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It’s an ACTION figure, NOT a DOLL

If you’ve never been to Unrest (instance in Butcherblock for level 70+) I would HIGHLY suggest people go check it out. To this day it is one of the best scripted zones I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying, and it’s just a lot of fun to do, even if it does take a while.

After you manage to unlock the back door a particular ‘friend’ spawns outside. For the longest time there was no way any of my friends were defeating this encounter, and when Unrest released the level cap was 70 making it that much harder.

Of course I’m talking about Bugaboo, the gigantic creature who roams around the house, causing issues for adventurers.

Well, we finally managed to defeat him and while I wish he dropped a trophy because how cool would THAT look inside of a guild hall – he did drop something else. The little action figure fabled item pictured to the right hand side.

Now, there may not be anything astounding about this item by all basic appearance. However, if you take the time to right click and examine said item while it is in your inventory you may find out that it tells quite a different story.

That’s right, this adorable fabled item can actually be mounted and turns into an doll action figure that you can display in your house or guild hall. It’s a VERY small item, I was expecting something on the statue size in scale. Careful, you may put it where others could step on it and hurt themselves! Don’t leave your toys laying all over the place.

It’s these cute little additions and discoveries that I make every day that remind me about why I love this game. 5 years later and I’m still stumbling over these things. It’s fantastic.

Simply Gaming

Aww no screen shot to go with this post because I spent the majority of yesterday bedridden again and the screen shot quality of the laptop is just not that great. Snuck onto the computer early this morning before I have to go back to my cave for the rest of the day, at least it’s comfortable (even if I don’t have digital cable in there and the channels I do have suck!).

Despite being confined to my room I did get a fair amount of gaming done yesterday! It’s not like I’m going to let a few little problems stop me, eh?

To start it off Satia (the dirge) is now level 79 and 40% into it! This will mark my 8th level 80 I believe. I already have an 80: Coercer, Illusionist (x2), Templar, Warden, Troubador, and Mystic. The 50% bonus experience for the (US) holiday weekend has been nice in helping me along, plus I had a few smaller experience boosting potions, and I mentored with my mystic. In order to get that bit of experience the guild and I headed to Crypt of Agony, Maidens Chamber, Vaults of Eternal Sleep, as well as Unrest and Shard of Fear. Oh, lets not forget Chelsith too!

Crypt of Agony, Madiens, and Vaults were slightly disappointing as none of them dropped a single item that any of us were searching for – however Ultann managed to get his choker from Unrest finally, and Wpus managed to get his ring from Chelsith (you know the one that procs a huge aoe when a mob dies). Hamal (Kasul) also inched his way closer to 72 and gained a lot of achievement points from the instances, so that was good for him.

At 79 my little dirge had a lot of gear waiting for her, she can wear some new weapons and her new gi and a handful of other random items. I believe I have a few shards saved up so at level 80 she can get a piece or two of void gear (T1) until I can farm some shards on her. She’s still quite far behind in achievements, but is almost at 100 which is better then some of my characters (like the illusionist, lol). Of course this character isn’t even 80 yet and I’m already debating who to level up next, probably the paladin and then who knows, I may just create something new. I only have three characters on my 2nd account, so there’s lots of room over there still. Maybe a pure dps class of some sort. Suggestions?

Aside from that, I’m expecting a fairly quiet weekend. Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday, and their holiday Monday (for those who have it off). Chances are I’ll be some where in Norrath.

Another Great Thursday Night

Yesterday EQ was down for a few hours (as it was on Wednesday) for a few changes, and when the game came back up Ninga and myself headed to Lower Guk to see if we couldn’t snag a named or two that may have been up after the restart. Lucky for us, both the assassin and the supplier were up in the cuby we had been camping before, so we brought out the mercenary and made quick work of each.

The supplier dropped a 90% weight reduction bag, not incredibly amazing nor was it bad. The assassin who dropped my darkened guise of the deceiver the night before this time was sporting the darkened serrated bone dirk – which procs a very nice snare. It was a huge upgrade to my rogue who has been sporting some less then optimal daggers for a very long time now. I haven’t played her seriously in a number of years and she normally just gets items that would other wise rot.

A quick glance towards frenzy (which was camped) and we decided to scope out the Unrest revamp for a little while before it got to crowded. We camped on the roof of the mansion itself, a great view to watch all of the other players camping around, and it also allowed us one named (Reclaimed hand I believe, or something similar) that dropped a nice bracelet and a ring. We also got a few patterns to the glowing othni armor which I will pass down to an alt I believe. We scrounged up the hat, boots, and gloves. The gear is better then the defiant stuff, but not as amazing as regular drops, either way it’s upgrades to me.

When we had our fill of Unrest (which came sooner rather then later, that zone fills up fast) we headed to The Buried Sea to work on a hand augment quest that requires 20+ tasks. We managed to complete nine of the tasks, and have another 18 to go I believe. Basically each task rewards you a body part, and then you can purchase a container from an npc and combine those body parts into lesser augments. Then you can take those and combine them (from what I understand) into a super augment. It’s basically another quest that will remind you a lot of Breakdown in Communication which was another monster sized quest.

Since I haven’t spent a great deal of time in The Buried Sea I had a lot of fun, even though some of the camps are exceptionally long – especially if you’re doing the quest with friends and they all need updates. Ninga and I managed to move on to the next portion though and I was happy to do so.

I called it an early night (around 10) not wanting to over do things. Hopefully this weekend I’ll be getting some more much needed spring cleaning done and turning my balcony outside into a small garden with an area for reading / writing. We’ll see how that goes. I hope everyone has an amazing Friday, see you in Norrath!

Small Victories in Lower Guk

Instead of hanging out in EQ2 last night, the trio headed back to EQ. Over time I have come to realize that I am a very difficult person to game with. I can hear some of my friends agreeing with me from here, hehe. I tend to bounce between a few games, and I used to get upset at myself over it but I’ve come to the conclusion that it is simply how I game. Every one has a style and it happens to be unique to that person. Thankfully I’m blessed with a close circle of friends who understand that it’s simply how I am and they don’t hold a grudge against me (I hope) as one week I’ll be playing EQ2 and then the next I pop back into EQ. It makes for frustrating times I know and I want (and need) my friends to know that I appreciate them so much more for putting up with my quirks.

Back to EQ! Well, the Cazic Thul and Blackburrow revamps may not be there any more, but the Lower Guk (which has been revamped before) and Unrest zones are sporting a new look these days. Ninga (Wpus), Ultann, and myself headed to Lower Guk to see if we couldn’t score a few of the new pieces of gear. Now, the night before the zone was pretty empty. Most players seemed to be spending their time hanging out in Unrest. If you recall that zone it’s quite small and there were over 30 people in it. Guk was down to four.

Such was not the case last night, as an evening that started out with only four in the zone quickly grew to 25+. Lower Guk is also quite a small zone, especially since it’s slightly lower in levels compared to Unrest which means things die faster and people pull further.

We did manage to set up camp in the Assassin / Supplier room though, and we did manage to get one spawn of the assassin. He dropped a darkened guise of the deceiver which I relogged my rogue to snag. It’s got heroic stats so even though she’s already a dark elf and the illusion is not that handy, the rest of the item is. We were hoping to camp for the darkened flowing black silk sash, but alas that happens to be one of the more popular camps of the zone and we were unsuccessful.

Before heading to Lower Guk we also decided to spend a little time working on the hand augment quest. I’ve mentioned this quest before, it’s an enormous chain with a lot of components but well worth the work.

As an added bonus to our exploring yesterday, my necromancer (minxes) inched her way to level 81, and 20% into the level! This will be the first time that I’ve been so close to the level cap in EverQuest. I made a vow to myself to try to get to max level as I have NEVER been there before in this game. I’m excited, I’ll admit. Not only did the necromancer cling to level 81, but the enchanter finally inched her way over to level 80! I was again very happy about this. I haven’t looked up her level 80 spells yet, and she’s lacking in gear (though she does sport a good array of fabled gear) and I *should* work on her epic some time, but I was still very happy to have hit level 80.

I hope everyone has an amazing Thursday, just think, only one more day until Friday! If you happen to live in Canada, enjoy the long weekend!

See you in Norrath!

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