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Throwback Monday – Sims Medieval

Another post from NomadicGamers – 2011!

I’ve been spending some of my free game time playing The Sims Medieval since it released and I have to say, I am simply in love with the game. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Sims franchise in general, and this game is no different. Well, that’s not completely true, this game has aspects that are in fact, very different. One thing that the game does NOT do well is explain how the controls work. Unless you’re familiar with the regular Sims UI (I’m talking the house one in specific) you may feel a bit lost on some aspects. For example, in the first part of the tutorial you’re expected to go upstairs and use a mirror. The tutorial doesn’t tell you how to get upstairs – but the manual does (for those of you who purchased the physical copy of the game). If you remember the house icon in the basic Sims game, you’ll also see there’s a house icon above and below the direction keys on the UI. The upper one leads you upstairs, the lower downstairs. The mirror is in the bedroom upstairs (at least in my default castle). The camera view is a bit difficult to navigate when it comes to interacting with buildings because you can’t rotate the view to any more then a front “barbie house” view as I call it. You can still decorate your castle in any manor you like, and your characters in the Kingdom are unique to your creations which I adore.

The one thing that’s completely different in Sims Medieval that wasn’t in the other sims games quite so much (Sims 3 has it although done differently) is the quest system. You can decide who will do the quest and that will decide which path you take to complete it. You need to have certain NPC unlocked for a few quests, but the amount of choice each player has is just astounding. I can choose you use a bard or my monarch to complete a quest, and then they each have their own decisions and paths to make about each step of that quest. It’s humourous and the graphics are simply astounding.

If you’re not a fan of the Sims I don’t know how much appeal this game will have, as it still follows the basic Sims rules at its core – but personally, I just can’t get enough of it. Anyone else playing? Enjoying it? Let me know in comments!

The Sims Medieval – Patch 1.3 #TSM #SimsMedieval

A lot of people have been looking forward to this patch, although there is apparently a bit of an issue if you have the digital version of the game vs. the CD version. I updated without any issues – but keep in mind when you do an update like this you lose your quest progress. I wasn’t particularly enjoying the quest I was on so I didn’t think it was too big of a deal. The screen shot above is using the new camera feature that allows you to move 360 degrees around your character even while in the castle – no more barbie house view. This was probably the biggest change for me and the one I was looking forward to the most. The only issue I still have with the camera views is that I’m constantly right clicking on my portrait in order to change the view back to how I’d like it. It seems to flip between camera abilities too easily (ie: right clicking the portrait puts you into the ‘follow my character’ view, and the arrow buttons allow you to swivel around that character, rather then the base view which is more free form). Below are the patch notes (since for some reason my update didn’t come with any notes for me to read) and in italics are my comments about the ones I’m most looking forward to. Enjoy!

Here is a list of what will be included in the new update!

  • New Feature: Free Play Ambition – Set up your perfect kingdom without worrying about long term goals. In this special ambition, you can play quests when you wish, or control up to four heroes at once in a more open free play mode. (Very excited about this! Some times I just want to do things ‘free form’)
  • New Feature: Child Succession – If a Hero Sim dies, but already has children, you can choose to have one of the children grow up and take over their parent’s job!
  • Camera improvements – Have you ever wanted to get a better view of the action? The camera now allows tighter zooming and full 360 rotation in buildings. (The most important thing to me in all of these updates)
  • End Game Improvements – Similar to the Free Play Ambition, can now play quests, earn XP, and build buildings even after your ambition is completed!
  • Hero Leveling Improvements – Can now gain XP beyond level 10 for all heroes, giving additional benefits.
  • Brave New World Quest Improvements – When you complete the quest “Brave New World” and start a new ambition with that character, he or she will now retain several abilities from their previous profession!
  • Kingdom Aspect Improvements – Can now gain additional benefits when increasing aspects beyond their maximum capacity
  • Ambition Improvements – Certain ambitions now allow one or two additional buildings to be placed at the start.
  • Increased the maximum number of residents in a household from four to five. Go ahead and have another child!
  • Implemented game stability improvements that affected some players.
  • Adjusted several quests for clarity.
  • Fixed several bugs related to staying on a quest for a long period of time.
  • Improved detection of monitor resolution for some hardware configurations.
  • Fixed a variety of issues in Create-A-Sim.
  • Fixed several text and art inconsistencies.

Over all I’m pleased with the patch, and I hope to see more coming. I’m almost sad that there is no store attached to this version of the Sims franchise, unlike Sims 3. I got a few free sims points with my Sims 3 purchase (Generations is coming up soon and I’m looking forward to that expansion) and enjoy browsing the stores for new goodies. Ah well.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


If I Only Had the Time.. #EQ2 #EQ #Rift #VGD

If only I had the time. That statement haunts me even to the moment that I’m typing it out. I think we live in a glorious age where there are just SO many incredible games to play – and I just don’t have enough time for them all. It’s impossible. What am I up to these days? Well.

EverQuest: My main game at this moment in time, and has been since the progression servers launched. I am no longer playing on a progression server but have returned to my home of Drinal. I have a 90 necromancer and an 89 soon-to-be 90 enchanter. My second account is active (for now) and I’ve been playing a bard who just reached level 80 yesterday. I’ve been exploring House of Thule in all its glory, and working on my 1.0-1.5-2.0 epics. I haven’t explored much of the previous expansion (Underfoot) yet but I’m looking forward to that. EverQuest just has SO much content for players (12 years will do that) and I’ve been having a wonderful time. I’ve been doing crafting as well, and have made a few friends. I’ve stayed in my casual guild so far, but that may change in the future. I’ve been doing anniversary events which are around (along with Fabled spawns) until April 26th. For those who say you can never go back – I say yes you can.

EverQuest II: I’ve done little to nothing since DoV released. I’ve obtained 1 flying mount and done a few public quests for gear on both the troubador and the warden. I did do the chrono portal quests that were released as a tribute to EQ1, but aside from that EQ2 has barely been on my radar. I keep wanting to go back but I can’t find (aside from housing and crafting) what it is I’m looking for when I play. For now I’m still drifting.

Rift: I’ve got a level 21 as my max level character at the moment, along with a handful of crafting alts. I haven’t really touched the game that much, I’m still in the starter area. I have decided to sign up for a 6 month subscription because I know I will be back when time allows and the $10/m deal was just too good to pass up. When I’ll actually have the time, I just don’t know.

Vanguard: Yes, still playing. These days I’m mostly doing diplomacy quests or crafting and not that much adventuring. It’s not a bad thing, it’s a time restraint thing. If I had more time I’d play more. This is still one of my all time favorite games.

The Sims Medieval: Love it. Need more time to play it. My kingdom is doing well. I have a tavern, a market, and I created some sort of spy outpost along with NPC to run them all. I haven’t played anyone but the monarch yet, but I’m excited about switching and seeing what other personalities I can uncover.

If I had the time I’d also be brushing up on the handful of games that I’ve got collecting dust. STO comes to mind, Wizard 101, Guild Wars, Dragon Age II (which I bought and haven’t even installed yet on my PC), Free Realms (both PS3 and PC versions), LotRO (which I have been neglecting badly), Magicka, Minecraft, and Recettear. How can we NOT be amazed by the fantastic games we’ve got available to us.

What is your game of choice at the moment? I expect my game-play to also decrease significantly over the next little while. My birthday is coming up, and with it a new Kindle (replacing my sony pocket e-reader) and a new Ipad 2.0 (replacing my ipod 1st gen), I also picked up a kinect, and have been having fun with their work out programs. PLUS spring has finally started, and I expect to be out and about with my camera and a good book – well, as soon as all this rain lets up of course.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Let Me Tell You A Story #SimsMedieval

No one knew how she became Monarch, but there she was. Good, parents eaten by whales – with one fatal flaw that I can’t reveal here because then of course all of her opponents would figure it out and her life as monarch would be over. She ruled kindly – except for that one guy she threw eggs at in the stocks and she released him afterward and apologized. Government pressure, and all.

One day she heard about mysterious fires taking place in the forest just outside the Kingdom. Curious, she went there to find out what was up – and found three peasants burning a large pile of books. When asked why they would do something so foolish (after all, who doesn’t love a good book?) they claimed what was the point! They couldn’t read!

The monarch gasped. Her peasants couldn’t read?! Well this would not do. Not at all. So she decided that the best thing for her to do would be to hire a local teacher, rather then foreign ones. Keeping jobs within the kingdom. The teacher was not that easy to find though. He wanted a duchy in return for teaching and after speaking to her advisory she learned there were no free ones available at the moment – but – if she went and spoke to some bandits and waged a small war she may be able to give that to the teacher and everyone would be happy. The fight was over quickly, she gave the land to the teacher, who in turn told her he needed a primer before he could teach. A trip to the market soon followed. Finally, the new teacher was ready – all he required was that the peasants be lead to the forest and that the queen help teach the first class.

Was that it?

So she lead the three peasants to the forest, and together they and the teacher and her frolicked amongst the trees reading books instead of burning them – and that’s how Lady Stargrace restored literacy to her kingdom.

Above is an example of the very first quest (after the tutorial which I don’t really count) that I encountered in The Sims Medieval which released yesterday. Each step of the quest left me with options on what to do, and I progressed the quest in the way that I wanted. I had any number of options, including forgetting literacy all together, hiring foreign teachers, etc. It was great, and a LOT of fun.

The tutorial to the game is a little dry and gives you a very ‘on rails’ feeling – plus it’s long, and you can’t save during it which bothered me. Your best bet is to finish it as fast as you can and not dawdle until afterward. Then you’re free to do whatever you want – and wow is there a lot to do. Where as with MOST Sims games I’m spending the majority of my time decorating, this game is completely different.

So far I’ve only played the monarch NPC but you get to alternate and do quests with specific other created (or pre-created if you want) characters. I purchased a tavern for my kingdom and created Troubadour Tipa who entertains. I can use that character to complete my entertainment quests if I want. I also built a market, and have a Scopique D’Twitter character who sells wares. I haven’t gotten incredibly far in any of the stories yet or finished off more then the one quest because I’ve been side tracked by the very basic and common Sim things like interacting with every single member of my castle household, and expanding it to allow for a banquette hall for foreign visitors. I think next I’ll be working on the wizard tower, but I haven’t decided.

Learning the controls of the game was a bit different then the regular Sims games as well, and if you were tired of making sure your character went to the bathroom then fear no longer as the only two ‘bars’ you have to watch is hunger and energy. I find it amusing that my Queen is eating everything with her hands – but hey that’s how it was done. She spends a lot of time eating gruel. Gross.

The graphics are absolutely amazing, and I’ll be posting a lot more about this game as I continue playing it. Anyone else enjoying it yet? Let me know in comments! What’s your favorite part so far?

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Pre-Order Bonuses and Collectors Editions #DA2 #Rift

Ah, how quickly we have moved on from the lackluster (to quote my earlier twitter comment) 2010 game releases, to the (what so far appear to be) amazing 2011 line up. March is shaping up to be a simply amazing round of games and I hope the rest of the year will follow. I may have an empty wallet now, but the enthusiasm I’m seeing on other blogs and especially on twitter (follow me, I’m @_stargrace) is incredible and refreshing. I honestly can’t remember the last time a large number of my online friends decided to play something all at once. We may not be on the same faction or the same server, but it’s a start.

There are three games that I’ve picked up for March alone, and each one comes with its own collectors edition and pre-order bonuses.

March 1st (February 24th early access if you pre-order): Rift. There is a pre-order bonus for the digital edition which includes: Founders pricing (sign up for multiple months at a cheaper price), shrouded sourcestone rune, a companion pet, beta access, head start access, and 30 days of game time (that is the total package, including things that are available with the regular non-pre-order box like 30 days of game time). There is also a digital collector’s edition, which includes everything I just mentioned plus a collector’s satchel, a mount, and a bogling wastrel which I assume is some sort of companion pet. Then there is the retail collector’s edition, which includes an 8GB USB drive, the rift soundtrack, a SteelSeries gaming mouse pad, and a hard cover comic. I ended up pre-ordering the basic digital edition because (aside from my wallet exploding) I just prefer digital for this sort of thing. I am excited about early access, and I didn’t want to lose out on days because of slow delivery. It seems to always happen here in Canada. The comic was enticing, but an extra $20 for that one item was just not enough to pull me in.

March 11th: Dragon Age II. There are also pre-order bonuses if you order before the 11th of January, which is an upgrade to the signature edition. That has a code for a bonus playable character and missions, downloadable game soundtrack, exclusive in-game digital armory, and additional downloadable items whatever those are (I haven’t been able to figure it out). I haven’t gotten this one yet but with a little luck and patience I’ll be picking it up before the 11th of January.

March 22nd: The Sims Medieval. I could not be more excited for this game. Their pre-order (ends on March 21st) includes 3 bonus throne rooms in Barbarian, Dark Magic, and Princess themes, as well as two exclusive outfits in Monarch and Executioner themes. I’ve already pre-ordered this from EA (thank you for letting me use PayPal!) and can’t wait to start playing. I openly admit I’ve been a fan of the Sims franchise for a very long time and even if it’s completely horrid I’ll still purchase it.

Anyone else looking forward to a game or two this year? Share below in comments!

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