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A Warlock, an Illusionist, and a Mystic walk into a Raid…

Last night was an incredible night on so many levels. It may be an expansion behind, but I finally obtained my mythical weapon on both the illusionist and the mystic. A huge thank you to Paradise Lost on the Oasis server who run pick up Veeshan’s Peak raids once a month and invite members of the server (as well as friends and family from their guild) to join without having to pay an arm and a leg as other guilds charge.

Of course mythicals would not be quite as fun was there not a little drama that went along with the fight. I needed Leviathan on both the illusionist and the mystic, and since they are on seperate accounts it was decided that I would box this encounter. Since the mystic heals and the illusionist does nothing but stand there and power feed, it wasn’t a big deal – until I heard over guild vent something along the lines of ‘wow this illusionist is stupid’ (except they didn’t use the word stupid and used something harsher which I won’t repeat on my site). I spoke up on the mystic and said ‘oh really’? and informed them that the illusionist was actually being boxed, while I concentrated on the healer. They didn’t realize this and fumbled through some sort of ‘I have to give all new guild mates a hard time’ even though I’m not new and have been there for a while. Their complaint was that I had not put time compression on them. They didn’t ask if they could have it, and I honestly did not even recall casting it since I was concentrating on other things, but instead of just asking or inquiring about it they decided to be exceptionally rude and insulting. It put me in a bad frame of mind for the remainder of the evening, as I explained to them in tells that all they had to do was ask, and that she was being boxed.

Leviathan went down – almost without issue – Calreth was there for his update into Veeshan’s Peak and actually ended up dropping link part way through the fight as his power went out. We quickly sent someone outside of the zone (thus exiting combat) and invited him back to the raid while Leviathan was around 20% health. It was quite intense but he got his update which is all that really mattered. Once Leviathan was down it was on to Veeshan’s Peak. Now, I have not been to this zone since I wrote my article in an older issue of Beckett Massive Online Gamer, and I certainly had never been with any characters I currently play, so it had been some time. Groups were swapped around and I started out on the mystic, since her update was first. I knew it was going to be a long raid because we intended on clearing the entire place – not such a big deal when you have an entire raid of geared up players, but we were still sporting two groups of pick up raiders, and alts from the main guild.

The raids of RoK are so different then the ones in TSO. In TSO they are all about curing fast and often – constantly curing. You go through so many potions self curing. They are all about who has what particular debuff at the time and what the counter to that debuff is. I really don’t enjoy them nearly as much as I enjoy RoK raids, which involve a mixture of tactics and most of them involve jousting and knockbacks.

The first and second floors went off without a hitch, the mystic update is Hoshkar on the second floor, and by the time we defeated the encounter I was starting to fall asleep at the desk – it was four hours into raids (which I haven’t done for quite some time) and I barely looked at the mythical weapon I was granted back in greystone yard before logging over to the illusionist for the third floor.

The third floor is the quickest and also the easiest as chance would have it. We wiped three times for the entire VP zone, twice it was due to a faulty pull of some golems, the third time it was Silverwing and some AoE avoidance not being activated in time. I think. I my mind is basically a blur of encounters by that point.

The end of the evening resulted in a huge number of people getting their updates, and I was really happy. I absolutely love the illusionist mythical which allows me to use my single target haste buff as a group buff and adds some double attack to it (I’m so glad I have the master version of the spell) as well as allowing me to use my pet without any concentration (that’s three whole slots it opens up). It also grants my group a power proc which is never a bad thing. Excited? Yes, I certainly was. Taking a look at the mystic mythical above it’s also pretty dang nice, and I’m glad to have finally gotten it – even if I am an expansion behind.

All in all it was a great night, and I really do owe a big thank you to the folks of Paradise Lost – they’ve made me feel incredibly welcome (most of them) and I appreciate it more then they’ll ever know.

Veeshan’s Peak, and Epics

Yesterday I wrote a little about how odd it was to experience things in EQ2 first before finding them in EQ, and I had yet another strong encounter with this. It was only a few months ago that I did a dungeon guide on Veeshan’s Peak (EQ2 version) for Beckett, explaining the named encounters that you’d run into and a little bit about what it would take to defeat them – or at least what each encounter did (without giving too much away). I’d never been to Veeshan’s Peak in EQ – though I had killed plenty of Mistmoors friends so apparently I was amiable with the Ring of Scale. At least on my enchanter. The necromancer didn’t fair as well and after one kill (the dragon pictured to the left) she was agro to the entire zone. Hard penalties for killing dragons! Ultann, Ninga and I decided to head to VP and see if we couldn’t get a few clicky pretties that drop. I’m not sure about all the other servers but Drinal is pretty heavily camped, all of the PoP gods, and a good number of the Luclin named (Grieg’s End, the named in Umbral, etc) Trak is also pretty camped, as well as Seru and others. We did manage to find Maestro up, but no Innoruuk. Anyhow, it sort of helps that you take such huge faction hits for slaying dragons, as the entire zone was up with all of the named. We decided to only kill a few of the mighty creatures before calling it a day because it was annoying to camp fire around the zone in order to avoid as many faction hits as we could. Nocbot and Kameeko (the two amiable) stood far away and out of combat, while Ninga, Minxes, and Ultann pounded on the dragons. 

We killed Hoshkar, Silverwing, and Druushk. The lute on the right was from Silverwing, and I giggled when I saw it. We didn’t have a bard in the group, but it of course made me think of the EQ2 halfling bard, the famous Tipa. It would have been a nice twink item for Ninga’s bard had we been able to drag him into the zone easily. The necromancer also managed to get herself a clicky staff, we all giggled at the graphic though, it’s just a straight wooden stick. Very drab compared to what we were all expecting.

Afterwards Ninga headed to bed (sleep is important) and Ultann and I decided to work on the enchanter 1.5 pre-quest. It would be easier just to finish doing the 1.0 I think. You need to head to Veksar and gather shards (that only drop VERY rarely from the mobs in the theater) and spawn the dragon. I remember doing this once before but the zone is now very grey to me and it was really slow. The respawns were also slow, and we spend most of the time seeing how large of a train we could gather and fight all at once. After a few hours there not a single shard dropped and I decided this morning it’s probably just easier to finish off my enchanter 1.0 then it is to do the pre-quest for the 1.5. Hopefully I can get all of that completed before too long, we’ll see how it goes. 

I also did a little crafting yesterday, working on my spell research. It’s expensive. It’s long. I did get three skill ups with over 100 combines. I suppose that’s a good thing? I still love crafting in EQ but wow when you miss out on an expansion or two you really get left behind. 

Today I believe we’re going to explore Seeds of Destruction a little bit. Not everyone had the expansion until yesterday, but now we’re all sporting it as well as the two boxed accounts. One thing we certainly want to do is to do the progression quests in order to upgrade the mercenary that we can purchase. I haven’t set foot in any of SoD yet aside from those mercenary, and it should be a lot of fun. That, combined with working on my enchanters epic of course. I’ve been working on that for so many years now it would be fantastic to finally finish. 

Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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