with Sentinel’s Fate that affect players of all levels, not just those at level 80.


Sentinel’s Fate – Video

I made a few videos of my exploration around Sentinel’s Fate – this is just the first. There’s not a lot of actual sight seeing in it, but there’s a few more coming. I’m really tired right now, may do a future one where I actually talk. Maybe. We’ll see.

Sentinel’s Fate NDA Drops

Of course by now we’ve all heard the news that the NDA for Sentinel’s Fate has dropped – and with it comes a flood of excitement as we learn about all the goodies headed our way. I had the privilege to partake on a tour With Kiara and Timetravelling mid January, and we had a blast!

I’m looking forward to posting more information about the expansion as the days get closer to the live release – and I’ve also got a preview in the next Beckett MOG Issue #24 that hits stores at the end of March, so be on the look out for that (There are also articles on Wizard 101, Fallen Earth, and Aion that I’ve written in that issue).

I have to say one of the very basic things that appeals to me right from the get go is the absolutely astounding graphics in this expansion. I’m more excited about those then all of the level cap increases, dungeons, battlegrounds, stat revamps, and crafting additions combined.

What about everyone else?

Glimps At Sentinal’s Fate – The Hole

Once upon an evening dreary, while I gamed, weak and weary,
Over many a dead void beast, I admired gore,
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a beeping,
As of some one gently sending, e-mail at my mailbox door.
“‘Tis some spam,” I muttered, “tapping at my e-mail door –
Only this, and nothing more.”

Presently my urge grew stronger; hesitating then no longer,
I’d just check the e-mail,quickly, and implore;
But the fact is I was PvPing, and so gently mail came sending,
And so faintly it came beeping, sending e-mail at my door,
That I scarce was sure I heard it- here I opened wide the e-mail; –

These screen shots there. And nothing more.

(( Please click the images for full view, and enjoy! ))

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