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Official Wikia Communities #Vanguardsoh #VGD


Last week SOE announced ‘official wikia communities‘ for EQ2 and Planetside 2. I’ve been looking forward to these announcements for quite some time, but what I was hoping to see was one announced for Vanguard. Those who have played Vanguard over the years remember when the crafting web site came down – it hosted an enormous amount of incredibly valuable information and due to the lack of interest in the game the person hosting it just couldn’t continue. No one offered to take over, and eventually it vanished from the internet along with hours of crafting information. Losing information like that is a painful prospect for continuing players as well as potential customers. Especially for a game like Vanguard where playing without some sort of wikia (for crafting) is almost impossible. There are simply too many intricate combinations and ‘rules’.

I think the general idea is fantastic, although it’s certainly not new. Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 host their own wikia that players can add information to. Wurm Online also runs a wikia for their game. Making these places ‘official’ and assigning a staff member to ‘oversee’ it is a big step, and gives confidence to players that 1. the information isn’t going anywhere and 2. it is probably relatively up to date.

Hopefully we can see some sort of official Vanguard wikia put in place eventually. There is a popular one that has been around a short while now called ‘Telonica” which I’ve suggested SOE team up with. We’ll see how that goes.

Vanguard Update #VGD #Vanguardsoh

Here is a list of the improvements that were released with today’s update:


  • The cap for sending currency via mail and COD mail has been increased to 30 plat.
  • Ships can now only be summoned in water depths of at least 5 meters.
  • The level of your defensive target is now displayed in the UI.
  • Character select now displays how many character slots are currently available on your account. Additional slots can be purchased through the Marketplace up to a maximum of 20 slots.
  • Rifting to a new location should no longer have a chance to drop you among aggressive NPCs who hasten you toward an untimely death.
  • Having a group member log out while the group is harvesting should no longer crash the zone.
  • You can now send a guild invitation to your defensive target.
  • The Kaon Loreck in Forest’s Heart should no longer be pretending to be merchants.


  • Check out the latest batch of new items available for purchase:
  • o Visage of the Pumpkin Man – Changes your character’s appearance into a spooky pumpkin horror.
  • o Visage of Vampire Von Guard – Transform your character into a bloodthristy vampire.
  • o Vanity Pet: Leopard (Minala) – Summons the leopard Minala to be your companion.
  • o Petamorph Dryad – Changes your shaman, necromancer, or ranger epic pet to look like a dryad.

Festival of the Grim Harvest

  • The description on the Chupacabry costume is now correct.
  • Flaps the bat should properly appear when summoned.


  • The quest “Using Evil” should now correctly target Kaon Soulshards.
  • Starspark Pearls will now drop while on the quest “Starspark Pearls” or “More Starspark Pearls”.
  • “The Hunter’s League” quest should now provide a belt as a reward for light fighters.
  • The quest “Not a Thief, Just a Killer” should now work properly for all races.
  • The quest “Elk Overpopulation” should now update correctly.
  • Vorille Wrought has escaped from the clutches of the Deep Dwarves and will now be able to update his quest.
  • The quest objective in “An Unseen Door” can now be completed properly.
  • The objective “Scout the West Arch” can now be completed on the quest “Scout Vsurog Moor (Ichtakhta)”.
  • Those speaking with the Traveler should now be able to accept “Who Are You?” upon completion of his previous quest.


  • Casting “Expansive Mind” should no longer cause multiple animation and particle effects to play at the same time.
  • Casting “Siphon Blood” should no longer cause multiple animation and particle effects to play at the same time.
  • Rangers should no longer see extraneous animations play when using their stances.
  • The abilities “Power Attack V” and “Skin of Rakurr II” should no longer repeatedly play the auto-attack animation.
  • Animations have been removed from the rogue’s “Explosive Flechette” abilities in an effort to increase performance during raids.

UI Files Updated

  • VGUILoginWnd.xml
  • VGUIPlayerStatus.xml

Vanguard to Get New Forums – Save Your Old Favorite Posts! #VGD #Vanguard

Have a favorite crafting guide, or a diplomacy walk through that you use all of the time on the official Vanguard forums? Well you’ll want to make sure you head over and save that information some place, as SOE is revamping the current forums.

We are pleased to inform you that we will soon be switching to new forums!

As many of you may have noticed, the current forums have experienced several ups and downs over the past couple of years. We have been searching for a new solution over the past few months and have finally found one that is a vast improvement over the current forums. Vanguard is the first live game to see the new forums, which we’ve been using and testing with the PlanetSide 2 Beta community!

Within the next week or two, we will switch the Vanguard forums over to the new forum software.  When this occurs, the forums will start off completely fresh. Unfortunately, the new architecture means that we are unable to transfer any old posts over to the new forums. If you have any favorite posts that you wish to keep, please copy them to a safe place as soon as possible!

When the forum transition occurs, we will give you at least 24 hours notice.

Feel free to ask questions if you have them and we’ll do our best to answer!

Zatozia the Torturess
Community Relations Manager

I’m excited about this process and feel that a lot of the information has become outdated over time, so a nice fresh start now that the game has gone Free to Play is exactly what’s needed.

Soaring Through The Skies of Telon #Vanguard #VGSOH #VGD

For those who may have missed the news, you can now explore Telon under the new ‘Free to Play’ model, and while I do have a few.. concerns, with this model, it’s nice to see Vanguard getting some attention.

One of the first things I did was visit the new marketplace and check out what was for sale. It follows pretty much the same pattern as the rest of the SOE games, there’s gear, potions, house items, mounts and the like. I decided to purchase a flying mount pictured above. There are two choices, one is a griffon and the other a wyvern. I was pleased to find out that gold members receive a discount to anything they purchase from the marketplace, although I have to admit I was less-than pleased with my new flying mount. It doesn’t handle very well at all, and doesn’t fly nearly as smooth as the mounts that you can rent in game from NPC. In order to use these purchased mounts you also must be at least level 50 in any one of the three spheres, thankfully I qualify because I’m a 51 mineralogist on my main, a blood mage (currently sitting at level 47 in adventuring).

When F2P was introduced there was also a slight revamp of loot drops for some bosses, and I expect they’ll be nerfed shortly if they haven’t been yet. People were linking loot that was far better than anything else you could obtain in game previously, with stats like 250 crit chance and other obscene numbers. There’s a patch today to fix some glitches and I’m hoping that the lag and disconnects that players may have been experiencing will also be addressed.

Telon is beautiful, and has always been. I’m pleased that more people will give it a shot and perhaps even stay a while. It’s nice to hear channels being used again (when they work), and as a long time player it’s satisfying to know that the game is getting at least a little more attention than in previous years.

If you’ve been away from the game for a while, there’s no better time to see how things have changed, even if it’s just to fill the lull between another game release. As always, happy gaming! No matter where you find yourself.

Exploring Greystone (Dungeon level 40-45) #VGD #Vanguard

Between 35-40 I would say it is really hard to figure out where to level. Especially if you’re in a solo / duo in game. I had problems leveling my blood mage up past these levels, and now I’m finding I have the same problem with my shaman.

Hampooj and I decided to explore the first parts of Greystone, which is a dungeon suitable for level 40-45 characters. You can find it in Beranid Hills. The mobs along the bridge before the actual dungeon are level 40 and mostly 2 dots with a few 3 dots thrown in there. There is a tower on either side, with a named at the top (a 4 dot). Inside are quests, and some classes even have level 42 spells that they learn here.

The Telon Project and Silkyvenom both have partial write ups about the dungeon but one really annoying thing to note is that the quest components don’t drop from every encounter, and you need a LOT of them. They also won’t drop for every person in the group, so if you’re in a group completing the quests here you’re looking at spending a LOT of time in the area, killing thousands of mobs. I find that this is an issue with a lot of the dungeons in Vanguard, and it makes the content almost unplayable.We started to adventure here because we were just looking for something to do in between reaching 40 and moving on to newer zones. There’s a weapon quest located within the dungeon, and that would have been neat to complete.

These are the levels where dying starts becoming an issue. An issue because if you summon your corpse at an altar you lose a large chunk of xp (Hampooj died and lost roughly 25,000 experience) and if you are to wander back in to get your body you’ve quite a ways to go. Things respawn quickly depending on how long it takes your group (or duo) to kill, and it can get frustrating.

Despite all of that, it’s still why I love Vanguard. It’s complex, there are penalties, and it can be a cruel and unforgiving world. In a day where I feel that a lot of MMOs simply hand me rewards on a silver platter, it can be a pleasant change. Whether or not the game will keep this ‘charm’ when it goes free to play is something that players old and new debate on channels daily – myself, I stay out of the discussion. I’ll adapt with the changes because I see the game going free to play as a very good thing and in fact one of a few options. The other option of course being closing it down completely which is something I NEVER want to see for any video game. It’s astounding the number of times I hear “I’d rather see it closed down then see it get changed,” in local chat.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Things are Changing #VGD #Vanguard #VGSOH

One thing I’ve always loved about Vanguard is the ‘if you see it in the distance, you can reach it’ part of the game. I’ve written about it before, and it still holds true to this day.

Now, yesterday was a typical day in-game, except that channels were filled with a lot of upset players. See, to start things off starter villages were condensed. Anyone who was a part of EQ2 when those starter villages were removed understands that to players this is a pretty big deal. Removing content is almost never looked at favorably.

On top of that, many spells were removed (rank 1) so that players have less spells to ‘deal’ with below level 20. A lot of people logged in wondering where their rank 1 X spell had gone, and visiting their vendors showed only rank 2 available. I have two spells on my blood mage that are now missing, although since I’m level 47 it makes little difference.

It meant for most of the night I left my global channels off, because I already deal with complaints all day long and the last thing I wanted to do was deal with more while I’m trying to relax and play a video game (that I quite enjoy, changes and all). I’ve always been the sort of player to ‘roll with the changes’ until I no longer wish to, and then I just quit playing (ie: EQ2). Playing a game that makes me unhappy is pointless, there are countless other games out there that if I’m not happy in one I can move to another.

Anyhow. My artificer managed to finish the genesis quest line, and inch her way to level 51 almost 52 (in crafting, not adventuring). This was a huge achievement for me, I’m closer to the level cap than I’ve ever been, as long as they don’t decide to raise that cap any time soon I should be able to actually hit 55! Sure, it’s not adventuring, but crafting in Vanguard is still a complex process that takes a lot of time.

Next, it will be time to work up my other two crafters so that I have at least one of each (Outfitter, Artificer, Blacksmith). As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Game Updates June 21,2012 #VGD #Vanguard #VGSOH

Today is the first release of a series of content focused releases. As we get closer to F2P we will be releasing level range targeted updates that will attempt to address content flow, reward metrics, and gameplay issues. This first update includes changes to the first ten levels of the game.


  • The IOD bracelet pieces can now be attained in Tursh, Tanvu, and Cliffs of Ghelgad as quest rewards.
  • Tanvu
    • Revised and polished the flow of quests and content, including quest text.
    • Adjusted quest levels where necessary.
    • Where needed, added simple quests to take you from one quest hub to the next.
    • Revised and/or added quest rewards to the majority of quests in Shang Village and Tanvu.
    • Added quest rewards for Soldier Morale
    • Added quest rewards for Lead By Example
    • Added quest rewards to Shang Treasure
    • Added quest rewards to Report to Officer Yu
    • Added quest rewards to Pathetic Soldiers
    • Added quest to return player to Lt. Xi
    • Added quest rewards to Monks of Shang Village
    • Added quest rewards to Master Fhungusu
    • Added quest rewards to Redemption
    • Added quest rewards to Avenging Oki
    • Added quest rewards to Oki Jewels
    • Added quest rewards to JUU
    • Added quest rewards to Lost Fishing Supplies
    • Added quest rewards to The Unforgotten
    • Added quest rewards to The Unforgotten #2
    • Added quest to point to where the trainers are in Tanvu
    • Added quest rewards to A Jin Divided
    • Added quest rewards to Choosing your Path
    • Added quest rewards to Walking with Ra’Jin
    • Added quest rewards to Ghost Wind Academy
    • Added quest rewards to Ra’Jin Assault.
    • Added quest rewards to Eye of the Beholder
    • Added quest rewards to Final Steps
    • Added quest rewards to Final Test of Jin
    • Added quest rewards to Ra Jin Rooftops
    • Added quest rewards to Parting Gifts
    • Added quest rewards to Ra’Jin Senshi
    • Added quest rewards to Trial of Pure Thoughts
    • Added quest rewards to Trial of Endurance
    • Added quest rewards to Trial of Pure Thoughts
    • Added quest rewards to Trial of Endurance
    • Added quest rewards to Path to Faith
    • Added quest rewards to Parting Gifts
    • Added quest rewards to Faith in JIn
    • Added quest rewards to Beast of Air
    • Added quest rewards for Blessing of the Hunter
    • Added quest rewards for Ring of Vision
    • Added quest rewards for Acrid Hide
    • Added quest rewards for Blessing of Awareness
    • Added quest rewards for Jin Devourers
    • Added quest rewards for Life of Amiran
    • Added quest rewards for Ulvari Influence
    • Added Journal Entries to A Humble New Beginning
    • Added Journal Entries to Mean for Tanvu
    • Created Journal Entry back to Yaol
    • Added Journal Entry to Asa Ji.
    • Added Journal Entry to Final Steps.
    • Added Journal Entry for Trial of Endurance
    • Added Journal Entry for Beast of the Land
    • Added Journal Entry for East of the Sea
    • Added Journal Entry for The Wretched
    • The leap of faith during the quest “Faith in Jin” will now only save you from the fall while you have the quest active. This was to prevent people flying through the area from being teleported undesirably.
    • Fixed a dialogue bug during the quest “Choosing Your Path.”
    • Fixed several logic errors in the quest “Choosing Your Path” that allowed player to gate themselves from completing the quest, collect multiple quest items, among other things.
    • Clarified summary text of the quest “One Hand Clapping.”
    • Decreased the level of Hulking Sandscrapers in the Tanvu bay to level 7.
    • Added a quest “The Ra’Jin Grandmaster” available from Master Shaof in the abandoned hotel.
  • Isle of Dawn
    • The Quest Go to Kiri Tentrees now has a quest object to use your compass to locate Kira Tenree’s.
    • The IOD bracelet pieces can now be attained in Tursh, Tanvu, and Cliffs of Ghelgad as quest rewards.
    • The tools for the quest “Family Tools” are now more visible.
    • Players who kill Mature Gataro instead of using the Repellent will now be told by Veteran Sixfish that they should use the repellent in their bags.
    • The Quest objective to Shut down the power source on the quest “The Trial of the Isle” is now completed after using the monument instead of upon completion of the quest “Thief in the Night”.
    • There are now Travel Journal locations for the quest “A Thief in the Night”.
    • Adventurers who have a Mysterious Device but have not accepted the quest the item gives will be gently reminded to use the item to start a quest.
    • There are two additional food piles that can be poisoned on the quest “Unforgivable”.
    • There is now an additional Flame Imp Portal to be shut down for the quest “Earth Den”.
    • Adventurers who get near Koi Le Trueverse will receive a quest to talk to assist him.
    • A Travel Journal Entry has been added for the quest “Lost Charm”.
    • Players who do not have the Arcane Chicken Prod equipped will be reminded to equip the Chick Prod if they attempt to catch a chicken without their Prod.
    • There is now an additional Quest Objective on the quest Return to Elder Wen Starbrook to talk to Elder Wen Starbrook.
    • Clarified the quest Objectives for the quest “Unwilling Reason”.
    • There are now two additional chests that can be found while on the quest “Reclaimed Treasure”
    • There is now an additional quest objective on the quest “Warn the Priests” to smooth out the questflow.
    • A Travel Journal Location has been added for the quest “Half the Battle”
    • A Travel Journal Location has been added for all of the Shotaru
    • Solo quest progression on the Isle of Dawn now ends with the quest “The Shotaru”, after which players will be given the option to either leave the Isle of Dawn or continue fighting the corruption on Isle of Dawn. All quests after this point are now small group to reflect the difficulty some classes have soloing in the Temple.
    • The Quest rewards have been reworked so that players who choose to leave the Isle of Dawn after “The Shotaru” will have a full set of armor.
    • Adventurers will no longer have to stand in a very small area in order to use the Ember Shard
    • Added a Travel Journal Location for the quest “The Village”
    • Added a Travel Journal Location for the quest “Hobgoblin Patrols”
    • There is a new Quest Listen to Kira Tentree’s after the quest Go to Kira Tentrees.
  • Tursh
    • The quest “Windmill Clues” now has another method to find the notes left by the Riftseekers. Adventurers that are helping Inquisitor Tomas will find the clues a bit more readily now.
    • Jorey Melery’s quest “Healed Horse” is no longer available. The quest was disabled for adjusted quest progression in Tursh.
    • Guard Rakner’s quest “Help Guard Rakner” is no longer available. The quest was disabled for adjusted quest progression in Tursh.
    • Guard Horace’s quest “Rifty Business” is no longer available. The quest was disabled for adjusted quest progression in Tursh.
    • Players working on “Riftseeker Destruction” can now click the portals in Riftseeker’s Torrent to receive their quest updates.
    • Players working on “Open Source Cave” should now be directed to kill Imp Taskmasters for the means to free the poor Brownie Workers in Riftseeker’s Torrent.
    • Players working on the quests “Scout Recovery”, “Cartheon Initiative”, and “Death of the Necromancer” will now find Inquisitor Senn at her post. The other NPC’s associated with the quests are also now available.
    • Guard Manket no longer offers the quest “Thieving Foxes”. Guard Paylan, who’s closer to those dastardly foxes, now offers the quest instead.
  • Cliffs of Ghelgad
    • The quest ‘Thieving Rats” now has a journal entry to find the basket and chest.
    • The quest “Finding the Evidence” now removes from your inventory the items required for the quest.
    • The quest “Harami Initiation” now has a journal entry for the Bandit Camp.
    • The quest “Ksaravi Raiders” now has a journal entry to the Raiders Camp.
    • The quest “Agates for Adventurers” now has a journal entry to the agates.
    • The quest “Brownie Marauders” now has a journal entry to the Brownie Mauraders.
    • The quest “Matu-Makas” now has a journal entry to Matu-Makas.
    • The quest “Seabrid Rescue” now has a journal entry to the seabirds.
    • The quest “Finding a trainer” now reminds the player to equip the bag that was the reward.
    • The quest “Poisoned Bridge” now has a journal entry to Nolnoc.
    • The quest “Diseased Ksaravi Claw” now has a journal entry to Amshta Daedi.
    • The quest “A Road less Traveled” now shows the quest reward.
    • The quest “ Naemsong Needs you” is now a level 8 quest.
    • The quest “Missing Magic” now has a journal entry to Skabaka Arashmas.
    • The quest “The Scrying Stone” has been removed.


  • Tanvu
    • Revised and/or added loot rewards to the majority of boss mobs in Shang Village and Tanvu.
    • Added better loot drops to Sasori Kojin
    • Added better loot drops to Kyoukan Fujaru
    • Added better loot drops to Senshi Master
    • Added better loot drops to Spawn of Kojuko
    • Added better loot drops to Spellbreaker Tauko
    • Added better loot drops to Grandmaster Nahuji
    • Added additional trainers to Shang Village and Tanvu.
    • Consolidated the Tanvu trainers into one area so they are easier to find regardless of character class.
    • Adjusted Wander Radius on Manifestations of Jin
    • Imperial Soldiers in Shang Village can no longer be attacked with offensive abilities.
    • Made the rooftops of the Ra’Jin Fortress more accessible for the quest “Ra’Jin Rooftops.”
    • Decreased the assist aggro radius of Stabled Ostra in the Ra’Jin Fortress.
    • Grandmaster Nahuji has been made a small-group target.
    • Archetype ability trainers have been added at the House of Master Tallon to eliminate  backtracking.
  • Isle of Dawn
    • Tan Fen Greatcloud and Kira Tentree are now closer to where new adventurers start in Isle of Dawn.
    • Gataro Diver and Darkhide Crocodiles should be more plentiful.
    • Adventurers will no longer be able to accidentally attack Kojani Villagers.
    • Kojani Villagers can now be told to run even if they are in combat.
    • Rock Elementals on IOD will no longer absorb arcane spells.
    • Hobgoblin Defenders Block ability has been adjusted to better match the difficulty of a starting area.
    • Zalaz has been tuned to better match the difficulty that players should expect in a starting area.
    • The assist radius in the Ulvari Camp has been tuned to better match the rest of the Isle of Dawn
    • The Shotaru are now all located outside of the Temple
    • Ang Di Lowrock will now talk to players as they first enter the Temple
    • The Pegasus rental NPC as well as Hoangsu Halfmoon are now near the Alter that players respawn.
  • Tursh
    • Halflings (and all other races) are now eligible for all Tursh quests. Rindol Field however is still wary of outsiders for the time being.
    • Field Foxes and Field Wolves can now be skinned in Tursh.
    • Tursh archetype training quests now provide rewards that are in line with the Isle of Dawn rewards from similar quests. Additional training quests are now available in Tursh as well.
    • Terance Larker’s moved a bit closer to Zelser’s tower so adventurers will be able to spot him more easily to help him with his Tursh Fishermen’s Guild problem.
  • Cliffs of Ghelgad
    • Djan Hashgo now reminds you to sell to the merchant if necessary.
    • Trainers have been added to the Bayside Outpost.
    • The Brownie Gull Slayers now spawn above ground.


  • Changed the ability description of “Turtle Shell” used by Helshorn Lurker’s  to “Increased Armor”.
  • Rochius Pitran’s Journal should no longer show up in the harvesting tutorial harvest loot.


  • Starting ability progression for all classes has been adjusted
  • Bard song components are now granted automatically as they level up

Level 50+ Crafting Quest: Genesis #VGD #Vanguard #VGSOH

Finding information on Vanguard can be a bit tricky. You have to filter through things that are filled with outdated information and piece together bits from numerous other sites. It seems like over the years many sites have been started, but the information on all of them varies and is in multiple stages of completion.

When I hit 50 artificer (note, not the cap, the cap is 55) I knew there was a crafting quest that I was now able to do, but I had no idea what it was or where it was. There was no indication in-game of anyone I should visit, and so I had to do a google search for it. Eventually I found what I was looking for, a quest walk through for the Genesis chain, posted on the forums of Final Resolve. I’m taking their article and posting it here because I’ve seen far too many other sites go under and the information lost.

The Genesis questline is for level 50+ crafters.  In addition to giving you some nice gear and enough experience to give you 1.7 levels, it will give you access to the recipes to craft level 51+ spells/abilities and the various enhancement upgrades.  Note the latter will also require POTA access since the reagent needed can only be purchased from POTA and is not tradeable.

The quest starts with Geoffrey Wallstein, who is located in the Merchant’s Daughter Inn in the New Horizon’s quadrant of New Targoner.  Approx location is (-37,370 by 46,500).

Spoiler alert:  Do not read on if you don’t want any clues to the quest

1) Genesis – The Rumor:  Learn more about the artifact from Geoffrey.  Research his findings.  Go to the docks in NT and talk to Alison McTane.  Provide her either 5 dusky boards, mithril ingots or veilthread bolts in exchange for the item.  Return to Geoffrey.
Reward:  1 Million experience; Lvl 48 shirt – + 44 Ingenuity, +59 to all skills; Lvl 48 legs – +36 Reasoning, + 49 to all skills.

2) Genesis – The Bookseller:  Go to Lucan Bell in New Targoner crafting area.
Reward:  75K experience

3) Genesis – Puzzle Pieces:  Collect items using locations in your journal.  Avoid interference from “The Coinman”.  You will need to got to 10 locations and click to obtain the items you need.  You can do this in any order.  Follow your compass as you select each to find the exact location.  The bookseller will give you the initial part you need (Genesis Core).
– 1) Metal parts:  Located in the 3 rivers village (Thestra)
– 2) Crystals:  Located in Jharru Flats (Qalia)
– 3) Residue:  Located in a tree trunk in Ca’ial Brael (Kojan)
– 4) Conduit:  Located in Konarthi Point (Thestra)
– 5) Lens:  Located in Coastal Graveyard (Thestra)
– 6) Scroll:  Located in Ahgram (Qalia)
– 7) Liquid:  Located in Afrit (Qalia)
– 8) Wire:  Located in the Cliffs of Ghelgad overlooking Khal (Qalia)
– 9) Orb:  Located in Tanvu (Kojan)
-10) Flame:  Located in Tomb of Lord Tsang (Kojan)
Reward:  1 Million experience; Lvl 48 Mask – +47 Finesse, + 31 to all skills; Lvl 48 Boots – +34 Problem Solving, + 23 to all skills.

4) Genesis – Back Together:  Repair the Genesis (finishing combine).
Reward:  750K experience

5) Genesis – Lucan’s Discovery:  Speak to Geoffrey Wallstein for information, then report back to Lucan.  Geoffrey will share that you will need to talk to Rold and Joley in Ahgram.  However, be sure you return to Lucan first.  Lucan will then send you BACK to Geoffrey so you can obtain the next quest which sends you to Ahgram.
Reward:  500K experience

6) Genesis – Gnomes and the Coinman:  Geoffrey Wallstein will now direct you to talk to Rold and Joley in Ahgram.  Follow your compass to find them.
Reward:  750 experience

7) Genesis – Thieves’ Tools:  Craft 4 sets of tools for Rold and Joley.
Reward:  750 experience; Ancient Builder’s Ring – +1 Problem Solving, +8 to all skills

8) Genesis – Time for Stealing:  Cause a distraction in the Bloodied Sun Inn by dumping a sack of critters in the inn.  Click the bag they give you to dump the critters.
Reward:  1 Million experience; Treasure Hunter Apron, Lvl 48, +35 Problem solving, +58 Finesse, +31 Tool

9) Genesis – Suprise for Lucan:  Return to Lucan in New Targoner with the missing Genesis part.
Reward:  750K experience; Experimentation Gloves, Lvl 48, +17 Reasoning, +17 Finesse, +70 tool use

10) Genesis – A Few Questions:  Test the Genesis (finishing combine).
Reward:  750K experience; Artifact Maker Utility Pouch, Lvl 48, 70 slot, +2 Problem solving, +11 Station; Artifact Maker Toolbelt, Lvl 48, 6 slot, +2 Reasoning, +3 Finesse, +8 Tool use

11) Genesis – Back to Geoffrey:  Speak to Geoffrey Wallstein.
Reward:  500K experience

12) Genesis – The Coinman:  Confront the Coinman in the Tradewin Tavern of Khal.  Return to Geoffrey in NT.
Reward:  750K experience

13) Genesis – Treasure Time:  Craft the treasure hunting rod and take it to Lucan.
Reward:  1 Million experience; Gold Masterwork Sigil

14) Genesis – The Last Puzzle Piece:  Lucan will send you to a path near Bordiner’s cleft.  There you will find the Coinman and a Spirit.  Talk to the spirit who will challenge you both to create the best artisan work.  Return to Lucan.
Reward:  1 Million experience

15) Genesis – Proof of Talent:  Construct Lucan’s Pre-cataclysm ceremonial armor.  Recipes will allow you to make pieces used in the assembly combine.  Once complete, return to the spirit outside Bordiner’s Cleft and show him your work.  Return to Lucan in NT
Reward:  1,912,050 experience; Genesis Tool – Level 48, +21 Tool Use, +85 Tool effectiveness.  (This tool is two tools in one.  Right click to convert it to the other form.  There are 3 options – 1 for each class.); Ability to learn spell / enhancement recipes from Lucan Bell.

Ding! Level 50 Artificer #Vanguard #VGD

It took years, and it’s not even the level cap any more, but I finally reached level 50 artificer! The new cap in Vanguard is 55 so this was really just a small milestone and I’m not sure if there’s even anything I can work on or any new quests or gear to help me get to level 55, but I’m still pleased for having made my way there.

On the artificer path this is my mineralogist, I create jewelery, stone weapons and foci, and wooden foci. I also craft house components, most noticeably bricks. The carpentry counter part crafts ships as well as furniture and bows. I have one of each crafter, but it’s been some time since I’ve worked on them to any extent. I am eager to level up my blacksmith next as that character helps provide the rares required to make jewelery, and then my leather worker.

I’ve been having a bit of trouble (as always) trying to figure out how exactly to level my characters to 50-55. Veterans seem to constantly post that the process is ‘easy’ and that leveling is too quick, and that they’re all bored – but I don’t even know what areas I should be in, or what quests I should do, or whether it requires a group 100% of the time or if I can handle things on my own. I suppose I really should dive in a little deeper and find out!

As always if you’d like to find me in game, you can say hello to: Stargrace, Arysh, Faydai, Velours, or Minxes (I also have a baby psionicist  I’d like to level up some time, Ishbel who is level 3 and still on the Isle of Dawn). I’ve also stumbled into a great new(ish) wiki site, the telon project. I’ve volunteered to help out because I find a lot of the Vanguard sites these days are out dated, and it’s important to get information about the game to the public, especially with it going free to play.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Vanguard Loyalty Rewards #VGD #Vanguard

Thanks to some wonderful posts by Ardwulf, I decided that I should log into Vanguard for the loyalty rewards they are offering until the game goes free to play – and I’m very glad I did. I missed the May rewards which included a boat for players, but June was just as exciting. On my players below 50 I received a free small house (you still have to purchase the plot, but this saves a lot of building should I ever decide to move), as well as some appearance gear which my 50 monk is showing off above. It’s a plate graphic which doesn’t really suit her style, but there’s a lot of details in the pieces which I really appreciate.

There’s a bit of controversy about the level 50 rewards, which include 2 chests with augments, and 5 crates that you have to use a special mallet from KDG to open. The mallet costs 1g each, and you must be level 50 to get to the zone to begin with in order to purchase these. I was able to save up the crates on my level 47, but I only have one level 50 character at this time, so only she was able to open them. The crate rewards were various pieces of (to me) awesome gear, some yellow and some orange. Sadly, none of the pieces were of any actual use to me, being better suited for plate classes, but perhaps I can save them for alts or put them up on the broker.The controversy comes from players who argue that giving away these augments as loyalty rewards trivializes farming / raiding for them. On one hand I can understand their perspective, however, personally, I don’t raid nor do I farm, so this is a chance for me that I would otherwise not have. I still think players spend too much time worrying about what everyone ELSE is doing with their characters, rather than enjoying the game themselves and being preoccupied with their own business. How someone else plays the game or what gear they have shouldn’t have such a dire impact on how you view things (personal opinion only here).

It would be great to get my blood mage to 50 (55 ideally, as that’s the new cap) so that she could participate in these rewards, but I’ve little to no idea of where to level these days. Still, my interest in Vanguard is once again piqued (along with my ever wavering interest in Guild Wars) which is never a bad thing. I’ve loved Vanguard from the very start, and I’m pretty excited at the prospect of getting to share that love with others as they realize what a great game it truly is. I hope the free to play model goes well.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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