2014-05-01_00004I know, the title is a little bit misleading, after all there’s only been one incident of rat anus mentioned in The Banner Saga so far, but it caught my attention right away so of course I had to write about it.

I was gifted this game some time ago from a good friend of mine (thank you again!) but I had not gotten around to actually playing it. That’s the way it goes with nomadic gaming, I flounder about where ever my attention takes me. Anyway, since I have a clean PC with no games I decided it was time to fix that and eagerly browsed through my steam list.

The Banner Saga is a turn based tactics game, rich in story and details. The art style appealed to me right from the get-go, and I love the choices your characters are able to make throughout. You don’t just play a single character, either. You play whatever the story dictates, as you’re introduced to characters.

I did turn the difficulty down to easy because I wanted to focus more on the story than I wanted to on actual game play, but that was just me.

Live through an epic role-playing Viking saga where your strategic choices directly affect your personal journey. Make allies as you travel with your caravan across this stunning yet harsh landscape. Carefully choose those who will help fight a new threat that jeopardizes an entire civilization.

I only played an hour or two into the game so far, but the art style is really what made me fall in love with it. There are cut scenes, load screens, and game play that just scream out to me with details. I think this is one of those games where watching someone else play would be just as entertaining to me as playing myself.

Of course, your mileage may vary. Have you picked up the game? What did you think? Let me know in comments! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!