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Woops.. I’ma Goober

I admit now, I’m feeling pretty silly. Here I was, thinking I wasn’t getting any reward at all out of healing my arse off in scenarios when it turns out that I’m actually gaining way more then I thought. See, that first column says rank. I always figured it was my rank in the scenario vs. everyone else. A marking system if you will. Well, upon closer inspection, that’s just my level stated compared to everyone else. Duh. 

The second number is the total number of people I helped kill. Then my total deaths. Then the amount of renown I earned for the scenario (which I rank first in), I forget what the next number is for, then my dps, and my heals (nice number for that one) and finally the amount of regular experience I earned. I’m still figuring everything out but it’s a little less frustrating knowing that I’m at least being rewarded for my healing efforts. Even got some tells tonight thanking me. Of course after 4-5 scenarios the opposing team (which consists of the same guild over and over) catches on and heads straight for the healers. Ouch. I can’t heal when I’m being smashed to the ground. 

I also found a few (small) things to do between pvp to keep my interest there. Number one. Those public quests that are always empty still reward you with influence if you partake in them. Stage one is always very simple, a kill amount (or at least they have been in Chapter one and two thus far). Stage two is taking on some + and ++ mobs (group mobs typically unless you’re a few levels higher). Anyhow, I can hang around those empty public quests (every single one I’ve encountered aside from the first one so far has been empty which is really a shame) and kill at my leisure, and earn influence. Then I can head off to the merchant and get some pretty nice gear. 

I’ve also taken up salvaging and talisman crafting. This requires me to basically disenchant items (as like every other game out there who has them) and I can make talismans that get applied to particular pieces of my gear. It’s rare for me to get green+ gear so it takes some mindless farming and grinding easy encounters to get items to salvage. I think my salvage skill is sitting at around 10 and my talisman crafting skill around 5. I haven’t found any new merchants besides the ones in early chapter two. 

I’ll be writing up another roleplay story tomorrow. I’m still playing very much my own way, and it’s going pretty well. I don’t have a guild, but hopefully I’ll find one before it becomes too much of an issue. I did play EQ2 this evening, and it was great to hit level 28 with Nostalgia.

So you think you can Heal

Not quite so bad, since there’s another archmage in this scenario with me, I’m rank 6 here again. At rank 6 I have two heals. One does a  very small direct heal for 80 points or so (depends on how many nukes I’ve cast ahead of time) and the other is a 212 HoT (heal over time) that also is dependant on nukes I’ve cast ahead of time. 

While it IS important to land a few dots to up those heals, my number one concern is always watching the health of everyone else. Notice my damage output? This scenario it’s a grand total of 406. Pretty cruddy. We won this one too though. Notice my rank is only 6? Well, heals are not going to bring in huge numbers if that’s all you’re concentrating on. That’s part of playing a healer though. 

There’s a few things to keep in mind, for archmage specifically. Please remember there are different types of healers – archmage is a cloth wearing RANGED healer. That means I’m pretty much never supposed to be in the front line. I hang back, way back as far back as I possibly can and cast my heals from behind everyone else. I can see pretty far away, and make sure to have the healthbars of everyone turned on, so I haven’t had any issue. One thing I made sure to do / change right away is the fact that you HAVE to be able to toggle through friendly targets. This is my Q key, right beside tab which toggles through my evil targets. 

Of course, after a while people realize that the healers have to be taken out, and you’re going to get a good swarm of people on you. My typical responce to this is to dance around and heal myself as long as I can, staying out of range, my back not to the opposing side, and hope that someone on my team will notice I’m getting smacked around and come hit the person while I’m trying to avoid them. Some times it works, some times it doesn’t. Because I stand so far back it’s rare that I get a whole gang of people on me unless I’ve some how managed to wiggle my way to the front by accident. It happens, especially if I’m trying to heal someone whose main goal is to run to the head of the pack and try to play hero by taking on 10 at once. 

I’m not good at figuring out who is who yet, aside from the white lion people and ranged dps because they have lions and bows. I suppose I’m alright at figuring out who the dps casters are for my side at least, but it takes some getting used to. I did three other scenarios, and the heals looked about the same, we did lose, once. Each scenario was with a guild (or it seemed at least) called ‘Raiders’ and I’m not sure if they were coordinating their moves or not, but it was still fun. 

Ah, right. I don’t like pvp. Like I said in a previous post it has nothing to do with not being good at it, because I don’t suck. It’s just not my thing. Despite this post (and the others that will follow) it’s nice to at least take advantage of the rest of my ‘free’ month though before the account expires, and who knows.

What’s Wrong with this Picture?

I’m Satia in the list – and the very last column is heals. While I like to think I’m a pretty good healer, I can’t heal an entire scenario all alone….Oh, I’m rank 6 here, and we won. Too bad heals don’t give as much renown points as actual damage does or I might have gotten a higher rank.

Playing My Way


(( In an effort to make this game actually fun for myself, I’ve decided to give up playing like everyone else plays, and play my own way. Having a lot more fun with it, and I’ll see how it goes now that I’m not trying to impress anyone, but just have good ‘ol gaming fun the Stargrace method. I rerolled on a roleplay server – Avelorn. If any one is keen on playing with me you’re more then welcome, just drop me a line. )) 


I remember what they said about me when I tried to get work as a swords woman. It ranked along the lines of ‘too small’ and ‘she’d collapse as soon as she lifted one!’ behind the snickers and grimaces. My own parents stood in the background, my father nervously wringing his hat in his hands. He’d hoped to sell me off to some fancy man no doubt, but I had squashed those thoughts pretty quickly one evening when I returned to him after meeting one of his ‘prospects’ and slapped the gentleman’s beard in his hands. He was lucky it was only the beard he lost. 

The problem was one every child experiences. High hopes by adoring parents while my own cries went unheeded. So I rebelled in the best way I knew how. I didn’t even really WANT to lift some ugly sword over my head and swing it, and the crowd gathered was probably right, I WOULD collapse beneath that massive thing, my frail body mushed into the ground. 

I had a secret though. A talent that none of them knew about. I kept it that way on purpose, secluded from prying eyes. I knew the instant my family found out about it that would be the end of my freedom, and oh how I valued that little bit of freedom I had. 

I barely listened to the rest of the meeting. I didn’t care what the outcome would be because I didn’t plan on being around for them to decide. My bags were packed and I was eager to begin my journey on my own. My family had 6 other girls, there is no way they’d even miss me. If anything they’d be thankful to have one less mouth to feed, and when I didn’t contact them they’d assume I was eaten by a harpy or some other creature. Childish dreams at the time, I know. ‘What could possibly go wrong’ was the answer to every worry I had tucked away. Anything for the freedom to make my own decisions. My life, my friends, my career. Whichever path I ventured down I was sure it would be better then being sold off to some stranger. With the dark elves moving further in each day of course I had a little caution – but very little. Time would decide the rest for me.

A little Weekend WAR

I haven’t played much WAR, for a few reasons. Most have to do with the game itself. Casualties of War (guild I joined on Averheim) is great – but it’s HUGE and easy to get lost in a crowd. Way too easy in fact. While it’s nice to have so many talented people wandering around, it’s difficult to find a little niche to fit in to. So I decided to play with a friend for a bit who I’ve played multiple games with, and forget about the fact that if you’re not playing this game with a whole crowd of folks it’ll hurt later.

I didn’t enjoy the elves in order at all. The graphics were annoying, the quests were ok but not exciting – so I decided to roll an Ironbreaker on a different server, dwarf of course. I was disappointed to see that Destruction females have 0 tank choices. How kind that the decision to be a tank rests in having a penis (be that in game or in real life). Call me weird, I’m a woman in life and I’d rather play a woman in a game. Go figure. Greenskins have no male / female option, unless I was bugged some how. Anyway I decided I really wanted to be a tank and why not be a dwarf. My friend decided to play a Rune Priest (I think that’s what they’re called) and together we wandered around chapter one. We did our first public quest (and each of us died a few times) the first time I ended up crashing right as the heroic spawned. Great! I figured this might be due to my new graphic card, which had been running pretty swell up to that point. 

Logged back in, everything was alright except I had died at one point or another. 

The dwarf starter quests were a lot of fun. I mean, a LOT of fun. I had way more fun killing snotlings and tipping over barrels and numerous other things then I did when I was running through the elves or even Chaos. Not sure why, it could have been the friend I was playing with. We’ve gamed together so much in the past that it just felt natural, I had time to read quests (though not quite enough to figure out where we were going before he headed off) and it was a smoother transition. 

As of right now my WAR account is cancelled, and I’m still playing on the freebie days. I just can’t find anything that’s going to make me want to keep playing after the free days go by especially since I am not one to want to pvp or rvr 100% of my gameplay. I’d love a small group of people to play with constantly, 5-6 I can handle, 100+ is a little much. We’ll see how it goes.

On a side note: Very glad to see the hide UI command fixed (it toggles it now instead of you having to constantly hold down the buttons). Having the curse client is probably the best suggestion I can give to anyone playing, being able to install your UI mods at the touch of a button and update them is great. 

The gold selling spam was slightly annoying, but I’ve got selective reading and can tune that out pretty quickly. Plus, no one would be sending me tells, since I don’t know anyone on the servers.

A little more Comfortable

So, after running around a very small portion of the Order side of WAR, I decided to check out destruction. Now, you’ll have to be patient with me I suppose. I’ve never actually played Warhammer before – but I did paint a whole lot of those little things for friends. So a lot of the lore and backstory is a big jumbled mess to me (along with lots of other things but that’s another blog post). 

I created Stargrace as my.. well.. shoot now I don’t even remember what she is, but she’s Chaos and things went well. Got her to Rank 5 and 5 renown, picked up a few goodies from merchants, and did the first public quest for destruction. Actually felt really proud about it too. There were four of us standing around, no healers. One tank and two dps. They asked if I could heal, I said sure, and off we went to take down some giant thing in the middle of a pit. I only have two heals (one is a HoT) and we came VERY close to losing our tank – but in the end after spamming the heals over and over we won. They said thanks, and cheered. 

I ran into a CoW as well while I was doing some scenerios, and they thanked me for the heals. I told them I was just doing my job (I am a healer after all, it’s sort of, you know, my job.. ) I didn’t recognize them and I doubt they know who I am either, but it was still pretty cool to at least see a guild tag that I recognized. 

I still don’t know anything at all about crafting, nor about what the uhms.. extra slots in gear are for (attunement? I forget now what it’s called, I’m really tired and it’s late) but things are going well in game for a few hours in. If I can manage to find myself some folks to hang out with I think it’ll go much nicer – even if just to watch some guild chatter go by. 

The only downfall I see is what do I do with myself if I don’t feel like mass slaughtering things? In EQ2 there’s housing and crafting. In VG there’s diplomacy and crafting and housing. I haven’t learned of anything yet to do when I don’t want to be constantly watching my back for meanies. 

More posts tomorrow about other stuffs, feel free to add me to Xfire, or add Stargrace to friends in WAR.. Could always use some people to talk to. I’ll post a ‘contact me’ text bit on my site once I finish this post (which I suppose is now.. gawd I’m tired have I said that yet?). Hugs and safe travels.

Edit: Thank you Cownose for clearing up a few things! So, who’s going to explain ‘crafting’ to me (or what constitutes as crafting here…) my pockets are filled with seeds and I’ve no idea what to do with them!

Giving it a Try

I decided to give Warhammer a try, and see what it was all about. I’ve played a good portion of the afternoon and while I’m by no means an expert in the game (whatsoever) my first impressions are pretty straight forward. The first thing I do in any game (after creating a character at least, or as soon as I can) is re-bind all of the keys to what I’m used to. Creature of habit for sure. I like the UI a great deal. I like that it has bits and pieces from all the other UI’s out there mushed into one. I like that the entire thing scales, that each piece moves, and that it’s pretty clutter-free. I dislike the huge map (even though you can see behind it slightly) and I don’t really like the icons on the map either (I know you can filter them off) what I mean is I don’t like the size of them, they’re huge. 

The graphics, I will admit were a huge dissapointment to me. By default it bumped me to the max setting and I’ve been playing with very little issue. I had some slight lag coming up to some stairs of a building that lead underground but it wasn’t unexpected especially due to the population of the server I’m playing on. I find them very pixelated, I can count the squares in my characters hair. Sleeves, same thing. I have an older computer (well, not old but certainly not top notch) with 2gigs of ram and a 7600 GeForce, dual core something something. I think that’s not necessairly a bad thing, means people without uber computers can play. Why alienate your customers right off the bat. 

I created a healer (named Stargrace go figure) on the same server a bunch of other bloggers I know are playing. Order for that one. Then created (to get the name) another healer on another server, as destruction. So that I could play both sides. I know I’m sticking to my ‘norms’ as far as character selections go. I can’t help it, I’ve played healers in pretty much every game and I just enjoy the classes. 

I feel sort of like I’ve had a mental onslaught of information and I’m still taking it all in. One huge portion in me playing this will have to be finding friends and playing with them. This is (as has been said) VERY much a PvP / RvR get-a-group-of-people to play type game. Hopefully I’ll settle in some where and fast. I did four scenarios or so as well as working on chapter one. My little healer managed to get Rank 5 (almost 6) and .. renown 5 (I probably spelled that wrong) before I had to take a break.

I enjoyed the scenarios a great deal. It was a capture the flag type game, and Order won the first round and then lost the ones I played in afterwards. Of course I’m a very low level and while it does bump me to level 8 I get no other skills besides those I come with. Ever try to heal someone for 50 points when they have 1,000+ hp? It doesn’t work out so well. Fun though. I’d like a few more heals and not so much dps. 

I also did my first ever public quest which was quite interesting. Had to save some folks and help out with onslaughts of baddies and then a massive heroic beast came out — and of course I tossed a nuke at it and got clobbered. Made my way back to the quest location though and managed to hit 2nd place in it. I got to choose a nice pretty out of a chest, which is always fun.

Lots of titles to chose from. I don’t know when / where / how crafting works or if there is any but I’m sure it’ll come with time. I don’t know a million other details about the game (yet) but I’ll hopefully learn them. The knowledge book is a nice feature, a little confusing to flip through all those pages though. Ardwulf said hello to me in game, so that was nice, I’m hoping that it won’t take me too long to hit a level where I can be helpful / play with folks. 

The que for the scenarios sucked tonight as a side note. In the afternoon I was getting in maybe two an hour, in the evening it had been over an hour and no luck. I think maybe I’ll play destruction for a bit and explore that side, hopefully all this mish mash of information I’ve taken in will settle some.

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