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The Legacy Continues #TS3 #TheSims3

Screenshot-369When we last left my legacy family, things were going well but I was starting to have a few issues controlling my household. So, some changes had to happen. For those who remember, a legacy family is where you play the same family for 10 generations, and try to expand that generation while you start from pretty much nothing. I had a lot of fun trying to upgrade my toilet and wall house but thankfully I’ve moved past that.

My household was three generations all living together. There was my founder Sim, her husband having passed on. Then there was her twin daughters, Emily and Jessica. Emily got married young, to Bob, and together they gave birth to Ginger. Jessica prefered women which I have absolutely no issues with except my strict legacy rules said that the next generation had to be of blood, so that ruled out adoption. Technically she could find some male to help her out but I decided to not force that upon the poor Sim, and just left her and her partner Yvette together.

My legacy founder was over 110 sim days old and simply refused to die. I didn’t want to kill her off, but I did want to make my household smaller and still play within my own ‘rules’. So Emily decided enough was enough and had a mini break down.

Tired of the fast paced life of Twinbrooke, she decided to pack everything she could up and move to Isla Paradiso. Bob her loving husband (who is an elder, didn’t really plan that one out very well) and her daughter Ginger accompanied her, but everyone else stayed behind. Since they only get whatever cash they had and none of the household items nor the old house came with them, it dropped their household from $80,000 down to $25,000. That money is what I used to purchase their island home pictured above. Although I did have to build Ginger her bedroom, the house only came with one.

Life in Isla Paradiso is much different than it was in Twinbrooke. Their main mode of transportation is the skidoo they have docked out back. The neighbours also have an awesome house, I sent Ginger over there with cookies for a meet & greet. Speaking of, Ginger is about to be a teenager, and then it will be up to her to carry on the legacy line. Thankfully her upbringing is going MUCH smoother than it did for Jessica and Emily, and she should have an easier time of things.


The Legacy Continues #TS3 #TheSims3

Screenshot-357I haven’t spent a lot of time on my legacy family lately but I do get a few hours in here and there. Not much has changed. My founder sim is STILL alive. She’s 105 sim days old now. She actually DID die, outside. While taking out the garbage. Death came over in his sweatsuit (why he wears that I have no idea) and took her away. A tombstone was placed on the lawn. I was controlling a different sim who was taking care of Ginger, the baby, but I still had clear view of the event.

Then the strangest thing happened. Lucky, the dog, started griefing Death! He was barking up a storm and causing a fit – so, Death brought my founder sim back to life, and fled for his life. Apparently he’s not a fan of dogs!

I know that having everlasting sims is against the ‘legacy rules’ – but I had no control over this event, nor did I expect it to happen so I’m letting it slide.

Emily was working as a telegram singer, but decided to give it up and pursue a more active lifestyle. She switched her career over to a sports related one, mostly because it happened to be one of the little mission suggestions that came up. Sure, why not.

Baby Ginger is almost ready to grow up into a child, which means finally no more potty training or dirty diapers, at least for a little while.

Jessica is still pursuing her career in the political field, and still spends hours every day talking to her imaginary friend. He’s still creepy.

Emily’s husband is still alive though he is also an elder. I actually stuck him out in the swimming pool for a few hours in the fall hoping he would perhaps grow cold and pass on, but that man apparently has some great stamina. Go figure.

August 20th marks the great reveal for The Sims 4 – which I am SUPER excited about. I know it’s still some time away, but I can’t wait to start a new legacy family in that game.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Prom Queens, Graduation, and Ghosts #TS3 #TheSims3

Screenshot-311A LOT has happened since I last wrote about my legacy family in the Sims 3. To make it easier I’ll break it up by person, that way no one is left out.

Berett – is no more. The husband to my legacy founder ended up passing away peacefully in his bed one night. His gravestone sits in the backyard, and I planted a cherry tree in his memory. Since he died on the lot there’s nothing stopping his ghost from visiting, and he does, often. He sits at the kitchen table playing his laptop and eating leftover spaghetti. He wasn’t wealthy and honestly didn’t contribute much to the house with his $70 a day, so now that mourning is done he’s not missed that much.

Founder Sim – still alive, she’s reached the end of her elder stage so I’m expecting that she will probably pass on before too long. So far she has made it to rank 9 / 10 in the culinary career. She makes a LOT of money, and when Christmas comes around her bonus is gigantic. It’s a huge help to the house. Which as you can tell from some screen shots I’ve posted on G+ has grown by leaps and bounds. They have a basement, and an upstairs now. I was having a hard time keeping up with all of the work in the house so I’ve hired a maid to come in on a daily basis. It’s just too hard to control all three sims + pets and keep the house looking perfect. The maid actually does her job and I haven’t had to fire her like I have with previous games.

Jessica – Attended prom and was crowned prom queen. She came home with an actual little crown that sits on her desk in her bedroom now. I think these little mementos are amazing. I plan on creating a trophy type room where generations of heirlooms can sit. One of my own personal rules is that all 10 generations must grow up in the same house. At prom she met Yvette and fell in love. That proves to be slightly irksome because one of the rules says your next generation of legacy sims can’t be adopted as they would not truly carry the bloodline. So if Jessica plans on spending her life with Yvette she’ll have to find someone to help them get pregnant, or rely on Emily to carry on the family name. She graduated with honors, was voted most likely to take over the world, and was voted class valedictorian for the year. She won awards for these and came home to hang them on her bedroom wall, proud of her accomplishments. Once done with graduation she quickly picked up a job in the political field.

Emily – Not quite up to the goals of her twin sister, she slagged behind a little. She missed prom because she was working. She hasn’t fallen in love with anyone yet. Her life has been quiet by comparison. She graduated with honors and was voted “most artistic” of her school. She also got a job – as a singer. Right now she’s performing singing telegrams. Not the most glamorous of jobs but she has hopes for the future.

One of the twins is a kleptomaniac and I can’t remember which. I’m sure that will prove interesting as they grow up and mature from young adults to adults.

Oh, also. My dogs. I had a male and female, and then they had puppies. Two of them. So that left me with a pretty full house of three sims and four dogs to ‘control’ while I played. I ended up giving three of the dogs over to the adoption agency because of the smell. I still have Lucky roaming around though, who is also now an elder.

I’m eager to see what the 3rd generation is like, and how their lives will be different. Things have come a long way from the one room toilet house that they used to live in, working at the grocery store. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

Legacy Family: Growing Pains #TS3 #TheSims3

Screenshot-282Ah, a relaxing evening eating pizza, what more could a teenager want?! Until the neighbours call the cops on your “teen party” and you’re forced to break it up of course!

That was My experience with my legacy family late yesterday afternoon. It was awesome although it does seem to mimic real life maybe a little too much? Well, not completely. My legacy Sim founder and her other half were given a free vacation, where they vanished for a few days and left the teenagers at home. Of course the first thing they did with their parents out of the picture was throw a party – but they don’t know very many kids their age, so the result of that party is pictured above.

As someone mentioned on G+ my legacy family has already come quite far from their roots of living on the lawn with a shower and a toilet. The twin girls each have their own bedrooms now, and I’ve been working on furnishing the house with decorations. The value of the property along with furnishings is $30,000 and I’ve been contemplating whether or not they’ll move to a new house or if I’ll keep the family in their current home and continue to live there for all their generations. Undecided as of yet.

The founder is also now an elder, although she has not retired yet. She’s rank 7 / 10 in a chef career, and her life time dream is to get to 10 / 10 so I was hoping I could do that before she passes on. With so many vacations, snow days, and other holidays, it’s difficult.

The twins being teenagers has brought a whole lot of other ‘fun’ to everyday life. They constantly have mood swings, and want to rebel. Jessica got a part time job at the grocery store after school, and Emily joined an after school drama club. One has a lifetime wish of being a famous musician, and the other wants to rescue 6 stray animals and be an animal saviour. Go figure.

Neither of them has much time before I’ll have to start working on bringing in the 3rd generation – remember the “goal” of this legacy family is to live through TEN generations. I’m already worn out living through this single one.

Legacy Family: Bald Babies and Elderly Parents #TS3 #TheSims3

Screenshot-247I know these blog posts about my legacy sims family may not be all that entertaining, after all, the characters are doing the same things that most people do every single day (give or take a few details) but I absolutely love their quirks and activities. Since it’s too hot to do much of anything around here lately (42c, really Ottawa?) I spent some more time watching the little family grow up. The twin girls are now children (baby, children, teens, young adult, adult, elder, I think is the cycle but I could be wrong), and have inherited some not so wonderful traits because of their ‘difficult’ upbringing. Come on now, you try raising twins and so long as no one dies I say that’s a success!

Little Jessica also grew up to be bald. I have no idea who she inherited that from but I’m going to guess her father. She earned the ‘hot tempered’ trait. Emily on the other hand is ‘grumpy’.

I guess Barrett was a bit older than my founder sim thought because as soon as the children aged up he turned into an elder! One of the rules of the game is not to adjust the length of time it takes to age nor can you level your sims up before the game indicates that it’s a birthday, so I’ve been adhering to that and having the game age them manually rather than throwing parties.

Since one of the parents is now an elder and retired, his daily income has decreased to $70 a day. I had hoped that the other sim could take some time off work to insure that the children grew up properly, but alas that was just not in the cards. If she gives up her job the family won’t have enough to survive on, although as you can see by the screenshot above they’re not doing too badly these days.

One of the more interesting happenings was that when the children aged up, their toys came to life in the form of imaginary friends. Emily is quite taken with hers and spends hours and hours talking to this weird creature that follows her around. Personally I find it more than a little creepy, but hey it keeps her social bar filled. So now the kids are old enough to start going to school. Hopefully they’ll get good grades, and turn into wonderful young adults, so that I can start working on the 3rd generation of the legacy family. 10 generations seems like a long time away.

Legacy Sim – Planning the 2nd Generation #TS3 #TheSims3

Screenshot-243That’s some good parenting, right there in the screenshot.

So my first generation legacy sim (the founder, as it were) has been pretty busy. She fell in love with a mime and wasted no time in working on the second generation. Since at first she was having issues (ahem) conceiving, I decided to purchase the fertility treatment lifetime reward. This (of course) backfired slightly because when she finally did give birth, she had twin baby girls. Thank goodness it wasn’t triplets.

Thus Emily and Jessica were born, to bring on the 2nd generation of legacy sims. Remember the idea is for me to make it to 10 generations, so I’ve still got a very long way to go (and some entertaining game play along the way, of course). Once the babies were born the husband sim decided to take little Jessica to the fair, where he promptly left her on the ground outside of the photo booth so he could go play a game of horseshoes. His wife thankfully was none the wiser when he returned home later on, or my little sim family may have been short one member.

Speaking of members, I decided that it wasn’t quite busy enough with four sims to look after – so they adopted a dog. A little puppy, named Lucky. I figure the kids can look after it as they grow up – even though I know it will be my founder sim doing all of the work.

Screenshot-244Having twins means my founder sim hasn’t been back to work in quite some time but she’ll have to start going soon. I’ve thought about letting her work from home for a while, or not working at all, but having two incomes is pretty important still. I managed to expand the house so that the kids have their own room and I even have a living room now, but none of the items in the home have been upgraded, so they’re using plywood couches which can’t be very sanitary.

So far the two girls have had it pretty easy. Which means they didn’t have to get saddled with negative personality traits. I have my worries that when it comes time to send them to school and their next traits are based on how well they’ve progressed in using the potty, learning to walk, and talking, we may have issues. There are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done.

At least no one has died yet.

Legacy Days – Falling in Love with a Mime #TS3 #TheSims3

Screenshot-229I was starting to get a bit frustrated at the lack of progress my Legacy sim was making, but I think it was due to my short play sessions, so today I sat down for a good chunk of time in the evening and tried really hard to progress the storyline, which as you can tell by the screenshot above -worked!

That’s right, I am now finally on my way to starting the second generation of legacy sims. Although I will admit, right now, I’m also incredibly afraid. See, my little sim was having issues meeting anyone. She was asked on a few dates and almost every single guy said he was involved with someone else. Go figure!

Eventually she met a nice man (who was single), began dating, and proposed. He shot her down four times before she eventually wore away at his dreams and he accepted. There was only one problem.


Really?! A mime? A whole town of sims to choose from and she goes and falls in love with a MIME?! So the first thing she had him do after their private wedding was change jobs. Yep, that’s just the sort of woman she is. So Mr. Legacy sim is now a scientist. Much more respectable.

Since it took 5 tries to get engaged, of course it was only logical that it require the same amount of “woohoo” for her to get pregnant. Don’t let the Sims 3 fool you, there’s a reason it’s rated teen! Eventually on her last attempt I purchased the fertility life reward. Finally she was with child. Of course now she has a heightened chance of twins – or triplets. THAT is going to be fun. Not.

She also fell into a bit of luck, which was really nice. First of all Christmas happened, and she got a bonus from work. Not a huge bonus, but enough so that she could work on the house a bit and attract her mate. The igloo outside serves as a second bed, so he had a place to sleep while they were courting. Once they were married they received a bit more money as a wedding present, again not a huge amount, but just enough to renovate the house and add an actual bedroom – with a bed. They also now have a kitchen table, and some chairs. Oh, and some windows, lets not forget how important those are.

Entertainment is a bit lacking, but with a baby on the way (or two, or three?!) there’s not exactly much that can be done about that yet. I think the legacy sim has a grand total of $10 right now and the house worth is still at $0. Ouch. I have no idea how I’m going to afford a crib (or multiple cribs), a high chair and any baby stuff. If social services comes and takes away the child because I can’t care for it then my legacy isn’t going to get very far generation wise. Maybe if I have triplets they’ll just take one away? Maybe I can sell one? We’ll just have to see..

Legacy Family – Day 4 (I Have Walls!) #TS3 #TheSims3

Screenshot-203I have walls! Sort of. My little legacy sim is starting to move up in the world. See, winter is coming, and as much as my sim enjoys sleeping outside on the lawn, it’s starting to get mighty cold out there. Before too long snow will come, and my sim could potentially freeze outside. I don’t want the legacy to be over before I even get started!

She finally got a promotion from a dish washer to a spice runner. I am not exactly sure what is involved in a spice runner job, but it pays more and that’s what matters. I’ve been trying to get my little sim into a relationship because that’s the whole point of this legacy family, being able to play through 10 generations, but so far she’s having absolutely no luck at all.

Screenshot-199Above she’s pictured sleeping on the floor at a friends place. This was before I had walls, and I had to leave because he kicked me out. Come on, what are friends for if not to crash at their place?!

Now that I don’t have to worry about freezing to death, I can focus on her relationships and friendships, as well as work. Because her moods tend to sink due to the weather I’m hoping she’ll be able to get a few more promotions, earn a bit more money, and maybe one day get an actual house instead of just a toilet room where she unrolls her sleeping bag.

So far the game has been incredibly fun playing this way. Oh, and yes, I removed my stove so I could afford the wallpaper.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

Legacy Family – Day 3 #TS3 #TheSims3

Screenshot-190I managed to get another session in with my legacy family (or rather, founder, she’s not in a family yet). It’s very slow going but I believe that’s the point. Because she doesn’t have a real house yet it’s difficult to keep her mood up, and she requires a good mood for her job – as such she has yet to be promoted but I think that may be happening the next time I play which would be great because you always get a little bonus when you get promoted.

This was the hardest play session so far because it was leisure day and she had the day before and after off. That’s a lot of days with no work, and no money. I ran to the festival grounds to try to participate in some hotdog contests and hopefully win some tickets which I could then use to buy a handful of items and sell them back to a vendor. I really want walls. However, it turns out eating hot dogs is not my forte. I came in second both times (and there was only myself and one other participating) which gave me 5 tickets, enough for the lowest prize which I immediately sold. I had roughly $160 to my name and walls are really expensive.

I left the fair and headed to a local fishing hole, which as luck would have it came with a grill where I could make hotdogs for no cost! I filled up on these and did some fishing. All my hard work really paid off when I caught two minnow that sold for $5 each.

Getting there. Slowly.

Back home after three days of eating hot dogs and fishing adventures. I was getting tired of the dishes piling up on the table I owned since I had no sink, so I got rid of the table and chair and decided I could sit on the ground to eat. I purchased a sink. Now I can at least do my dishes, brush my teeth, and wash my hands. I had just enough money left over to afford a SINGLE wall, and put a toilet against that wall. I tried just purchasing the toilet which did not work at all. You must have a wall.

So there it sits. In the middle of my housing lot. A shower. A single wall. My toilet. A sink. A stove. A fridge, and my trusty sleeping bag.

Isn’t life great.

Legacy Family – Day 2 #TS3 #TheSims3

Screenshot-180Even though a new Sims 3 expansion is out (Island Paradise) I decided that I didn’t want to neglect my new legacy family too much, so I went back and started playing today. As you can see by the screenshot above things are not exactly going well for this little sim. I couldn’t keep going to the neighbours place to shower and forage for food, they kicked me out again and asked me to leave. I figure spending money at the store buying pre-made food is probably not very healthy or money wise, so I came to a tough decision.

It was time to get rid of my walls.

It almost looks like I downgraded since now I don’t have a house at all, but at least I can shower, eat, and sleep. So what if there’s a raccoon pillaging my fridge in the night and everyone can see into the shower.

Things started getting even harder from that point. First of all I work as a dishwasher, so I don’t exactly make a lot of money and my promotions are heavily influenced on the mood my sim is in at work. Of course with no walls barely any food and $3 to my name as you can imagine my mood is not exactly very high. I’ve gone to work twice, and made about $140 each time. The second blow came when I realized that it’s “Leisure Day” tomorrow in game which means no work at all. Normally that’s how my sim passes her time, since she sure can’t afford to do too much. Hopefully the festival is not too expensive, maybe she can even win a hot dog eating contest and come home with a snow cone machine or some other handy item that I can sell.

In the meantime, lets collect those dishes and was– crap. I don’t have a sink.