The screen shot is taken from Evernight Abby which my guild tackled last night happily. We didn’t get anything of use to drop but honestly that’s not a big surprise for us, and we’re quite used to it. We were having a few issues with heals on the final fight since I was not boxing my mystic and just playing the coercer, but I logged in Ellithia and we downed the final named without too many issues. The first time through we forgot to get the spell that casts holy water to prevent the massive AOE that pretty much one shot my poor enchanter.

Ultann managed to get his mythical last night – which means that TODAY we will be packing our bags and leaving Kithicor for good, moving to Antonia Bayle, a server I have always loved. I’m excited about it, eager to join friends and set down new roots. Hopefully we can find an alliance or two to raid with, and make some new friends along with the old. I will be moving my coercer from Najena along with the mystic from Kithicor, and then when I can afford it, I’ll move over my other coercer and (gasp) probably betray her to an illusionist so that I have one of each again. We’ll see. I haven’t figured it all out quite yet.

Aside from Evernight Abby we also did Obelisk of Ahkzul, no the shield did not drop, again. I think I’ve stopped wondering if it will. At least the zone is fairly fast, and we do get a shard from the final named. I still need to finish off the set gear on the coercer, and since I’m moving over a different coercer, she’s going to need her set, as she doesn’t have any of it at all. I started playing on Kithicor before I really got into TSO at all with any of my Najena characters.

Today is going to be busy, packing up and moving characters over, making sure nothing important is left behind. Hopefully it goes well. Fingers crossed!