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Addicted to Statistics

There is a website called DataForAzeroth.com that I am addicted to. It takes statistics from your account and pits you against others on your server, ranking you. It’s silly and fun, and for people like me who absolutely love statistics, it is a neat way to find motivation and inspiration when it comes to finding ‘stuff’ to do. Especially at the end of an expansion, like we’re facing right now.

You can see I lead the ranks on Winterhoof for alts at level 60 (I have 21 of them, soon to be 22 I hope). I’m also pretty far ahead on pets, but I know there’s still a lot I haven’t done. What surprised me was the high score on recipes (for Winterhoof at least, we’re joined with Kilrogg, and they have far more). This motivated me to work on my blacksmith and collect some recipes that she was lacking. Now that crafting has their own ranks per expansion, it’s much more difficult to level, and much more expensive. Finding Outlands materials cost me around 50k. Next? Northrend. It takes a lot of materials to level through that one, so I’ll be a while.

I like having these little goals and blips of things to do. That’s what keeps me playing (psst, Blizzard, add player housing, that’ll keep me playing too) when we’re at the tail end of things to do. Of course I’m also working on making gold in between all of these things, but they sort of go hand in hand. Are you a statistic buff in your game of choice? Let me know in comments, and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Season 4 Musings

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from Season 4, I rarely ever check out the PTR to test things out unless they’re gold making related, and we’ve been so focused on the auction house merge (9.2.7) that most of the changes were a pleasant surprise. The first thing I did was queue for LFR – they’re fated, so we did Castle Nathria. At the start, they were also under tuned, and VERY simple. We were clearing the LFR versions within 5 minutes of entering (this has since been fixed). My paladin (who was healing) managed to pick up a handful of 265 gear, and completed the requirements for vault. Then I took those pieces over to ZM, placed them in the giant machine, and turned them into set gear. I had no idea I could even do this.

Next it was time to take down the world boss, who apparently has a higher chance at dropping loot now – just not for my characters. I’ve completed it on almost all 12 of my alts and the loot has so far evaded me. On the plus side it was nice anima, something I can always use more of.

Blizzard also recently mentioned they’ll be changing how /follow works in the future and into Dragonflight. This is another step in preventing / slowing boosting. Right now, if two people use a weak aura one can send a /follow command and the second account will follow. I use something similar when I multibox. Blizzard will be disabling this feature so that you have to manually type follow or hit your macro or whatever other means that has a physical input from the follower rather than the person being followed. This is both good and bad. Bad because it does harm visually impaired gamers who use the follow API as it was intended, especially in raids. Good, because it does target boosters. The thing is, I think Blizzard is taking the easy way out, again. Instead of targeting boosters directly, they’ve found yet another ‘easier’ solution that makes it LOOK like they’re targeting the right people. You can read all about it in this thread, and why it’s an important accessibility issue.

Switching Mains, Again..

One of the biggest reasons that I’m never able to settle on a main is that I truly honestly enjoy playing all of the characters that I have. There are 4-5 that I play on a ‘regular’ basis, and I have a hard time trying to decide which of those characters I’d prefer to play more. Yesterday I thought that the druid was a good choice, and I was trying to figure out which professions I wanted to settle on (she has always just been a harvesting character, which I don’t know that I want to pursue once the AH merges region wide in 9.2.7) – and while contemplating that, I started falling in love (again) with my paladin. My paladin has been my ‘main’ (I use the term here simply as the character I have played the most) through most of Shadowlands. I enjoy how plate looks, and the class is a lot of fun. She’s also my blacksmith/alchemist, so that makes things interesting. After a lot of back and forth, I decided to swap out the druid, and try to pursue things as my paladin.

That meant doing two LFR (as a healer, no less!) and completing the timewalking dungeons (I still have two more to go at the time of this post, but I’m confident I can make it) and spending some time actually playing the game.

The thing is, there’s also my monk, waiting in the wings. I love the monk, I love classes that have options (tank, dps, healer) and the only downside to that character is I’m a bit bored of always playing leather wearers. Plate would actually be a change, for me. I tend to cycle through a demon hunter, a monk, and a druid. Go figure.

Next? Well, I haven’t finished working up blacksmithing (or alchemy) and I’m always looking to do some farming, and I need to finish my covenant quests (I’m 80, but that doesn’t mean much). I do already have the legendary boots (291) and the belt, so that is taken care of at least. I suppose the rest will come with time – if I decide to actually stick this out. We’ll just have to see.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Trying to Find the Elusive ‘Main’

For years now, I’ve always envied people who were able to settle down and just stick with one character – therefor actually accomplishing things in game because their attention isn’t on 24 characters spread between two servers. My husband is a great example of this. He has a warrior, and has played that single character for years. He has no-longer-available gear and recipes, meanwhile I can barely settle on who to play for a single day, let alone any length of time. With my limited play time, this is frustrating. It means I finish things very slowly, if ever at all. I still haven’t even unlocked all of the allied races because that would mean completing the story lines. I also don’t have any of my class mounts.

I have 24 level 60 characters in various stages of completion all over the place.

I’d like to change that. I’d like to settle down, and play just one character. At least until Dragonflight releases and then we’re presented with not only a new race, but a new class. A new healer/ranged DPS class. Sounds fun, right?

I did LFR this week, so that I could get a vault option. I did timewalking for an upgraded piece of gear (I got boots), and next is to work through the ZM storyline so I can unlock the 2nd legendary (and maybe think about getting my first legednary. For the druid, that means a ring). Will this hyper-focus on one character last? Probably not. I’ve tried this a few times, and it never lasts. I’m never able to make it stick, for whatever reason. Ever since my EQ2 days I’ve never had a ‘main’ instead trying to play what everyone else wanted me to play.

If it doesn’t work, then no big deal, I’ll go back to getting some stuff done on everyone and nothing done on just one character. I am hoping this time will be different, but the community I joined in WoW has dissipated for now and it makes for lonely times. Still, I have to try!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Getting Back to Twitch Streaming

After a three year hiatus, I am finally tentatively getting back to streaming on Twitch! This has been a long time coming. I couldn’t stream at my previous post because our internet was too poor, and before that, I was a new mother trying to find time between two active littles who were up all hours of the night. Now we’ve moved, the littles have an actual ‘bedtime’ and while life is still just as active and busy as always, I’ve managed to carve out a little bit of time. That’s what I keep telling myself, at least.

I’ve done one stream so far – and gained 17 new followers! I was tickled. I ran RFK in World of Warcraft and talked about gold making. It wasn’t the most exciting stream, there were some technical difficulties along the way – but I had a good time, and hopefully people learned a thing or two. I’m hoping to keep this up and even get a schedule going when I get a bit more comfortable. My free time is usually in the evening (EDT) around 9 or slightly after. I know that’s pretty early for those on the West, and pretty late for those in EU, but honestly, I’ve got to stream when it makes sense for me. In the past I would have completely remodeled my schedule around streaming to optimize the viewers, but I just don’t have that in me any more.

I’m beginning with World of Warcraft gold making streams, but I will occasionally stream other games (like RimWorld, one of my favourites) and I’m hoping to also stream some of my favourite crafts, like spinning yarn, using my drum carder, using the sock knitting machine, and that sort of thing. I do have to spend a little more time on set-up for those things, so there is no ETA at this time. I’m thinking that three streams a week (mon/wed/fri) might be a good start, with extra streams tossed in when I feel like it. I haven’t mustered up the courage to turn on my camera as I stream yet, but I do have a mic and I’m pretty talkative. Things are laid back and casual, I also won’t take any shit from people, so if you’re hoping to come to my stream to cause problems you’ll be looking at a ban hammer. Remember I used to be a moderator for NCSoft, so this isn’t my first rodeo.

As always, happy gaming – no matter where you find yourself. If you want to catch my streams, head on over to Twitch and give me a follow. https://www.twitch.tv/stargrace

My Invisible Line

TW for sexual harrassment talk.

Yesterday a bunch of news dropped about a lawsuit being taken against Activision / Blizzard for their ‘frat boy’ culture. I doubt very much that it came as a surprise to anyone, but I went and read through the legal papers for it and the details were disgusting.

What was even more disgusting was the response from a spokesperson of Activision that said that the statements presented in the court document were “distorted and in many cases false” and this is where Activision crossed over an invisible line I have as far as supporting their games go.

We all have those invisible lines. Something that tells us “you know what, I just don’t want to support them any more”. Mine, I will admit, is pretty broad. I like video games, I enjoy supporting developers, and it’s ingrained into my entire life. I’ve played World of Warcraft since the start. I’ve weathered some pretty nasty storms with them – this time, I just can’t.

As a woman, my entire life I’ve been told that if I speak up about sexual harassment I was doing it for the attention. On two distinctive occasions I did the right thing and I talked to the right people and no one believed me. They told me I was trying to get attention. So on the third (and arguably biggest) occasion when I was raped in a washroom after work in a shopping mall I told no one except my boyfriend at the time. I did nothing. I never went to the police, what would be the point. I quietly quit my job, and never went back to that mall again.

It’s an enormous deal to me that so many women are standing up and being strong enough to share what has been going on or what has gone on in the past, and they are being told that their statements are distorted and false. There is nothing as heartbreaking for a victim than to be told that they are lying – when they are not. It is one of many reasons that women just don’t feel comfortable to speak up and talk about this sort of thing to begin with. There is almost always some sort of punishment. Whether it’s burning bridges, missed job opportunities, or something else. There is zero incentive for victims to come forward, and so much to lose.

So yes, Activision has crossed a line. I’m not willing to continue to support a company that can’t support female co-workers, or even ex co-workers. I’ve cancelled my account, and I can only hope that the victims are able to get some sort of closure from all of this.

Making an Effort to be Better

When it comes to my characters, I’m pretty OCD. I like them all on the same server. I like different servers for different factions. I’ve been playing on Argent Dawn for a few years now, but I used to play on Hyjal with horde. I left when my husband started playing. Except he’s not playing any more, and I’ve been really lonely.

As much as my anxiety would like people to constantly reach out to me, I realize this is unreasonable and the fact of the matter is that I too have to put forth effort if I want to find a ‘home’ and connect with people.

I recently returned full time to Seaghyn, a guild I’ve been in for many years as a casual – horde, on Hyjal. I’ve started moving my horde characters over using tokens, and so far I have 4 moved. It’s a full population server (or at least high population) and VERY different from my quiet low population of Argent Dawn. I’m making an effort to get involved with things, help people, and be present. I’ve been lurking in discord for years now, but I don’t really say much. All the channels they have make me feel overwhelmed.

I need to make my own efforts, though. I can’t expect everyone else to do that for me, it’s just not fair. I just hope I’m up to the task.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

I do NOT like The Maw

I hate The Maw. I hate it even more when because of a silly time gate mechanic I cannot work on my campaign quests. I’m not after maw faction or dailies, I just wanted to do my Kyrian campaign and I cannot do it until re-sets the next day.


Short of a Million

Another 28 days has passed, and while last month I made a profit of 1.9 million gold, this month (28 days) I’ve only reached 900k profit. This comes from a number of reasons including a lot of spending.

I purchased two tokens, and I also purchased the Yak mount that allows you to transmog your gear on the go (120k). This would have pushed me up over the 1 million gold in profit mark, but honestly the main reason is that I haven’t felt motivated to make gold. I have been playing other games, focusing on doing just my dailies for faction, and exploring other characters. I re-post my stock, but I have no Shadowlands stock, and while a lot of fellow goblins are out there making millions each day, I’m content to take a back seat approach. I already have millions of gold that I’m not using, I don’t exactly need more.

Still, a 900k gain is nothing to sneeze at. It’s just not quite as good as I could have done.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Goals: Week Two

I spent a lot of gold this week and haven’t seen a whole lot of return yet, but I’m hoping it pans out. My gold making pictured above is one of my servers, and represents horde & alliance (I play both on the same server). I am on other servers too, but I figured for this purpose I’d just track one.

Anyway, horde pulled ahead since I’m playing them more these days, earning 180,870g profit. I did a few emissary and paragon quests so that helped a ton, and I restocked some cloth transmog which has been selling pretty well.

Alliance would have pulled ahead by a small margin but I bought a bunch of bloodfeaster mounts once I heard that the farm had been nerfed earlier this week. They were going for 10-15k on my server and I’m hoping I can get the price to inch up as we get closer to Shadowlands. I also made a silly purchase worth 36k of Tidespray linen. Why? It was 1g09s which is still actually low enough to profit on (plus I could use a bit more expulsom for my jewelcrafter).

One of the strangest sales I made was someone who paid almost 6k for some green winter clothes – with the event coming up in the not too far future I figured they would have held off on that but who am I to complain! I spent maybe an hour total all week working on the sales aspect of things this week so it was fairly hands off. Instead I’m focusing on cleaning up banks & inventory, and leveling up alts in preparation for Shadowlands. I’m trying to organize logical teams of characters since I want to switch from 5 boxing to 2 boxing (although now I’m wondering if I just want to go back to 5 boxing or at least 4 boxing).

All in all I’m happy with the goldmaking progress for the amount of time I’m dedicating to it (which is almost none). Room for improvement? Always. Earning at least a token a week on each horde & alliance is pretty good for me, personally.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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