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Deed Update

Working on my deed has gotten a lot slower lately, but I’m certainly still pushing at it. The main portion is ‘complete’ (the town) with just a few details being added here and there. The next big part is to complete the plaza, which is an enormous shopping square, 4-16 floors high with different tiers. Then I want to decorate that, so that people can peek into the shops and see various items for sale, or just look around the pub. It’s an enormous project that requires a LOT of raw materials, and I’m having difficulty keeping it stocked, especially when the contract this time around is for 10,000 mortar. The payment for that amount of work is horribly low, so I’m not actually sure I’ll even bother. I think I could make better use of the mortar just using it for myself, or even selling it later to players.

Still, things sure are looking beautiful.

Quail Crag

I’ve had a really difficult time deciding where I wanted my liberty mountain deed to be. I have no real access to any significant ore, so I wanted a place that would be able to accommodate that. Normally I would purchase the rods that let you transform rock to ore of your choice – but that’s just not feasible unless donations come back. Instead I found this abandoned mountain deed with three remaining buildings. One of them housed a magic chest filled with goodies. I deeded the field portion, and as houses decay I’ll push the deed towards the caves. Hopefully I get a sizeable amount of rock to work my way through over time. Eventually, it will become a retreat for my priest characters.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Quail Plaza

Now that my main town is ‘complete’ (they’re never ever really done) I decided to move on to my next project – a shopping plaza. This giant square is surrounded by highway, and each ‘building’ is going to be a line of strip malls, decorated as shops and pubs. The plaza will be 3-15 floors high, and players will be able to enter and do a bit of shopping, as well as just go around from shop to shop looking at the decorations. I used different materials for each building so that they look like individual places instead of one giant place – and I’m very excited to see this project grow. Unfortunately it takes a lot of raw materials, but I am glad that I managed to complete the first floor. Next is building the wooden floors inside, then the ladders for the 2nd floor, and the walls that will divide the shops.

No idea when I’ll get this project completed, but it’s fun.

This Weeks Treasures

Nothing as impressive as the two drake suites that I found (and subsequently sold to Olloyd so I could fund my deeds) but still not complaining – especially since I didn’t already have a rare rope tool! I just need to get Moumix to improve it for me.

A lot of people seem to keep their coins in chests instead of in the bank, so this was a nice little bit that I found in a decayed container. There are a few more decayed locations that I’d like to check out, but all of that takes time and trying to get the timing right so I get there before other pillagers. I think this week I just lucked out a bit.

Stills? STILLS!

I’m trying to find stills in abandoned deeds so I can open up a huge production line for alcohol in game – but it seems like people don’t actually own too many of them! I’ve found two so far. I might have to actually (ugh) craft some…

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Storage – Completed!

Another building completed on my deed – this time the storage building. It used a LOT of timber framed walls, which are annoying to make. Each wall requires 5 beams, 10 grass, and 20 clay. The overall effect is lovely (I know, I still have a bridge to complete in the front, I took the screenshot before I finished it!) and then adding a thatch roof just completed the overall look.

With the stables, the smithy, and storage complete, I think it might almost be time to work on the main building. It’s created out of marble, and a few stories high, so I’ve been neglecting working on it aside from the main floor. I did buy a bunch of marble bricks from Takah to help the process slightly, but I need to create a LOT of mortar. Each wall requires 20 bricks and 20 mortar. With 99 masonry it’s not as though creating mortar is difficult by any means, it’s just also not fun.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Stables – Completed!

I mentioned a few times already that I’m re-building my deed in the (almost) exact replica that the old deed I owned used to be – it was one that Takah designed and built for me in exchange for a set of drake armour. I absolutely loved this deed and everything about it, and there’s no way I could perfect upon the build, which is why I made the decision to re-build.

I am hoping to complete a building or two a week until the entire deed is back to the way it used to be. So far the smithy is completed in full, and the ground floor to 10 other buildings. Today I managed to finish the stables, and I’ve got a few horses in there already. I also finished setting the farm fields back up along with some animals (bison, sheep, chickens). I’d like to get some more hell horses for the Fo priest to play with, and maybe some deer. Still, this building is a step in the right direction! I think next I’ll work on the storage building, because it’s attached to my smithy and will complete a section of the deed. After that? We’ll just have to see.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Preparing the new Deed

I am not a fan of making the basics in Wurm. That includes bricks, nails, planks, and furniture. I’d much rather go exploring, find what I need decaying out in the wilds some place, and haul it home to repurpose. That was exactly the plan I set out with on the Sklotopolis server, and it paid off big time.

After two days of roaming around the Liberty server searching for goodies, I finally managed to find a few abandoned deeds that had houses I could remove via ‘clean up’ – a server feature that allows you to banish houses that have at least one decayed wall where the owners have been offline for more than 3 months. It’s a handy feature that allows property clean up to happen at a slightly accelerated rate, which personally I think is important in Wurm Unlimited where player retention is not always high.

Furniture, supplies, and so much food I can’t possibly use it all in my lifetime were just some of the spoils of my adventures. I also found some new forges, ovens, statues, rugs, a few lumps of seryll, a full set of 70ql steel plate, and other odds and ends.

Construction wise, I’m working on the storage building now having completed the outer walls of the stables. Interior walls of the stables and main house also need to be worked on. Progress is coming along, and I’m confident I can get the place looking exactly like it used to.

Upcoming events include a rift event on the 22nd that I’m pretty excited about. Hopefully I get some good prizes there, though I think I’ll want to create some battle sickles.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Ah, Sklotopolis

I was innocently playing Wurm Online on the Harmony server, when I met up with Nannini, who happens to be an old Sklotopolis player that I played with, and grew quite fond of as far as friends go. They started talking about the game, about the work the developers are putting into it (and always have) and that got me longing for home.

It has been two years or so since I played with any regularity. When our family moved away to the Far North internet was sparse and I wasn’t sure when I’d get to log in. I was notified that my deed would be expiring if I didn’t check in (they have a duration, helps free up land for people who are actually playing) and I decided at that time to move on.

Which is a mistake I’ve made before in the past. No one “moves on” from Wurm, and certainly not from Sklotopolis.

I downloaded the game, logged in, and immediately deeded because my volcano was sitting there, just waiting. Quail Cove Nouveau was born. There is a smaller deed to my side that I’m hoping will either fall or the owner will sell to me (they have not been in game for a while, and there are no buildings or any belongings actually) – in the meantime I plan on re-creating the deed as best I can. Thankfully I took a lot of screenshots.

I spent my first day acquiring a knarr & a wagon, and then I ran around my local area (and some not-so-local areas) pillaging fallen items like crate racks, storage bins, and forgotten about tools. My place will (as always) be a mish mash of the items others have forgotten about. I didn’t get anything amazing, more like ‘one mans garbage is another mans treasure’ situation, but it IS really nice to be playing again. Expect more posts about the server and what has changed (and what is the same) in the future.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.