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Plains of Anguish

Managed to team up on Saturday with Growlius and Agaton from Safe Haven and work on some of my Plains of Anguish quests (which I had a lot of). We finally cleared out enough to be working on the Brotherhood quests, which we all had multiples of. One thing that I didn’t know is that the named in the area have a chance to drop an unmarked piece of gear which is used in a quest to give you a skeleton illusion clicky. I’m all about clickies, I love them, have ever since EQ1 and all of those rogue masks that I camped for hours (and days) on end. 

The group was Growlius as his Dreadknight, and Agaton is a Psionicist. Apparently mez doesn’t work on undead, which I wasn’t aware of. I played healer, blood mage. Growlius got level 42, which of course meant new spells for him, and I managed to hit level 44! Brings me one level closer to being able to do my swamp armor quests at 45, and I got to purchase some new spells. I actually only had four quests to pick up, a little disappointing but it looks like 46 will be nice. I am really excited to be getting closer to 50, even if the experience has slowed down drastically. I also want to work on my crafting this week and make the push to 50 in that. It’ll be nice to be hitting 50/50 at pretty close to the same time. I’m not sure yet if I plan on getting diplomacy up to 50 but I probably will. It would be really nice to have a 50/50/50 character in Vanguard. Why? Because (for me personally at least) it’s a huge accomplishment and takes a lot of work. Guild was talking about how level 50’s are bored and typically playing nothing but alts, but since I’ve never had a level 50 character before, I have a feeling I’ll still play mine for quite some time. We’ll have to see. 

There was one death yesterday of the psionicist because lets face it they’re cloth wearers and I just couldn’t heal fast enough when they had so much agro, but aside from that I had a blast and I hope everyone else did too. 

I’m not sure where to head to after PoA, but I should work on that skeleton illusion mask some time I suppose.

Fishing, Guild Meetings, and Adventuring

Spent some time in Vanguard yesterday afternoon, between doing groceries, cleaning the house, and writing those blasted Beckett articles (for Vanguard, it counts as research, right?) that proved to be harder then I thought they would. Growlius decided to reactivate his account, and I was VERY happy. I leveled up my blood mage with his Deathknight pretty much from 20+ and it was always a goal of ours to hit level 50 some time. It took a little while for him to go through his quest journal and figure out what buttons did what (it’s been a few months) but before too long we were on our way back to Plains of Anguish to smite undead and save the town, 

He also got the /claim item that included the pack camel and the wand that transforms you into a cute illusion (or deadly, depending on what you get morphed into). The ferocious cat on the left side is me, and the little pixi looking creature on the right is him. The sword he’s holding is actually bigger then him, and the grass covers us when we’re standing around, we’re just that short. It’s hard to fight that way, with everything looming (quite literally) over top, so we quickly changed back to normal and headed off to the Graveyard and then to a small village to kill some Forsaken Scholars, knights, and steeds. 

Since my Beckett article is about the changes in Vanguard, I headed over to the test server to take a peek at a few of the changes they’re implementing. One of them is a big one. Well, two of them. The one that interested me the most though was of course FISHING!

That’s right, after a LONG two year wait, fishing is finally being put into the game. It’s not like EQ2 fishing either. Or WoW fishing. You go through a tutorial in Tanvu, pick up your rod and reel, and some bait. Then you learn the fishing skill while Tien teaches you the basics. You learn that fish are elusive creatures in Vanguard, and fishing itself is quite complex. You have to cast out your line, stop it at a particular section of water and be sure not to cast too close to the fish or they scatter. Once the line has been cast you wait around for a fish to take notice of it. When you’ve got one on your line, it tugs in a WASD direction (or arrow keys if you prefer) and you have to move in the same direction using your keys. Follow the fish properly enough times (fish moves to the left, hit the left arrow key type of deal) and you’ll automatically reel it in. 

That’s not all there is to this skill though. If you happen to hook a particular fish, you can unlock combos that you have to key really fast, each combo relates to a specific species of fish. Once you’ve unlocked combos for fish types you can master the species (their words not mine). Fish have particular habits as well. Some are around more in the day then the night. Some can only be reached by galleons (that’s right, I said it!) and have to be fished deep in the sea waters. There’s all kinds of particular bait and while it doesn’t really matter which you use, some is better for situations then others. 

After wandering around on test it was time to head back to the live servers for a guild meeting. Safe Haven meets once a month to go over any concerns members may have, bring up events, go over any new policies (like the new dues system we have since we now own a guild hall and it costs 50g a week in upkeep). Over 20 people showed up, and it was a great way to meet everyone. Even Kasul and Growlius managed to come. The guild is fairly active with a good number of people but of course everyone has their real lives and most people play other games aside from Vanguard, so things can get strained at times. Finding groups to accomplish what you need to get done. 

Hopefully, with all of the great changes that are due, the player base swells a little. We’ll just have to see. In the mean time, I’m having a blast.

Boats move, and Faction in Tehatamani Harbor

Just hours after I made this post yesterday about how someone had parked their boat right on top of the riftway and I found it frustrating, I came back to the harbor to find that they had moved their boat (or someone had moved it for them, either way)! It made me giggle and I just had to get a screen shot of it. 

I did the first two quests in Tehatamani Harbor, turned them in and got two shards. Right clicked the necklace I had also gotten from the Lucent Circle and it upgraded the piece for me. Went to a new NPC, picked up two more quests. These quests only reward coin, and they appear to be repeatable tasks. One makes you kill 100 creatures around the pyramids, and the other makes you collect 50 vials of liquid from these same creatures. As a blood mage I’m primarily a healer, but it’s basically a necromancer healer. You heal via life taps off of mobs. If I’m not damaging mobs, I’m not healing. The mobs are level 46 or so around this area, at level 43 that’s red. Still, they’re two dots and can be taken down, it just means that my spells don’t always land, and the fights tend to be a little drawn out. I killed the first 100 mobs and gathered my 50 vials in about an hour and a half, maybe slightly more. Went back to the NPC who gave me my 5 silver (ew, repairs were 9 silver) and gave me the exact same quests.

Double ew. I wasn’t sure why they were just giving me the same quests over again, so I checked online and it looks like I need level 44 in order to move up in the ranks. 

That’s alright. I headed off next to Vsurog Moor, which is where I’ll be living pretty much from 45-50. At level 45 I can begin to work on faction for the swamp armor that everyone talks about. I’ll be going into more detail about this when I get there. It’s pretty nice armor, and should keep me fairly busy. Rumor has it that Growlius (Dreadknight partner in crime) may be coming back to the game this weekend. That would totally rock, I may put out some nice dps some times but I can’t actually tank, being a cloth wearer and all. For the odd person out there who IS playing VG (I know the numbers may be few) if you’re looking for a friendly guild with a very active player base, check out Safe Haven on the Seradon server. 

Safe Haven has branches in multiple games (like a lot of guilds do these days) and have been established for quite a long time. In Vanguard there are over 585 members (as of today, yesterday someone deleted a few alts if you recall it being at 588!) and there is typically anywhere from 7-20 people on every night. I’d like to say ‘most’ people are PST, but there are a good amount in other time zones too. They’re friendly, organize guild events, and have a guild hall. They also have the trophies that get placed in halls, giving members some awesome buffs. You can either group up and hang out, or just do your own thing and have a social network, either way it’s fantastic. Just be careful, I hear Joodah bites. 

After the few brief quests I did yesterday along with the killing, I’m 40% into level 43. I can’t complain that’s a pretty good portion into the level. I know 40-50 takes the longest, but I’m confident that before too long I’ll be there.

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Exploring Tehatamani Harbor

Screen shot is of someones annoying boat. The fact that they own a boat is great. The problem is that they parked it RIGHT on top of the riftway (that red column in the back end of the ship). When you port in, you end up getting a ‘you are on a boat wee’ compass that shows up and if you’ve never been to this particular area before, it’s annoying. Have a little curtsey and park your boats some place else! Like NOT right on the riftway. Shesh. 

I began my slow trek to 50. On some advice of a friend I made my way to Tehatamani Harbor, although I’m too low to get most of the quests there the area DOES have a fantastic story. The chunk itself is located in Qalia, bottom left hand area. A little piece of land that juts out into the ocean. It’s beautiful. There’s a group of people who belong to the Lucent Circle hanging out, they have a little camp all set up. The very first introductory quest gives you a necklace (well, it gave me one at least, two choices of them) and as you work on tasks for this group of people, you can combine the shards (rewards from tasks) and upgrade your necklace. I’ve only done the first few quests so far, but the necklace is already an upgrade for me. 

The Lucent Circle is made up of Paladins who are there to right wrongs and do all that good holy stuff. Apparently they have opened recruitment to anyone who wants to help, and not everyone within their ranks are happy about that. The Lucent Circle is there to fight against the Tehatamani Empire. Basically like an old Robin Hood story, the Empire steals artifacts from other cultures and takes them for their own. They ransack and pillage civilizations and cultures, amassing great wealth. The Tehatamani are at war with the Vakrin, who were the last civilization that they stole from. They managed to get some sort of sacred artifact that gave them huge powers that they shouldn’t have. 

The first task sent me to learn a little about their history, and then head off to some pyramids in the distance that were surrounded by snakes and bugs. Apparently their grounds keepers are on holiday and they want me to kill the diseased creatures. I did notice a raid mob also pathing around the pyramids (or maybe it was just a group mob, I forget what so many dots over the mobs heads mean now, it was at least five) and I stayed well clear of them. I killed 12 creatures, learned my history lesson, and upgraded my necklace. I love these types of quests, and the story is pretty good. I need to earn more rank with the Lucent Circle, so I picked up the next round of quests. They’re level 46 though, and I’m level 43 which means they’re red to me. They want me to kill more creatures, and I think I should be able to do that easily enough. I’ll need a few more levels before I advance too much further, so I’ll have to find some place a little lower to gain some experience. The next round of quests sends me back to collect some vials of liquid and take care of 100 of the icky creatures that surround the pyramids. 

The kills all net me faction with the Lucent Circle as well, and there’s some nice heroic gear on a vendor if I turn in tokens to them. We’ll see how it goes!

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Those not so rare sigils

I love crafting in Vanguard. It’s one of the most complex and interesting craft systems I’ve seen, and it’s not timed which makes it more enjoyable for me. While I can appreciate the system EQ2 has in place, some times the phone rings, or the door, or a pot boils over or some other real life interruption occurs, and in EQ2 this could mean disaster for the process. In Vanguard it just means stepping away and hitting the next button in the stage when you get back. There’s so many combinations of things you can craft, and so many different catalysts and powders and dusts and what not that you can add to each and every individual item, I just love it. There’s a LOT of crafting quests in Vanguard as well, which makes it interesting and fun. I love crafting in any game, but yes, Vanguard is my favorite. 

My artificer managed to hit level 46 in crafting yesterday, and is now 60% through that level. Leveling is hard, and it takes a long time. I do writs which reward me with bags of goodies, as well as faction and coin. The faction is used to purchase recipes, and is needed for certain quests. For example the brick quests. I need to earn 5,000 faction in order to be able to learn granite bricks for each continent. So far I’ve only learned Kojan style, but I’m well on my way to the remaining faction I need for Thestra. Qalia will just have to wait. 

I also noticed another change since I’ve been gone. When you’re leveling up, as soon as you get to 20+ you’re required to save up Masterwork Sigils for your upgrade recipes. Basically this is the difference between crafting handcrafted items, and mastercrafted items (except mastercrafted items in VG are really really really nice, and sell very well). These sigils used to be VERY rare. In all my levels I only ever earned 4-5 of them. You need 8 per recipe of the current tier you’re on, and 2 less for every tier you’ve passed. There are (for me at least) three recipes to purchase that use these sigils, per tier. That’s a lot of sigils! When I started crafting yesterday I thought it may have just been dumb luck that I managed to get two on my first batch, but by the end of the craft day when I was looking at 15 sigils, I knew things must have changed. I’m not lucky, and I’m certainly not THAT lucky. I did manage to buy the T5 jewelery recipe upgrade (30g, OUCH!) so that means I can make rare jewelery for levels 40-50. Crafting also still involves help from other crafters. To make rare jewelery I use a rare gem but then I also use a truesilver sheet, which is crafted by blacksmiths. It’s nice, and it’s one of the things that have kept the community together and so strong. 

There are a LOT of artificers in game because they craft houses, furniture, and boats (including the galleons that are due out next month) which are all pretty popular. With fishing being implemented next month I’m also trying to think about who to level next. Do I go with my carpenter so I can own a boat and get myself some actual furniture in my house, or do I want to go with a ‘useful’ class like my leatherworker (there are the least amount of those around) or a blacksmith armorer or weaponsmith to be able to make my upgradeable bits. 

Ah, the choices!

Ding, 43 Bloodmage!

I spent most of the evening yesterday in Vanguard once I’d completed the daily tradeskill on my tailor in EQ2 (and dinged level 60 might I add, nice accomplishment there!) it’s common for me to bounce between multiple games, and station access is letting me bounce between a few without feeling too bad about the cost. It was a pretty exciting day. 

My goal was to hit level 43, which was pretty lofty because I just hit level 42 yesterday. What I decided to do was give up the sand in the underwear zones for a bit and head back to Thestra. I noticed there were a lot of green quests in Beranid Hills, all of them solo. Looking at my meagre collection of a whole 10% experience, I figured even if most of the encounters were grey (which they were) I could use a potion and gain 50% on top of whatever the quests would rewards with me. I probably picked up at least 20 quests and one at a time spent the evening clearing them out. By the time I’d killed everything I needed, explored some druid stones, located some dead dogs for some poor old lady, found someones dead daughter (the Beranid Hills are filled with dead things or undead as the case is) I headed back to camp and turned them all in. I was at 14% experience from kills, and after using the potion and turning what I had over to the npc’s I was at 77% experience. Very worth while. 

After getting so close to my goal of 43 I couldn’t just give up, so I headed back to Razad, the land of sand in uncomfortable places. I ran around completing the last few quests I had in that area, and before too long DING 43! This is a big level for me. Number one, it means I can now group with level 50’s and gain experience and credit for quests. Huge plus. Number two, I’ve had a robe on me for the past 15 levels. It’s crafted by tailors and it’s level is red. That’s pretty much the equivalent of fabled gear back in T5 for EQ2 before raids were really popular. There’s purple gear (basically mythical) but aside from my craft bag I’ve never seen any. This robe is VERY nice for me and I’m sure I’ll be wearing it for a long time to come. 

Besides the leveling, I also found myself a home again in Vanguard. I returned to Safe Haven, which is a guild filled with amazing people. They span across multiple games (including an EQ2 branch on Antonia Bayle) and much like nostalgia in EQ1 and EQ2 I could not ask for a better bunch of people. They’re simply amazing. It was nice to be welcomed back in – and learn that they now have a proper guild hall. This thing is MASSIVE. Screen shot above is me standing in some sort of ceremonial room. We do have a small amount of dues that we pay once a month (I think for my level it’s 5g a month) but it’s well worth it, especially because our guild hall houses our guild trophies. These are statues within the hall that place buffs (three of them, one for each sphere) permanently on guild members. 

It’s nice to be back, if for no other reason then to have others to talk to. We had 10-15 people on tonight, which is about what I remember. The guild also organizes events, and I’m looking forward to partaking in a few of those over time. We’ll see how it goes. 

Now, onwards to 50!

A Horn of my Very Own

My little raki paladin is the proud owner of her very own unicorn horn. Perfect for stabbing those bad guys right in the face – oh wait, that wasn’t a very paladin-like thought. In any case, Kasul and I hit level 10 on the Isle of Dawn in Vanguard yesterday. The quest chains were a LOT of fun, and although we did die a few times there’s no death penalty until level 11 and that comes in handy. No doubt the temple would be littered with corpses other wise. The quests lead you along fairly steadily, and you get a LOT of nice gear. The end chains give you a cloak and then you have four bits of a charm that combine into some uber charm (that happens to be a diplomacy piece, so you can always wear it) that gives you a slight +5 stat buff to crafting and adventuring. It’s quite nice. So nice in fact that I wish there were some way to give this charm item to characters who did not / could not start on the island. 

Once we’d both hit level 10 I decided it was time to hit 10 in the other two spheres as well. I headed out to start crafting as a blacksmith. The quests lead you along to level 10 just like the adventure and diplomacy quests. Rewarding you with crafting resources and gear as you complete them. Without crafting anything extra aside from doing the quests – I also hit level 10 in that. Once I head to the mainland I can work towards level 11 and becoming an armorer. 

Now that I’ve hit level 10 in two spheres, it’s time to reach it as a diplomat. Then I’ll have my very first 10/10/10. We’ll see how that goes. 

I’ve been contemplating picking up WAR for a month to see what it looks like. I know there are already huge guilds out there but if anyone thinks they may have room for little ‘ol me some place, let me know so it makes my decision about buying it easier hrms? The last ‘new’ game I got was Guild Wars, and before that Vanguard (having decided to opt out of Conan) so maybe it’s time to add something else to the shuffle, just for a bit. I’m still very much undecided about this (and dealing with some RL issues that are making me some what restless) so I guess we’ll just see how it goes. 

I didn’t log into EQ2 yesterday, still waiting for the newest update to go live and I think it’s going to be a great one. I spent a good amount of time yesterday chattering to Ardwulf on Xfire (have I mentioned lately how much I love that little gem of a program? Well I do!) about all sorts of things. It was a lot of fun, not often that I get to just chatter away with a fellow blogger about totally random things and not have someone want to run away from me screaming.  *grins*

Anyhow, that’s enough of a ramble for today.

Quiet Nights

Didn’t get a chance to game tonight, but I did play some Vanguard earlier in the day and managed to hit level 9 in diplomacy. More about that tomorrow though.

I logged into EQ2 as well today, though just briefly to check sales (which were far and few between, though I can’t exactly complain as I don’t have much for sale). I was contemplating leveling Stargrace (who has been neglected for quite some time now) to 80 and to have her join the other 80’s I have, but the thought of RoK quest grinding just made me log out. Maybe another day. 

In the mean time, my latest bit of artwork. It’s titled ‘Reaching Beyond’ and I added a frame and some text to the final version of it, didn’t want it to be any larger then it already is though for this post. It looks way better in it’s original dimensions. If you’re keen on seeing it let me know. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic end-of-week no matter where you are.