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Another Quiet Night

I didn’t get a whole lot of time to game yesterday, I spent most of it working on an article for MMORPG.com, and the rest of it sending interview questions out to the folks at Wizard101, and a few EQ2 players (brigands and swashbucklers) for upcoming articles for Beckett MOG. When I finally did manage to log into EQ for a little bit before bed, I saw there was a guide event going on. Having been a guide myself for EQ2 I love seeing that things are still active, even if it’s not as active as it would have been in its prime. I think a lot about getting back into it – I miss it. I miss role playing as a guide. But, I don’t think I honestly have the time. So for now thinking about it is all I can do.

I cleaned out my banks which were a disaster, because the bank space is so very limited in EQ I end up spending a few hours every week doing this. Deciding what I should keep and what I should just throw away. Being a pack rat by nature is bad, especially when I try to keep every little bit of craft material that comes my way from multiple expansions because “I never know when it will come in handy” I have two craft supply holders I’ve created as well, just to pass materials off to. After I’d finally sorted out what was going where I headed to Stoneroot for a little bit of experience with Ultann and Ninga. Ultann ended up having to go AFK and after a short stint of smacking Drachnid around I decided that I should probably just call it an early night (again) and sleep. I’m typically a morning person and up fairly early, so going to bed around 2-3am leaves me with only 2-3 hours of sleep for a night. 

Hopefully I’ll get a little more gaming in today, I spent a little under an hour patching up LoTRO last night so that it could be ready for today – so far the “free weekend” hasn’t started – or at least my account (which is in good standing) isn’t active yet, so we’ll see how that goes. 

Hope everyone has a happy Thursday!

The Fabled Sword of Truth, and Leveling.

Sword graphic on the right hand side is the Fabled Sword of truth – a pretty impressive piece of gear that comes with a very unique graphic that everyone adores. The sword comes from The Fabled Lord Inquisitor Seru in Sanctus Seru. One of the many fabled that are highly sought after during the month of fabled drops.

Yesterday was fairly quiet. My 63 druid is now part way into level 69, having spent some time in both Stoneroot and Valdeholm yesterday. Lesson of the devoted is a great veteran reward and everyone in the group happily burned theirs. I also used an experience potion (or two) to help climb through the levels. I expect things will slow down again around level 70+ but I really love playing the druid in any case. I boxed the enchanter along with her for some experience yesterday, who is creeping up on level 79. I should get started on the druids epic some time, I haven’t looked into it but I know it’s on the long list of things I’d like to do ‘some day.’

I’d also like to work on the Bristlebane firework quest – which is going to be a 20+ hour quest no matter how you look at it. The party machine that shoots fireworks off is in one zone at a time, for one real life hour. There are 20 zones, so even if you were to follow it, it would take 20 hours to get the updates to each location. I’m thinking if I cut it down to 5 locations a day that may be easier. We’ll just have to see how it goes though. As of yet I’ve only just managed to pick up the quest. Then there’s also the 10th anniversary deity quests that I’d like to complete, the aa from them is apparently very nice. We’ll just have to see!

Sorry for the short post today but real life has me doing other stuffs so for now this is it! See you in Norrath, and I hope everyone has a fantastic Wednesday.

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